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Shocking Waist Training Results – Before And After

Waist training, a popular celebrity trend that quickly turned mainstream, gained a cult following a few years ago. Falling right into the “shapewear” category, waist trainers are now one of the most effective tools for quicker weight loss results due to their innovative fabric technology forswear induction.

Surely there is something very inspiring in seeing other people’s before and after results. It can not only affect us positively into making the first step towards an overall healthier lifestyle, but it can also serve as a reminder of all the things we can accomplish if we are dedicated to our purpose. Sure waist training and all types of workouts take time, determination, and hard work but the results can be more than rewarding. A few weeks of committed wear can deliver outstanding results. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the following before and after photos of celebrities and everyday women, who both share the share fitness and body goals.

The hourglass shape.

The first and most well-known result is, of course, waist reduction. These trainers effectively help the thinning down process while adding definition, resulting in an hourglass silhouette. Sweating, as we mentioned above and tight compression are the two main reasons for the drastic change in appearance.

Perfecting the body posture

Waist trainers are typically consisted of multiply thick fabrics and steel bones to ensure the right body posture. They actively force your abdomen to take the right position no matter If you are sitting, walking, or working out. Furthermore, the best waist trainer for women is going to protect your back muscles and offer strong abdomen control, resulting in less back pain.

A great self-esteem boost

Even the strongest of women sometimes suffer from low-self-esteem, especially during unexpected weight gain or lack of frequent exercise due to a busy lifestyle. Waist trainers, along with the best shapewear for tummy and waist control can give a great confidence boost. What’s a better way to feel beautiful than being able to effortlessly fit into hour’s favorite outfits?


Many women claim that by sign the thinning results of wearing a waist trainer, they felt ore compelled and motivated to stick to healthy eating and exercising routine with ease. One of the biggest challenges is staying on track, especially when life caught up with you. Seeing positive changes in your body can impact your long term decisions. Take a look at the Shapellx waist trainer collection to find the style to accommodate your own needs. You won’t regret it, we promise.

These Shapewear Styles Promise The Ultimate Slimming Results

By now your underwear drawer might be supplied with more all your favorite bra and panties, able to cater to all and any circumstances. What about shapewear? These easy to wear, versatile undergarments quickly became a staple to every woman’s wardrobe and for a good cause. Not only they can instantly make your body look tighter and slimmer, it will likewise enhance your natural curves and give you the perfect hourglass figure. We understand that online shopping can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. So with no further ado, here is a carefully curated list of all the different types of shapewear bodysuits – effective yet affordable- you should try out this season.

Shaping shorts for everyday use

The shaping sorts, undeniably the most popular style of them all, can instantly enhance your thighs and stomach and waist while lifting your butt at the same time – you can thank the 4 removable pads- and show off your bust. The AirSlim™ Curve Shaping Shorts With 4 Removable Pads is available in sizes up to 3XL. Shaping shorts can be found in a variety of different sizes, colors, and designs making it easier for everyday women to choose the one that better suits their body type. Some of the best-reviewed shapers end just below the bust area giving it an instant lift effect like everyone’s favorite AirSlim™ Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper with Butt Lifter. Others focus on camouflaging any “flaws” below the waist area, say hello to the AirSlim™ Power Body Shaper with Thighs Slimmer, and its 3 layer fabric design.

Versatile plus size shapewear to love right now

Looking for the best plus size shapewear? The AirSlim™ Backless Lace Smooth Bodysuit Shape and AirSlim™ Power Control Full Body Shaper might just be the answer you are looking for. This beautifully crafted bodysuit highlights a high elastic lace design to control your abdomen and make you look 10 times sexier at once. The adjustable straps and crotch buckle design make them perfect for everyday use. Bonus point: the high elastic mesh works wonders on your stomach and waist areas. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the 5-star reviews on Shapellx shapewear website.

Easy Full body control

Even though most shapewear styles heavily focus on the waist and thigh areas you can always find some amazing full body designs, able to smooth and shape your figure within just a few seconds. Take a look at the AirSlim™ Smooth Compression High-Waisted Capri Shaper with three layers of abdomen design, perfect for tummy control and bust to knee-high control. Once again the open bust design will push up and enhance the look of your upper body as well. It can be found in 2 different colors and sizes up to 3XL.

How to Choose Shapewear According to Body Type?

Even though shapewear is the best thing to give your body a perfect shape, but buying perfect shapewear or trainer is not an easy task. While looking out the other features in the products, you also need to consider your body type while buying a waist trainer for women. You need to know whether your body size regular or plus size. Then choose the product accordingly to get the best fit. Well, if you are feeling confused with this, then here are some best products that are designed for both regular and plus size body. Have a look.

