Month: January 2021

Sweaters and Shirts are Beautiful and Cool

Layering sweaters over shirts is a cool trend. It is easy, stylish and very comfortable to pull together in the fashion era of loose oversized styles. While browsing the web we noticed this trend recurring over social media and other places. An extra-long button-down shirt layered underneath a cool and cozy sweater. It is a very simple and classic look. There are a variety of styles and patterns available in sweaters. You can choose according to your needs or the weather. But the best part is that it is effortless, fresh and modern in so many ways. We love this style as it is mostly flattering on everyone and stylishly elegant.  

To pull this look just wear your favorite collared shirt and layer with a cool pull over sweater. Let the collar, cuffs and the tails of your untucked shirt peek through. You can also leave the sleeves down or turn it over your sweater sleeve. It gives that Oxford university kind of look. There is no need for the shirt or the sweater to be form fitted. Thanks to the range of fabrics, fits and patterns, it makes it trendier and more fashionable.

A traditional white button-down shirt, or a laid-back denim, chambray, cute polka dots, look amazing when layered with a sweater and does not look like a school uniform. Besides accessorizing your look with some jewelry and a cute purse will make the whole look feminine and elegant. Wearing a chunky statement necklace with these outfits is cute too. The range of button-up shirts and sweater styles are limitless. In this post we want to share a few that will inspire you to decide your look this winter.

Fashion Sweater

For a more semi-formal look wearing a striped shirt combined with black sleeveless sweater and jeans looks stylish and boyish. You could pair the shirt with a full sleeve sweater as well.

Ever thought of wearing a denim shirt and layering it with a stylish pullover. The denim peeking through makes this look edgy and feminine. Pairing it with your jeans and oxford shoes will make it appropriate even as an office wear.

Cable knit sweaters are thicker and bulkier. It is perfect for the colder weather during Christmas and winter. It is also ideal to wear as an office attire.

A roomier cowl neck cropped sweaters look great when layered over shirts. It is more relaxed and comfortable. It will also look fabulous when the same sweater is paired with denim or a striped shirt. However, you can switch the pants with jeans, trousers and during warmer days with a pencil skirt

We love the look of black and white together. Styled with black sunglasses and a statement bag looks trendy and elegant.

These are some of the popular styles that are ruling the fashion world and often seen on street fashion to inspire you.

Why Waist Trainer can Avoid Injury During Exercise

Waist Trainer Slimming Vest

You already know that one of the easiest ways to achieve the picture-perfect hourglass shape is to rock a best shapewear for women, but did you know that wearing one offers additional benefits during your workout? These staples of tummy-tightening shapewear help reinforce the muscles of the heart and ab, providing the correction of compression and posture you need to take your workout to the next level.

Plus Size Workout Waist Trainer

But before you try it this system comes with a few important rules you need to know. Here’s what you need to know when working out about wearing a waist trainer.

Our plus size latex waist trainer feature extra-firm but lightweight latex that gives the surface sculpt, slim and smooth compression and boning to make you feel slim and confident at the gym. They even have flexible boning on the front and back, which produces a beautiful hourglass figure, helps boost your posture, and while you sweat it out, keeps everything nice and healthy. The latex outside and the cotton inside add comfort, too.

High Waist tummy control

If you are planning on going hard at an HIIT workout or even sweating it out during a miles-long run on the treadmill, we suggest leaving the waist trainer at home. It is not for high-intensity workouts. On the other hand, it’s a smart idea to wear one while lifting weights, because it helps you maintain a long, solid and straight stance while smashing your personal best. A waist trainer that is too tight will make breathing difficult, so for lots of cardio, it’s a no-no. Specially this Sculptshe waist haute contour it is gorgeous to use.

Full Body Suit Surgery Compression Garment

If you want to take advantage of all the great benefits of compression, opting for a waist trainer with extra-firm compression is your best choice. It will help improve circulation in the body by wearing a compression jacket, which ensures more oxygen and nutrients are transported to where you need them the most. Around the same time, if you tend to get sore afterwards, better circulation means better recovery, which is fantastic news.

Choose a waist training garment that has many custom-like fitting choices, such as hook and loop closures with various sizing options, such as those on our waist trainers like this one. Not only do you want to be able to adapt so that you feel completely relaxed and encouraged when you do different things, but also so that even as your body shifts, your trainer still suits. It’s best to wear your trainer as tight as it feels comfortable, but it can limit your movement or leave behind marks on the skin by going too tight.

