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5 Ways to Match Black Pants

First look: contrasting sweatshirt and accessories

The first look with which we are going to combine our black trousers will be formed by a sweatshirt, which has some colors to which we are going to combine some accessories. Better if these colors are bright, such as red, yellow and green, in order to stand out better on black. Wear the sweatshirt inside our pants, a nice pair of ankle boots of the color that is present on the sweatshirt, a nice bag and a beret to complete the whole. Please, use a lot of accessories and contrasting colors to dare a little more than usual!

Second look: white shirt and bodice

How can we give a new life to a simple white shirt? Let’s take a black bodice and let’s use it over our white shirt, creating a super trendy effect! As for shoes, opt for simple black ankle boots, which do not bother the simple and refined alchemy of the bodice and shirt, adding a beige trench coat as the outerwear. Don’t give up on a black bag and a nice pair of vintage glasses to complete it all!

Third look: total black

Let’s continue with a look with the simplest style possible! Let’s choose a ribbed top and bell sleeves! In this very simple outfit, all the accessories we are going to insert to complete it play a very important role. Insert a beautiful belt with a golden detail in the closing point. A pair of high heels and leave nothing for granted during the make-up phase. Yes to highlighter on your cheeks but, above all, do not give up on a beautiful red lipstick that must enhance your femininity to the maximum in this total black look!

Fourth look: animal print and cardigan

I don’t know why, but the animal print perfectly fits on black, to the point that, let me tell you, I have a leopard bodysuit that I wear only with a pair of black pants, because I can’t see it with anything else. Usually, being this bodysuit with straps, I always add a very simple and minimally invasive necklace, and I always complete my outfit by adding a cardigan in shades of beige, so as not to take away the importance of the bodysuit and, above all, to cover myself from the cold! As for shoes, go for a nice pair of black knee-high stiletto boots.

Fifth look: comfortable, sporty… but elegant!

Let’s talk about a look suitable for a complete daily routine. As the basis of this outfit, always start with the black trousers, to which you can add a white t-shirt with a graphic writing and a tartan jacket, and complete with a belt bag. As for shoes, give space for comfort, with a pair of Nike, Adidas or Puma shoes, the important thing is that these are sporty and able to keep us away from the ailments that a heel could cause. In this way, you can create a style that is neither sporty nor elegant, but it is definitely super trendy!

Shirts with Skirts, New Trends in 2020

The shirt has always carried with it the idea of being one of the most boring items to use on our outfits. The fact is that this year the shirt worn over a skirt is a trend that you must necessarily try. So, without getting lost in the further talk, let’s see how we can combine this garment!

Look 1: shirt and sweater!

The first look idea is to match the shirt under the sweater, inserting everything inside our skirt. If you choose to opt for an oversized sweater. It is better than the skirt is a pencil skirt in order to avoid the effect in which you get lost inside the outfit.

Look 2: shirt with a bow

It is somewhat reminiscent of medieval times, but I can assure you that a shirt with a bow is also perfect for the youngest and allows you to create a beautiful outfit. Match it with a modern skirt, preferably in a light colour, completing the look with a bag and a heel shoe!

Look 3: suspender dress

The suspender dress is a summer garment, and by using a shirt under it you will solve most of your problems related to the cold. Cover up with a pair of high boots with a block heel, a cropped jacket and a fanny pack!

Look 4: under the vest

We all know that the gilet will very fashionable in this fall-winter, so it is better to use it and wear it over your shirt to complete the outfit. Insert the shirt inside your skater skirt and wear a nice pair of combat boots to give more variety of styles to your look!

Look 5: Denim shirt

I find denim shirts very beautiful, and with them you can create different but very interesting looks. In fact, starting from it, you can insert a long skirt with some particular print in your look, perhaps yellow that contrasts well with denim, closing the outfit with a pair of cowboy boots and a belt on the waist!

Look 6: Total color

Matching the shirt and the tone-on-tone skirt is very nice, and to simplify your work you might decide to opt for a coordinated set, perhaps in blue, camel or mustard, very trendy colors this year!

