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Charming bikini – spike the opposite sex weapon

Sunny beach, the sea cactus and an old captain, the lyrics you are familiar with, the summer came, the beach and lively again, and some swimming, and some wearing bikini play self-timer, and then cozy little sunbathing, but no matter how , A sexy bikini and goggles are indispensable. Xiao Bian recommended for you this few, absolutely make you keep the rate of increase.

Horizontal Conservative One – piece Dress

Swimsuit Women’s Corner Conservative One-piece Dress Style
It should be noted that this is a large size swimsuit, special thin sister carefully shot, is the new new piece of swimsuit swimsuits, chest crossover design, full of chest vision, but also with a set of steel care, double shoulder design, , Do not take light zero burden, playful skirt, sunny lovely, butterfly as beautiful and charming swimsuit

Couple swimsuit female big size bikini

Couples swimsuit female big size bikini four-piece steel tray gather blouse flat-angle pants skirt hot spring men’s beach pants
But also the new, popular elements of modern and elegant, exotic, theme printing, abandon the complex procrastination of the decoration, delicate craft, never forget the style, everywhere permeated with a charming atmosphere, outside the blouse looming effect is very tempting, Thin sun, intimate design is warm heart sigh, is indeed a new product, all aspects have improved.

Male and female large frame near sight swimming goggles

If you only need a free under the goggles will have a lot of styles for you, if you want: a more gorgeous goggles than the traditional goggles, a mirror to reduce the wall of the oppression of the big box Mirror, a stylish anti-diving glasses design goggles, a myopic who can also swim clear underwater world myopia goggles. This glasses will not let you down, and indoor and outdoor are available. Charming fashion goggles also brought so many features is really a rare goggles ah.

Shampoo nose clip ear plugs adult children silicone stuffed nose waterproof equipment supplies

Swimming essential goods, easy to use a little water can not enter, intimate protection, so you play a small burden of swimming, the material is made of silicone, to the water is not slippery, earplugs are also very good, intimate design, multi-color optional

Sea waves Sexy and conservative bikinis which suits you?

Hot summer, the best way to travel than to the beach waves. And open the seaside vacation play the correct posture, of course, is to wear a charming bikini, right? And in many handsome beauty of the seaside, passionate girl must be a big exposed body charm drops, sexy bikini is his true love; for shy introverted girl will pick a conservative bikini will appear more natural. Do not know the screen before you are passionate type, or shy introverted type? Sexy and conservative bikini, which is more suitable for you?

Hollow bikini piece of body cover was thin swimsuits
Lace lace cut, revealing the perfect waist seems to have a taste of light, V collar exposed looming chest curve, sexy charming, halter design highlights the United States back, look beautiful and moving.

Small chest gather sexy bikini ladies hot spring swimsuit
This piece of “fake” split swimsuit cut creative, retro taste, wear it sparkling love, unique overall design makes you look sexy charming, more able to show your perfect body curve.

Jane love sexy long-sleeved network yarn sunscreen large size swimsuit piece skirt was thin
Perspective of the sexy yarn, adding a feminine at the same time, but also with a very charming retro atmosphere; and looming skin, sultry sexy, under the black net yarn, with a mysterious color.

The chest gathers the steel suppository
Hazy beauty is the highest level of sexy, do not wear bikini can show your good body, embroidery feathers designed to make you full of exquisite, with a yarn can be shade, both sides of the hollow design to increase the small sexy.

Conservative sunscreen wholesale bikinis long-sleeved high-waist swimsuits female split Triangle hot springs was thin shade swimsuit swimsuit
With this sunscreen long-sleeved swimsuit do not be afraid to emptied and sun sun, you can rest assured that bold play, enjoy the release of your youthful vitality, but also let you bid farewell to the arm worship meat.

What body wear what bikinis, do you really know?

Summer is always warm like fire, must be cool to the beach was fun ah, but this time will be a lot of body is not perfect girl complained: to the seaside resort is like to go to the United States, wearing earth rustic, instantly seconds Good slag slag. So, the election on the swimsuit really critical.

