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Suction eye advanced surgery, swimsuit wear is the most IN vacation with

Recently, many girls are asking the seaside holiday ride, in fact, this topic has been written before a lot! But this year the beach wearing fashion and some different, with the rise of underwear wear, and now swimsuit has become a tide of the concave shape of the magic weapon it! Immediately go to the seaside vacation you, may wish to come to learn!

1.Swimsuit + half skirt
Still looking for a dress with a half skirt? Do not find friends, swimsuit is the most suitable choice! Swimsuit can not only save the tight underwear, smooth fabric with elegant half skirt looks exceptionally flat!

Swimsuit comes with the tightening effect can be no trace of the modified body, shaping the effect of a rod, and chic design can also create a different kind of style for you, so you bring their own light and elegant elegant temperament!

Swept the year of this year’s perspective skirt with the usual dare not wear? Take advantage of the seaside resort wearing a swimsuit of the gap can also come out to wear it! Swimsuit and half skirt with a natural color fresh, there is no sense of violation, but also to avoid the light. If you want to try different colors with, then it is best not to choose the flat swim trunks, otherwise it will appear as the right picture bloated it!

2.Swimsuits and pants
In addition to with the skirt, swimsuit and pants is also very good on the board of the CP.

Now the fire of the bralette whether you envy licking the screen for a long time? This time you can choose a very sense of the design of the bikini shirt can be used to wear bralette, do take the pants inside the ride can unlock the pants with a new posture!

In addition to split shirt, Siamese swimsuit can also be directly wear jacket, lower body can be used with a casual jeans. Go to the beach directly to the coat pants off like, but also save the trouble to change clothes it.

3. swimsuit + take the ride
To say the most simple to wear, of course, can not skip the swimsuit + jacket, skirt and other wear outside the law, anytime, anywhere a simple, and the United States and possession of meat!

Light and elegant long section of the gauze coat sister of course, the first recommendation, it is not only Xianqi full, to help you build the freshness of the world’s fireworks, but also make you look higher and more thin, but also cover the arm The worship of meat and not perfect hips it!

Want to hide wholesale bikinis something more attractive, put on a hollow coat or dress, make swimsuit vaguely visible, resulting in fatal temptation.

Bibini century history of evolution! Which is the most fragrant?

Summer is a good time to swim, although a small partner Tucao has been into the autumn, but taking advantage of the high temperature still, you do not quickly seize the opportunity to wear your bikini go to the beach a good show

Even the little sister can not swim, but also will still use the swimsuit concave Mei Mei da, especially the bikini style swimsuit, it is fashion and female stars who love the favorite.

Today, the colorful bikini colorful, style Variety novel, well sought after by everyone. But you must not think of it at first.

We will come back to look back for nearly a hundred years, bikini evolution history!
Before the twentieth century, women were swimming or playing in the water, there is no special swimsuit. To the early twentieth century, only gradually appeared swimwear, but only in the rich in the popular.

“The seaside of the early 20th century”
10’s swimsuit actually looks and daily dress is no different, that is, skirt slightly shorter. The conservative women, but also in the knee skirt to wear pants to prevent the thighs exposed.

And now the conservative girl will not wear long jeans pants it, then how much resistance it! Want to repair the body and a little shy sister, it is better to try this high waist split bikini.

After more than a decade of changes, swimsuit is no longer look like a dress, and developed into a short coat style. This time we look at the swimsuit is more familiar with, has quite some of the charm of modern swimsuit.

“1928 beauty pageant”

“The beauty of 1933”
Compared with the lantern dress with trousers slightly more self-cultivation, you can slightly see the female graceful body curve, the color has become more abundant. 30 years later appeared a split swimsuit, to highlight the charm of women and a step closer.

【the 50’s】
Then went to the bikini really born 50 years.
Bikini was originally a test nuclear bomb island name, until 1946 the French designer Luis Lille only three cloth and four bands spliced ​​out of an unprecedented avant-garde swimsuit, and named it “bikini”.

