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Swimming breathing tips, do you really mastered it?

Swimming this project actually has a lot of skills, we need to start the practice step by step, because learning is actually very difficult to swim, and the main difficulty comes from the body coordination and breathing, today Xiaobian to tell you talk about breathing skills The

First, practice deep breath
As a beginner, to start the first time to practice a deep breath, you can usually in the normal when the deep inhale, and then slowly exhaled, a reasonable control of breathing rhythm, can make you better control when swimming time breathing The

Second, hold your breath practice
First practice to work hard to draw water, and then try to harm gas, in the water as much as possible rhythm to the water, how far to swim how far, and then looked up and breathe, so slowly learn the first rhythm of water, do not be afraid to drink Water, swimming in order to learn this is inevitable.

Third, the arm rhythm
We are swimming when the difficulty of ventilation is a rhythm of the problem, we began to grasp the rhythm of the two arm is not very simple, many people can not have a good arms, and some people are fast when slow Everyone exercises when you need to slowly correct.

Fourth, the water to be large
Another problem that causes breathing is that the power of the arm is very small, and some are the situation in which your arm is not strong, but most people are caused by the mistake of your arm, and when we draw water Arms to start, and then pull back, this is the right way.

Summer to go, wear bikini swimming to do what to prepare

Do not swim, do not summer! That is no exaggeration to say that the summer one, many girls will choose to use the way to lose weight swimming.

Because, swimming is one of the most effective means of weight loss! It can help women to maintain a good body, increase the charm of the body, especially in the legs continue to force the water when taxiing, but also can help effectively reduce the thighs, hips, abdomen and other excess fat.

In addition, the swimming of the knee weight is the smallest, the knee will not cause any pressure, is the safest aerobic exercise, knee injury is the most ideal way of movement.

Then the question comes: what time do we need to prepare before each swim?

First, it is warm-up, it’s important!
General warm-up 10 to 15 minutes the most appropriate, warm-up exercise can make the joints and muscles to be fully active, so as to prevent the water into the cold and cramps and other accidents.

Second, is the equipment side
It is also necessary to prepare some of the swim for the swimming in order to be able to proceed smoothly.

1, fit swimwear
If too much, easy to cause swim in the swimming, or even fall, it is embarrassing. Do not buy quality slag swimsuit, wear uncomfortable direct impact on the entire swimming activities.

2, swimming cap
In order to avoid the hair scattered after the hair, swimming cap is very necessary, especially women. Swimming cap should be selected with a loose nylon products or rubber products, the same can not be too big, or easy to fall off.

3, swimming glasses
The water quality of the pool I believe we all know that dirty bacteria in the water is easy to enter the eye, causing a variety of eye diseases. In addition, wearing a goggles can be more clearly in the diving to see the situation underwater, beneficial and harmless.

4, earplugs
Most people will have this feeling, swimming into the ear when the water will make people feel a headache, dizziness, so ear-sensitive and ear disease patients try to wear earplugs to reduce the water pressure on the ear damage.

5, swimming circle
Beginners must, although generally in the pool will have someone responsible for the rescue, the general will not happen accidentally, for the sake of safety is still prepared.

6, bath towels and slippers
Bath towels and slippers are essential for swimmers. After swimming in the intermittent or swim after landing, with a towel to dry the body, put on towels, put on slippers, both can keep warm, to prevent cold and more health. Prevent colds, and more hygienic. In winter swimming, it is indispensable.

7, nose clip
In order to avoid choking water during swimming, coughing, it is best to prepare a nose clip (sporting goods store for sale), even if the nose clip feels bad.

Effort bikini, let you reveal the sexy from the bones

Speaking of bikini we think is the sexy word, but how to wear bikini piercing from the bones revealed that sexy temperament in the choice there is a certain requirement.

First of all, too much exposure to the style of course pass pass, we must choose to help with, or a blouse or relatively conservative style, like the feeling of non-Lu is the most sexy, and this is the real heart of the bikini is it.

Because joined the hanging neck design, instantly the neck of the line is particularly prominent, do not want to sexy can not.

In the hot sun, can feel the art of ladies Fan children there is a little bit like a non-exposed sexy.

