Month: September 2017

According to the body to choose the swimsuit, you can also be very sexy

This year must be the hottest summer ever, although it has been the beginning of autumn, but still so hot. The face of the hot sun, where are not suitable for going out to play, only the swimming pool is the best place to go. But the face of so many styles of swimsuit, small fairies are not hesitant to start. Do not know which one is suitable for yourself. Before the election style, we must first understand what kind of body they belong to.

H type

This kind of body is called newspaper type body, covered with more symmetrical. Chest butt is not very prominent, no curve waist. So it is not suitable for showing the waist and abdomen of the shortcomings of the swimsuit, especially the tube, the body no curve. It is recommended to choose the waist of a sense of design swimsuit or a lotus leaf style, both up and down can be visually increase the amount of fat to create a curve of the body.
Lotus leaf style swimsuit can be a good show of the waist of the slender, so no waist waist looks like a curve, in the visual can also increase the visual space, making the body look rich.

Pear type
On the small fat under the typical. Chest little buttocks big. It looks like a pear. Even with the legs are relatively thick, although the waist and hip ratio is very good, pale gray bottom line, look short legs.
So in the choice, can not choose the lower body with skirt style, will make the lower body even more stout. Flat boyfriend is also optional, triangular bikini is not OK. Should avoid weaknesses, upper body selection of cumbersome models, lower body selection simple dark line, the line of sight transferred to the upper body, lower body defects will naturally be ignored. High waist section can be directly stretched to improve the waist, highlight the waist, retro style swimsuit is a good choice.

Apple type
Apple-type body chest, thick shoulder meat, no waist curve fat, lower body is relatively slender. Including inverted triangular body, are narrow on the narrow characteristics. In the sense of Ze on the shape and the pear should be the opposite, the upper body as simple as possible, to avoid fancy, lotus leaf these must be resolutely refused. Use the design of the cut to cover the waist fat.
Hourglass type
As the name implies, it is like an hourglass. Before the convex after the Alice, there are big chest there are pretty waist and waistline, is simply the perfect body. So what to wear is very good to see!

Demi Rose sizzles in a lace-up blue bikini and shows off her eye-popping cleavage on her latest swimwear shoot in Ibiza

The model, who has 5.4 million Instagram followers, is no stranger to posing in a bikini and once again wowed in the sexy two piece

DEMI Rose is fast becoming the most in-demand bikini model in the UK and it’s not hard to see why judging by these latest pictures.

The Sutton Coldfield born beauty showed off her amazing figure on yet another photoshoot for swimwear line Wolf and Whistle in Ibiza.

Posing in a very sexy lace-up blue bikini, with high waisted bottoms, Demi looked incredible – revealing her perfect curves.

 Demi is not only a model but a huge Instagram star

Not only did the racy number show off her ample cleavage but it also complimented her shapely bum and tiny waist.

Somewhat of an expert poser, the Instagram star pulled a series of very seductive positions as the photographer snapped away.

With her hair pulled off her face and with minimal make-up, the star let her natural beauty do the talking.

Demi, who has a whopping 5.4 million Instagram followers, has been jetting all over Europe this year to take part in shoots for a number of different fashion brands.

The 22-year-old, who rose to fame when she briefly dated rapper Tyga, was named the face of Wolf & Whistle and she has been very busy working on photo projects for the brand.

Demi is not only a model but a huge Instagram star

Summer out the ultimate sunscreen method

Visitors to the traveler, please pay attention to travel friends Please note that visitors to travel please pay attention to (important things to say three times): hot summer, choose the location of travel must first understand the local temperature Situation, go out to remember sunscreen, anti-heat stroke, anti-mosquito, anti-nutritional imbalance and so on.

Of course, a sun hat is also a sunscreen with a sunscreen function. You do not think the eaves side of the straw hat sunscreen function strong? Look at its delicate weaving, it is easy to see its beauty. With breathable features, foldable design is also extremely convenient to carry.

