According to the body to choose the swimsuit, you can also be very sexy

This year must be the hottest summer ever, although it has been the beginning of autumn, but still so hot. The face of the hot sun, where are not suitable for going out to play, only the swimming pool is the best place to go. But the face of so many styles of swimsuit, small fairies are not hesitant to […]

Demi Rose sizzles in a lace-up blue bikini and shows off her eye-popping cleavage on her latest swimwear shoot in Ibiza

The model, who has 5.4 million Instagram followers, is no stranger to posing in a bikini and once again wowed in the sexy two piece DEMI Rose is fast becoming the most in-demand bikini model in the UK and it’s not hard to see why judging by these latest pictures. The Sutton Coldfield born beauty showed off her amazing figure on yet […]

Summer out the ultimate sunscreen method

Visitors to the traveler, please pay attention to travel friends Please note that visitors to travel please pay attention to (important things to say three times): hot summer, choose the location of travel must first understand the local temperature Situation, go out to remember sunscreen, anti-heat stroke, anti-mosquito, anti-nutritional imbalance and so on. Of course, a sun hat is also […]

Sister and so on! After watching the bikini Raiders go to the beach!

Honestly printed throughout the year are popular, this year’s bikini cherry must see “flowers” be considered qualified, people think of a real, natural tropical scenery. Really do not know how to choose? It from the wallpaper, curtains looking for inspiration, certainly not wrong! Hollow sexy temptation Sometimes you really want to understand the truth, that is: desperately exposed not necessarily […]

100 years ago, girls wear swimsuit is illegal?

Global countries, different nationalities are wearing their own different styles, but talking about swimsuit, but it is a special case – it is an international route, in the hearts of the people of the world have a strong resonance. With the development of the times, swimsuit evolution history also reflects the people for the constant pursuit of fashion trends. At […]

go swimming,how to Sunscreen,5 ways to swim and sunscreen

One summer, we will particularly like to go to the beach to swim, whether it is to go to exercise Ye Hao, or to play to play the water Ye Hao, can not ignore an important thing, yes that is to go swimming must be done Sunscreen, or you play the water in the process of swimming, but also lead […]

Female body meat, swimsuit how to choose?

Choosing a swimsuit is the biggest puzzle for most of the fat girls. In fact, even if all-encompassing, swimsuit to sort out, you will find, swimsuit swimsuits and split swimsuit points. For fat MM or the abdomen of the meat of the girl, the choice of high waist of the download, beaming the abdomen; a sense of drape or lotus […]

Learn to swim, just 5 days

For dry ducks, breaststroke and freestyle are the easiest to learn, but belong to two different ways to start the best to learn a kind, swimmers tell you a secret: to the pool 5 times should be able to swim 25 meters, but to Pay attention to the method, do not believe you according to the following plan to try […]

Summer swimming weight loss really effective?

Weight loss is a female friend can not leave the topic, the summer when the weather is relatively hot, at every turn to sweat, exercise weight loss may be given up to everyone, but in fact there is a summer sports can help lose weight, and can also cool Jieshu, That is swimming, then summer diet weight loss really effective? […]

Swimsuit wear, let you walk in the fashion front

Do you know what the most tide is wearing this summer? Do you know how to wear the most sexy? Your heart of those answers must be out, swimsuit outside you dare to try, do not think that only Superman will be so yo, the influx of people are on the line, you do not hurry? Europe and the United […]