Look 7: Shirt with a blazer

I really like the idea of combining the shirt and skirt with a blazer. In this case, choose a white shirt so you will simplify your work on choosing the color of the blazer, and a very soft pleated skirt. Complete your look with ankle boots for the evening or amphibians for the day!

Look 8: Checkered or animal printed skirts

Checkered skirts are very well suited to shirts, especially if white, as they allow the colors to stand out. Complete the outfit with sneakers and a clutch bag. Same thing with the animal print, which looks great on a skirt in the same color as the animal we’re going to wear. In this case, a nice pair of pumps and a very large bag become a must. Complete both outfits with a trench coat!

Simple and Stylish to Wear for 2020 Fall

The fashion trends for this autumn 2020 include a very simple style, the one we are now used to showing off during the past years, but also with a very chic touch, with unexpected and exuberant details that certainly make the difference and that make this autumn very more particular than in other years!

But what are the items to wear to create a simple and stylish look, but which are at the same time impactful? Here is a series of items that are trendy and that will make you feel beautiful wherever you want to go, from the office to the supermarket. Make yourself comfortable!

Oversized coat or cloak

Perhaps this is the most important and one of the most classic garments of the cold seasons. This year, in particular, the coats will be extra-large, exasperated, as if they were stolen from the male wardrobe. But there are also hoods and cloaks for a simple look, which are more delicate and elegant than the coat, and also quite underrated. Wear your coat or cape with a nice pair of boots: one of the most beautiful combinations to create in autumn and never banal.


The quintessential autumn print is definitely tartan: maxi or mini white or black squares but also super colored ones, which cover not only clothing but also accessories! You can’t go wrong with this print!

Abundant sleeves

You can wear them on all types of fabric: from tulle, in order to create small lights along the entire length of the sleeve, to knitted or wool dresses or sweaters that create maxi sleeves. They are really beautiful but there is the risk that they can get tired, so it’s better to give in to a particular garment, such as a nice warm sweater.

Collegiate style

Inspired by the university and school world. This style will be present everywhere: so you can’t help but wear beautiful pleated skirts in a fashionable way!

Tricot sweater

Total looks in this type of clothing will be fashionable, from the one made in cashmere that hugs the body a lot, as well as oversized sweaters, to be combined perhaps with an amphibious shoe to play with the contrast created by the wool, which gives an enveloping sense, and from the amphibian, very aggressive, perhaps with a silk skirt or a very fluid and feminine fabric one. A truly stunning look!

Liberty prints

Very colorful prints such as flowers. A trend that brands usually re-propose especially in spring, but which this year will also be seen a lot in autumn! Also in this case you can opt for the combination with a pair of amphibians, for a slightly gypsy and free style, which goes very much in tune with admiring the beauty of nature, something we all wanted to do this year after the lockdown!

Colored leather

Just in pastel and unexpected colors! A style that you would not expect to wear even in autumn: instead they are very beautiful colors when combined with black, dark blue or even white, because yes, you can wear white in autumn, it is very elegant. So I’m giving you some excellent tips to get out of your comfort zone a bit without overdoing it!

Bright Orange T-shirt, Wear A Youthful Sense of Leisure

The color of the clothes we wear speaks to our personality and present frame of mind. When you see someone dressed in red, you can certainly feel the energetic atmosphere the person exudes. Your normally timid buddy walks up to you and tells you he’s ready to take that risk. You’re surprised because it’s out of the blue, but you take another look at him and of course, he’s on a flaming red top.

Yellow, on the other hand, signifies happiness, youthfulness, and attracts attention. So, wearing a yellow shirt can lift your spirits and make you look younger and attractive.

But, why wear red or yellow, when you can wear both at the same time? Now, I don’t mean for you to wear a red shirt on a yellow pair of trousers. That would most likely be a disaster. I’m talking about the color orange, which is a perfect blend of red and yellow!