For sunscreen we have to do is with a good sunscreen, sun hat, remember do not go out at noon, because at noon when the strongest UV radiation, if you do not want to be sunburn sun heat, choose the right time, choose the right Of the sun hat out

Of course, if something must go out because of something, we must do a good job of sunscreen prepared.

Go out as much as possible to wear light-colored series of clothes, because the light tone slow heat, heat fast, with some heatstroke drugs, you can take water or salt tea, do not feel so hot days, but also to drink water, not hot Dead ah! This is because the water and salt tea for the body to add the water and salt consumption is a great benefit. After all, to maintain a balanced nutrition is also a lot of their own benefits!

The seaside has always been the first choice for tourism, the vast expanse of the sea plus the sandy sandy beach, always make people feel comfortable and cool. And the beach will always have the impulse to water, do not buy a beautiful swimsuit how to go out!

Separate skirt sports conservative swimsuit
Split skirt swimsuit sports full of wind, with self-cultivation effect, coat oblique stripes stitching with a visual weight-loss function, waist design can cover up the fat, and it is a little conservative, do not worry will go light.
Split bikini swimsuit

Conservative thin thin cover three sets of bikini split swimsuit small chest skirt hot spring bathing suit
Bikini swimsuit has a sexy name, and such a fashion sense of luxury full of bikini sexy in a trace of elegance, pink color is full of girls young and beautiful.
One-piece conservative swimsuit

Sunscreen heat, you know what is good, is sure to do the preparatory work, hope in the process of tourism, even in the hot summer, you will feel cool, beautiful mood will not be affected by the sun.

Sister and so on! After watching the bikini Raiders go to the beach!

Honestly printed throughout the year are popular, this year’s bikini cherry must see “flowers” be considered qualified, people think of a real, natural tropical scenery. Really do not know how to choose? It from the wallpaper, curtains looking for inspiration, certainly not wrong!

Hollow sexy temptation
Sometimes you really want to understand the truth, that is: desperately exposed not necessarily sexy. Waist a little hollow or chest “open skylight”, fashion hot elements in the swimsuit is also applicable, fashionable is the last word, after all, the girls who go to the beach who is simply to swim it? A principle: where the self-confidence where!

Brain hole open crochet swimsuit
Crochet swimsuit can be understood as the swimsuit on the “lace” decoration, a small area of ​​decorations do seem to reduce the number of deliberately taste, but as the model shows that a full knit swimsuit, really can only see do not Go on!

Bikini blouse lets you get rid of freedom
In addition to loose beach skirts, bikini blouse and what options? Now come to reveal the answer. Those open slits open to the armpit of the shirt can be out at this time, in addition to short dress, pajamas wind is also very worth trying, even if the upper body wearing a bikini shirt is also no problem.

Sunscreen is essential, and, really is used to finishing touch ~

100 years ago, girls wear swimsuit is illegal?

Global countries, different nationalities are wearing their own different styles, but talking about swimsuit, but it is a special case – it is an international route, in the hearts of the people of the world have a strong resonance. With the development of the times, swimsuit evolution history also reflects the people for the constant pursuit of fashion trends.

At the beginning of the 20th century, this stage of the swimwear slowly began to focus on fashion and human characteristics, and exposed more and more.

But the society was still unable to accept women’s excessive exposure to the dress, so only in 1907 Australian female swimmer Annette Kellerman because in the United States beach wearing a piece of catamaran was arrested in the incident was charged with her charges Is: indecent exposure, bruised.
However, only one year after the arrest of Kellerman, she was wearing the kind of conjoined swimsuit was accepted by the public. Can not help but want to Kellerman point of praise, or indefinitely we are still wearing a tightly wrapped Princess style, think about how hot ah

Later, the swimsuit began to become more and more light, more and more exposed places, people can finally accept the female light thigh!

Today, swimsuit has a different style

Flat chest of the sister paper should avoid the choice of three-point, try to gather type.