1.small incense wind piece swimsuit. Very personalized Siamese swimsuit, for the first time wearing a swimsuit baby, this one is relatively conservative but very obvious body is very suitable for us yo. Black and white series of classic simple with a very beautiful, with all kinds of sun hat and sunglasses are not contrary to the sense of yo.

2. black lace three-piece swimsuit. Perfect bikini three-piece, really can not be a little sexy again. Underwear texture is very good, the effect of underwear gathering is also very good. Outside the lace blouse after wearing exceptionally enchanting, workmanship is also very fine, will not appear hook silk phenomenon. spring bathing suit. This summer super popular variety of floral form of clothes, which how much less of our favorite bikini it This bikini’s gathering effect is very good, so I easily have a perfect body. Lace of the skirt, giving a very comfortable and comfortable feeling.

4.was chest hollow banded bikini. Very flat type of a pure color bikini, shaping effect is very good. Chest strap design is very sexy, which is different from other important reasons for the other bikini, you want to wear this summer bikini is not the same dry, choose it must not be wrong

Bikini is not just bikini

The heat down to a lot of people began to consider going to the swimming pool or occasionally to the beach to play, but the thought of other girls wearing a beautiful swimwear, and their own only small pot and plump limbs, whether the fun of the fun gone The Beauty is the nature of each woman, look at someone else’s good body, and then look at their own, always feel not satisfied, since it is so to immediately shape their own body it Want to create a more perfect hot body of course, from all aspects of the start, less consumption is the focus of consumption. In the case of

One-piece skirt-style bronze tent
Whether you are up to the people or Europe and the United States Fan, urban tide people can use it to show their elegant temperament, 3D stereoscopic cut the body of the curve, very clear belly was thin, the cup of steel plus comfortable sponge insert, very good Enhance the chest, the process of knitting rope movement of the United States back of the design, conservative and comfortable flat pants, put on a very nice

Of course, showing a good figure at the same time can not ignore the details of the problem.
General swimsuit material is the use of flexible polyurethane fiber, if the encounter within the swimming pool sterilization bleach, or a long time placed in a humid environment, are likely to cause elastic fatigue, scalability deterioration, and now teach You a few simple way to save, so that your swimsuit forever to maintain integrity and beauty. 1. As the pool of chlorine, chemical drugs and sunscreen and other oil will damage the swimsuit elasticity, so try not to get swimwear, should first wear a swimsuit and then apply sunscreen, swim swimming should be the first to clean the body and then swallow. 2. Do not touch the rough surface of cement, sand, rock and other surfaces.
Conservative conjoined swimming
The use of nylon spandex mixed elastic fabric, wearing a very comfortable, durable is not easy to deformation, high waist design, it is very long legs, sexy temperament, fashion coexistence, Siamese skirt, put on a very self-cultivation , Fresh and playful, very nice

Bikini is the most influential fashion in the history of innovation. In 1946, the United States in the Pacific Ocean called bikini (bikini) on the island of atomic bomb test, 18 days later, a man named Louis Reed (Louis Reard) of the French people introduced by the three cloth and four tapes , Kneading into a group can be loaded into a matchbox swimsuit, can imagine, this brace style jacket and briefs composed of swimsuit how much “cool”, or even no model dare to wear. Finally, Lille found a girl with a striptease, held an exhibition next to an open-air swimming pool, screams, and even fainted on the spot. This piece of cloth less than 70 cm new swimwear, the designer named after the name of the bikini, because it broke out of the energy as much as the sinking in the island over the atomic bomb, affecting the global people over the past 60 years of aesthetic trends The But the bikini is really accepted and popular, the film, very hard work.

Bikini was born in 1946, but in 1952, when a man named “The Girl in the Bikini” French film release, the 18-year-old actress Brigitte Bardot (Brigitte Bardot) immediately by the Vatican The Holy See as a devil, but also led to a lot of conservative people’s anger. But also lost the film, bikini was quickly popular up.

