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6 Sets of Autumn Wear Demonstration 2020

The autumn wear trend of 2020 is like all dressed up and nowhere to go.  As we are still dealing with the lockdown situation, the fashion industry is working harder to get the latest trends to your PC. While social media is booming with the lockdown looks for the past few months, wearing stylish clothes uplifts your spirit and motivates you to work and feel good about yourself. We have seen innumerable posts about the lockdown looks which means no one can stop the fashion sense and the fashion inspiration that keeps coming in full force.

It is not a surprise that some of the major trends from last year are still popular but there are numerous new trends that have gained popularity even in the lockdown situation. Especially the bright bold colors, browns, all black, sequin dresses in a lot of bling, statement bright red, cute colorful bags, animal print, etc. In this post, we want to share the most popular and the most unique fashion trends for autumn wear 2020.

As we have mentioned numerous times that autumn fashion is all about deep earthy tones, this season has become even bolder and brighter.

We believe autumn and fall fashion is incomplete without the inclusion of a deep maroon berry color that elevates the classic beige color for fall. The bold and beautiful coat is perfect for the season. This unique fluid shiny satin fabric will make you the center of attraction.

Trench Coat

The most popular look for autumn is the bright colored pant suits. Make an appearance in office meetings or lunch with friend, you will brighten everyone’s day with these colors. This trend is seen in full swing all over the runway and street style alike.

The monochromatic look is stealing the shows lately. Black is back, well it was never gone, but all black outfit with a pop of color so in street style fashion. Accessorized with chunky chain necklace can looks stylish and cool. This effortless and cool style is so trendy.

Sequin Dress

Another favorite trend is the all sequin dress with lots of bling. The more the merrier. And Full shimmering gowns and dresses will be the center of attraction this autumn and winter. Great for night outs and special occasions.

Coming autumn and fall, maxi dresses with full sleeves will be your best friend as they provide warmth as the temperature dips. You can style a maxi dress with bomber jackets or denim jackets to look edgy and stylish. Paired with boots take the style to the next level.

Animal Prints

Animal prints in all styles and patterns never go out of fashion. But this season no other than the fierce tiger print is making waves in the fashion world. Spice up your monochromatic look with a stylish faux feather tiger print jacket to stay ahead in style.

These are some of the most popular and trendiest outfit ideas and style that are gaining popularity. The fashion gurus are sharing these trends all over social media.

What Clothes are the Autumn and Winter Fashion Trends

The beautiful months of Autumn and winter, mother nature starts painting the beautiful scenery with warm rustic colors. The same happens in the fashion industry. Change in season there is a change in fashion clothing, styles, fabric and colors. The bright pastel hues are replaced with deep rustic jewel tones for the coming autumn and winter. The colors and the texture in the fabrics get deeper and stronger. We love the autumnal colors and style. In short, we love the fall and winter fashion styles that designers keep creating. One thing is common that this season brings in the different layers to keep warm and look fabulous at the same time.

Even in this time with the pandemic all over, while fashion may seem to have slowed down, but the designer’s inspirations have not. They keep coming up with new styles and cuts to spice up your day. While leather, plaid in different styles, suede jackets are the regular and expected fashion trends in autumn and winter. These are some of the trendiest fashion clothing for 2020 autumn and winter. The balloon sleeves, ample skirts, some addition of gold to those nerdy knitwear and denim jackets, bright suits for formal wear etc. Besides overall black is visible a lot. Black is certainly back. Since the weather is cooler, there are different layering clothes that play an important role too. We have created the most trending list of fashion clothing for autumn and fall.

Black is back, but some will not agree with this statement, as there are ladies who love wearing black be it on trend or not. But monochromatic black look is getting popularity these days. Black jacket match with everything. Borrowed from the boy’s kind look and a black suede fabric is the new trend to follow.

Black Jacket

Dresses and gowns in sparkling gold with lots of bling is making the rounds on the runway. This year the glistening golden gowns will be seen on the red carpets, formal celebrity events and fashion show alike. A true fashionista will not stay behind to this trend. These will make you shine like a star.

Maxi Dress

Balloon sleeves in all shapes and sizes are gaining popularity on the runways and street style alike. This is the boldest autumn fashion look. Dresses, tops, jackets with ample fabric looks unique, cool and stylish. A simple balloon sleeve chiffon dress is elegant and beautiful for all occasions.

Nothing matches the level of professionalism than a well-tailored pant suit. From business meetings to night outs a suit can get you through perfectly. Bright color adds feminine touch to a manly outfit. For autumn and winter the rustic colored overall suit dresses and coats are getting attention of every fashionista and fashion bloggers.

