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The Best-selling Shapewear Black Friday at FeelinGirl

Today we discuss about shapewears. Shapewear bodysuit will make a cocktail dress, work clothes, or jeans and a T-shirt look slimmer and sleeker for you. You could be in for a surprise if you have done it before. “Shapewear used to be too tight in the beginning, and it would drive the fat in the wrong direction, which was clearly not flattering,”. “I recall going on a date and thinking that because I wore poor shapewear, I had food poisoning. I had to remove it in the bathroom.” As long as you wear it properly, you should be comfortable wearing shapewear. “There are different levels. It can be ultra or light slimming.” “You don’t have to wear anything that will change your shape entirely. To target your thighs, ass, stomach, or several places, you can pick which spots.”

That is, if you know how to pick shapewear and how to use it, and you know why it should never be too tight. Having the best fit. While you can buy shapewear online, to try on many brands and models, it is worth it to go to an online shop. After you bought a waist trainer shorts for example bring it with you if you are buying a particular dress or suit. A quick measurement of the hip and waist will help you make sure you are looking at the right size. Become practical. To smooth out lumps and give you a sleeker silhouette, you can rely on shapewear. Going down a shapewear size, though, will not help you zip into a smaller dress yourself. To add extra firmness, women often tend to scale down. “But it makes you look heavier because it’s capable of producing bulges and can be awkward.”

We bring to you collection of FeelinGirl best black friday sales 2020. As long as it is not bothering you, you should wear shapewear to work. The advantage is that it can make you feel more secure, and it can improve your self-esteem. Do pay careful attention to how relaxed you are if you wear shapewear every day. When you are afraid to go to the bathroom because it is difficult to remove your shapewear, you may be at risk of UTI, or what you call urinary tract infection. If you are afraid to go to the bathroom because your shapewear is difficult to remove. If you are prone to bladder infections, yeast infections, or GI symptoms like reflux, it might not be such a smart idea to wear shapewear every day.

These Shapellx Shapewear are Worth Buying on Black Friday

If you are looking for the best quality plus size waist trainer and body shaper, but the cost of those products prevents you from buying them, this is the perfect time to get them at the lowest possible price. The Black Friday sale is on, and under this, Shapellx is now offering its popular body shaping product at attractive discounted prices. But which one to buy as the options are more? Don’t worry at all about this as we have listed down some best options for you. Check them out now.

  1. Butt lifter and tummy slimmer shaper

This product is designed to provide you with a top-to-bottom body slimming effect. This will perfectly shape your body and offer you the desired level of firmness. It comes with the under-bust design to enhance your bust position. The hosiery material feels very lightweight. The straps are adjustable and removable. With this, you can use your favorite bra.

  • Ultra-sweat neoprene tank top

This neoprene made body shaper offers a higher compression effect and instantly shapes your waistline and breasts. The waist belts are adjustable so that you can now customize the compression level based on your requirement. Use it during your workout, and you will sweat three times more than average. Besides, it corrects your posture. Buy it now.

  • Sports vest with double belts

This product’s original price is around USD 118, but during this Black Friday sales, you can get it under USD 83. So, don’t miss your chance. This product is made of latex material that will help you lose weight and shape or sculpt the waist. The two-belt design is quite effective in flattening your stomach. You will love it.

  • Adjustable crotch butt-lifting shapewear

This is a beautiful piece of shapewear that will offer your required support and keep your body in shape throughout the day. You can set the compression effect using its adjustable shoulder straps. For enhanced abdominal compression, the stomach region has a 3-layer fabric design. With the bust support structure, you can now show off your flirty cleavage.

  • Backless underwear thong body shaper

Forget about the material and just focus on your body shape with this uniquely designed bodysuit. When you have this on your body, you can wear any dress you want. With this, you will witness a matchless solution and will look very attractive. This body shaper is perfect for all types of low back dress. It also smooths your tummy and enhances the bust’s appearance. Try the body shaper for women now.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy your favorite products now through the Black Friday Shapewear Sales on Shapellx and look stunningly beautiful while saving your money.