Hate the belly is always bad for our good things, ladies and gentlemen you panic! Choose a piece of swimsuit or belly before the cloth style, cover fleshy, even more waist Oh!

Some small things may feel that their thighs are too thick, no self-confidence legs, it does not matter! Choose a long paragraph skirt or loose small pants, so not afraid!

go swimming,how to Sunscreen,5 ways to swim and sunscreen

One summer, we will particularly like to go to the beach to swim, whether it is to go to exercise Ye Hao, or to play to play the water Ye Hao, can not ignore an important thing, yes that is to go swimming must be done Sunscreen, or you play the water in the process of swimming, but also lead to severe sunburn skin, so we can see when playing can not forget the sun, then the problem came to the beach to go swimming, how can we go to the sun, In order to completely protect the skin from sunburn? In fact, ah as long as we master this recipe, easy to let the sun swimming two correct.

A: election on the sunscreen products
First of all we have to choose the right and suitable for their own skin sunscreen products, that is, not to stimulate the sunscreen and strong, in this recommended swimming generally choose relatively oily sunscreen products, so as to avoid swimming in the water, the sunscreen dissolved Phenomenon, resulting in loss of sunscreen effect.

Two: cloudy also sunscreen
Moreover, sunscreen this matter is no matter what the season to do, because the sun may not be every day, but the UV is a day, even if it is cloudy, ultraviolet rays can also shoot through the clouds we have skin problems , So do not want to swim when sun drying problems, need to do a good job every day sunscreen work.

Three: isolation sunscreen are done
Speaking of sunscreen, not just put a layer of sunscreen on the skin can finish things, which also need to pay attention to the work of the isolation of the skin, Cream can effectively protect the skin, so that the skin is very good Protect the skin itself, while the other side let the sunscreen more clothes are absorbed.

Four: swimming in time after the dry water
There is a swimming after the need for a small coup to protect the skin is not sunburn, and we should dry in time after the dry body of water, so as to reduce the water reflection, through the water to reflect the skin sunburn problem, compared to dry The skin directly sunburn even more serious, so we must pay attention to this point.

Five: choose the best swimming time
In addition, we are swimming in this matter, but also has the best swimming time to choose, although the sunscreen Cream can be very good to protect the skin, but the sun is too strong after all, especially the sun at noon, is determined not suitable for swimming The best swimming time is after 4 pm, helps the skin to sunburn.

Female body meat, swimsuit how to choose?

Choosing a swimsuit is the biggest puzzle for most of the fat girls. In fact, even if all-encompassing, swimsuit to sort out, you will find, swimsuit swimsuits and split swimsuit points.

For fat MM or the abdomen of the meat of the girl, the choice of high waist of the download, beaming the abdomen; a sense of drape or lotus leaf coat to block. You can also choose to print to cover, in addition to the fold is also no doubt worth trying.

Full of fat girls is best to choose the style of conjoined swimsuit, simple and smooth lines can not only hide the waist fat, but also the perfect modification of the body curve if the stripes style is better!

For the more conservative girl, or skirt swimsuit better. Can resolve the “hip is not so Alice,” the small gripping, tend to lovely sweet wind. Both to cover up the shortcomings, but also a good figure highlights the star!

Steel Tuo gather dark green temperament simple thin body repair conservative triangle female body hot spring swimsuit
Retro dark green super white, with dark blue hit color, light color on the full score there is no! Lotus leaf side of the trousers, playful but also significant thin thin thin With the sexy harness design, free to walk you will be the most watched people, super range of children.

Conservative split swimsuit female three-piece skirt-style hot spring small chest gather lotus leaf bikini swimsuit
The meat of the sister who want to wear out the United States and the United States feeling, so this dress is very suitable for you to wear. And this swimsuit, whether in shape or somewhere else, are plain skirt no difference, so it will not reveal a lot of meat.