Cheap Lingerie Online Sale for Valentine’s Day 2021

What Valentine’s Day underwear to wear for Lovers’ Day? Here are some tips to be sexy at the right point! Lace, bustiers, stockings, guêpière and see-through. This is the right mood for Valentine’s Day when it comes to lingerie. In fact, there is no better night to dare and be sensual and seductive than February 14th.

After thinking about the look to wear during the evening, it’s time to think about what to put under your clothes for an impeccable Valentine’s Day underwear.


Red, grey, black or white, the important thing is that the bra is made of lace. The intriguing effect of transparency is always the most exciting for a spicy evening. Focus on a low-cut model with slightly wide straps, preferably a balconette and with an underwire. This bra will give the right volume to your décolleté. Remember, always try to match the bra to the panty and to create a homogeneous color on your lingerie. So, opt for a set from the cheap lingerie online!


See above: lace is a must for your butt too. Choose a low-cut model to enhance the shapes, perhaps with suspenders, for a riskier touch. If you have very soft shapes, opt for a thong or low waist briefs. To make the most of your body, the panty plays an important part. Don’t forget to check if the panty shows underneath your dress too!


Is provocation what you are looking for? Then dare. Present yourself with a braided lace bustier in the same color as the briefs you have chosen, without wearing a bra. Unlacing it will be a slow pleasure to try! A bustier is very beautiful and the visual effect is certainly something that no other lingerie will be able to give you. It will leave your partner speechless. On the Lover-Beauty website, you can find a large selection of bustiers. Choose it one such as the one you saw, exclusively in lace, and a nice thong to complete it all!

Bodysuit and babydoll

Lingerie is a big world. Among the many models we cannot fail to mention these two classics! Opt for red for example, and choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable with the right mix of see-throughs!


For a truly intriguing evening, you could let yourself be conquered by other accessories. They will help you to seduce and have fun with your love. Which accessories to choose? For example, sensual fragrances or essences for environments, rose petals and feathers, slippers with heels or two satin masks to match your underwear. Don’t know how to use them? Well, get inspired by your partner.


Stockings are definitely a weapon that you cannot give up at all! Password: sheer stockings only! Don’t use ultra-heavy stockings, those are only for snow. Better nothing instead of those. Obviously, opt for stockings or a lingerie that holds the stockings, not to cover your butt and to create something very spicy!

Always Use Sunscreen to Protect Your Skin When You Go Out

Summer has passed, colder days have come and many people have reduced the use of sunscreen with the reduction of the sun. This is a big mistake that people should talk about much more often. The sun is always present during the day, regardless of the season, and that is why it is necessary to use sunscreen whenever you go out. Usually, people think that protection is needed only in summer when we feel and see the sun due to high temperatures. But it is also there in winter, so the use of sunscreen should be represented throughout the year.

As there has been an expansion of cosmetics, more and more people are interested in the care and therefore get acquainted with sunscreen. And how much protection of the skin from the sun is necessary, which is certainly a good thing. For those who do not know, UV radiation is part of the light radiation that the Sun sends to the Earth. There are three main types of UV rays, namely UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC rays are mostly absorbed in the ozone layer and do not reach the Earth’s surface. While UVA and UVB rays pass through the atmosphere and are the main culprits of the harmful effects of the sun’s rays on our skin. These UV rays cause genetic mutations and can lead to many skin diseases.

Always use SPF factor

SPF means sun protection factor. It shows how much the product will protect you from UVB rays. The number next to the SPF label shows the dose of solar radiation that will lead to redness of the skin protected by this preparation, in relation to the amount of radiation needed to cause redness of the skin without any protection.  This means the higher the factor, the more it will protect you.

Sunscreen protections is very important

But it is not only important that the sunscreen is used, but also that it is used in the right way.

You should apply sunscreen about 20 minutes before sun exposure, insufficient quantity as well as renew the lubrication after 2 hours. Especially if you are sweating, bathing …

The best protection from the sun is to stay away from it, but this is certainly not always possible. So it is very important to use SPF whenever you go outside. Depending on your needs you can use a sunscreen with a different SPF in it. So there are those with SPF 15,30,45 … The biggest possible protection you can apply to your skin is SPF 50. These numbers are a little different from normal, so in this case. SPF 15 is not half less than SPF 30. It is about the percentage of protection in which SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB rays, while SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB rays. Unfortunately, no sunscreen provides 100% protection. So be careful when exposing yourself to the sun and keep it to a minimum.