A bright colored coat will be the most popular trend to follow. Bold colors like mustard yellow, reds, greens, sky blue, you name it are making their presence felt everywhere.

We hope you have found some inspiration for the autumn and winter fashion clothing trend. You just must be on board with a few that will make you look stylish and fashion savvy.

Simple and Stylish to Wear for 2020 Fall

The fashion trends for this autumn 2020 include a very simple style, the one we are now used to showing off during the past years, but also with a very chic touch, with unexpected and exuberant details that certainly make the difference and that make this autumn very more particular than in other years!

But what are the items to wear to create a simple and stylish look, but which are at the same time impactful? Here is a series of items that are trendy and that will make you feel beautiful wherever you want to go, from the office to the supermarket. Make yourself comfortable!

Oversized coat or cloak

Perhaps this is the most important and one of the most classic garments of the cold seasons. This year, in particular, the coats will be extra-large, exasperated, as if they were stolen from the male wardrobe. But there are also hoods and cloaks for a simple look, which are more delicate and elegant than the coat, and also quite underrated. Wear your coat or cape with a nice pair of boots: one of the most beautiful combinations to create in autumn and never banal.


The quintessential autumn print is definitely tartan: maxi or mini white or black squares but also super colored ones, which cover not only clothing but also accessories! You can’t go wrong with this print!

Abundant sleeves

You can wear them on all types of fabric: from tulle, in order to create small lights along the entire length of the sleeve, to knitted or wool dresses or sweaters that create maxi sleeves. They are really beautiful but there is the risk that they can get tired, so it’s better to give in to a particular garment, such as a nice warm sweater.

Collegiate style

Inspired by the university and school world. This style will be present everywhere: so you can’t help but wear beautiful pleated skirts in a fashionable way!

Tricot sweater

Total looks in this type of clothing will be fashionable, from the one made in cashmere that hugs the body a lot, as well as oversized sweaters, to be combined perhaps with an amphibious shoe to play with the contrast created by the wool, which gives an enveloping sense, and from the amphibian, very aggressive, perhaps with a silk skirt or a very fluid and feminine fabric one. A truly stunning look!

Liberty prints

Very colorful prints such as flowers. A trend that brands usually re-propose especially in spring, but which this year will also be seen a lot in autumn! Also in this case you can opt for the combination with a pair of amphibians, for a slightly gypsy and free style, which goes very much in tune with admiring the beauty of nature, something we all wanted to do this year after the lockdown!

Colored leather

Just in pastel and unexpected colors! A style that you would not expect to wear even in autumn: instead they are very beautiful colors when combined with black, dark blue or even white, because yes, you can wear white in autumn, it is very elegant. So I’m giving you some excellent tips to get out of your comfort zone a bit without overdoing it!

Hooded Letter Printed Sweatshirt Worth Carrying into Fall

The official season of hooded sweatshirt is here. This super cool trend is sporty and ideal for days when you are not sure if the temperature is going to drop during the day. We think every girl should own at least one hooded sweatshirt in her closet. And the letter printed ones are cool and trendy in comparison to simple plain hooded sweatshirt. There are so many retailers that are giving a simple hooded shirt a new look, by adding some quotes, some cool words, and even cooler messages. It makes the whole outfit fun to wear.

There is a notion that hooded sweatshirts are more for the sports person than for a regular girl. But sweatshirts have come a long way and have become the new trend in the fashion capitals. This cover-up style is ideal to make you look a bit boyish and trendy. The lettering on the sweatshirt also plays an important role sending a message, displaying your mood, some interesting quotes, name of the university etc. It is fun and attracts attention.  

The hooded letter printed sweatshirts are lightweight enough to wear it during the transition of the weather. Like from summer to cooler months. It is a great idea to carry the hooded shirt into fall as the weather during the fall time is not so cold that you need to wear a jacket or a coat. But cool enough that you can wear a hooded sweatshirt that will keep you warm in not so cool temperatures. Here are some of the letter printed sweatshirts that you will need in fall. These are stylish and trendy.

 A grey hooded letter printed sweatshirt is perfect for everyday use. Especially when you are in school or college. It will match with all the other ensemble you have. If you are looking to own just one hooded sweatshirt then it must be a neutral color. You can style it in different ways like wearing it under a faux leather jacket or just wearing it over a simple tank top with a pair of jeans.

women hooded hoody just do nothing letter print sweatshirts casual raglan sleeve pullover female fashion brand clothing
women hooded hoody just do nothing letter print sweatshirts casual raglan sleeve pullover female fashion brand clothing

The beautiful maroon with good mood vibes is stylish and fun. The crop style is new and trendy. This is one of the best colors for fall fashion.

