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5 Tips to Get Women’s Sweater Dress in Winter

How do you wear a sweater dress in the winter? The temperature will not allow you to just wear a sweater dress in the winter. What you can do is add some layers to provide warmth in the cold and look stylish at the same time because those layers will enhance your outfit’s fashion.

Sweater Dress with Blazers 

You can add some blazers to your sweater dress to help you feel warm in the cold.
The blazers will enhance your sweater dress to the next level of fashion that can wear as formal and casual attire and to add some more style try adding some scarves that will help you keep you warm in the winter season. This black sweater dress has a fashionable unique style that gives off a vibe of chic and elegant.

Sweater Dress with Leather Jacket

Yes, you heard it right leather can be paired with a sweater dress too. It would give you an edgy look with a leather jacket to match with this cute sweater dress. It’s a unique style of fashion in the winter that looks daring and cool. To add more style to the outfit try wearing some knee-high boots to get the edgy style. The sweater dress is also stylish and fashionable with the V-neckline design that offers sexy and feminine charms.

Sweater Dress with Denim

Denim will not only keep you warm in the winter season it will also look fashionable and stylish that gives you a vibe of a versatile and simple look. This sweater dress has a comfortable fabric that helps you stay warm when the weather is chilly and also because of its high neck design to keep you warm. This sweater dress with denim can also be paired with sneakers that will look stylish and fashionable.

Get a pair of boots

You can match your sweater dress with a pair of boots and knee socks that give you a vibe of a sexy and elegant look. This sweater dress makes you look like a chic and charming lady that has a v-neck with a lace-up to show a little sexiness and femininity.

Knee-high boots, gloves, and scarf in a sweater dress

This womens sweater dress is already built for breezy weather all you have to do is pair it with some Knee-high boots to feel warm into the bottom part and match it with some gloves and scarves to achieve the look of a polished and chic style. 

                                                 Dreamy Pink Long Sleeve Knit Sweater Dress Plain Breathable

That is all you need to do to wear a sweater dress in this winter season. It’s all about layering adding some accessories to protect you from the cold. Get the best wholesale sweaters here at Lover-beauty that looks stylish, chic, and elegant.

Striped Printing and Professional Style together Express Simple Realism

Stripes play a major role in shaping your body. Thus striped dresses are always in fashion. The only thing that changes is the color and pattern. They are simple, indeed and look fabulous on people of any skin tone or body shape. Horizontal stripes outfit make your body look thin or slim and vertical stripes outfit widens the look of your body. Now girls are moving towards the trend of stripped printed formal outfits. Such formal outfit looks classy and will be perfect for the formal outings or meetings. Here are some beautiful classy stripe printed formal outfits which must be in your wardrobe.

Formal stripped blouse

It is an elegant and beautiful blue and white thin blouse. It will give you a royal look and will be perfect for any formal meeting. Pair this beautiful blouse with plain bright colored pencil skirt or a line skirt and complete your look with a pair of heels. The beautiful pattern or design of this blouse will attract you in its first look.

Printed Kedrina dress

This is a classy thin and thick striped midi dress. It is perfect for any occasion. It featured with a self waist tie which enhances your curves and gives you a slim look. And it is a simple and classy outfit which should be there in your wardrobe. So, grab this outfit for your next formal outing.

Formal frill dress

This simple and classy dress is perfect for any Formal event. The fitting of this dress will give you a slim and royal look. It is featured with v shaped lace and a zip in front. The frill on the bottom enhances the look of the dress. You can complete your outfit with cool sneakers.

Shoulder split midi dress

Get yourself vacation ready with this striped midi dress. It is featured with frill shoulder and split hems. It will give you a classy and elegant look which is perfect for any formal outing. Yu can pair this outfit with heels. The beautiful waist tie will enhance your curves.

Stripped Shirt dress

If you are looking for a good outfit for meeting, this outfit will be perfect for you. It is featured with a lapel collar, two pockets in front and button cuffs. It has an adjustable belt which you can adjust according to the size of your waist. The side slit and buttons can make it perfect for any body type.