The goat is the largest human organ but also the most exposed to the outside world. It suffers from various influences and therefore special attention and care should be paid to both skin of the face and the skin of the body. In order to look as beautiful as possible and be brighter and more nurtured in old age. We must take care of her in our youth. This means proper care, as much hydration as possible, and of course sunscreen lubrication.

Shopping Guide for Cost-Effective Shapewear

Being diligent in what you’re buying saves your time, effort, and especially your money! Cutting your budget doesn’t mean that you are cost-cutting effectively. There some factors that you need to consider for you to become an effective consumer, especially online. Knowing the product well, like shapewear, before buying it gives you an edge over all of the customers. Here are some of the most useful and productive shapewear that is worth your money:

1.  Post-Surgical Compression Shapewear

Women that undergo surgeries will surely love this post-surgical compression body shaper. The support it gives to your tummy and back will prevent and relieves any pain, and its straps are also adjustable to avoid stress on your shoulders. It can also give you a natural round butt shape with its butt-lifting effect and an open-crotch design for convenient bathroom breaks.

2. Thigh Trimmer High-Waist Sweat Body Shaper

Have you heard about the neoprene fabric? It is said to have a thermogenic effect that can help perspiration and sweat, which creates this waist body shaper. By just wearing this waist trainer thigh trimmer, you are sure to sweat more than usual to aid in weight loss. It doesn’t matter if you are doing your everyday house chores because you can move around comfortably even wearing this body shaper all day long.

3. Neoprene Capri Pants

These Capri pants are a combination of sweat pants and a waist belt! Two in one, so you’ll get double the results in no time. You can wear this while exercising, and because it has neoprene fabric, you can be sure that you’ll sweat a lot even more by just wearing this pair. It can give your butt a natural round shape while getting an hourglass figure through the waist belt.

4. Arm Trimmer with Thigh Shaper

The Arm Trimmer with Thigh Shaper has the sole purpose of giving you refined thighs and instant-butt lift. Excellent support that you can wear while exercising and doing your workouts. This thigh shaper will keep your muscles warm to increase your body weight fluid loss to achieve your dream body shape.

5. Waist and Butt Lifter

Feel how awesome your body curves and butts are shaping up with the help of this waist and butt lifter shapewear. It will help you shed more body fluids during workouts and exercises, trim your thighs and instantly lift your butt. With proper diet and continuous exercising, you will achieve your dream body shape!

These are the best shapewear you can get that`s high-quality, durable and can deliver excellent results. It is now your turn to choose what shapewear is the perfect fit for you! Remember, money matters, but so is the quality of the product you`re buying. Good thing, FeelinGirl shapewear are of great-quality without breaking the bank.  

Fashionable and Warm Martin Boots

As the festive season is at the doors, you must also update your wardrobe as well as your shoe collection with the latest trends. You can get the latest style statement with the martin boots that are very much in trend nowadays. Below mentioned are some of the latest trendy boots that you can opt for the festive season as well as the formal wear too:

Ulass Sequins Martin Boots

The boots are available in several colors so you may opt for any color of your desire. These boots are best suitable with your festive look. These could be combined with a casual or vintage outfit as well as the sparkly look makes the boot eye-catching. Ankle length boots with lace makes a perfect fit and are very comfortable too.

Dr. Martens, Women’s 1460 Pascal 8-Eye Leather Boot

The boots are of pure leather which makes them look classy as well as the synthetic sole makes it comfortable. These are slip-resistant and 8-eye boots. You can opt for these classy martin boots to get an elegant look this festive season.

Black Lace-up Round Toe Chunky Martin Boots

These are the leather boots that are suitable for the spring, winter and autumn season. You can add them up in your shoe collection so as to have a casual style foot wear in the festive season too. You can also wear them in the fall and the boots will keep your feet warm as these are very thick. These are low-heeled, ankle length as well as round toe boots that are laced to give a comfortable fit.

High-quality fashion black buckle zipper, Genuine Leather Martin Boots

If you want to invest in zipper boots then this could be an awesome option for you. These stylish zipper black boots could help you in marinating your style statement. If you are a fashion freak then these boots are definitely for you. Made up of pure leather and low-ankle, this boot has a high sole that could make you feel a little taller. It is available in many colors but black makes it look different.

Martin flat ankle boots in black

The textured tread boots that are laced with an apron toe could help you in getting the rough festive look. These boots are mid-heighted as well as have low-ankle length that combines best with the jeans and skinny dresses. Opt for these boots to get a chunky look this festive and winter season.