The bold designer deeply believe that the swimsuit will be like a nuclear bomb, as in the fashion industry also set off a huge explosion.
But the bikini did not immediately get the world’s recognition, and even the French models are not easy to try, but also rely on strippers dressed in appearance.

If there is no first-class body and full of self-confidence, even the modern sister, the bikini is not easy to start the bikini, let alone in public places debut.
So, we still have to rely on style and color to win. This gray blue and dark brown hit color, it is filled with a sense of high sense of slowly.

【the 60’s】
By the 1960s, bikini was gradually accepted by people. This is mainly due to the movie actresses in the era of wearing bikini scenes, so that everyone is also impressed by imitation, this time the bikini has become a symbol of fashion.

The 60’s film and television works wearing a bikini female image also created a lot of eternal classic.

Forever fringe elements can be said that the fashion industry is immortal classic, filled with retro atmosphere of the navy created a generation after generation of goddess.

Bikini’s basic style has been fixed, with the changing times and only material and color.
80 years is not very far, clear hit color and beautiful elements of the wave point in that era can be described as raging in the swimsuit also have full use, with the yurt and exaggerated hairstyle, very attractive.

Lively jumping wave point printing in the visual impact of extraordinary, that can bring very young girls from both the visual sense, but also revealed a picture of the girls on the chronological atmosphere.
This wave point bikini is the use of slim shoulder strap, with the effect of gathering the chest, the female sexy style show endless.

The new century, the fashion is no doubt become more diversified, material and style breakthrough on the most vivid, coupled with the concept of more brands, making swimwear who can be advanced into a luxury, the secret of each show are affected The hearts of all the fashion up to people.
The prevalence of retro style to high waist, wave point, folds and other elements in today’s popular, or should be the old saying goes, fashion is a reincarnation.

The printing wholesale bikinis diversity of the 21st century is unprecedented in every age. With exotic Bohemian printing is also a frequent visitor in the closet, apply to the swimsuit more enchanting charming feminine charm. With the same style of scarves, travel is definitely the best holiday dress.

Vest line should be the most you listen,but bikini bridge more sexy than the Vest line!

What is the meaning of the bikini bridge?

There are girls to ask, what is the bikini bridge? Bikini bridge (bikini bridge), refers to the slim girls wearing bikini, lying down when the abdomen is flat enough, then a small swimming trunks and lower bones between the cracks and pelvis formation of the “bridge effect.”

Just the sun on the line of what the early weak burst! Foreign fitness up to people have sunburned bikini bridge. Compared to stiff muscles, this gap is more sexy seductive

Is the bikini bridge thin?

Not at all

Even if the usual fitness is not exercise girls, if enough thin, then lie down or there will be bikini bridge. But does not rule out the sedentary humpback formation of small pot, after all, there are many thin MM bulging situation. Bikini Bridge from 2009 has been in some of the forum to encourage the diet, it has become a kind of slim standard. Colleagues also have body image expert criticism, it is just another way to encourage young people to overdose the bad example, helpless to enhance women’s self-confidence, also refers to more than 4,500 a year 15 to 19 years old girls affected by these indicators, suffering from eating disorders. It is recommended that you do not explain the way to practice bikini bridge, sports is the best choice.

How is the bikini bridge practicing?

1. Lie down in space

Lying on the yoga mat, slightly raised his back, legs up to do cross-step, like a ballet, remember the legs to straighten Oh. Action for 45 seconds, it is recommended to do 50-60 group each time.

2. Back stretch

Legs raised up, into a 90-degree right angle, back raised, his hands try to touch the toes. Action for 45 seconds, it is recommended to do 20-30 each time.

3. V word support

Legs raised from the ground, hands and buttocks for the entire body for support, with the power of the abdominal muscles do telescopic movement, chest and knee together to move together, stretching. Action for 45 seconds, it is recommended to do 20-30 each time.

4. Side to mention cross

Side, legs and the same side of the arm as a support, upward force to mention cross. Action for 45 seconds, it is recommended to do 20-30 times each time.

5. Abdomen round

Legs were triangular curved, upper body from the ground into a 45 degree angle. Left and right to reverse the abdominal muscles. Action for 45 seconds, it is recommended to do 50-60 group each time.