Bikini is the most grateful actress is Brigitte Bardot, she let these three cloth began to become fashionable. But Brigitte Bardot should also be grateful to the bikini, it is laid its own sexy goddess status. That year, she was only 18 years old, wearing a shoulder strap bikini out of the limelight. Although in 1958 the Vatican also exhibited her pictures (not dressed in bikini) as a symbol of the devil, but this could not stop the bikini’s rapid spread. And “sexy kittens” Brigitte Bardot has since become the most determined bikini supporters.
One-piece skirt-style small chest gather swimsuit
Classic small incense shoulder design, the atmosphere neat tailoring, matching rich texture of the fabric, so that this European and American style in the Asian women who show a different beauty, the waist is hollow design, looks very slim, this swimsuit is conservative And the perfect combination of sexy

Bodo let bikini swept wholesale bikinis Europe, Marilyn Monroe it spread to the world. In 1962, more than a decade after the discovery of bikini, Monroe was wearing a silk bikini debut in Something’s Got to Give for only 37 minutes of her long legacy. Perfect body, natural curved eyelashes, white flawless teeth and occasional provocative action, still distributed a sensual maturity, glamorous sexy atmosphere. At that time no one from her eyes to see the confusion and confusion. So when the morning of August 4, people also see Monroe face bright, no one expected this is her last glory before dying. But Monroe wearing a bikini film and art photos appear in a variety of fashion magazines, the first time for people to see each other bikini, bikini is also linked with the name of Monroe and quickly spread all over the world.

Do you need to wear underwear,when you wear a swimwear

Do you need to wear underwear and underwear as a swimsuit? Seemingly simple small problem, fixes will have a big embarrassment Oh. Today for everyone to answer a few little common sense of wearing a swimsuit.

Summer approaching, the baby who can not wait to pick the swimsuit to the beach. So, what are the little common sense of wearing a swimsuit? Do not embarrass yourself out of embarrassment.

Wearing swimsuit do not need to wear underwear, because the swimsuit are carrying chest pad, will not let you embarrassed, rest assured. So consider the problem is because to prevent spring leakage, choose the right forever is the most important.

You can wear or not wear. Swimsuit mostly do not gather function, wearing a pants can be more beautiful. Chest little sister or you can choose the front clasping of the silicone paste, as long as the swimsuit selected clothes fit, is not out.

Girls swimming precautions
1, menstrual period with the helmet swimming method is not desirable.
2, do not go to the water to contaminated water to swim.
3, cool days do not go swimming.
4, to avoid sitting in the pool side of the rest, if there is beriberi will stick to the ground is not good.

Summer swimming is also a good time to show the perfect body, you have it?

The most typical effect of melon is diuretic swelling, particularly beneficial to edema and obesity. If you combine it with lotus leaf made of melon lotus leaf drink, weight loss will be better.

Mai Ye Yeqing juice is a new way to lose weight, green juice, mainly refers to the natural green plants squeezed juice or processed from the cell broken ultra-fine powder washed drinks. Than the fruit to lose weight even better.

Like to eat fruits and vegetables on behalf of the meal can choose konjac purple potato meal, just add water when it will be more dilute, water, and after a while will become thick, and porridge, smell a very fragrant taste of cereals, and A little sesame incense, as well as grapes and other fruit dry.

Fruit cereal is rich in vitamins and gives a sense of satiety. You can directly brew with milk at room temperature Oh, but yogurt mix to eat is the most delicious.

Do you know what to wear your swimwear?

Night into the summer, many people can not bear to go swimming under the water. Hot summer heat, swimming has become a lot of people choose, fashion fashion the most fashionable, not only can cool a summer, you can also physical fitness. For the beauty of women, choose a suitable for their body shape, personality swimsuit, is very important.

For the buttocks flat woman, choose a lower body with a skirt swimsuit is very appropriate, both from the visual beauty of the buttocks lines, but also can show the legs of the beautiful. Fresh and elegant flowers embellishment, so that you are full of sweet spring; delicate tailoring design, hollow back, filling the United States back; built-in body swim trunks, abdomen hip, outline the charming curve.

Xia Yan even body skirt small chest gather sexy Slim swimsuit female concealed thin conservative flat angle hot springs
Waist longer MM suitable for split-style swimsuit, swim trunks designed to high waist design is appropriate Classic black and white lattice elements, this year’s popular word collar leaf side, a coat, two wear law, can be sexy, can also be lovely. With black triangular pants elongated leg lines, simple and not too open.