  1. Firm compression body shaper with butt lifter

When it comes to buying the best shapewear shorts, you can go for this one. While compressing the desired areas, it smooths the thigh and hips. You will get a flattened tummy instantly. It is quite comfortable for all body type, and you can wear it under your favorite clothes. To keep you fresh, it has a moisture-wicking fabric.

best shapewear shorts
AirSlim™ Firm Compression Body Shaper with Butt Lifter

  1. Tummy control shapewear with side zipper

When you have this on your body, you will look super sexy in your favorite dress. It has a powernet exterior design that looks very beautiful. The product is designed to produce a high compression level. There is an open bust design and offers better breast support. When you use it, it effectively lifts your but, giving you back an attractive look.


best shapewear bodysuits
AirSlim™ Postpartum Surgery Tummy Control Shapewear with Side Zipper

  1. 3 in 1 waist and thigh trimmer and butt lifter

If you are not getting the desired results from your workout, then it’s time to try out this product. You can use it while doing chores, longing, or sleeping to get better results. The product is designed to trim down cellulite appearance, thighs, and waistline. Give it a try and tone your body easily.

shapellx waist and thigh trainer
NeoSweat™ Exclusive 3-In-1 Waist and Thigh Trimmer Butt Lifter

  1. Sports vest with triple belts

This belt or trainer can offer desired results while using during high-intensity exercises, abdominal and cardio workouts. It supports the entire back and boosts up the boy’s natural thermal activities. It protects your spine.


best waist trainer vest
NeoSweat™ Triple Belts with Hook Waist Trainer

  1. Butt lifting shapewear

This product, which is designed for all the body types, can help you feel supported and confident. You can wear your special party or work. Its 3-layer abdomen design offers better abdominal compression, keeping the tummy area flat. The unique hip wrinkle design can increase hip capacity. There is a bust support design that shows off your sexy cleavage.

best shapewear panty
AirSlim™ Adjustable Crotch Butt Lifting Shapewear

No matter what type of body you have, don’t worry at all when it comes to getting the body into perfect shape. All you need to use the best Shapellx waist trainer, and you are all set to show off your sexy body.



Get These Women’s Shapewear Bodysuit at Today

Bodysuits are truly a beautiful garment to wear, thanks to their being elegant and sophisticated. Today, therefore, I am here to recommend the best bodysuit shapewear on the FeelinGirl website, which sells a huge range of products of this kind which, in addition to giving incredible comfort once worn, are carefully designed for every type of woman and will help to put our curves in their place in the shortest time possible!

Shapewear Bodysuit with Open Crotch


This bodysuit is carefully designed to wear your bra with extreme serenity. It is often our breasts that, especially if particularly ample, can create problems, making us feel uncomfortable and making us desire to go immediately home to undress as soon as possible. Forget these issues once and for all! This bodysuit shapewear, in fact, will be very comfortable to wear, especially thanks to the presence of the open crotch, which allows you to easily go to the bathroom without having to remove all your clothes. It also presents a compression that will reduce the size of the stomach and waist!

Shapewear Bodysuit in Lycra Microfiber


The fabric of this bodysuit, combined with lycra, allows the bodysuit to be super light and breathable, therefore of high quality, allowing it to last over time even after countless machine washes. The fit of this bodysuit will be nothing short of excellent, allowing you to carry out the normal activities of the daily routine. And then, can we please just spend a little moment to dwell on the lace detail of the shorts? So sexy!

Shapewear Bodysuit for Post Surgery


After surgery, it is not always easy to being completely well again, especially after breast surgery or liposuction. So, how can you feel comfortable under our clothes? With this two-piece shapewear bodysuit! It is specially designed for all women who are trying to recover and get back in better shape in the shortest possible time after surgery. The top will also help make the flaccid arms visibly firmer. Many thanks! FeelinGirl shapewear bodysuit ensures every woman looks good.

Thong Shapewear Bodysuit


This is definitely one of the sexiest models on the site, thanks to the wonderful and seductive thong pant, perfect for all those women who don’t want to give up on their buttocks breathing! This, as well as many other high waist shaping panties that you will find scrolling on the site, will be perfectly able to contain the belly, hiding a few extra pounds and helping to reach the hourglass figure. You can wear it on any occasion, and even after pregnancy, of course.

Shapewear Bodysuit with Eight Hooks


This bodysuit will give a magnificent push-up effect to the butt, making it appear firmer and taller. The presence of eight adjustable hooks, both on the part of the waist and on the belly, will shape the body more, making it look slimmer and improving our silhouette!

Shapewear Bodysuit with Side Plastic Bones


Last but not least, I conclude with this incredibly sexy bodysuit, thanks to the invisible mesh detail on the part of the butt. The side plastic bones will allow you to better contain the accumulation of fat on the sides, thus avoiding the unwanted muffin effect.

How to Look Your Best in a Bodycon Dress

It’s very frequent to have some tummy fat you’d prefer to stow away, particularly if you need to wear a tight-fitting dress. A couple of additional pounds around the waist can cause you to feel reluctant about the manner in which you look, however wearing the correct underpants, dress pattern, and accessories can make feel and look incredible in just a few minutes.

 Pay attention to the fabric and pattern

Select a dress in a style and texture that makes you feel good. If it doesn’t feel extraordinary in the store, don’t get it. On the off chance that it’s so tight that causes you to feel awkward as you stand in the changing area, it will possibly make feel worst when you wear it out in public. Try on a variety of different dresses until you come across the one that feels great to have on. Attempt to try cotton and silk as these textures complement your natural curves the most.