You have to be sexy to wear this bikini

IT’S the cheeky summer beachwear trend that leaves little to the imagination but some parents horrified.

After being seen on the famous derrieres of social media megastars such as Kim Kardashian West and Bella Hadid, G-string, Brazilian and high-cut swimwear has become the No.1 swimsuit trend followed by teenage kids looking to emulate their idols.

Psychologist Michael Carr Gregg believes the trend is “dreadful” for young women’s body confidence.

“The key message this looks sends to them is you have to be hot and sexy to wear something like this and it adds to the objectification of women,” he said.

But Bondi Bather designer Kerry Cusack said curvy stars wearing itsy bitsy bikinis and showing their cellulite sent a positive message.

“It gives younger girls the confidence to wear whatever style swimwear they want irrespective of shape or size,” she said.

Brazilian Amanda Cardoso, 21, said she had been going to Snapper Rocks almost every day since the holidays started.

“The small bikini is very popular at the moment. I’m Brazilian so that’s normal for us,” she said.

Airline forced to promise attendants won’t wear bikinis

LOW-COST Vietnamese carrier VietJet has been cornered into assuring Indonesia that its flight attendants will be fully clothed when it makes its maiden flight to Jakarta.

The airline’s announcement that it will launch a direct route from Ho Chi Minh City to Jakarta was shrouded in controversy because of a divisive PR-stunt by the airline in 2012.

The airline was fined 20 million Dong – about $A1100 – when it hosted a mid-flight dance by bikini-clad beauty pageant contestants without first gaining permission from the nation’s aviation authorities.

Five women, all candidates in a local beauty contest, performed the three-minute Hawaiian-themed dance while passengers recorded the show on camera phones and later posted clips online.

The controversial in-flight entertainment was to celebrate its maiden flight between Ho Chi Minh City and the tourist hub of Nha Trang.

So when VietJet announced its inaugural flight to the capital of Indonesia, it made the government of the conservative Muslim country nervous that its flight attendants might not be fully clothed on the route.

However, Indonesia’s ambassador to Vietnam, Ibnu Hadi, has confirmed that VietJet’s flight attendants will be appropriately attired on the flight – and all flights to Indonesia.

“I’d like to explain that the bikini (stunt) was only for one event. It was for the airline’s launch of their new route to Nha Trang, which is a resort city so that’s why they wore bikinis,” he said, as quoted by Indonesian broadcast program Liputan 6.

“(The airline) has been reprimanded by their (the Vietnamese) government for their stunt.

“VietJet is a budget airline and they will open a route to Indonesia without the bikinis. The opening of the route is still being discussed. Hopefully before the close of this year.”

And during a press conference in Jakarta on Tuesday, VietJet’s deputy director for commercial affairs, Jay L Lingeswara, told journalists that the airline only featured bikini-clad flight attendants on specific occasions.

“We strongly believe and are committed to offering the best and suitable services to the Indonesian market,” he said, according to the Jakarta Post.

Mr Lingeswara added that the company had also learned from its experience with the opening of a route to Malaysia.

VietJet has also confirmed it will provide halal food for Muslim passengers, the Jakarta Post reported.

While the bikini stunt attracted a lot of controversy for objectifying women and inviting sexual harassment, it also shot the local carrier to fame and made its CEO, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, the first female billionaire in the country.

Bikini swim up the beach world

Summer seaside holiday scarves and bikini story.

Summer comes, presumably we will choose to go to the beach vacation, but there are crush will worry about their own body is not good enough to wear bikini is not beautiful. Now do not worry, and teach you a simple dress in the United States bikini, who can try this method. This killer is – scarf, it is simple! A lot of spare on a few features scarves and large scarf, so let the crush are arbitrary with the. If you are super-stick, with a scarf, it can make it more sexy to enhance the fun!

A European and American style of three sets of yarn / skirt bikini, the seaside holiday can make you dance with the yarn.

