Kim Kardashian Spent Her Birthday in a Bikini During a Utah Getaway

Kim Kardashian West added fuel to the adage that age is only a number as she spent her birthday clad in the tiniest black bikini—and she’s never looked better. The reality star, who famously promised, “Nude selfies till I die,” was feeling herself as she enjoyed a “super low-key” celebration over the weekend while reminding fans that she’s looking great at […]

‘Bikini Grandma’ Says She Still Drives Around in Swimwear

Not many grandmothers have been caught in a situation like this one, who put on quite the spectacle when she was forced to take a roadside sobriety test while wearing only a bikini. The video of the exam became a quick internet sensation since the 2015 incident, with her grandson in the back seat. For the very first time since the arrest, Patricia […]

Can Vietjet President Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao generate sustainable growth past bikini-clad gimmicks?

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao is the president and CEO of Vietjet, a budget Vietnamese airline firm that gained infamy after featuring airhostesses decked out in bikinis for inaugural flights. After commencing its operations in 2011, Vietjet is now poised to surpass the national Vietnamese Airlines in passenger volume within the Southeast Asian nation. The carrier has managed to grasp 40% […]


There are few bloggers as synonymous with swimwear as Tash Oakley and her business partner/best friend Devin Brugman. The Australian Instagram stars have gained a cult following with ‘A Bikini A Day’ (3.2 million followers between them, and counting), which they’ve parlayed into a highly successful bikini label of their own, Monday Swimwear. As Monday Swimwear’s newest collection, Paradise Found, drops, BAZAAR tapped Tash to answer all our burning […]

Gymnast who confused vitiligo for tan lines and gave up her sport out of embarrassment embraces her skin by modelling in bikinis

A gymnast who gave up her sport out of embarrassment when she was diagnosed with vitiligo is now proudly baring her patchy skin in bikinis. Dionne Lees, 21, thought the pigment-free patches that appeared around her eyes when she was 12-years-old were bad tan lines, caused by wearing sunglasses while out in the sun. But after more white spots appeared, […]

Mel B flaunts her rock-hard abs in tiny blue bikini as she cosies up to ‘the love of her life’

She has escaped the dramas of her bitter divorce battle with estranged husband Stephen Belafonte with an idyllic trip to Hawaii. And Mel B seemed to be reaping the rewards of her sun-drenched getaway, as she declared that she was ‘single and happy’ while sharing a series of carefree bikini snaps. Cosying to the ‘love of her life’, hairdresser Gary Madatyan in […]

Look at the body to choose swimsuit, will let you take off the waves

Tell the truth, and now the weather, no fatal friendship, I will not go out, air conditioning, wifi, watermelon is true love But there will always be so few buddies, something okay about you bathhouse, or else is to take you to the sea waves, yes, they are empty lonely! heat Out of the waves even if the buddies small […]

Suction eye advanced surgery, swimsuit wear is the most IN vacation with

Recently, many girls are asking the seaside holiday ride, in fact, this topic has been written before a lot! But this year the beach wearing fashion and some different, with the rise of underwear wear, and now swimsuit has become a tide of the concave shape of the magic weapon it! Immediately go to the seaside vacation you, may wish […]

Bibini century history of evolution! Which is the most fragrant?

Summer is a good time to swim, although a small partner Tucao has been into the autumn, but taking advantage of the high temperature still, you do not quickly seize the opportunity to wear your bikini go to the beach a good show Even the little sister can not swim, but also will still use the swimsuit concave Mei Mei […]

Vest line should be the most you listen,but bikini bridge more sexy than the Vest line!

What is the meaning of the bikini bridge? There are girls to ask, what is the bikini bridge? Bikini bridge (bikini bridge), refers to the slim girls wearing bikini, lying down when the abdomen is flat enough, then a small swimming trunks and lower bones between the cracks and pelvis formation of the “bridge effect.” Just the sun on the […]