Neon Orange Drop Shoulder Slogan Graphic Top
Neon Orange Drop Shoulder Slogan Graphic Top

The orange color gives off a warm and fuzzy feeling. It also radiates joy and cheerfulness. It combines the energetic quality of the red color with the vibrant and bustling happy feeling of the yellow color to form an irresistible youthful sensation of life and an optimistic approach to it.

An orange t-shirt can be just all of the therapy you need to come out of a depressed state. It’s a cheerful attribute too comes in handy when in despair or grief. It gives you a new outlook on life and fosters positivity. It also has great emotional strength embedded in it and can motivate you to achieve your goals.  

Pop Art Print Orange Tee
Pop Art Print Orange Tee

Did I mention that you can travel back in time by simply donning on an orange t-shirt? The color restores your youthful appearance, softens your features, and makes you more attractive. Orange is definitely a color you want to have in your closet and wear often too.

Cates Tee
Cates Tee

Another special quality you can get from an orange t-shirt is creativity. Orange makes you innovative and frees your mind of limits and boundaries. It allows you to see the bigger picture.

Night Addict unisex oversized neon orange t-shirt
Night Addict unisex oversized neon orange t-shirt

Is there an adventure you would like to embark on but fear has kept you at bay? A simple bright orange shirt can give you all the courage you need. It instills bravery in you and enhances your self-esteem. You can’t be unsure of your self-worth with an orange dress on. With orange, you are bound to gain the respect of others.

You can boost your social skills and interaction with an orange dress as well. You can easily get into conversations and may soon find yourself chatting away like a talkative teenager.

Neon orange logo T-shirt
Neon orange logo T-shirt

Wear a youthful sense of leisure around you with bright orange t-shirts. The color stimulates you not only physically but mentally as well. Regardless of your age or happenings around you, an orange dress can restore your lively spirit, cheer you up, boost your creative thinking, and also tickle you with a sense of adventure.

Act the Role of Article Collocation: Fashionable Temperament

You leave home on a sunny morning, it rains in the afternoon, is cold in the evening and is hot at night. Quite unpredictable, right? Is there just specific clothing that can in fact weather changes so much that the wearer is comfortable at all times of the day despite radically shifting weather patterns. Dressing for the day is one thing, but dressing to beat all weather patterns in the day is another altogether. Talk of all in one!

tank top+pants
tank top+pants

Footwear; Water proof shoes such as palladium sneakers are ideal for an unpredictable day. Not only are they light and thus easy to move around with on a hot day, they are warm on the interior thus ideal for a cold day and water resistant for a rainy day. They are easy to wipe with wet tissue paper and thus automatically qualify as easy to use in dry, dusty grounds. Sneakers also have the air rof manoeuvrability and can be used and can be used in dry weather,-in the rains and in the col

high waist leggings
high waist leggings

Fleece lined leggings are not just light, they are comfortable but are light and easy to go. Their lightness contribute to easy manoeuvre on a hot day, are sweat absorbent and provide the requisite cover on a cold IS water resistant on a rainy day.

Pattern socks
Pattern socks

Sandals and socks are easy to manoeuvre. On a cold day, the combination works on a hoot day, legs could easily be aired for fresh air. Many types of socks would fit in. Calf socks, mid-calf socks, thigh high socks and ankle socks.

Jump suits and belted jump suits fit perfectly.

River Island Long Sleeve Jumper In Dark Grey Women Jumpers,River Island Coats Winter,Stable Quality
River Island Long Sleeve Jumper In Dark Grey Women Jumpers,River Island Coats Winter,Stable Quality

Carrying jumpers around can prove very helpful, while they are not overbearing in hot weather, they are fundamentally instrumental when there is cold. They are best outfit for early autumn. Besides they can be adorned in winter, summer and spring. The goal here is to strike a balance between what is slightly heavy and slightly light.

white skinny rib knitted cropped cardigan
white skinny rib knitted cropped cardigan

Light sweaters and buttoned denims are ideal for unpredictable weather. While light sweaters can match with sweatpants and sneakers, they can also go with dresses, short skirts and loose jeans. Denims would be easier to carry around even in hot weather and adorn as it changes for the worst. Denims blend perfectly with denims, short-military skirts, raised sneakers with or without ankle socks. Light scarves, caps, huts and light boyfriend blazer would suffice to complete the look. Underneath light sweaters, brassieres or t shirts may be worn. If it is entirely domestic, an inner wear wouldn’t be necessary.