Great Shapewear Options for Bandage & Bodycon Dresses

 Looking back in history, shapewear has always been connected to the idea of having to face a few hours wrapped in the tightest corset, feeling discomfort and restricted. Thankfully over the years, many things have changed. First and foremost with the rise of the body positivity movement more and more women began to request shapewear that would not only be comfortable and effective to their cause but also fashionable throughout the day. The industry listened. Noways shapewear is much more than a slimming undergarment. They offer firm waist control, back, and breast support, thigh trimming, and an overall effect without the previous negative side effects. 

It’s true. Shaping underwear is the best – and quickest – solution to a more defined silhouette, smaller hips, and chance butt. The tremendous results are spread throughout the internet, with thousands of positive reviews and how-to guides. So today we gathered the best shapewear for women to help you fit in your favorite bodycon or bandage dress with ease. Keep on scrolling.

 If you are like us, an avid dress wearer you probably already know the struggles of having to constantly adjust your shapewear or feeling exposed as soon as you take it off for a quick visit at the restroom. Well, forget all that. The best shapellx shapewear offers the most comfortable open crouch design to make your daily life easier and along with the thick, but very breathable fabrics, you can be sure that your shaper will stay in place thought the day. The AirSlim™ Power Control Full Body Shaper with Butt Lifter for example offers an overall shaping effect to your upper and lower body area. The 3 layer fabric will help you gt read of the dreaded muffin top while making your waist appear up to 2 cm smaller.

Shapewear bodysuits are known for their ability to not only transform your waist but also help you keep yourself warm during the cold days of winter.  The AirSlim™ Lace Smooth Bodysuit can do just that- and much more. The lace design makes it chic and fashionable, while the three layers of mesh fabric offer you the best slimming results in an instant. Similarly, the AirSlim™ High Waist Shaper Shorts With Front Hooks control your tummy and thigh areas while offering the perfect under bust support.


Are you guys excited for the upcoming Black Friday? We all know that it is THE time of the year when fashion lovers from all around the world shop. Well, you should definitely remember to visit our website on the 27th of November because we have some amazing deals as well!

Don’t miss out on best Black Friday Shapewear Deals 2020 because you would definitely regret that one. This year we prepared something really special and here are some of the deals:

  • If you make a purchase above 80 $ you will get a free shipping
  • If you sign up on our website you will get extra 10 % off
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Have we finally convinced you to visit our website on Black Friday? If not, take a look on a couple of our products down below and you will definitely be convinced.

best shapewear bodysuits
best shapewear bodysuits for women

AirSlim™ Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper with Butt Lifter – If you are amongst those people who are not really fond of exercising and yet you want to look absolutely gorgeous maybe you should consider trying out this one. This piece is mad of firm compression material and it will definitely make sure you look great while wearing it.

thong shapewear bodysuits
thong shapewear bodysuits

AirSlim™ 2-Pack Backless Thong Bodysuit – Are you one of those ladies who aren’t really up to wearing boyshort, Brazilian or bikini panties but you want to buy a shapewear bodysuit? Don’t worry because we have a solution for that one! Try the best thong shapewear bodysuit on our website and you will definitely not regret it.

best body shaper
AirSlim™ Lycra Cami Seamless Bodysuit

AirSlim™ Lycra Cami Seamless Bodysuit – Wearing super tight outfit sometimes obligates you to wear special type of underwear and it is the same thing with shapewear. For that occasion we can offer you this beautiful bodysuit.

best waist trainer for women

NeoSweat™ Triple Belts with Hook Waist Trainer – We all know us ladies have a problem with tummy area and from that reason we are offering you this waist trainer for women that will sculpt your body and boost your confidence.

Best Women Waist Trainer Black Friday Deals 2020

Waist trainers are intended to pinch the midsection and “practice” the hourglass form of your figure. Basically, it’s a corset with a modern twist. Today we will feature best waist trainer black friday.

In part, the waist trainer movement could be attributed to celebrities sharing images on social media and enthusiastic endorsements.

An undergarment composed of heavy cloth and hard metal boning is a waist trainer. Worn with a lacing device, hooks, or Velcro around the midsection, it is cinched up.

To give you a sleeker, narrower waist, it’s meant to be worn even more securely than a girdle or forming underwear. Although effects can be seen instantly, over a period of months, “training” involves wearing the garment regularly.