Hanging neck tapping sexy swimsuit
Some babies do not like to reveal too much, so want to be relatively conservative, and this swimsuit is the most popular in our past swimsuit style, swimsuit also with a skirt, can cover the baby’s Fleshy, and relatively self-cultivation but loose, not obvious fat.

Wanderers girl swimsuit
Simple style children’s piece of swimsuit, for shy girl is an excellent choice. Girls printed one-piece swimsuit is lovely sweet, steel chest brace for small chest MM, waist wrinkle design is also particularly cover the meat. But also has a halter shape, so that the curve is better painted.

Learn to swim, just 5 days

For dry ducks, breaststroke and freestyle are the easiest to learn, but belong to two different ways to start the best to learn a kind, swimmers tell you a secret: to the pool 5 times should be able to swim 25 meters, but to Pay attention to the method, do not believe you according to the following plan to try or with you to help you around the ducks according to the following plan to practice a practice for her.

Self-study proposal
1 first day first practice floating, pedal wall floating, looking for the feeling of sliding, practicing for 1 hour, and then practice an hour kick, the end.

2 rest two days, these two days of rest is very important, you can let the body digestion of water, continuous every day to learn and not much effect.

3 the next day (or the second time the water) first half an hour pedal wall floating, and then began to continue to kick, an hour, the last half an hour with the hands of the action on it.

4 the same day with half an hour pedal wall floating, and then half an hour kick, with the appropriate hand movements, and then do some breathing exercises on the shore, you can try to breathe, until the feeling is very tired to go home.

5 rest day.

6 the first four days to do half an hour kick action, and then with half an hour with the hand and breathing, to set a shorter goal to complete their own, and finally give yourself to set a longer goal to complete. The best is 25 meters, exhausted to swim several times, until there is no physical strength to go home to rest.
7 the fifth day, the first to complete 25 meters swimming, after a few times with the slowest speed of travel, thinking about how to do the action. At this time you basically learn to swim (that we often say will swim).

8 These methods can learn breaststroke can also learn freestyle. On the beginning of the swimming action do not think too much, to the fifth day of time to seriously recall, it is best to look at online text and video. Leg action is very important to see how to do the video at the same time in the pool to find someone to help you on the OK, and this is not recommended to go to school, the middle to rest a day or two, this progress will be faster!

Summer swimming weight loss really effective?

Weight loss is a female friend can not leave the topic, the summer when the weather is relatively hot, at every turn to sweat, exercise weight loss may be given up to everyone, but in fact there is a summer sports can help lose weight, and can also cool Jieshu, That is swimming, then summer diet weight loss really effective?

1, swimming consumption of energy
Swimming consumption of energy is relatively large, can help us to effectively lose weight, which is due to swimming when the water resistance is much greater than the resistance of the air when the land movement, walking in the water are laborious, and then swim, sure consumption More calories. At the same time, the thermal conductivity of water is greater than 24 times the air, the water temperature is generally lower than the temperature, which is also conducive to heat and heat consumption. Therefore, the energy consumption when swimming than running on land projects such as many, so the effect is more obvious weight loss.

2, to avoid lower limbs and waist movement injury
In the swimming time, we can effectively avoid the lower limbs and waist movement damage, in the land for weight loss exercise, due to heavy body weight, so that the body (especially the lower limbs and waist) to bear a lot of gravity load, so that movement Ability to reduce, fatigue, so that the interest in weight loss exercise greatly reduced, and can damage the lower limb joints and bones. While the swimming project in the water, obese people have a considerable part of the body’s water buoyancy bear, lower limbs and waist will be much easier, joint and bone damage greatly reduced the risk.

3, can enjoy the natural massage service
In the swimming time, you can also enjoy the natural massage service, can be described as very comfortable. Swimming, the buoyancy of water, resistance and pressure on the human body is an excellent massage, the skin can also play the role of beauty.