College Girlish Style with Liquid Metal Accessories

Girls love to stay tuned with the latest trends of fashion. If you are a college going girl and then you might also want to maintain your fashion sense the best around your batch mates and friends. You must be aware of all the latest trends. Nowadays, the metal accessories are very much in the trend. So, if you also want to enhance your overall look then you can try the metal accessories to look the best amongst everyone. Below mentioned are some of the metal accessories which you may try:

Metallic earrings

Earrings are an important part of the girls’ accessories and trying for metallic earrings is not a bad idea. If you are wearing casuals like jeans and crop tops, then the large-tear shaped metallic earrings with white crystals on it can give you a classy look. These are available in many colors but the black and silver colors are forever love.

Long dangle earrings

Nowadays, long earrings are very much in demand. To get an elegant look, the long dangle earrings will be perfect. The earrings length may vary according to the brands. Some may be shoulder length or may be shorter than that. You may try golden colored long dangle earrings for your college look. it can be best for party look as it is also studded with diamonds.

Crystal zircon metallic earrings

If you are lover of small earrings, then you can opt for this crystal zircon metallic earring. As the name says these earrings have a crystal as the focused part, and the rest is of silver metal that completes the look. For sure this earring is suitable for you if you like to be simple but classy. These earrings would perfectly combine with any kind of dresses.

Metallic Bracelet

Empty hands don’t look good. Being a college girl, you may opt for various bracelets. As for suggestion you may try this braided design metallic bracelet that will gives a simple but classy look. It has a magnetic metallic joining. Its demand in silver and black color is very high. You can also invest in these bracelets.

Large round earrings

If you are a lover of round earrings, then this one is meant for you. Classic pair of large round black stud earrings makes an elegant and adorable look. The ball of the earrings may range 2 cm and these earrings are available in numbers of colors. It will perfectly go for the girls who don’t like large accessories.

Large round earrings
Large round earrings

Sweater Dress for Pear Shaped Body

The pear body shape, also known as the triangle body shape, is characterized by narrow shoulders, small breasts and chest, narrow waist, thick thighs, prominent butt, and large calves. If you found yourself in this description, don’t worry. First, remember that you are beautiful, just the way you are. Secondly, there are tons of ways to enhance your body. In fact, even if there is a large disproportion between your shoulders and your hips, you have a very thin waistline, and that’s exactly what you absolutely need to enhance, especially with clothing!

What underwear to choose?

For your body type, I recommend that you first buy a shapewear, which will be very useful to wear under dresses or pants. A shapewear will give your body the right balance, thus hiding the disproportion between your shoulders and your hips.

The perfect garment for a pear shape body: the sweater dress

But now let’s move on to clothing, and therefore we come to the focus of this article, namely the sweater dress. The general rule to follow is always the same, that is to choose models that are fitted at your waist, but which fall softly on your hips. A sweater dress is literally perfectly sewn for your triangle body shape, because it wraps highlights the upper body and drops softly below your waist.

What color and models to choose for a sweater dress?

Furthermore, the sweater dress is the fashion obsession of 2020-2021 winter. A sweater dress is a real must have in any wardrobe: its fabric is soft and enveloping, and will keep you warm giving you a touch of sensuality. The sweater dress must be in a neutral color, ranging from white to black or brown. These are perfect shades for winter! But you can also opt for an orange sweater dress, in pastel colors or in classic black. Another style detail to take into consideration when choosing a sweater dress? The side slit or cut-outs models. An open back sweater dress is also a must!

When to wear and how to combine a sweater dress?

The sweater dress is the ideal garment to show off from morning to night, thanks to its great versatility and comfort. How to wear it? A first rule is to make the sweater dress the protagonist of your look. Wear a contrasting coat over it. As for shoes, choose pumps or chunky combat boots, depending on the occasion. As for accessories, if you want to give a contemporary touch to your outfit, choose a nice metal rigid bracelet or a shiny choker!

Create your sweater dress

If you don’t have a sweater dress in your closet, know that you can make your own. To do this, all you need is an oversized long sweater and a belt. Thanks to the belt, your waistline, the strong point of your body, will be enhanced to the maximum power, and you will have created a super sexy outfit, to be worn perhaps together with a pair of knee-high boots!

