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Find Women’s Plus Size Business Suits Ideas

Women’s full suits are the ultimate expression of elegance in office clothing. They are particularly suitable for roles where the first impression is important. In fact, they convey seriousness and professionalism. But what are the ones to wear if you are a plus size? Well, the rules don’t change, you can continue to wear the suits that all women wear!

So let’s go and choose some model, which stands out for its classic and latest trend style!


I am assuming that, as much as black slims, it is always nice to wear colored suits, which are very trendy in this period! These models are therefore comparable to an evening dress, or an extremely formal office dress. It is not the gray graduation suit that you reused for every job interview, anonymous and calm, nor the broken suit that our mothers or grandmothers wore to communions or family celebrations.

These suits are usually worn for a wedding or ceremony that is social enough to require an evening dress. Or, in their more subdued designs, for high-end office meetings where you want to impress your colleagues. You could also become a suit woman, the one who every day has a different colored suit and sits at the desk with the immaculate shirt sticking out of the blazer, but let’s say it’s a pretty strong style choice.


If, on the other hand, you do not let yourself be enchanted by temporary fashion and instead focus on a classic look. Here is a striped or one-color suit is certainly what you have to rely on. In this case, we are talking about timeless fashion classics, which after forty all women have worn at least once in their life.

Surely one of the most iconic items of all time and that could be made special by adding one or more accessories. For example, a belt, some particular jewellery and a bag!

As for the colors, in this case, black is a big point in your favor. As it goes to slim down your figure, even better if it is a large model. And s for the lines, it is better to avoid the horizontal lines. And concentrate only and exclusively on the vertical ones, to favor a slimming effect.

Beware of:

  • Double-breasted blazer: the buttoning must start at least from your waist and remain marked, otherwise the final effect will make you have a mega-bundled chest;
  • What to wear underneath: turtlenecks, classic shirts, simple t-shirts or blouses, everything is fine as long as it is not too stiff and does not interfere with the jacket;
  • In or out of the pants? If you plan to always wear the jacket it is best to put it inside, especially if it is a shirt. Otherwise, keep it out, because you will enlarge your chest too much;
  • And what about shoes? You are spoiled for choice among ballet flats, décolleté and sneakers. Choose according to the style you want to create, but it is important that they are not too flashy, which is already the suit.

Having said that, you have everything you need to buy your suit to go to work!

How to Match Casual Dresses for Women?

The beauty of casual clothing is that this is truly ideal for any occasion: we can dress casually for a picnic, for shopping, to go to the cinema or even to go to work. The first rule we must remember is that dressing in casual clothing does not mean being sloppy! In fact, adopting a style of this type allows us not to give up elegance even during informal events, showing off a sporty but charming and feminine look at the same time.

The casual style is suitable for all women, it does not particularly follow the trends of the moment and for this reason, we can also use garments that we all have in the wardrobe, even perhaps stealing some from our man’s wardrobe, like a white shirt or a maxi sweater!

Another aspect that we must keep in mind is that, to create a casual style, you don’t need a lot of clothing, but, on the contrary, this style focuses on the quality of the garments and the combinations. And, speaking of the latter, let’s see together how to match casual clothes!

Shirt, jeans and moccasins

Who doesn’t have a white shirt in the closet? This minimalist garment allows you to create a wonderful casual outfit in no time! The shirt is simple, but never out of place, it never goes out of fashion, it goes well with any situation and physicality. This is why it cannot be missing to create a casual style!

Trench coat, t-shirt, jeans and boots

The trench coat is another must-have garment, one of those that cannot be missing for a daytime style. This makes it a must-have shrug and can be worn over almost anything. It is perfect especially in autumn, since the weather in this period alternates rain with beautiful sunny days. So how to wear the trench coat in a casual way? Nothing could be simpler, together with a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and ankle boots you will be the most beautiful in the office!

Basic top, midi skirt, ballet flats

The midi skirt is a super feminine and versatile garment, the lifeline for all those women who never know how to choose between very short miniskirts or long skirts up to the feet. Now that autumn is here and winter is approaching, we can exploit it with a thousand different combinations and insert it in our daily looks on more than one occasion, such as with a basic top and a pair of ballet flats, to be combined perhaps with a cardigan: comfort to the nth degree!

Sweater, dress, low heel shoes

A slightly more elegant outfit than the previous ones, perhaps suitable for a few evenings out, such as an aperitif: this consists of a long dress in silk-like fabric, an oversized sweater, a pair of shoes with low heels. A truly original look that will not go unnoticed, despite its simplicity. To give an extra touch of fashion, add a belt to enhance the waistline!