For at least five decades, corsets have been around. They originally concealed much of the form of a woman between her breasts and hips. Corsets developed to accentuate the female form sometime in the 1800s, striving for the prized hourglass figure that needs a narrow waist and curvy hips.

The idealized small waist size grew ever smaller until, due to discomfort and health issues, corsets fell out of fashion.

Hourglass Figure is the immediate transformation can be remarkable, and the idea is that you can train your waist to keep that shape.

A waist trainer would not significantly alter the shape of your body, according to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) blog. Even if you temporarily have the sort of body that lends itself to that form, it is unlikely that your waist trainer will have a lasting impact.

You will lose a small amount of weight momentarily with a waist trainer, but it is likely to be due to the loss of fluids by perspiration rather than the loss of fat. Today we selected waist trainer for weight loss.

FeelinGirl provides some of the most amazing waist trainers online. Simply since your stomach is cramped, you will also eat less when wearing the trainer.

It makes sense that it would actually make you feel full quicker if your stomach is squeezed. This can cause you to have less to eat.

To stay safe and get the vitamins and minerals you need, it’s important to eat the right amount of nutritious food. Your diet could not be sufficient to remain healthy by restricting how much you consume.

Wearing a waist trainer while you’re wearing it can promote good posture. However, if you wear too much, it can weaken your core muscles, resulting in

Find Plus-Size Fashion This Year: Plus Size Sleepwear and Plus Size Lingerie Online

Finding plus size lingerie online has never been easier. Just follow our miniguide to find out what styles are currently in fashion and how you can not only look gorgeous but also feel comfortable without spending a lot of money on your lingerie and sleepwear.

STEP 1 – Find a classic lace set in black.

You should have a couple of those sets in your closet as they are your lingerie basics that will never go out of fashion. Choose black, white, and neutral/beige colours to make sure they can be worn with a variety of outfits.

As lingerie is now often a visible part of the look, you can wear this bra with a stylish cardigan or buttoned up blouse for a sexy and fashionable evening style.

STEP 2 – Choose a sexy set in red.

Once you have your basic lingerie sorted out, it’s time to opt for something more eye-catching. This gorgeous lace set in red will make you look confident and super feminine, no matter your body type.

What we like about it, it’s a bit of extra coverage and support while still looking very hot and elegant at the same time.

STEP 3 – Choose a stylish bodysuit.

Lover-Beauty offers a fantastic selection of one-piece lingerie and sleepwear so take advantage of it and choose something that is most suitable for your needs. We personally really like this black lace piece that has a very interesting back design as well. Have a look!

STEP 4 – Go for a white babydoll style.

Nothing more comfortable to sleep in than a babydoll dress in fresh white color. This style will make you look slimmer and will accentuate your upper part while hiding some unwanted kilograms on your stomach, hips, and thighs.

A beautiful style that is not only comfortable but also very fashionable, especially for summer nights. Sweet dreams!

STEP 5 – Be bold and unique!

Step up your fashion game with this stunning leather jumpsuit that can be combined with a black bra as well. You can wear it on your own or pair it up with a flowing skirt for a stylish look that can be also worn outside.

Gold is one of the hottest colours this season so don’t hesitate to get your hands on this jumpsuit before it’s gone!

How to Look Thinner with Best Shapewear

Shapewear is the magic undergarment that makes you look thinner as it targets areas making you confident and fabulous. For continuous use, this makes your body look slimmer. As it comes with different sizes, shapes, styles, and colors. This can be worn under your workout attire, office suit, dress, jeans, or shirt. This is must try a product if you’re looking to get a slimmer and thinner body figure.

1. Wear shapewear according to your body size

You should choose shapewear that’s fits for your body. Since most of the shapewear can be worn for a long period of time every day. You don’t want to wear something that is large or small leaving you uncomfortable. Having the right size shapewear for your body offers comfortability and stress-free feeling.

Trying out this Flatten Tummy Body Shapewear enhances your tummy, hips, back, and waist. Good for ladies that are looking for best shapewear for tummy and waist. A must-try for starters.