Find Women’s Plus Size Business Suits Ideas

Women’s full suits are the ultimate expression of elegance in office clothing. They are particularly suitable for roles where the first impression is important. In fact, they convey seriousness and professionalism. But what are the ones to wear if you are a plus size? Well, the rules don’t change, you can continue to wear the suits that all women wear!

So let’s go and choose some model, which stands out for its classic and latest trend style!


I am assuming that, as much as black slims, it is always nice to wear colored suits, which are very trendy in this period! These models are therefore comparable to an evening dress, or an extremely formal office dress. It is not the gray graduation suit that you reused for every job interview, anonymous and calm, nor the broken suit that our mothers or grandmothers wore to communions or family celebrations.

These suits are usually worn for a wedding or ceremony that is social enough to require an evening dress. Or, in their more subdued designs, for high-end office meetings where you want to impress your colleagues. You could also become a suit woman, the one who every day has a different colored suit and sits at the desk with the immaculate shirt sticking out of the blazer, but let’s say it’s a pretty strong style choice.


If, on the other hand, you do not let yourself be enchanted by temporary fashion and instead focus on a classic look. Here is a striped or one-color suit is certainly what you have to rely on. In this case, we are talking about timeless fashion classics, which after forty all women have worn at least once in their life.

Surely one of the most iconic items of all time and that could be made special by adding one or more accessories. For example, a belt, some particular jewellery and a bag!

As for the colors, in this case, black is a big point in your favor. As it goes to slim down your figure, even better if it is a large model. And s for the lines, it is better to avoid the horizontal lines. And concentrate only and exclusively on the vertical ones, to favor a slimming effect.

Beware of:

  • Double-breasted blazer: the buttoning must start at least from your waist and remain marked, otherwise the final effect will make you have a mega-bundled chest;
  • What to wear underneath: turtlenecks, classic shirts, simple t-shirts or blouses, everything is fine as long as it is not too stiff and does not interfere with the jacket;
  • In or out of the pants? If you plan to always wear the jacket it is best to put it inside, especially if it is a shirt. Otherwise, keep it out, because you will enlarge your chest too much;
  • And what about shoes? You are spoiled for choice among ballet flats, décolleté and sneakers. Choose according to the style you want to create, but it is important that they are not too flashy, which is already the suit.

Having said that, you have everything you need to buy your suit to go to work!

According to Shapellx Reviews, These Waist Trainer are Worth Buying

Are you struggling hard to accentuate your curves and get the hourglass figure? If yes, the best waist trainer and thigh trimmer can make it easier for you. It is specially designed to maximize your sexy curves and magically shape your tummy. If you are looking for the waist trainers worth making a purchase, here is the list to explore.

3-In-1 Waist and Thigh Trimmer Butt Lifter

This waist and thigh trimmer is an exclusive fitness accessory that you must have in your wardrobe. If you are willing to tone your waist and flaunt your curves, putting on this waist trainer can help. It is even an excellent option to use during your workout sessions. It can enable you to shed some more calories while providing you the necessary support during jogging, running, and other workouts. Moreover, as it comes with adjustable straps, you do not have to worry about comfort.

Neoprene Triple Belts Plus Size Waist Trainer

Are you looking for a plus size waist trainer? In that case, this waist trainer is the right option for you. The upgraded waist trainer comes with a three belt design that can provide you with super control of your waist and abdomen. The trimmer enhances the thermal activity, stimulates sweating, and ultimately speeds up the calorie-burning process. Try out this waist trainer and get the slim figure you always desired.

5 Steel Boned Waist Trainer

This waist trainer is designed not only to provide you with the hourglass figure but also to enhance your body posture. The steel bones of the waist trainer help in improving its body shaping effect. It features adjustable row hooks to ensure a perfect for all body sizes. The availability of the waist trainer in a solid color can further make it an ideal choice for you.

Print Waist Trainer

Are you looking for a trendy waist trainer to stand out? If yes, the print waist trainer is the perfect option. The innovative trainer can help in shaping your waistline in style. The American flower printing on the waist trainer adds style while ensuring optimum functionality. The latex core helps in shaping and sculpting your waist to provide you with a slim look. Whether you have a normal torso or short torso body type, this waist trainer is the right shapewear to purchase.

Firm Compression Workout Waist Trainer

This firm compression workout waist trainer is another waist trainer that is worth purchasing. The detachable double waistband ensures convenient adjustment for better support for your back. With effective shaping effective, it can provide you the hourglass figure effortlessly.

Want more options? Explore the Shapellx official for more such options and get the one that perfectly matches your fitness goals.