5 Ways to Match Black Pants

First look: contrasting sweatshirt and accessories

The first look with which we are going to combine our black trousers will be formed by a sweatshirt, which has some colors to which we are going to combine some accessories. Better if these colors are bright, such as red, yellow and green, in order to stand out better on black. Wear the sweatshirt inside our pants, a nice pair of ankle boots of the color that is present on the sweatshirt, a nice bag and a beret to complete the whole. Please, use a lot of accessories and contrasting colors to dare a little more than usual!

Second look: white shirt and bodice

How can we give a new life to a simple white shirt? Let’s take a black bodice and let’s use it over our white shirt, creating a super trendy effect! As for shoes, opt for simple black ankle boots, which do not bother the simple and refined alchemy of the bodice and shirt, adding a beige trench coat as the outerwear. Don’t give up on a black bag and a nice pair of vintage glasses to complete it all!

Third look: total black

Let’s continue with a look with the simplest style possible! Let’s choose a ribbed top and bell sleeves! In this very simple outfit, all the accessories we are going to insert to complete it play a very important role. Insert a beautiful belt with a golden detail in the closing point. A pair of high heels and leave nothing for granted during the make-up phase. Yes to highlighter on your cheeks but, above all, do not give up on a beautiful red lipstick that must enhance your femininity to the maximum in this total black look!

Fourth look: animal print and cardigan

I don’t know why, but the animal print perfectly fits on black, to the point that, let me tell you, I have a leopard bodysuit that I wear only with a pair of black pants, because I can’t see it with anything else. Usually, being this bodysuit with straps, I always add a very simple and minimally invasive necklace, and I always complete my outfit by adding a cardigan in shades of beige, so as not to take away the importance of the bodysuit and, above all, to cover myself from the cold! As for shoes, go for a nice pair of black knee-high stiletto boots.

Fifth look: comfortable, sporty… but elegant!

Let’s talk about a look suitable for a complete daily routine. As the basis of this outfit, always start with the black trousers, to which you can add a white t-shirt with a graphic writing and a tartan jacket, and complete with a belt bag. As for shoes, give space for comfort, with a pair of Nike, Adidas or Puma shoes, the important thing is that these are sporty and able to keep us away from the ailments that a heel could cause. In this way, you can create a style that is neither sporty nor elegant, but it is definitely super trendy!

Shirts with Skirts, New Trends in 2020

The shirt has always carried with it the idea of being one of the most boring items to use on our outfits. The fact is that this year the shirt worn over a skirt is a trend that you must necessarily try. So, without getting lost in the further talk, let’s see how we can combine this garment!

Look 1: shirt and sweater!

The first look idea is to match the shirt under the sweater, inserting everything inside our skirt. If you choose to opt for an oversized sweater. It is better than the skirt is a pencil skirt in order to avoid the effect in which you get lost inside the outfit.

Look 2: shirt with a bow

It is somewhat reminiscent of medieval times, but I can assure you that a shirt with a bow is also perfect for the youngest and allows you to create a beautiful outfit. Match it with a modern skirt, preferably in a light colour, completing the look with a bag and a heel shoe!

Look 3: suspender dress

The suspender dress is a summer garment, and by using a shirt under it you will solve most of your problems related to the cold. Cover up with a pair of high boots with a block heel, a cropped jacket and a fanny pack!

Look 4: under the vest

We all know that the gilet will very fashionable in this fall-winter, so it is better to use it and wear it over your shirt to complete the outfit. Insert the shirt inside your skater skirt and wear a nice pair of combat boots to give more variety of styles to your look!

Look 5: Denim shirt

I find denim shirts very beautiful, and with them you can create different but very interesting looks. In fact, starting from it, you can insert a long skirt with some particular print in your look, perhaps yellow that contrasts well with denim, closing the outfit with a pair of cowboy boots and a belt on the waist!

Look 6: Total color

Matching the shirt and the tone-on-tone skirt is very nice, and to simplify your work you might decide to opt for a coordinated set, perhaps in blue, camel or mustard, very trendy colors this year!

Look 7: Shirt with a blazer

I really like the idea of combining the shirt and skirt with a blazer. In this case, choose a white shirt so you will simplify your work on choosing the color of the blazer, and a very soft pleated skirt. Complete your look with ankle boots for the evening or amphibians for the day!

Look 8: Checkered or animal printed skirts

Checkered skirts are very well suited to shirts, especially if white, as they allow the colors to stand out. Complete the outfit with sneakers and a clutch bag. Same thing with the animal print, which looks great on a skirt in the same color as the animal we’re going to wear. In this case, a nice pair of pumps and a very large bag become a must. Complete both outfits with a trench coat!