2. Target body areas that you want to look thin

The best way to look thinner is to figure out the areas of your body that needs shaping. Knowing what is the areas that need improvement makes it easier for you to look for the best shapewear. You might want to give a try on this Full body Adjustable Straps Firm Control as it targets your waist and stomach fats and as it lifts your butts in an instant.

3. Matching your clothes and shapewear

Wearing shapewear is simple but matching it to your outfit is different. You may lose the feeling of satisfaction knowing that your shapewear does not match the outfit that you want to wear. Imagine wearing your best wedding dress on your special day with your shapewear showing upfront.  Knowing how to match your shapewear with your attire or outfit gives you better results. As some of the shapewears are best worn with your workout attire.

4. Invest in comfortable shapewears

Better invest in comfortable shapewears as it is made for long hours of usage. Make sure to check on reviews of how certain shapewear works for others. Look for shapewear that does not moves or gets out of place as you move frequently while doing your chores or office works.

Postpartum Recovery Tummy Control Body Shaper

5. Right posture (Keep your back straight)

Making a right and good posture leads and helps you look thinner. This makes you look beautiful and confident as this also makes your waist look smaller. Keeping your back straight all the time gives a good impression on how you’re modeling yourself in front of others.

This also brings good health rather than slouching all the time. Imagine wearing shapewear underneath while in good posture gives more positive results, implying a thinner and more beautiful figure that you’re always dreaming off.

Knowing this simple tip helps you achieve the results of having a thinner look that you want for your figure. This will boost your confidence as you take on your everyday lives.

Best Waist Trainer for Fitness on FeelinGirl

The waist trainer is a fantastic product that does an adequate job of toning and shaping the waist according to your requirements. Many people are not happy with their waist shape and want to tone it properly for getting a great body shape. There are various ways in which you can achieve this; however, the waist trainer is one of the effective method of toning the waist quickly and in a short period of time.  

The rise of obesity universally has cast severe focus on the need for fitness and optimum body conditions. This is why there is an increased emphasis on greater accountability in maintaining a body and following practices that promote good health and high fitness levels.

One of the keys in achieving the necessary fitness is developing a lean and athletic body. The waist trainer helps develop a toned body by shaping the waist through the compression technique and application of the required pressure at the right parts of the body. The waist trainer is known to provide various benefits for the people wearing it, including reducing the weight, trimming of the waist, improvement in the posture, and building the necessary core strength. This is why many people choose these efficient waist trainers for their fitness and achieve a well-toned and lean body figure.

Thigh and waist trimmers

For women into sports, the thigh and waist trimmer is an extremely useful product that helps shape and ton the thighs and the waist. This helps the athletes and sportswomen achieve the necessary toned and athletic figure, which is essential for competing. The FeelinGirl is one of the best places to purchase these trimmers as you get high quality products at attractive prices.  

The double belt waist trainer

One of the popular products that you can find at FeelinGirl is the zipper plus size waist trainer vest for weight loss with double Velcro. These waist trainer products are excellent, and there are various advantages of training the waist. This includes sculpting the body and losing the extra inches. The waist training also helps you support the posture when you are doing the heaving workouts of lifting.

If you have a plus-size body, then you can find the double belt waist trainer at FeelinGirl. One good thing about this company is that you can find a range of waist trainer products in different sizes to meet different women’s varying dimension requirements. The sheer variety of products means you are likely to find an ideal product for yourself matching your requirements.  

FeelinGirl is a great place for Shapewear products.

The FeelinGirl is home to some of the best shapewear products that you can find in the market. Here you will get efficient and high quality products at good prices, so as consumers, you get value for money. The good quality of the products at FeelinGirl is evident from the most positive and glowing reviews and feedback provided by the customers who have used their products.  

My Newest Plus Size Clothing for Fall

As the leaves start to change, crisps autumn wind reminds us of the sweater weather and everything cool and cozy. It is time to prepare our self with turning our wardrobe and getting ready for the beautiful fall fashion. Turtlenecks, cozy knit sweaters, leather jackets, trench coats and we can never forget the stylish ankle boots for the fall season. This is a season of new beginning and trying out the newest trends for our curvy self.  