The first: Siamese swimsuit

Suitable for the body more full of super-fat girl, can just right outlines the graceful curves of the body, while cleverly covered the buttocks cover the meat. Siamese swimsuit also inadvertently elongated height ratio, it is very tall and moving, different and ingenuity, more suction eyes.

The second: split skirt swimsuit

Split swimsuit to reduce the requirements of the body, but the belly of the girl will not be able to choose, if the hips are more plentiful, there are flat chest sister can not hesitate to choose split-style swimsuit. It will give a beautiful youthful sense of vitality, very personality has a style and connotation.

One piece high waist hanging neck swimsuit
Siamese design is undoubtedly the dwarf sister’s savior, accompanied by high waist design, elongated the height of the whole person, looks tall and moving. Seemingly conservative design, but everywhere highlights the sexy style.

Slim body skirt swimsuit
Slim version of the graceful posture will be unfamiliar, skirt design just right to cover the fullness of the buttocks, very little woman’s taste. Classic fashion hit color element as the crowning touch, super suction eye.

Conservative one-piece skirt swimsuit
Romantic lace design with the witty pineapple printing, do not need too much modification, will be a simple and fresh style interpretation of the most vividly. Gestures are full of girls atmosphere.

This summer fell in love with swimming, must fall in love with bikinis!

Waves of the sea, sexy swimsuit, beautiful people, this season, we must go to the beach! Whether it is playing in the sea, or sunbathing on the beach, a sexy and beautiful swimsuit is the best power you want to go to the beach!

This summer fell in love with swimming, must fall in love with swimsuit! In this strange occasion, exposure to their beautiful skin is not a fault but a show of privilege, so abandon all the concerns of doing sunscreen toward the beach!

In the courage to play the water season, the beauty who have already put the pool as a T station, interpretation of the scene of the pool side only fragrant story ~

This hot summer late, want to find fresh and comfortable, swimming is not to be missed sports fitness activities. Enjoy the cool water to bring the touch, wear the United States and the United States swimsuit free to enjoy some.

Want to let the summer body exposed more perfect, then now choose a nice swimsuit.

Sexy triangle swimsuit color is also very neat, fabric elastic tight, swimsuit quality is very good, and is two layers, not through, the water is not heavy light. Personalized design, remove the awkward embarrassment, but also show off your super beauty back, show the body is simply a perfect swimsuit!

Retro Simple Triangle Soup Sweatshirt Sexy Tunic, Comfortable Sunscreen. Built-in steel care, comfortable gather together. Back strap with halter design, more sexy. Pack hip hip piece, comfortable and more personal. Sexy is not exposed, the focus is thin and significantly chest, keep the rate is particularly high.

Ribbon Sexy Tube Top Bikini Tube’s swimsuit has been the effect of the chest, skin tone with elastic, cover the arm at the same time have a rugged rhythm of the United States. The use of soft and comfortable fabrics, both with fashion and retain the natural comfort of the practicality.

Sexy Siamese lace hollow swimsuit wholesale bikinis This is in the version type is Siamese, the use of lace hollow details of the design, full of British noble ladies atmosphere. The design of the shoulder is beautiful clavicle, black and white stitching, simple atmosphere, the back is a zipper, easy to wear off.

Loose Women’s Saira Khan posts bikini-confident pictures and opens up on being judged for her race and appearance

Saira Khan’s bikini-confident photos come after she bared all to her Instagram followers while on holiday in Lake Garda earlier this month.

She appears to have fully embraced the Loose Women’s body positive campaign, as she continues to post photos of herself in various bikinis during her current holiday in Croatia.

In one snap which Saira posted on her Instagram on Tuesday, the TV presenter is standing proudly on a sandy beach wearing a black and white Seafolly bikini covered in a fun aztec print – and fans have gone wild for it.