2020 Trends: Boyish Style of Vest + Hoodie

If you want something sophisticated and super feminine, even if it may seem counterintuitive. Nothing like the masculine style is more suitable to enhance your femininity. There are many items that we can steal from our men’s wardrobe for one of our outfits. Shirts, jackets, and sweaters, just to name a few, can be used to create a very refined and stylish outfit for ourselves, dressing in a woman with an elegant charm in a casual way!

But be careful my dear: having a masculine style does not mean dressing like a tomboy! The two are distinctly separate! In fact, androgynous looks are a perfect mix of taste and balance that must be maintained between the two parts, and when this is successful, they give the wearer an unconventional and glamorous style! The beauty of a masculine style must also lie in the ability to maximize one’s feminine side, this implies that to create a perfect masculine look on us women, the masculine component must be in perfect harmony with the feminine one.

Yes, because whatever item of clothing you want to steal from the other side of your boyfriend’s closet, you must always remember to add a touch that is yours. Don’t give up on your make-up, and don’t forget to put your lipstick in your bag, an accessory to use. Yes to earrings and rings, as well as skirts and crop tops. To create a perfect androgynous style on a woman, the important thing is that the female and male component is in perfect balance, and today we will see how to do it by talking about one of this year’s trends, the men’s vest with a sweatshirt, giving a look at some styles we can create!

Vest and hoodie with a skirt

We assume that the upper part of our outfit is already masculine enough. So we must focus on everything else to balance the feminine part and complete the outfit. And yes, the skirt is the female garment par excellence. Even more so if we use skirts with more feminine colors such as purple or pink for example. If everything were not yet an excellent solution, it could be to use tights: at this point, the game is done and balance is guaranteed, you will be the one to choose the shoes you prefer!

Vest and hoodie with jeans and heels

Obviously, when I tell you jeans, in this case, you absolutely do not have to think about the baggy jeans style for men, but about the very tight ones (you choose if low waist or high waist based on how your butt shines better). In such a way to play a lot on the shapes of your butt and your legs, super feminine parts. To give an extra touch, it becomes essential to add a pair of heels, stiletto or square are both good. Which, together with the skirt, make up one of those super feminine pieces!

Vest and hoodie with boots

It may happen that when you choose to combine a long sweatshirt with your vest. You do not have the slightest possibility of adding a pair of trousers or a skirt, which would be too covered by the latter. In this case, it is better to give up the coverage underneath. Wearing at most a pair of shorts with tights, in companions of boots high above the knee. In this way, you will create a style in which your best sexy part is added to the balance!

Recommendations for Small Things That Enhance Happiness

We live in an era in which it seems that everything that passes in front of us, that we see in other people or on social media, must be purchased to improve our state of happiness. By this, I mean that people tend not to settle for small things anymore, but always try to find a different way to increase their state of happiness. Sometimes even people who are happy and who have everything in life, a job, that are beautiful, that have an excellent love life, and any item of clothing, are never happy with what they have: by this, I mean that you always try to work more to have more financial resources, try to become more beautiful, change your love life and buy even the most useless things that, in the end, they are really useless. Because, in the end, nothing is more wrong than comparing happiness with having more and more things, because, in life, happiness is reached when you are happy with the little things a person has. Desiring more and more from life will take you into a vortex that will never make you happy and happy with what you have achieved in life. Every goal achieved and purchased will never be enough and you will always be looking for something to improve your state of happiness even when there is no need.

We must begin to appreciate everything we have, without paying too much attention to the quantity that we have. Quantity is a concept that is not something on which your happiness can depend, as there are people in this world who possess much fewer things than those who have wealth and fortunes and are much happier than the latter. Believing that happiness is achieved in satisfying one’s needs is the wrongest reasoning possible, as when these are not achieved, we will begin to feel unlucky and unable to react. Finding the job that makes us earn a lot, buying many things, changing our hair color every month, are things that seriously endanger our happiness, as we talk about short-term happiness, which after getting used to it, goes away, and puts us back on the run to do something else. Stop looking at others and envying them, or making them envy you for what you have because you will only give no value to what is supposed to give you happiness.

Happiness lies in enjoying and appreciating everything you have, without complaining about what you lack. Not everything in life can be perfect, but this does not imply that it is not possible to be happy with everything in your hands and everything around us. Take a walk in the mountains, look at the stars, have a chat with a stranger, devote time to your children, volunteer, dance with your partner in the living room, spend an evening at the beach, have a good laugh with friends, travel and discover new places: these are just some of the little things that really make you happy!

Therefore, begin to appreciate all the items you have at home in your closet, and rejoice in wearing them, because they are your purchases for which you have spent money, which you have earned with your beautiful work! Above all, begin to appreciate your life!