Long Sleeve Hooded Letter Printed Sweatshirt
Long Sleeve Hooded Letter Printed Sweatshirt

We are loving the purple hooded lightweight sweatshirt. Great to transition from warm to cooler weather. It will keep you warm and cozy.  

Womens Purple Hooded Zip Up Sweatshirt Letter Printed Long Sleeve Autumn/Winter Hoodie
Womens Purple Hooded Zip Up Sweatshirt Letter Printed Long Sleeve Autumn/Winter Hoodie

Bold and bright red is a trending color for fall 2020 fashion. All the shades of red from will be seen on the street fashion as well as the runway. You don’t want to be left behind. Get started with the red color trend that is here to stay. Love the relaxing lettering on this one.

Women Autumn Winter Warm Fleece Hoodies Letter Print Sweatshirt Fall Long Sleeve Hooded Casual Pullover Top Streetwear
Women Autumn Winter Warm Fleece Hoodies Letter Print Sweatshirt Fall Long Sleeve Hooded Casual Pullover Top Streetwear

Browns, reds, blue, green etc. are the must have fall shades for the season. These ace hooded sweatshirts will make you stand out even in a casual environment.

Waliicorners Womens’ winter new loose letter printing couple hooded sweatshirt women Contrast line hoodie
Waliicorners Womens’ winter new loose letter printing couple hooded sweatshirt women Contrast line hoodie

Overall, these are some of the trending hooded letter printed sweatshirts that you can easily carry along for the fall season. These are comfortable, stylish, and cozy.

Autumn Chic Clothes, Wear Fashionable

Autumn is a beautiful season with all the falling leaves and changing colors of nature. It is like nature is preparing to paint the earth with different colors to make it beautiful. In the similar way we also must prepare ourselves to match the colors of nature with our fall fashion wardrobe. The key to building a fabulous wardrobe is to invest in well thought assortments of sustainable fashion clothing that we can style it in a multiple different way. We need to choose wisely so that we can use all the items in our closet, by mixing and matching with others.

A chic iconic knit motif sweater in orange screams autumn and fall and it also epitomizes cool cozy weather. Perfect color for the season and will also keep you warm. It is a great versatile piece that you can mix and match with your other wardrobe staples and wear it multiple times. And every style will look different.

Pilcro Joni Cable-Knit Sweater
Pilcro Joni Cable-Knit Sweater

As we all know fall fashion is all about layering and layering wisely so we don’t spend too much but still make our clothes look chic, stylish and fashionable. From tailored coats to super chic dresses and having the right fashion forward essentials in your wardrobe is the key to look fashionable and put together even during the rush morning hours.

A beige trench coat is the most important fall piece that every woman should own. It is such a classic and never goes out of style. It will make you look stylish and chic.


Fall dressing brings to mind all the warm colors and textured layering clothing pieces that will make you look stylish and keep you warm. From oversized and modern designed blazers and outerwear to the traditional and cozy knits, there are multiple different ways to style them and look fabulous. In this post we will share some chic clothing items, that will make you look stylish and fashionable.

A mini dress is always chic and always fashionable to wear. A lovely outfit that is so stylish. You can wear a classic blazer or overcoat if it is very cold.

High Class Light Grey Corduroy Mini Skirt
High Class Light Grey Corduroy Mini Skirt

Adding a classic single-breasted blazer to any outfit will instantly make you look stylish and elegant. It is perfect head-to-toe fashion dressing for formal office wear. A classic camel color can be styled with many different outfits and colors.

Camel Single Breasted Suit Blazer
Camel Single Breasted Suit Blazer

Fall fashion is all about different style of clothing. Animal print always has its moments and it is not going anywhere. Besides black and white is always an attractive combination in dresses and in general. The gathered neck and cinched waistline are feminine and chic. Styling it with ankle boots is perfect for fall. You can also wear a jacket and a pair of tights for a colder weather.

Animal-print dress
Animal-print dress

These are some elegant pieces that will always make you look stylish and chic during the autumn and fall seasons. Re-wear, repeat, mix and match and be creative with your fashion style.

My Newest Plus Size Clothing for Fall

As the leaves start to change, crisps autumn wind reminds us of the sweater weather and everything cool and cozy. It is time to prepare our self with turning our wardrobe and getting ready for the beautiful fall fashion. Turtlenecks, cozy knit sweaters, leather jackets, trench coats and we can never forget the stylish ankle boots for the fall season. This is a season of new beginning and trying out the newest trends for our curvy self.  