The positive feedback has clearly spurred Saira on, and on Wednesday she posted even more bikini shots.

This time, Saira opted for a rainbow coloured ruffle bikini – another from the Australian swimwear brand, Seafolly.

In one photo the mum of two is standing on rocks by the sea, with her hands in the air, flaunting her incredible abs, and huge smile.

Alongside her bikini pics, Saira has posted photos of her family, sharing intimate moments of their holiday in Hvar with fans.

In one particularly poignant post, the 47 year old is sitting on a rock looking out to the see, with the caption below reading: “As I sat on this rock and looked into the emerald green sea, waves crashing, I thought about life, how I have been judged for my race, religion, colour, appearance, opinion and drive to get on in life.

“Then I looked at where I was and thought, I’m glad I had to overcome all those obstacles because it’s made me the person I am today and I’ve created a life that I want.”

Fans loved the reflective post, with one Instagrammer commenting: “Saira, you are such a strong, beautiful lady and a big inspiration to a lot of ladies!”


Actress Blanca Blanco exposes her pert derriere in yellow bikini after removing her cover-up in Malibu

She’s been hard to miss in roles from films like Showgirls 2: Penny’s From Heaven and Bermuda Tentacles.

And on Wednesday, Beverly Hills Christmas actress Blanca Blanco was sure to stand out as she frolicked on the beach in Malibu.

The 36-year-old thespian sported a yellow bikini as she strut her stuff across the sand.

Though she wore a swimsuit cover-up around her waist initially, she soon removed it, exposing her pert derriere.

Blanca’s strapless bikini top featured a snakeskin accent on it’s sweetheart neckline.

Blanco chose bold red statement earrings and large, round glasses for the outing.

As she walked across the beach in the California heat, the quick-thinking star turned her swimsuit cover into a trendy head scarf.

The Watsonville, California native seemed to be enjoying her time soaking up the Southern California sun.

Her longtime beau John Savage was not with her for the beach trip.

In June, Deadline reported that the lovers will co-star in a movie called Fake News with Eric Roberts.

Savage will play a Republican President Of The United States in the film which will likely be inspired by Donald Trump’s current US presidency.

Blanco will play a mother on the run from immigration who is being sheltered by Roberts’ tabloid reporter character.

first bikini after beating her addiction to cheese and onion chips

An obese woman has worn a bikini for the first time after beating her addiction to cheese and onion chips.

Simone Fielding, 28, from Blackburn in the UK, weighed 102.5kg after gorging on her favourite savoury snack.

Due to her bulging waistline, and her love of takeaway pizza, Simone couldn’t fit into her size 18 clothes and refused to buy a bigger size.

She dreaded summer holidays, and was left mortified when she was forced to hide under dark baggy clothes around the pool.

But finally, after ditching the calorific snacks, Simone has lost more than 35kg and was finally able to fit into a size 10 bikini during a holiday to Portugal.

Simone, a customer service manager, said: “I couldn’t believe how big I’d allowed myself to become, I was addicted to food, especially cheese and onion crisps.

“I would snack on bags throughout the day and then of an evening, after a takeaway pizza, my partner and I would open a sharing bag and eat the whole lot.

“I felt humiliated on summer holidays and I also dreaded shopping for new clothes. I could barely fit into a size 18 and I refused to go any bigger.

“When I was at my biggest people would stare at me, but since losing the weight no one bats an eyelid. I finally feel comfortable in my body.

“It felt amazing to finally wear a bikini, and because I wasn’t used to putting cream on my stomach I burnt it on the first day.

“I’ve even ditched my addiction to crisps, and even though I do treat myself occasionally I try and stick to Weight Watchers alternatives.”

When Simone met her partner, Guy, in 2012 she could squeeze into a size 14, but due to their unhealthy lifestyle, her weight slowly crept up.

She added: “In the first three years of our relationship my weight had gone up by 19kg, I became comfortable around Guy and didn’t watch what I ate.