Girls new sweet black and white color of the word exposed shoulder lotus leaf high waist bikini split swimsuit
No beautiful big legs do not dare to show? do not be afraid! High flap swimsuit can make people illusion, legs look slender point. Cute cute cartoon pattern plus belly style cut, so small fresh, people instantly young years old. Hanging neck lace design is elongated neck curve.

Three sets of bikini small chest gather blouse wide belly skirt style swimwear
Chest more flat, suitable for wearing a chest twisted or wrinkle details of the design of the swimsuit. Retro style to the swimsuit series is the result of a red fabric with graceful dress style cut, have expressed the memories of the past fashion and tribute. The hottest tribe prints, gathers modern and elegant.

The new swimsuit female steel cottage small chest gather high waist bikini three sets of sexy sexy swimsuit
Shoulder narrower people wear a round neck or a string of swimsuit more appropriate. Europe and the United States new Siamese swimsuit, visual waist design, cover belly was thin, personalized beauty back, fashion atmosphere! Endless black filling the atmosphere and charm, sexy and conservative in this swimsuit to show the most vividly.

No high value of the bikini, only with the briefs!

“Victoria’s Secret Swim Special” (Victoria’s Secret Swim Special) “referred to as the Victoria swimwear show just did not take long, this swimsuit show will be 13 angels on the island 10 days of swimsuit life carried out a full range of no dead record , The whole blood blowing people, full of temptation. In addition to these beautiful angels have a beautiful face, more importantly, their body impeccable.

Bikini on the requirements of the body is not everyone can control, in addition to have a perfect body, the choice of style is also very important, whether often in the seaside or the pool side to see the body hot MM wearing a bikini good to see the nosebleed? And some even the body but put the bikini is very casual, like wearing underwear on the girls out of it?

Have a good congenital conditions, naturally can not be wasted, choose good looking bikini, in order to let you pocketed the eye and keep the rate, together to see how the high value of the bikini 8 how to Yan Qiangfang!

Style one. Sexy was thin bikini
Cup face with tropical style print profile stitching design, with a strong visual impact, the collision between the color to maintain the original vitality while continuing hot and sexy temperament.

Style two. High collar hanging neck gather bikini
The classic dumplings are designed with a taste of elegance and retro, and the back lace design is sexy with a large halter. At the same time, it is free to adjust the tie to fit the size of the bust. The briefs of the hip are neither conservative nor exposed , Just right.

Style three. Cortical crack bikini
Bikini pants on both sides of the lace design is full of temptation in the sun so that this bikini will be more texture, quality, cortical crack three-point design, more sexy sultry

Style four. Sexy print bikini
Gorgeous colors of the geometric lines knocked out of the weaving sense, with a thick national style but without losing the taste of big. The bow tie is designed with a sexy taste.

Style five. Net yarn hollow beach bikini
Unique net yarn knit blouse can wear a variety of styles, both when the body can wear a long skirt, can also be pulled to the chest when the chest wrapped around the chest, giving a mysterious sexy taste.

Style six. Sexy knitting bikini
Simple sexy, no muddy water complex design, self-cultivation of the overall profile of a sense of shape, the edge of the weaving elements to add fashion, gas field full of Europe and the United States highlight the big demeanor.

Style seven. Sexy steel Tobini
Double shoulder belt with the design of the cable to achieve a better shape of the effect of breast, with the outer skirt can create a different shape, nature, color patterns, highlight the elegant and charming fashion temperament.

Style eight. Gathering steel support split bikini
Made of chloroprene rubber material, with a good anti-wet fast dry non-sticky skin performance, on the fence design cup, highlight the chest fullness, showing charming style.