Puff coats are ideal or temperamental weather. They can be worn on anything; leggings, tights, skirts, palazzos, loose jeans and shorts. They can also be worn on cotton blouses, brassiere, or on top of hoodies.

While dressing for temperamental weather is largely a personal thing, the above modes and styles of dressing have shown reliable because of their ease of improvisation, simplicity, and their capability to agree with other types easily in a way that brings out smartness even in unpredictability.

Women Hooded Sweater, Fashion and Warm

The summer season is about to end and the time will come for us to make the dreaded change of season and to remove the short sleeves to make room for the long sleeves and sweatshirts that will help us face the cold that will come, in the waiting to be able to put out all our favorite clothes again next summer. After this moment of nostalgia, which takes me every year when I make the change of season, it is now necessary to understand if it will be enough for you to face the autumn-winter season that is just around the corner with your old sweaters, or you need to buy more.

In winter it is always nice to wear sweaters, because of that feeling of warmth that they are able to give, thanks to their soft fabric, the fleece inside, and the hood that in the most desperate cases is certainly an excellent faithful companion to cover your ears of freezing winds when we forget the hat at home. In addition to all this, it must also be admitted that they are very simple to combine: just wearing any type of skirt, jeans, and trousers with the right sweater, a great result is guaranteed.

You have no idea how to wear your hooded sweater with the three items of clothing I listed? Well, then I will help you to create some style so that if you realize that you are missing sweaters, you already know the right place to go and buy them.

First outfit

The first style that comes to mind with a hooded sweatshirt is a grey pleated skirt, sports shoes, and a white sweater. The style is certainly very American but the skirt will give you a nice touch of a mix between a sporty and elegant look that will make you unique.

Cropped textured hoodie
Cropped textured hoodie

Second outfit

Why not a co-ordinated set? A beautiful, very colorful rainbow-style hooded sweater and a pair of shorts are all the essentials for a style out of every rule, but with a very refined taste!

Cropped tie-dye sweatshirt
Cropped tie-dye sweatshirt

Third outfit

Now let’s move on to mesh, another unmistakable style that has been marking much of this year’s fashion since this summer. A beautiful pitted sweatshirt, combined with wide sweatpants, is perfect for facing winter without giving up being just a bit sexy enough!

Mesh hoodie
Mesh hoodie

Fourth outfit

I almost mentioned everything except the clothes that in the end are the ones we use the most throughout the winter, i.e. jeans. Combining a hooded sweater with jeans is the simplest thing in the world, just choose the color, maybe a pastel color!

Hooded top
Hooded top
Fifth outfit

It’s hard to decide what to wear under a zippered hoodie because you never know what to put on. My advice is to wear it with a crop top or bandeau top, so as to create a layered outfit, which is always useful when entering the subway.

Hoodie with zip
Hoodie with zip

Sixth outfit

There are hoodies of different lengths, and if you want to buy one from the long model, the ideal is to choose to combine it with colored or black trousers, in case the color of the sweatshirt is dark.

Long zip-through hoodie
Long zip-through hoodie

Wearing Simple Letter Printed Top Become More Cool

Wearing this type of top is a very cool way to highlight our thoughts, our way of seeing the world, and why not, some of our ideologies too. A great way to make everyone who meets us get a little idea of us already! I don’t want to be misunderstood: I do not mean, by this, that we can get to fully know a person by simple writing on his or her top, but that, through that writing, we could somehow agree with the ideologies of that person. This could be, therefore, a great way to make new friends!

We Should All Be Feminists - Feminist T Shirt
We Should All Be Feminists – Feminist T Shirt

It happened to me very often, in fact, to wear a simple letter printed top to go for a walk, and, in addition to receiving many compliments from the people I knew as my friends and relatives, I was stopped by two girls I didn’t know while I was walking and while I was in line at the supermarket: they asked me where I had bought that top and that they wanted to have it too, sharing what was written! Well, one of those two girls today is one of my closest friends. Incredible, don’t you think?