The following began to bite for the crush, and can take a variety of wear law.
The first move, long scarf killer
Meimei before you travel must remember to bring a few long section of scarves, allowing you to wear a different effect.
Long section of the scarf was the wind blowing the moment is very interesting, there is the feeling of fluttering for the wind, with the wind show full of charming. With a long scarf to wear a dress skirt, piercing the effect of long skirts, dress skirt, and so on, wild is no problem.

The second move, bring tassels scarves, with the bikini, there is a game full of Bohemian style.
Choose the style of ten kinds of bikini, with a variety of, and then the role of scarves, but also highlights the charm of women, four sets of bikini show you a variety of wear law.

The third measure, the temptation of a small skirt
With a scarf to do a small skirt is charming and infinite, you can play to avoid weaknesses. Its effect is worse than the bikini skirt. And free with, is particularly convenient.
A three-piece split bikini, let you wear a small skirt of the temptation, is the charm of sexy and can show the perfect side of the woman.

Online shopping swimsuit to pay attention to three points, you know?

Summer Sambo: air conditioning, watermelon, swimming can not be less. In particular, this swimming, both Jieshu cooling, but also entertainment to relax, to the pool, the beach a look, all handsome guy wearing a swimsuit, even the eyes have eaten the ice cream it! Although the legislation has been over the autumn, but these days is still the high temperature of the rhythm of trouble ah. So now to play a water, or very good, then buy a swimsuit, especially in the online purchase, should pay attention to what? Here to see it together.

1.See material
In fact, whether to buy a swimsuit, or other clothes, pants, the election of the material is very important. Because the online purchase of contact with the kind, can not personally feel the personal comfort, so understand the various main materials of the swimsuit is very important.

The most common swimsuit material on the market is three: Lycra, nylon and polyester. Lycra is the most expensive of the three, but the price of it is the first choice for professional swimsuit. As for the nylon, although its flexibility, softness is less than Lycra, but the price is moderate, cost-effective. While the lowest price of polyester, wear and color fastness is also good, not swimming can be considered.

2. Look at the use
If you buy a swimsuit is to play water entertainment, not by other swimsuit pretty girl, then so beautiful so choose. Bikini, skirt, anyway, choose the most fashionable, the most revealing of the body on the right. But if you are learning to swim, then those who have hem, there are lotus leaves all refused! Obediently choose a professional swimsuit, those extra design will only increase the resistance of water, after all, learning to have been very tired swimming, do not increase their burden friends.

3. look at the body
Wearing a swimsuit to avoid this exposed that, even if the choice of the most conservative swimsuit, can not avoid Oh, so how to avoid weakness is very important. Oriental women are mostly flat body, if your chest is not full of fullness, then choose to print complex, chest pleated swimsuit to “confuse the visual.” Another example is when the waist fat, you can wear high waist swimsuit cover belly, or choose the waist more than the special design of the lotus leaf, but also

According to the body to choose the swimsuit, you can also be very sexy

This year must be the hottest summer ever, although it has been the beginning of autumn, but still so hot. The face of the hot sun, where are not suitable for going out to play, only the swimming pool is the best place to go. But the face of so many styles of swimsuit, small fairies are not hesitant to start. Do not know which one is suitable for yourself. Before the election style, we must first understand what kind of body they belong to.

H type

This kind of body is called newspaper type body, covered with more symmetrical. Chest butt is not very prominent, no curve waist. So it is not suitable for showing the waist and abdomen of the shortcomings of the swimsuit, especially the tube, the body no curve. It is recommended to choose the waist of a sense of design swimsuit or a lotus leaf style, both up and down can be visually increase the amount of fat to create a curve of the body.
Lotus leaf style swimsuit can be a good show of the waist of the slender, so no waist waist looks like a curve, in the visual can also increase the visual space, making the body look rich.

Pear type
On the small fat under the typical. Chest little buttocks big. It looks like a pear. Even with the legs are relatively thick, although the waist and hip ratio is very good, pale gray bottom line, look short legs.
So in the choice, can not choose the lower body with skirt style, will make the lower body even more stout. Flat boyfriend is also optional, triangular bikini is not OK. Should avoid weaknesses, upper body selection of cumbersome models, lower body selection simple dark line, the line of sight transferred to the upper body, lower body defects will naturally be ignored. High waist section can be directly stretched to improve the waist, highlight the waist, retro style swimsuit is a good choice.