Swimwear conjoined good or split good? The answer is here

Swimwear supporters are usually sports enthusiasts, on the beach, swimming activities will be more convenient, then, how to wear a piece of body swimsuit, it is necessary to pay attention to the skills of Oh! One-piece swimsuit or split swimsuit is good, it is recommended that you from their own specific circumstances, pay attention to the following points:

In the case of
Point 1: waist rough selection of separate swimsuit
Waist rough split swimsuit can be separated from the upper and lower line of sight, eliminating the need for thick waist trouble. Thigh thick selection with skirt or flat angle of the style, can be the most thick parts of the thigh cover. However, the personal swimsuit is easy to expose the shortcomings of the body, thick waist and hypertrophy of the buttocks will be unreserved in front of people, it is easy to ashamed. So fashionable women should know how to avoid weaknesses to choose swimsuit, the election of the swimsuit, not only to modify the shortcomings, but also improve the lines, regain confidence. In the case of

Point 2: chest too large to choose Siamese + stripes swimsuit
For the chest full of ladies, wearing swimsuit always feel uncomfortable, often afraid to emptied. May wish to consider the Siamese style swimsuit, both the figure can be elongated lines, but also reduce the chance of emptying. And stripes pattern more to make * Wai look more flat, with the two, can make the lines even more uniform and natural.
In the case of
Point 3: hips too large to choose flat-foot skirt-style conjoined swimsuit
Buttocks fullness, you should choose flat-footed or skirt-style conjoined swimsuit, upper body with more exaggerated patterns, can effectively cover the hypertrophy of the buttocks. Because the exaggerated pattern can have the role of diversion of sight, and shorts or short skirts can effectively cover the fullness of the buttocks, play a modified effect.

Swimsuits Swimsuits Swimsuits Swimsuits Swimsuits Swimsuits Swimwear
With a strong visual impact of the collision color combination, with a dynamic vest cut, together to create a light sports wind lively swimsuit. Youth girls all the energy and fearless in this most vividly presented. High waist stripes conducive to the modification of the small pot.

Black sexy shade was thin and false false angle fashion hot spring swimsuit female retro piece swimsuit
Conservative Siamese swimsuit is not sexy, on the contrary, this sexy more sultry. Black swimsuit, bring light Mature charm, mature and elegant, this beauty is sensual, in the visual are a kind of enjoyment. Little skirt rippling, but do not be afraid to emptied Oh, there are safety underwear design.
Sexy conjoined swimsuit bikini deep V cover belly back Xiaoyi swimsuit
Full of exotic swimsuit and blue boundless sea with a look, the most wonderful is that you enjoy the blue sky in a pleasant time, not knowing that you are also a high rate of eye-catching scenery, but also by others quietly concerned about With the praise.

The new sexy stripes wholesale bikinis small chest gather swimsuit conjoined sports swimwear female cover was thin
Endless blue blue waves, soft and delicate silver sand beach, you have become one of the most dazzling presence. Conservative conjoined skirt swimsuit to avoid weaknesses, on the one hand to cover the waist fat, on the one hand the use of hanging neck design will be transferred to the fullness of the full chest.

Cover the meat and sexy gather swimwear, wear clothing inadvertently beauty

In this hot summer season,wholesale bikinis, the best thing is to soak in the water, fresh and cool. In the weekend or leisure time, about a few friends go to the beach to play some, take a good look. Then go to the beach to play the words naturally is the lack of swimwear and goggles! But these are ready for the water!

Some girls may feel swimsuit words are too dare not wear, and some girls feel that their waist thick, dare not wear, although these are very good reason, but Xiaobian told you, the election of the right Swimsuit, you can really look good. Flesh is afraid of too dew, then choose to cover the type of meat, so do not worry about it! And eyes afraid of water, then wear goggles, this will worry about water? Then the next to introduce several nice swimsuit and goggles it!

Swimsuit, then in fact, you can choose the type of three-piece, that is, outside the blouse, it is necessary to cover the belly and waist, but also inadvertently sexy and charm. Swimsuit, then you should also choose to gather the design, so as to highlight the proud career line, in order to more self-confidence Oh! The following three swimsuit are in line with such a request, was thin cover the meat, gather the sexy also particularly temperament.

Swimsuit female three-piece split bikini small chest gather conservative shelter was thin long sleeves beach vacation swimwear
Super nice and sexy a bikini three-piece, swimsuit is a gathering of the design, even the small chest can also wear a proud career line, but also uses a neck strap strap design, which further enhance the charm index The The bigger bright spot is the outside of the lace blouse, hollow design, looming highlights the elegant charm. And irregular clothes to create a unique fashion sense. The focus is to cover the meat was thin, but also sunscreen, it is good to wear not.