But wearing a top with an inscription is not only a way to shout out to the world a quote or statement that we feel to be ours, in which we identify a lot and we love to make our own, but it can be a really very fashionable top to show off when we don’t want to wear the usual colored top, white or black: in short when we want to wear something different.

black la flames graphic t shirt
black la flames graphic t shirt

Furthermore, we don’t have to wear simple letter printed tops that slightly concern more “serious” issues such as feminism, but we can also take it lightly and opt for those with more fun writings!

In the images below you will be able to see some examples of what I’m talking about, helping you in choosing the top with the letter printed that suits you best. What I am about to provide you is only a small list of this type of top, but know that online and physical stores are full of a simple letter printed tops, in all types and in all sauces!

Letter Graphic Strapless Top And Shorts Set - White Xl
Letter Graphic Strapless Top And Shorts Set – White Xl

SHEIN Letter Embroidered Crop Cami Top
SHEIN Letter Embroidered Crop Cami Top


If what I wrote has not yet convinced you, then know that many celebrities and influencers have been photographed by paparazzi wearing this type of top: they too have not been able to resist its charm and they also love to show their daily mood through a simple shirt!

Are you ready to join the simple letter printed top team? I’ve already done it for some time! In fact, I have several tops like that in my closet, some with fun writing and others with some writing through which I like to communicate with people from my point of view! And then, as I told you, a great friendship was born through one of these tops I own! So, consider it as a kind of lucky charm. I found a friend, but who knows, maybe you can even find your soul mate thanks to this top, who can say it!

Everything You Need to Know about Retro Breathable Striped Shirt

The most breathable shirt is an item of clothing made from some materials that allow a small inflow air to dry out the dampness on the shirt. Cotton is an excellent example of such fabrics as it absorbs moisture and makes from natural fiber.

If you know you sweat a lot, the best clothing for you during the summer is a cloth with a free inflow of air to reduce the moisture effect on the clothes.

The fabric that hides sweat in the body is called breathable, and it also prevents you from sweating. This type of materials makes the air to flow smoothly through them, thereby making sweat disappear and keep you fresh. These fabrics keep you dry while sweating, and make you feel comfortable.

Striped Shirt
Striped Shirt

Below are a few breathable fabrics that will help you looks enjoyable and comfortable at your best, even when you are the most sweating person ever lived.


Cotton is known as one of the best breathable fabrics; it offers fashionable and comfortable options in both professional and casual attire. It is soft, durable, and breathable. It has an easy-care choice, with no dry cleaning cost. Cotton is the best choice for you if you sweat less when your body is more refreshing.


Polyester is a famous fabric usually used in activewear and workout clothing because it is breathable and lightweight. It is water-repellent and makes the water in your body to evaporate instead of making the fabric to soak.

Striped Shirt
Striped Shirt


Nylon is naturally activewear. It draws wet away and makes it dry quickly, even if you have terminated a sweat. Its breathability varies since the shirt is of different blend of nylon materials.


Rayon is another excellent and breathable fabric that moderately evaporates your sweat with its silky textures. If you sweat, it dries quickly and covers your body, sweat neatly and nicely.

Striped Shirt
Striped Shirt


Silk I the best choice for high-end casual summer wear and underwear. It is luxurious, lightweight, and breathable.


Linen is the best summer fabric, particularly for casual wear. It offers fantastic breathability with minimum care due to its open weaves and large quantities of fibers.

Striped Shirt
Striped Shirt


Chambray is like a jean. It is lighter in weight than jeans, and this makes it a good option for summer wear. It absorbs sweat because it is a tightly threaded cotton fabric and yet breathable.

Striped Shirt
Striped Shirt

Today’s dresses have high breathable fabrics, like natural cotton and synthetic polyester. Each material has its advantages in case you have excessive or general sweating.