Swimming to lose weight taboo
1, avoid eating before meals and swimming
When we are swimming, we must pay attention not to swim before and after meals, is not conducive to good health, fasting swimming will affect the appetite and digestive function, but also in the swimming dizziness, fatigue and other accidents; satiety swimming will also affect Digestive function, but also produce stomach cramps, and even vomiting, abdominal pain phenomenon.

2, avoid fasting swimming
Fasting swimming will give our body a lot of damage, will consume a lot of energy and heat, many people who love to swim have a feeling that swimming after the shore, will feel hungry, whole body fatigue. This is because the swimming is a heavy physical exercise, limb muscle activity range, will consume a lot of human energy, heat. In the fasting to go swimming, due to low blood sugar, particularly prone to muscle tremor in the water, dizziness, collapse, coma, and even may be directly drowning and death.

3, avoid vigorous swimming after swimming
After the strenuous exercise to avoid swimming, or may cause physical discomfort, is not conducive to good health, vigorous exercise immediately after swimming, will increase the burden of the heart; a sharp decline in body temperature, will weaken the resistance, causing cold, The

4, avoid menstrual swimming
Menstrual period we also need to pay attention not to swim, or may lead to infection, affect the health, menstrual swimming during the disease easy to enter the uterus, fallopian tubes, etc., causing infection, leading to irregular menstruation, excessive, menstrual extension.
5, avoid swimming in unfamiliar waters
We must pay attention not to blindly swimming into the water, so as to avoid accidents, swimming in the natural waters, should not rush to the water. Where the surrounding waters and underwater conditions are not suitable for water swimming, so as to avoid accidents.

6, avoid prolonged exposure to swimming
Summer, we also need to pay attention not to prolonged exposure to swimming, is not conducive to good health, prolonged exposure will produce sunburn, or cause acute dermatitis, also known as sun burns. To prevent the occurrence of sunburn, after the shore is best to use umbrella shade, or to the shade of the place to rest, or with a bath towel in the body to protect the skin, or in the body exposed sunscreen.
Summer swimming for our health is very good, you can cool Jieshu, help us to effectively lose weight, I hope you can try to swim, but when swimming we do not ignore the daily Swimming taboo.

Swimsuit wear, let you walk in the fashion front

Do you know what the most tide is wearing this summer? Do you know how to wear the most sexy? Your heart of those answers must be out, swimsuit outside you dare to try, do not think that only Superman will be so yo, the influx of people are on the line, you do not hurry?

Europe and the United States fashion bloggers love to wear this, the beach must! This fight color swimsuit with striped skirt, the color is very refreshing, the summer breath blowing, is not also very suitable for false wear?

Sexy swimsuit bikini body swimsuit
Relatively the most conservative and most out of the street swimsuit that must be Siamese swimsuit friends ~ In fact, many European and American stars are like to take the body swimsuit when the bodysuit wear, bring the straw hat, put on the word drag how to like how to Comfortable and comfortable. Piece of clothing with the following denim shorts most appropriated.

Lanyard swimsuit
Do you know why people in fashion circles like to wear such swimsuit? I think one is fashionable, the other is the clothes are more beautiful. The lower body can be used with any single product skirt is no pick, how to take a good look

Sling swimsuit dress split retro swimsuit
Recently, the past few years is also a pandemic retro, popular with the popular is the tide to the words. High-waist style split retro swimsuit, because the design is relatively conservative, less exposed meat, was a lot of fashionable people outside the direct wear.

Split swimsuit female bikini
Do not think bikini only sexy, can not wear out the street, in fact, as long as with the right, was thin and trendy, to find a variety of swimwear can wear a street, Miu Miu2017 spring and summer series of fashion show this look is swimsuit inspiration.

Conservative three-piece bikini straps One-piece swimsuit
Than the traditional Siamese swimsuit a little more sexy, deep V neckline and both sides of the downward extension of the hole and strap detail, easy to adjust the most fit wearing effect. Super sexy strap design, out of the street with denim shorts, nice fried days.