Use a Variety of Colors of Eye Shadow to Create a Makeup Full of Futuristic Technology

Makeup has long been an integral part of most women’s lives. We use it to beautify the most beautiful parts of the face and hide ‘flaws’. There is no woman on the planet earth who does not enjoy buying makeup and does not take in consuming the same, we can freely say that it is in their DNA. Now it is completely reasonable for such things to develop together with us.

We live a modern life that requires us to fully accompany it and to be users of it. The development of makeup is just one example of what modern life has brought us. As the world progresses in every way. So does the makeup and cosmetics industry, of which we are all part in some way. From the most basic pieces of makeup such as mascara and lipstick. We have come up with the latest products that are reappearing on the market. Every month there is a new product from one of the manufacturers that we have not seen so far.

And it seems that there will be more and more of them and the competition is growing. As the variety is huge and the possibilities are limitless, we have witnessed that women in recent years have been most dedicated to buying eyeshadow palettes. Some choose the classic ones, with neutral tones, while others adore the ones with many colors, with which they create small works of art on their face.

Use colorful eyeshadows to express your creativity

Following the example of their idols, bloggers, makeup artists, girls, girls, and women have perfected their makeup skills and used different eyeshadows to create different looks. For many, idols themselves are an inspiration. But for many, make-up itself is also, and at the very sight of all these different colors of shadows. They get inspiration for creating colorful masterpieces.

Use variety eyeshadow to paint your body too

In addition to the face, which most often serves as a canvas for playing with eyeshadows, our bodies provide us with much more space. If we want to achieve a wow effect, we will achieve this more easily by applying make-up all over the body, from head to toe. There are many competitions in which those who deal with body paint participate, it is already an art and that creativity is amazing.

You can be whatever you want, Marilyn Monroe, a cartoon character, or some future hero you came up with.

Halloween can be every day

Even though Halloween is over, it does not mean that masquerades or any kind of disguise are forbidden, on the contrary. Why didn’t you invite your company out of pure fun and make a party where you can make up each other with different colors of shadows to create the most fun masks?

Or maybe you are not social and you are more relaxed by makeup in solitude? If so, sit in front of a mirror, all the colors of the shadows you have and imagine, whatever you think you can be, a princess from a fairy tale, a holographic representation from the future, why not?

Leather Pants in Various Colors

Autumn is already largely underway. The weather has cooled down and therefore the time has come for changes in our wardrobe. As we had a slightly different spring and summer this year, due to the pandemic, so we have, but we will also have winter. All this has caused big changes in trends. Everyone chooses to buy what is comfortable because they spend most of their time at home. But that certainly does not mean that people’s needs for a beautiful and trendy wardrobe have been lost.

Trends change, but some return from year to year. As is the case with leather goods, which are an unavoidable part of every autumn. A leather rocker jacket is something that most women have in their wardrobe and that goes with everything. But this year, in addition to her, leather pants are also in trend. In addition to the classic ones, leather pants in various colors attract special attention.

Stylize this fall with the help of leather pants

Once leather things were reserved for people from a certain group, who with their help expressed their visual identity. But today, when all this is mixed and when there are no boundaries in fashion, leather jackets, shirts, and pants can be worn by anyone! Colored leather is very unusual and can contribute a lot to your style and spice up any outfit. So it would be advisable to get your pair of colored leather pants for this season if you want to be noticed wherever you appear.

Combining leather pants

The favorite of many women, when it comes to leather pants in color are those in dark green. And as the fashion of different ages is constantly returning to fashion, so this color on leather items brings that 90s vibes. If you are a fashion lover at that time, then she is definitely the choice for you. In addition to green, the leather pants that take us back to that time are also brown. They are simply synonymous with that time, whether it is rustic brown, light, or dark brown. The picture will be even more complete if you fit a blazer or a coat in the same color as them.

But there are also dark blue leather pants which are a novelty in fashion and which are reserved for the most daring. They are so unique and unusual that rarely a piece of clothing can match them. Then the ones in the burgundy battle that are there every season and that herald autumn. They are bold enough and at the same time regular enough to be able to combine with a lot of things. And one of the things that goes great with them is a black skateboard and gold jewelry.