Fall fashion is all about layering, accessorizing your dressing to make your wardrobe more stylish and versatile. You need to look for some sustainable and versatile pieces that you can mix and match and re-wear and style it in multiple different ways.  

Since we are talking about layering clothes for fall fashion, we will need a couple jackets like a faux leather jacket, trench coats for colder times, a nice dress even a knit dress, scarves to add a little style and keep you warm and cozy. Here are some of our newest plus size clothing for the season. We can always change things to jazz up and make our dressing stylish and trendy. Fashion does not only mean for the regular size; we as curvy beauties can also rock the current trend.

A turtleneck top is so trendy for fall. It helps to keep you warm and make you look elegant and stylish at the same time. The mauve purple is pretty and unique for the fall. You can style it with a bomber jacket or a trench coat and add a light or a chunky scarf. An ankle boot will make it more fashionable.

Classic and Cozy Turtleneck Top
Classic and Cozy Turtleneck Top

Leather fashion is not going anywhere. They keep coming back with newer look, color and styles. A sleek faux leather coat looks edgy and chic at the same time. This rusty brown is just perfect for fall. You can wear it over your jeans, a shirt with ankle boots to make it perfect fall look.

Faux Leather Moto Jacket
Faux Leather Moto Jacket

Corduroy is synonymous with autumn and fall. This is an essential dress for the season. You can style it with a pair of sneakers or ankle boots for a casual look. It is like a carefree way of styling for the day. Looks stylish, trendy and sophisticated. Besides the corduroy fabric will keep you warm.   

Pilcro Marta Tiered Corduroy Midi Dress
Pilcro Marta Tiered Corduroy Midi Dress

An elegant and stylish trench coat is a must for fall and winter. Getting a nice sustainable piece will last you for a long time. It is better to go for a classic style that never goes out of fashion, so you can wear it year after year. A beige and black are the classic must have colors that are evergreen in the fashion industry.


A stylish shirt dress is perfect all year round. The two pockets look stylish and are so on trend and perfect for street style with knee high boots or ankle boots. You can keep it simple or wear a faux leather biker jacket for that edgy look.

Midi modal dress
Midi modal dress

These are some of our newest obsessions in the plus size clothing for fall. Hope you get some inspiration to as to what you will be adding to your wardrobe.

Spring And Autumn Short Casual Windbreaker

There are lost fashion garments to wear, depending on the situation, weather, time, and place. A windbreaker jacket is thin and made to withstand chill wind and light rain. Its construction made it a version of a jacket that is light. It is typically made of synthetic material. The windbreaker sometimes may include a removable hood or stowable.

Windbreaker is a versatile jacket in designs, ideal for the autumn and spring seasons. They are waterproof, lightweight, and resist outer wind from entering into the jacket or affect the wearer.

Empyre Keana Flower Blue Windbreaker Jacket
Empyre Keana Flower Blue Windbreaker Jacket

The windbreaker jacket is a lightweight and outdoor garment design to keep you away from chilly weather and keep you warm. It is simply a basic jacket to make the body convenient with basic human functionality during the autumn and springs period.

There are many advantages of the short and casual windbreaker jackets, as stated below:

Lightweight – The windbreaker jackets were to be light in design. It is so because they are mainly designed for layering. The windbreaker jacket is an effective layering. It protects the wearer from chill winds. The jacket is not only light when you wear it, but is remains light even when not in use. It is made of thin and light materials.

Women’s Flash Forward™ Lined Windbreaker - Plus Size
Women’s Flash Forward™ Lined Windbreaker – Plus Size

Breathable – The jacket is breathable in which means it was made from materials with pores that are tiny enough to keep the water out of the garment, such as rainwater, but the pores are big enough to allow wet, and your body sweat gets out easily. It will keep your body dry inside and as well as comfortable outside. The jacket also has an internal heat regulator and ventilation features. It has a zip for easy close up from the bottom to the neck top area.

Women’s Flash Forward™ Windbreaker Jacket - Plus Size
Women’s Flash Forward™ Windbreaker Jacket – Plus Size

Stowable – It comes handy and can easily be efficiently and neatly stowed away. It is possible because of its lightweight; you can easily unpack them anytime you wish to make use of it. You can easily press and pack them together because of their light in weight and put them in your travel bag.


Fashionable – The windbreaker jacket is stylish, chic, and pretty. It is cute in the body, easy to wear, and easy to pull off. It comes in a variety of aesthetic designs that will make you look good.


Waterproof – The jacket has waterproof features that resist water from entering into the jacket, thereby keep the body of the wearer warm. The shell at the outer part of the jacket has an ideal, functional, and durable water repellent garment.