Sexy bikini three-piece blouse swimsuit female hot spring small chest braid gather pure seaside was thin swimwear
Korean version of the charm of the swimsuit, using a three-piece design, fashion is very high. Thickened chest pad will not be deformed, and there is a steel tray so wear together more sexy and charming. Outside is a layer of yarn design, was thin and very covered belly at the same time highlight the temperament. It is a share of sexy, mysterious temptation Oh!

Goggles, then for those who like to swim is also very important, because it can be a good protection of the eyes, making the eyes will not water, can be better in the water free to play, but also better to see the situation in the water, So go to the beach when the goggles are not allowed to play. The following three goggles are also very practical, and now take a look at it!

High-definition waterproof fog large frame myopia goggles plated flat polarized degree swimming glasses men and women
High-definition anti-fog design, Colorful vacuum coated lenses, double-layer anti-fog core technology, wearing a comfortable feeling. Edible grade green silicone 3D contour fit design, play a very good waterproof effect. Comfortable double anti-skid silicone mirror with a solid and durable, easy to adjust the elastic. Suitable for different head wear!

I believe that with such swimwear and goggles, to the beach, then will play more happy Oh! And do not have to worry about how to do lochia, do not worry about the eyes into the water can not see the situation in the water it! This swimsuit swimsuit and goggles can easily help solve, so do not miss! I believe that wearing this swimsuit to the beach you can also have the same rate!

This summer the strongest 8 kinds of swimwear cool debut

Summer to the girls who are ready to put on the most eye-catching bikini, to the seaside beauty to take pictures of it? At this time, many and Xiaobian the same little chest girl is not all began to worry, want to wear nice swimsuit, but afraid of chest flat can not afford swimsuit? Do not worry, now to tell you there are eight styles of swimsuit, compared to the big chest is more suitable for small chest girl!

1, small chest girl to wear the best look: cut shoulder style
The most important is the charming shoulder lines, most of the small chest girls, have slim upper body, wearing a shoulder swim suit greatly highlights this advantage, it is full of beautiful girls can not match the beautiful Yeah! And everyone’s eyes are your beautiful clavicle and neck to attract away, who will pay attention to you is flat chest princess?

2, small chest girl to wear the best to see: the word collar style
And cut the shoulder style, like a collar also need delicate hands to wear the shoulder line (pride to the shoulder), it is the exclusive limit of the small chest girl. If you choose to have a decoration, lace, wrinkle style, but also let the chest has a visual effect of expansion!

3, small chest girl to wear the best to see: weaving and lace style
Weaving and lace in addition to the effect of amplification and emphasis, but also super-temperament! But also slim figure, only to wear the kind of fashion taste. And small chest girl put on a style of swimsuit, no big chest girl was not fat crisis, but also increase the weight of the chest

4, small chest girl to wear the best look: bright color and colorful patterns
Boldly put on colorful printing it! Summer wearing a bright color, the mood has become like a sun shining in general. Many girls understand that the fluorescent color and fancy printing will have amplification effect, then, so bright colors into the chest what will happen, we all know it

5, Cup upgrade no problem: thick pad style
This trip will be rival? The advantage of small chest is the normal movement without burden, secretly do not wear underwear will not be found, you want to upgrade when you can! As long as the choice comes with a thick pad of the swimsuit, chest instant small A big C

6, Cup upgrade no problem: lotus leaf style
Lotus leaf really is all small chest girl honey! Layers of lace, the visual layer of the chest is also high, and this design made by the sense of weight, but also make the waist and arms look fine yo!

7, Cup upgrade is no problem: around the neck strap style
Around the neck of the strap can be more concentrated chest, put all the meat into the right position. But should pay attention to remember the wide strap and covered with a good version of the type, in order to give full play to its role in close proximity.

8, Cup upgrade no problem: a steel ring style
There are steel ring swimsuit to better set off the chest type, the stability is relatively high, will not let the hard Joe good chest, running under the jump jump easily

Even a small wholesale bikinis chest girl, there are many styles of swimsuit is only we can perfect interpretation of Kazakhstan. If you want to have a big chest, just remember the pad, lotus leaf, around the neck, steel ring 4 key, you can choose to let the chest painless upgrade the fate of swimsuit.