Different models of leather pants

We have already mentioned that this year more people choose comfort than usual. And when we talk about it, we can’t help but mention the leather pants that you’ve probably seen. And these are the ones that hang face on tracksuits rather than pants and are reserved for those who like to wear casual things. They go perfectly with sneakers and hoodies so that at the same time they give you comfort but also look nice and different. Another very popular model is paper waist pants in various colors. They are very flexible because they can be worn on daily occasions with some casual shoes, but in the evening they can be turned into an elegant model if you wear glasses with them.

Choosing Best Cheap Plus Size Clothing and Lingerie at Christmas

sexy plus size dress

Festivities, decoration, fun, celebration, shopping and more. Christmas is all about this and more. While decorations and shopping mark the beginning of the celebrations, lets begin with shopping. Picking a perfect outfit for the festive season can be stressful. But it can be easy and fun to shop online.  As we all say shopping online is the new trend. While looking for gifts and presents for everyone, sometimes it becomes difficult to find something for plus size. But you must worry no more, as we want to share one of the best online boutiques where you can shop for different types, styles and trendy clothing items for women. You will find some of the best cheap plus size clothing too.

Whether you plan a small celebration with family or a big party, you will need some pretty, stylish and trendy outfits for every occasion. You want to feel festive but also family appropriate. You will find some beautiful pieces on Lover-beauty that are at a wholesale price. In this post we want to share some of the perfect clothing for Christmas.

Christmas Dresses

Everyone loves different types of dresses for the festive time. The grey off the shoulder dress is simple and elegant. You can either dress it up or dress it down with some stylish accessories according to the event you plan to attend.

Lace adds elegance and charm to your dressing. Whether it is your lace maxi dress or the hidden lace lingerie you will feel beautiful and sophisticated wearing them. Go ahead and choose the color you like and be the center of attraction.

We believe red, black and white are the color of Christmas season. These are some attractive and trending colors this year. Besides wearing an all-black ensemble will make you look slimmer. We love this silky satin wrap maxi dress with bold and beautiful pattern. Wrap dresses are the most flattering on every woman. You do not want to miss not wearing this for your family get together.

Cheap Lingerie

Finding the most sexy and cheap lingerie online is not a problem anymore. There is a wide range of the most sexy and hottest lingerie for women, even if you are plus size. With wide color selection, styles like babydoll, teddies and many more. Feel sexy and confident and celebrate your festive time with some pretty and cute lingerie from Lover-beauty.

We have seen animal prints in so many colors. We love this one as it is unique and pretty at the same time.

A little black dress is timeless and a wardrobe essential to invest in. It can be worn for every and all occasions. You just must change some accessories and the dress is brand new for each party you attend. We want to share a secret about black color, that it is less memorable, and you can wear it multiple times with different accessories. Besides black is always flattering and gives a slimmer silhouette. With some bling and sparkles this dress is perfect for Christmas time. Wearing a statement necklace and carrying a sparkly purse will make you look glamourous. The frills and the wrap style are gorgeous.

Maiden Black Wrap Plunge Neck Big Size Dress Mesh Relax Fit
Maiden Black Wrap Plunge Neck Big Size Dress Mesh Relax Fit

Best New Year Gift for Yourself —Body Shaper

Christmas is fast approaching, and everyone has the spirit of giving dwelled in their hearts in this season! It is the season of giving, and everyone expects that we will be able to share and receive something from others. Have you ever thought of treating your body with a gift, something that can be useful and you can be proud of having. Treat yourself with the best shapewear bodysuit that can help you achieve your body goals! Start the new year with the new you by having sexier and beautiful body curves.

Full Bodysuit Surgery Compression

You can shape up your body while recovering from a surgery or operation with the help of this Sculptshe full bodysuit surgery compression shapewear! It supports your waist, tummy, and abdomen that promotes proper posture for a healthier body. It has wide shoulder straps that you can adjust at any moment for comfort to avoid stress and tension over your shoulders.

Full Body Shaper Zipper with Abdominal Control

Get a natural round butt shape using the full-body shaper with abdominal control with an instant butt lifting effect. Not only that, this body shaper will trim inches on your waistline with its firm compression on your abdomen to have a curvy silhouette.