Apple type
Apple-type body chest, thick shoulder meat, no waist curve fat, lower body is relatively slender. Including inverted triangular body, are narrow on the narrow characteristics. In the sense of Ze on the shape and the pear should be the opposite, the upper body as simple as possible, to avoid fancy, lotus leaf these must be resolutely refused. Use the design of the cut to cover the waist fat.
Hourglass type
As the name implies, it is like an hourglass. Before the convex after the Alice, there are big chest there are pretty waist and waistline, is simply the perfect body. So what to wear is very good to see!

Demi Rose sizzles in a lace-up blue bikini and shows off her eye-popping cleavage on her latest swimwear shoot in Ibiza

The model, who has 5.4 million Instagram followers, is no stranger to posing in a bikini and once again wowed in the sexy two piece

DEMI Rose is fast becoming the most in-demand bikini model in the UK and it’s not hard to see why judging by these latest pictures.

The Sutton Coldfield born beauty showed off her amazing figure on yet another photoshoot for swimwear line Wolf and Whistle in Ibiza.

Posing in a very sexy lace-up blue bikini, with high waisted bottoms, Demi looked incredible – revealing her perfect curves.

 Demi is not only a model but a huge Instagram star

Not only did the racy number show off her ample cleavage but it also complimented her shapely bum and tiny waist.

Somewhat of an expert poser, the Instagram star pulled a series of very seductive positions as the photographer snapped away.

With her hair pulled off her face and with minimal make-up, the star let her natural beauty do the talking.

Demi, who has a whopping 5.4 million Instagram followers, has been jetting all over Europe this year to take part in shoots for a number of different fashion brands.

The 22-year-old, who rose to fame when she briefly dated rapper Tyga, was named the face of Wolf & Whistle and she has been very busy working on photo projects for the brand.

Demi is not only a model but a huge Instagram star

Summer out the ultimate sunscreen method

Visitors to the traveler, please pay attention to travel friends Please note that visitors to travel please pay attention to (important things to say three times): hot summer, choose the location of travel must first understand the local temperature Situation, go out to remember sunscreen, anti-heat stroke, anti-mosquito, anti-nutritional imbalance and so on.

Of course, a sun hat is also a sunscreen with a sunscreen function. You do not think the eaves side of the straw hat sunscreen function strong? Look at its delicate weaving, it is easy to see its beauty. With breathable features, foldable design is also extremely convenient to carry.

For sunscreen we have to do is with a good sunscreen, sun hat, remember do not go out at noon, because at noon when the strongest UV radiation, if you do not want to be sunburn sun heat, choose the right time, choose the right Of the sun hat out

Of course, if something must go out because of something, we must do a good job of sunscreen prepared.

Go out as much as possible to wear light-colored series of clothes, because the light tone slow heat, heat fast, with some heatstroke drugs, you can take water or salt tea, do not feel so hot days, but also to drink water, not hot Dead ah! This is because the water and salt tea for the body to add the water and salt consumption is a great benefit. After all, to maintain a balanced nutrition is also a lot of their own benefits!

The seaside has always been the first choice for tourism, the vast expanse of the sea plus the sandy sandy beach, always make people feel comfortable and cool. And the beach will always have the impulse to water, do not buy a beautiful swimsuit how to go out!

Separate skirt sports conservative swimsuit
Split skirt swimsuit sports full of wind, with self-cultivation effect, coat oblique stripes stitching with a visual weight-loss function, waist design can cover up the fat, and it is a little conservative, do not worry will go light.
Split bikini swimsuit

Conservative thin thin cover three sets of bikini split swimsuit small chest skirt hot spring bathing suit
Bikini swimsuit has a sexy name, and such a fashion sense of luxury full of bikini sexy in a trace of elegance, pink color is full of girls young and beautiful.
One-piece conservative swimsuit

Sunscreen heat, you know what is good, is sure to do the preparatory work, hope in the process of tourism, even in the hot summer, you will feel cool, beautiful mood will not be affected by the sun.