“We regularly had takeaways of an evening, our favourite were large meat feast pizzas, and I would eat Guy’s leftovers every night.

“I didn’t do any exercise and became breathless after walking up and down the stairs at work.

“In 2014 we went on holiday with Guy’s family to Turkey, I hated having my body on show and wanted to hide away.

“No matter how many sarongs or cover-ups I put on I couldn’t hide my bulging stomach.

“For Valentine’s day in 2015 Guy made a reservation at a restaurant and wanted to take me shopping for a new outfit.

“I couldn’t find anything that I liked in a size 18 and I refused to get a bigger size.

“I had a breakdown in the middle of a shop, I stood there sobbing whilst everyone watched. It was so awful and we didn’t end up going out for the meal.

“That was a real turning point for me and the week later I joined Weight Watchers.”

Simone lost 4kg in the first week and finally reached her goal weight of 66.5kg in April last year.

The following month the couple booked a trip to Portugal and Simone slipped into a bikini for the first time in her life.

Simone said: “On the first day I was really conscious, I had never wore one before and so I didn’t know what the reaction would be.

“But after a few hours I felt like a new woman, I can now wear shorts and vest tops and I can also finally get a tan as I don’t have to completely cover up my body.

“Guy was really supportive and my weight never bothered him, but looking back he admits that he didn’t realise how big I was.”

Sexy look, bikini will be so wear

Hot summer, the beach has become the best beauty of the summer area, sunbathing, blowing the cool sea breeze, but also ultimately, a sexy bikini, solid color, stripes, Siamese, flowers … … these are indispensable this year The trend of style, today to love the bikini’s beauty girl who recommended a variety of ultra-American bikini, to see which one is your favorite?

Bikini swimsuit female three-piece set of small chest gather big chest steel care sexy cover belly thin beach couple swimsuit

Unique design of the yarn, there are a variety of wear law, was thin at the same time without losing the sexy, with the natural nature of the vitality. Thick sponge chest pad, comfortable personal deformation, the pressure is only ordinary steel care 1/3, back lace design can freely adjust the length, more able to adjust the charming cleavage, long perfect body curve.

Retro swimsuit female steel tray small chest gather high waist bikini three sets of split sexy sexy thin swimwear

South Korea high waist bikini will be more popular, the upper body with a round neck painted design carved sexy curve, round neckline, highlight the noble temperament. Shoulder strap with fastening, effective pull up the chest, collar design, wearing a simple and convenient and comfortable, so seductive scenery everywhere!

Swimsuit female bikini three-piece large chest small chest gather steel ring black high waist sexy thin swimwear swimwear

Stretch the shoulder strap, soothe the shoulder pressure, cover the modified sub-milk situation, the excess fat from the inside to move, Shoulong to the cup. Tighten the waist excess fat, wrap the waist fat, visually stretch the leg ratio. More important point is to meet the needs of large cup cup sister, C cups are more appropriate.
Summer black and white small chest gather students sexy bikini lace skirt split swimsuit female swimwear Bikini

Fashion lace, meet Xianmei you, 2016 lace sexy swimsuit, high-end elegant, fashion has become its label, sexy charming lace combined with sweet sweet yarn skirt, beautiful dream lace layer stack like waves, Every woman can not resist the beauty.

The size of the brassiere chestnut sexy black red bikini female swimsuit Victoria

So that you are not sexy skin, bikini under the charm, so that your sexy is not exposed, is the beauty of the vaguely paper; then you are not sexy gorgeous complex, is faded flashy elegance! Pure color design more sister confident self-proud figure, quick start it!

Hand flowers hot springs small chest gather bikini three sets of cover was thin sexy lingerie women

Craft cutting flower pieces, highlight the beautiful and moving, cup face three-dimensional flower design level full, three-dimensional sense of visual effects, so that women are more full of chest fullness, sexy show or impeccable. Dressed in hollow carved blouse wandering on the beach, so that the pro-fashionable pro who show the trend of elegance is not vulgar taste.