Its super-slim fabric is barely visible, making it a perfect undergarment for dresses and any type of outfit to achieve an hourglass figure. Nothing to worry about; it also has a zipper crotch design, so you can be able to use the bathroom conveniently!

Postpartum Recovery Tummy Control Body Shaper

Looking for a bodysuit that you can adjust its compression and its tightness at any given time? Then, you’re in it for the postpartum tummy control body shaper! It is perfect for recovering mothers who gave birth because you can adjust its compression with the three hook and eye closure design, allowing you to decrease the tightness as per your preference at any given time.

High Compression Body Shaper with Side Zipper

Get an hourglass figure with this high compression body shaper! It has a three-hook design in the bust, so you can easily adjust it and help eliminate side fats. It also has a flattened zipper at the side so that it won`t bulge and make it seem that you`re wearing shapewear if you`re wearing tight-fitting clothes.

It’s an excellent support for your back, relieving any pains in the process. It can also give your butt an instant lift while supporting your front for a bustier look.

Double Belts Waist Trainer Vest

The best shapewear for plus size with an open bust design gives you comfort and freedom to choose your favorite bra. It has a front zipper and double-belt design for total control and grip, giving you a curvy silhouette instantly. The zipper is YKK, which is known for being durably and trusted. This trainer vest is an excellent match for your gym clothes and daily exercises!

You were probably wondering how great it might be to receive any of this shapewear from your loved ones, right?! Why wait when you can gift it to yourself? Grab one and ship it now to you! It guarantees that you’ll get a healthier and sexier figure instantly while enjoying your journey in body shaping!

5 Reasons for Choosing New Denim Suit

Denim is a part of our daily life. Given the fact that we wear denim every single day, we are always looking for fresh new ways to style them. We were curious to know the various denim trends, so we did some intensive research on why and how we should be wearing our favorite denim this year. This fall fashion week denim made a huge presence on the runways and most of the big names in fashion industry are coming up with their own style and designs. While the classic pair of jeans and the cult favorite denim jacket are still here to stay, we will certainly be doing some shopping for the trendy denim outfits that are gaining popularity in 2020.  

If you are a big fan to denim for every day then you are all set, but if you are still thinking about wearing denim this post is for you. Here are the 5 reasons for you to choose the new denim suit for fall 2020.

  1. Denim is easy to dress it up or down. The high waisted and vintage inspired denims are making waves for the past few years. If you are loving the loose baggy style, you will be happy to know the comfortable wear is still trickling in for the new fall 2020 season. This comfortable style is popping up on the runways and street style alike. You don’t want to be left behind on this trend.
  • Denim is the most versatile ensemble, that never goes out of fashion. You purchase a denim and it will last you for years. It pairs well with just anything, especially when it comes to fall fashion. The warm fall colors like rusty orange, reds, browns, blues, oranges, you name it denim goes well with every shade of fall.

Demin Jacket

  • Denim jacket is another fall and winter essential. It is a perfect layering piece for fall. You can wear it on its own or under your warm long coat. It always adds a finishing touch to every outfit. We love the versatility of the garment. Many brands are upping their denim game by making it available in different colors and styles.
  • Denim on denim is another reason to choose denim. For the longest time denim on denim has had mixed views. But it is the new and latest trend to rock in the fall of 2020. The denim on denim trend doesn’t have to necessarily match. You can choose different shades, just keep it simple with a white button-down shirt and ankle boots for a more polished look.
  • Denim is one of the all-time trendiest along with comfort dressing. Be it a pair of jeans, skirt, denim jacket, shirt dress etc. they are look fashionable and stylish. You don’t have to put in extra effort to style the outfit. A true fashionista is most of the time seen in denim.

These are some of the biggest trends in denim suit you need to look fabulous and stylish this fall.

Various Types of Canvas Shoes

Hello loves !!! If you like practicality and comfort on your feet, you should love canvas sneakers, as they are very beautiful and match everything !!!

There are shoes that are true classics and are present in the lives of many people. The converse is responsible for creating some of the most beloved sneakers in the fashion world. This is the case with the white All-Star, one of the brand’s most versatile models!

Footwear is so democratic that it can be worn by any gender, age, style and occasion. It is not difficult to find it in lists of shoes you should have: the comfortable design and the basic style with charm has elevated its status to the essential basic.