Fall fashion is all about layering, accessorizing your dressing to make your wardrobe more stylish and versatile. You need to look for some sustainable and versatile pieces that you can mix and match and re-wear and style it in multiple different ways.  

Since we are talking about layering clothes for fall fashion, we will need a couple jackets like a faux leather jacket, trench coats for colder times, a nice dress even a knit dress, scarves to add a little style and keep you warm and cozy. Here are some of our newest plus size clothing for the season. We can always change things to jazz up and make our dressing stylish and trendy. Fashion does not only mean for the regular size; we as curvy beauties can also rock the current trend.

A turtleneck top is so trendy for fall. It helps to keep you warm and make you look elegant and stylish at the same time. The mauve purple is pretty and unique for the fall. You can style it with a bomber jacket or a trench coat and add a light or a chunky scarf. An ankle boot will make it more fashionable.

Classic and Cozy Turtleneck Top
Classic and Cozy Turtleneck Top

Leather fashion is not going anywhere. They keep coming back with newer look, color and styles. A sleek faux leather coat looks edgy and chic at the same time. This rusty brown is just perfect for fall. You can wear it over your jeans, a shirt with ankle boots to make it perfect fall look.

Faux Leather Moto Jacket
Faux Leather Moto Jacket

Corduroy is synonymous with autumn and fall. This is an essential dress for the season. You can style it with a pair of sneakers or ankle boots for a casual look. It is like a carefree way of styling for the day. Looks stylish, trendy and sophisticated. Besides the corduroy fabric will keep you warm.   

Pilcro Marta Tiered Corduroy Midi Dress
Pilcro Marta Tiered Corduroy Midi Dress

An elegant and stylish trench coat is a must for fall and winter. Getting a nice sustainable piece will last you for a long time. It is better to go for a classic style that never goes out of fashion, so you can wear it year after year. A beige and black are the classic must have colors that are evergreen in the fashion industry.


A stylish shirt dress is perfect all year round. The two pockets look stylish and are so on trend and perfect for street style with knee high boots or ankle boots. You can keep it simple or wear a faux leather biker jacket for that edgy look.

Midi modal dress
Midi modal dress

These are some of our newest obsessions in the plus size clothing for fall. Hope you get some inspiration to as to what you will be adding to your wardrobe.

Shocking Waist Training Results – Before And After

Waist training, a popular celebrity trend that quickly turned mainstream, gained a cult following a few years ago. Falling right into the “shapewear” category, waist trainers are now one of the most effective tools for quicker weight loss results due to their innovative fabric technology forswear induction.

Surely there is something very inspiring in seeing other people’s before and after results. It can not only affect us positively into making the first step towards an overall healthier lifestyle, but it can also serve as a reminder of all the things we can accomplish if we are dedicated to our purpose. Sure waist training and all types of workouts take time, determination, and hard work but the results can be more than rewarding. A few weeks of committed wear can deliver outstanding results. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the following before and after photos of celebrities and everyday women, who both share the share fitness and body goals.

The hourglass shape.

The first and most well-known result is, of course, waist reduction. These trainers effectively help the thinning down process while adding definition, resulting in an hourglass silhouette. Sweating, as we mentioned above and tight compression are the two main reasons for the drastic change in appearance.

Perfecting the body posture

Waist trainers are typically consisted of multiply thick fabrics and steel bones to ensure the right body posture. They actively force your abdomen to take the right position no matter If you are sitting, walking, or working out. Furthermore, the best waist trainer for women is going to protect your back muscles and offer strong abdomen control, resulting in less back pain.

A great self-esteem boost

Even the strongest of women sometimes suffer from low-self-esteem, especially during unexpected weight gain or lack of frequent exercise due to a busy lifestyle. Waist trainers, along with the best shapewear for tummy and waist control can give a great confidence boost. What’s a better way to feel beautiful than being able to effortlessly fit into hour’s favorite outfits?


Many women claim that by sign the thinning results of wearing a waist trainer, they felt ore compelled and motivated to stick to healthy eating and exercising routine with ease. One of the biggest challenges is staying on track, especially when life caught up with you. Seeing positive changes in your body can impact your long term decisions. Take a look at the Shapellx waist trainer collection to find the style to accommodate your own needs. You won’t regret it, we promise.