Bikini secret, do you know?

Summer to the high-profile dew flesh, V treasure who is most excited about what? You can get rid of heavy autumn and winter clothes, so that a sexy one? Or you can eat all kinds of cool cold drink, the hearts of secretly happy? Xiao Bian is the thought of swimming in the pool can be back and forth, it is elated!

A mention of the pool, V treasure brain fill what is the picture? The beach, the beach, the volleyball, and of course the goddess wear bikini, revealing the big legs, water snake waist, small incense shoulder, every place is sexy self show, but on the bikini secret, you all know?

Bikini is recognized as the inventor of the French designer Luis Lille, but strictly speaking, he can only be regarded as the inventor of modern bikini, because the bikini pattern has long been seen in 1400 BC murals, the Italian Sicilian The island’s Villa Romana del Casale has mosaic mural, depicting ten women wearing a bikini are engaged in all kinds of sports.

Around 1890, the locker room on the wheel was considered an essential props for European swimmers to swim. But the ladies will be part of the bikini edge sewing, to prevent clothes to shrink, exposing their thighs.

The modern bikini pioneer appeared in 1907, when the Australian swimmer and performer Annette Kellerman was arrested on Boston Beach for wearing a bold bikini. After most women wear multi-layer petticoats, bikini appeared, the female body is no longer deliberately hidden.

In the 1940s, the boutiques began selling swimwear, swimsuits that exposed women’s body parts to an unprecedented extent. At that time, the war rationing system stimulated the development of swimsuit, the US government ordered manufacturers to minimize the use of textiles, resulting in naked women’s clothes naked. But until a Frenchman dressed in bikini sitting on the southern French beach, people realized that the bikini is gradually becoming a trend.

July 5, 1956, the French engineer Louis designed a “smaller than the world’s smallest swimsuit clothes.” The previous four days, the United States in the Pacific bikini island nuclear test. Louis wanted his invention to detonate the 20th century as the atomic bomb exploded, so he named his invention “bikini”. But at first, even the Paris models are afraid to wear this fashionable clothing.

July 11, 1946, stripper darlingina Bernardini for the first time wearing a bikini appeared in front of the Paris media. Bernardini received a large number of letters from all over the world for suitors.

In 1951, London’s first Miss World contest, to participate in the beauty of the girls were banned wearing bikini. At this time even the body swimsuit is still popular, bikini have been in Belgium, Italy, Spain and Australia were banned, the Vatican that wear bikini guilty.

In the 1960s, movie star Kirk Douglas and Bikini French actress Bijie Bardo froze on Cannes Beach, making a sensational scandal. Brigitte because of wearing a sexy bikini and fame, and even made a contribution for the French international trade.

In 1962, the Swiss actor Ursula Andes in the 007 series of films, “Dr. Novo”, dressed in self-made white bikini from the Caribbean blue sea water hibiscus scene, became the classic picture of bikini history. 40 years later in 2001, this bikini auction of £ 60,000. In 2002, “Who and Commander” Halle Berry wearing orange bikini created the second classic moment in the history of bikini.

In 1964, the “era” of the sister magazine “Legendary Sports” for the first time wearing a bikini beauty photos when the cover.

In 1967, the Hollywood actress La Kouge Wei Wei in the film “BC 1 million years” in wearing a bikini Liangzhao announced. Since then, many famous actress began wearing a bikini appearance, such as Marilyn Monroe and so on.

In 1997, this year’s Miss America beauty contest began to allow two-piece swimsuit, which was the first time since 1947 bikini was banned.

To now, bikini has become a culture, “Victoria’s secret” is the best proof. Women wear bikini, is a sexy endorsement, it is swaying style of self-show.
Summer blink of an eye is approaching, V treasure who want to swim swimsuit ready? If not, look at the small series of several kinds of grass it, each can make you sexy new height!