 It is not only in sneakers that the canvas is present. The fabric can be used in the production of very comfortable shoes, including loafers in a more sporty line. Which can be combined with t-shirts and more basic clothes. The canvas is made from resistant cotton, as well as jeans, forming a comfortable and lasting weave.

There are several types of canvas shoes: there are ALL star sneakers, shoes, moccasins and boots. You can choose which one best suits your style.

How to clean white canvas shoes and sneakers:

White or light-colored canvas-lined sneakers require some care to maintain their appearance again. And leave them without stains after drying.

The first precaution is to avoid washing them in a washing machine. It will not remove all the dirt and, after drying, will have yellow marks.

The use of bleach is another sin, which after a few washes and contact with the sun leaves your sneakers with dark stains and all the yellowish canvas.

If the model is lace, remove and wash them before starting the washing. To facilitate and speed up the process, dip them in the Soda Bicarbonate Pasta Mousse jar and let it act for a few minutes. Then hold them by the end, so that they are well stretched and pass the sponge, acting with a little force so that its fibers penetrate the cord well. After they are well cleaned, rinse and hang them to dry.

Place a few pieces of bubble wrap, cloths, flannels or white towels (so as not to stain the canvas) inside a shoe. This procedure is necessary to facilitate cleaning and maintain the shape of the shoe.


Dip a wet brush or sponge in the Sodium Bicarbonate Paste Mousse and rub the entire surface of the shoe. Go dipping the brush or sponge in the paste (if you prefer, put a little water in the paste – you don’t need to remove it from the pot, it can be over the top) and rubbing the canvas until all the dirt is removed.

Rub the white rubber soles with the Sodium Bicarbonate Paste Mousse and a stiff bristle brush. The steel brush will make the job much easier. It helps to remove grimy and dirty areas that are difficult to access. In the absence of this, use a sapolium stone (buy in supermarkets, they are usually displayed in the dishwashing detergent shelves). Go rubbing the stone on the rubber that should be covered with the paste.

If the rubber is very grimy and you are unable to clear it completely. Add a little creamy hydrogen peroxide 20-30 volumes to the paste. Cover all the rubber with the mixture, let it act for about 15 minutes, and then rub.

Remove the cloth or bubble wrap and rinse the shoe with clean water. Place your shoes on top of a clean, dry towel. Wrap the sides of the towel around it to remove excess water.

Repeat the process on the other foot and let it dry at room temperature. If you prefer, use the dryer on low heat.

After drying, spray the entire shoe with hairspray. It is a dirt repellent, facilitates the next cleaning and avoids some stains.

Selling Waist and Thigh Trainers Online Here

It’s so reassuring how advanced technology has become over the years because you can almost do anything online, such as listening to music, watching a movie, chatting with your loved ones and even buying things online! Technology makes our lives so easy now, and even buying is already at the palm of our hands.

As a customer, we tend to buy things online without proper researching, and that will surely hurt our pockets and might even waste our time and effort afterwards. Here are some of the best waist and thigh trainers you can bet on at FeelinGirl . For better shaping experience which would surely not waste your time, money and effort:

1. Slimming Bodysuit

Feel a better shaping experience with this slimming bodysuit with a crotchless design for easy and convenient bathroom breaks! It has adjustable shoulder straps to ease any tension and stress on your shoulder while wearing this all day long.

2. Women Lace Shapewear with Shaping Underwear

You’ll get extra or additional abdominal control with its high elastic mesh in front. The compression and tightness on your waist will help decrease inches on your waistline, and it also has an open crotch design for proper bathroom use.

Since this is crotchless shapewear, you can wear this under your regular clothes, especially when you’re wearing a tight-fitting dress or a skirt. The shorts can double as cycling shorts underneaths so that your intimate parts won’t be visible during clothing mishaps.

3. Neoprene Waist Trimmer for Tummy and Waist

The neoprene fabric has a thermogenic effect that helps in perspiration, meaning that you’ll sweat a lot than usual with this neoprene waist trainer. It is perfect while doing your daily or gym exercises to increase your weight body fluids’ loss.

Feelingirl’s waist trimmer is not only for the stomach area. This shapewear also comes with thigh slimmer and butt support which can help you have a lifted and firm bottom.