A Guide to the Most Popular Wide-Leg Pants in 2020


Cigarette trousers are part of this category, and they fall into it as they go down the whole leg while keeping wide. I find that wearing them is a pleasure, as they are very different from the usual trousers that we are used to seeing on us, and, to make them look their best, I would combine them with a shirt at the top!

Jeans with belt

Very beautiful and in my opinion a garment that will be very visible next autumn. The invention of adding a belt on the wide waist is, in my view, a brilliant touch, as it allows all of us to regain some height and to make our butt more visible!

Scottish print

You know what I think: when you can’t find the particular model, give yourself to particular prints, such as with these super pants that are very reminiscent of the style of English girls. Don’t forget to wear them with your combat boots!

Wide leg dressy trousers
Wide leg dressy trousers

Polka dots

Still prints after the Scottish one, and in this case, I am talking about something which is a real trend for this autumn too! To make the outfit more sophisticated and instagrammable, my advice is to use open sandals, you won’t regret the result!


Every now and then you can opt for a more refined and particular print, like the next one you see. One of the key points of these wide leg pants are your feet, as very often the attention of the beholder will shift to the lower part of your outfit. So don’t forget to take care of your pedicure in case you want to wear a pair of pants like this one, wearing a nice pair of sandals too, which have become the most instagrammable object of the moment!

Co-ordinated set

Let’s not forget that a good pair of trousers must always find its faithful companion on the top, and what simpler situation than doing it with a nice co-ord? Co-ords, as I have always told you, are very easy to wear and it is a match already made, which, for a pair of trousers of this type, is a feature that should not be underestimated at all, as it makes it even more beautiful!


Who does not have the need to wear something during the week or month that makes them feel comfortable and relaxed for those specific days? Well, you can do it by taking advantage of this beautiful wide leg sweatpants, which will allow you to be comfortable without giving up on fashion. Overalls sweatpants have always been seen as a not very fashionable garment, but I believe that this time it is not really like that!

Ripped jeans

These are also part of the category, and why not choose to wear them perhaps adding a nice pair of fishnets under them if the tear is very large? I think this is an excellent idea for you, for my part I would only recommend that you wear a nice pair of stiletto heels, to make your outfit even more beautiful!

Do You Lack These Best Jeans for Women?

Jean is a heavy denim close-fitting trouser made for casual wear or manual work. Jean is a coarse diagonal weave line into cotton fabric.
There are varieties of the best jeans made for women to make them look stunning, beautiful, attractive, and appealing.
There are lots of different types of jeans made for women ranging from high-rise wide-leg jeans, skinny jeans, and high-waisted jeans. These styles are perfect for any occasion, either formal or informal if paired with cropped sweaters or women blouses.
Easy to wash

Jeans do not need the extra stress or effort before you can wash it. It is simple to wash either with hands or machines.

Mom Fit Jeans
Mom Fit Jeans

All-year-round wear

Jeans are different compared to other fabrics that can fade away or go out of fashion with time. It does not have a limited or restriction of seasons. You can wear them every day either on a cold winter or a hot sunny day. It is wearable in all seasons as it will keep you cool.
Allow styles and selections

There are several styles and selections accessible when you make up your mind to get yourself a pair of jeans. There are lots of colors to choose from, and many brands that produce high-quality jeans with various designs and styles.

Levi's 721 High Rise Skinny Ankle Jeans Women 22850-0102 New Arrival
Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinny Ankle Jeans Women 22850-0102 New Arrival

Fashionable look

A pair of jeans will always be acceptable any day come rain or shine. It is fashionable and trendy whenever you wear them. A couple of jeans will make you more attractive, beautiful, and irresistible when you wear it.
Mix well

You can wear a pair of jeans with any tops. Starting from tee-shirts, shirts, you can match and blend them with any ethnic wears. It goes on all dresses, which are just the variety of skills of a pair of jeans.

Slim Women Blue Jeans
Slim Women Blue Jeans

There are different styles and types of jeans available in the market, as listed below.

Skinny Jeans

Get yourself high-waisted jeans and rock this summer in style. These slim people love this style and type. Wear a pair of skinny jeans and spiced it up with your preferred turtleneck and a duster jacket to make a statement. You can wear them in all the weather or seasons.

Wedgie Fit Ankle Women's Jeans
Wedgie Fit Ankle Women’s Jeans

High-rise and Wide-leg

The high-re and wide-leg jeans will be pretty on you. Whether it is a wide-leg that hit the floor or cut small type, you are good to go. It goes with any womanly tops.

Skinny Women Black Jeans
Skinny Women Black Jeans

Buy and rock a denim style and mixed with a short top. Wear a very small blouse with long jeans during the summer and an indefinite short sweater during the fall.