Wear on the bikini, give you sexy beauty

Big summer, each girl is certainly very long to go to the beach to play, or all day soak in the pool, then we need a bikini. When you walk in the white sand on the beach, thinly appreciate the immediate sea, looking at the endless distance, the life of all the troubles thrown into the clouds. And then put on a bikini, so you are always beautiful and moving, highlighting your beautiful curves show sexy beauty. Next, Xiaobian gave you a few pieces of very suitable for the beach to play the bikini, a nice bikini can also let you have a good mood, so you enjoy the freedom to relax the good mood! Summer bright sunshine people feel good, the girls wearing beautiful swimsuit walking on the beach, and you love that person, or a group of friends to play. We numb the body in the fast-paced city life, in this sunny day, bring a beautiful bikini to say a walk away it! Xiao Bian wish all the girls who can and the people on the beach to enjoy the summer sunshine.

1. Split bikini three-piece set

Xia Yan split swimsuit female three-piece sets of small chest to gather the steel Tuobi Ni Bai cover was thin sexy skirt swimsuit
This bikini three-piece set for you to create a slim s-shaped curve, the chest of the small dress-type collar design, so that the chest looks more full, so that you have thousands of customs on the beach. Skirt pants design, can be more comfortable and convenient, stylish and beautiful version of the design, easy to create charming lines of the United States, so that your legs, look more slender, each color is also very clear, very suitable for summer out to play.

2. Three sets of hot swimsuit

Gathering Steel Tall Hot Springs Bikini Three-piece Chiffon Blouse Sunscreen
This swimsuit veil can give you a strong sexy, it can block the waist of the fat, you can use as a shawl. To break the conventional classic print design do not miss the classic 3D stereoscopic cut, so you a second sexy, so that you have a graceful and amazing effect on the beach, the color of youth makes you look more beautiful and moving.

3. skirt split swimsuit

Split women’s swimsuit was thin cover belly steel holding a large size of the conservative skirt-style flat pants bathing suit hot spring swimsuit
This swimsuit is more conservative, but it is out of elegance and fashion, stylish version of the design, elegant in the revealing of the sexy taste, simple and natural beauty of the dress so that you elegant is not contrived. Whether it is seaside, hot springs, swimming pool or go to vacation can make you look fresh and natural different. This fresh and natural swimsuit can increase your affinity and your travel becomes more confident and beautiful.

4 fashion self-cultivation swimsuit

Hot spring swimwear women three sets of bikini sexy small chest gathers a large chest swim suit
This bikini three-piece sets can be elegant and comfortable with sunscreen, selected high-quality stretch fabric, make swimsuit more comfortable skin care, configuration gauze blouse, sexy fashion sunscreen breathable. Cuff thread design, the loose cuff tightening, wearing a comfortable type, the back can be adjusted to gather the money, easy to wear, you can adjust the heart. Color is the retro trend of the wind as the main body, to create elegant Queen Fan, let you do exquisite woman!
6. black and white sexy bikini

Summer black and white small chest gather students sexy bikini lace skirt split swimsuit female two-piece thickening
Sexy black and white lace swimsuit, look more high-end elegant, sexy lace lace combined with sweet sweet yarn skirt, very beautiful picture, so you can not refuse. A-type large skirt design, rich three-dimensional sense of hierarchy, regardless of skin color depth, you can wear clothing out of your gas field, both inside and outside the choice of high-quality fabric comfort, skin-friendly long deformation. Let you in this summer fresh and elegant, pure.

7. Couples retro bikini

I Couples swimsuit women with stripes gather small chest Korean bikini three sets of retro blouse hot springs
When you and your handsome boyfriend on the beach when you need this bikini, and you love people wearing a couple swimsuit on the beach to walk, how beautiful and romantic picture ah! Fragrant printing gorgeous bloom, printed with a thick tropical desert style. Swimsuit with high-quality fabric silky close, with intimate lining, both safe and comfortable, so that you are in front of her boyfriend look full of charm.