4. Waist Trainer with High Waist Leggings

You’re guaranteed to sweat more than usual with the help of this high waist leggings with waist trainer! It is made up of neoprene that helps in sweat, and also the leggings have built-in shapewear that compresses and shapes up your thigh and legs for a sexier and daring look. You can have both thigh and waist trimmer with just this set of shapewear.

A high waist legging with a waist trainer is fitting when going to the gym or doing at-home exercises compared to a regular pair of leggings or yoga pants. The fitted pants will make working out easier and more comfortable with its durable Neoprene fabric. At the same time, this pair has a built-in capacity to assist you in your butt-lifting goals and thigh-slimming as this provides extra control to your lower body parts while working out.

5. Sweat Arm Trimmer

A sweat arm trimmer is a match-made in heaven for your daily workout outfits. This arm equipment will help you sweat more than usual, giving you better-shaping results in no time. It is comfortable that you can wear this throughout the day!

Most of the time, people tend to focus on waist training that they tend to forget that balance is also the key to achieving a well-proportioned and fit body. Our arms are essential in performing daily activities. Whether it’s carrying your purse, carrying groceries, doing household chores, a pair of arm trimmers will help you have stronger, more slender and athletic arms.

You can find some waist and thigh trainers online, but nothing beats these workout aids! The fabric is made of neoprene, and the features each waist trainer, trimmer and butt-lifting leggings have such as the open crotch design and durable built, make these waist trainers stand out among the rest. Anyone who uses these trainers can bet on them! Try it now and see how remarkable these waist trainers are!

What Style of Shoes Should We Wear in Winter

Hello loves !!! All right? With autumn coming, we immediately think about the wonderful looks of that time, we think jackets, especially sweaters … but we should also think about what shoes to wear in winter.

1 – Country of the boots

The boots are practical shoes and very comfortable, they can be part of your look in all seasons, in winter the boot is widely used, as it helps to warm the legs and feet, in summer they bring charm and boldness to the look. There is a multitude of models for all tastes, but the model that is successful in the fashion world for this season is a boot or Texan country, a famous cowboy boot.

classic mini stellar sequin
classic mini stellar sequin

 The cowboy style boot is very comfortable and can be worn during the day with dresses, jeans shorts or pants, invest in neutral colors like brown, black and nude, these colors go with everything! They can be with medium or low heel, the height of the pipe can also vary between low, medium or long.

2- Animal Print Shoes

Be it snake, zebra or the famous leopard, the animal print shoes never go out of style and this beautiful print can be part of the female wardrobe.

Some prints never go out of style, be it stripes, florals, polka dots, plaid, and animal print prints; they are present in all collections, the animal print is timeless and helps to enhance the look. You can invest in this pattern for both clothing and shoes.

Animal Print shoes can be used with all colors of clothing, they bring the production a modern and fashion air. 

3- Short boots

Short boots can be used in all seasons, this version is great for summer looks, and can also be combined with light pieces like skirts, dresses and shorts.

Use your imagination and creativity to put together amazing looks both in winter and in summer, for days with colder weather combine with pantyhose, riding pants or flare pants, it will bring femininity and elegance to the look.

4- Boots with tractor jump

Tractor heels are a trend, and promises not to go out of style anytime soon.

Combine with skinny pants or leggings for a more stylish and sophisticated production. For a more stripped look, bet on mini skirts and dresses.

This model can be used with the apparent socks.

Tractor heels can be found in sandals, Oxford and boots, in high or medium heels.

Tractor boots or boots are ideal for use on colder days, but can also be combined in fresher looks, the tip for hot days is to wear with dresses, shorts or skirts.

5- Animal print sneakers

Animal print prints are the latest fashion trend and leave the look modern and stylish.

The sneakers are here to stay and are already part of the female wardrobe, due to their practicality and comfort. They are now redesigned and even more stylish in jaguar, zebra, and piton prints. These stylish and democratic shoes can be used in all seasons and with all colors and styles of looks.


 Mules also come full of charm and practicality, these shoes can be found in low, medium or high heel models.

Mules flats combine with different styles of look, so use and abuse this trend!