When purchasing a dress on the web, consistently check the reviews, and see what others state about fabric and fit. What’s more, it’s ideal to purchase from an online store that has a simple and free exchange / returns policy so you can return it on the off chance that you don’t like it when it shows up.

Put on your favorite shapewear

best shapewear shorts
best shapewear shorts

thong shapewear panty
thong shapewear panty

Shapewear packs fat and smooth lines, lumps, and wrinkles and can take inches o off your waistline. Many women, including well known on-screen actresses and models, wear shapewear in light of the fact that it boosts their confidence and gives them an instant hourglass figure. Take a quick look at Shapellx Official to find the one that works best for you.

Choose your underwear carefully

Pick underwear that fits well and doesn’t make you look bulgy. To avoid making your belly look bigger, wear a bra and bottoms that fit you appropriately and don’t create lumps like a thong shapewear bodysuit. On the off chance that your underpants are super tight, your skin will swell out of the sides and create unnecessary folds and wrinkles.

Find the right pair of shoes

Put on heels to make your legs look longer and the body more slender. This will attract the eye to your legs and your shoes and away from your waist. Numerous ladies pick strong shading pumps to extend their legs and make a  more slender and taller appearance. Chunky and thick heels can make your step cumbersome and make it difficult to stroll with a great stance.

Feel and look confident

Keep up your straight stance while standing or sitting. Slumping and sitting with a slouched back pushes all the tummy fat together making it seem like there are more rolls in the area than is really present. How to avoid it? When you sit or stand, keep your back straight and your shoulders back and loose, similarly as you do when you are walking. If you need some extra help with maintaining a straight posture find the best waist trainer for you to work with.

best waist trainer
best waist trainer

waist and thigh trainer
waist and thigh trainer

full body shaper
full body shaper

Things to Look for When Shop Shapewear Online

Buying shapewear and waist trainer online is quite challenging. You can get one, but there is no guarantee that the shapewear will offer you the desire results. But the ongoing COVID-19 situation has made you buy the products online. So, how to buy a perfect waist and thigh trainer for you? Well, to help you with this, we have mentioned down some products and their features that you can look to choose the products. Let’s get started with this.

  1. Seven steel bones latex waist cincher

Well, while buying a waist cincher, it is always advisable to make sure that the product has steel bones to offer better support. For this, you can go for this particular product. Besides, the product comes with an adjustable waistband with well-designed Velcro closure to offer you a sexy hourglass shape. Besides, this has latex material, which is essential for a waist trainer.

best waist trainer

  1. Snake zipper workout waist cincher

While buying a workout trainer, you need to make sure that it has material that can make your body sweat more. Well, this product has the material. Besides, there are 7 steel bones that offer your effective tightness. Now, another thing to consider is the design. And this trainer comes with snake print that looks perfect. You can wear it under any dress.

waist trainer for women

  1. Neoprene sauna suit sweat vest waist trainer

Make sure that the waist trainer that you are buying has around 80 percent of neoprene material and steel bones. Looking at these features, this waist trainer will be a perfect option for you. It doesn’t just offer better tummy control, but also offer an adequate level of back support. Don’t forget to check the thickness level. A 3.5mm of thickness will work better, and this product has that thickness. Besides, the product with the outer belt design will produce the required amount of strength to shape your body.

waist trainer vest

  1. Crotch hook tight body shorts

While buying a plus size Shapewear, it is essential to make sure that it has a crotch hook design so that you can use it comfortably. This plus size boy shaper comes with crotch hook design and offers better support to buttocks, and thigh area while trimming the tummy.

plu size shapewear

  1. Zipper detachable straps body shaper

Choose a body shaper that has a zipper on the front and has removable shoulder straps. Besides, make sure that there are at least three layers on the abdomen area. You can go for this product if you want these features.

best shapewear shorts

No matter what are your requirements, or body shape, you don’t have to worry about anything if you are buying Shapellx waist trainer. The trainers and body shaper comes with all the essential things and features to give you the desired body shaping result.

Five Reasons to Choose Best Bodysuits at FeelinGirl

Wearing bodysuits comes with a lot of fun and love. We love it because of its comfort and versatility. They are not only flattering but also among the most trending shapewear. This type of corset is on fashion in this twenty-first century beginning from fashion bloggers to high-fashion runways. Their demand is high that makes it a bit difficult to get enough of them.

They come in a variety of fabrics, styles, cuts, colors, and sizes for customer preference. Some are strictly worn in the bedrooms while others are multi-purpose meaning they can either be worn in the house or on streets. In case you are on the hunt for a perfect and affordable bodysuit, then visit FeelinGirl where quality is a guarantee.


Here are some of the reasons why FeelinGirl should be your number one priority to buy the best bodysuits:


First and foremost, it has a variety of bodysuit sizes for every size. It clear that when shopping, you have to keep your body in mind and you expect that wherever you go shopping you will find a bodysuit that fits you appropriately. At FeelinGirl online store, you are guaranteed a variety of bodysuits to choose from that will certainly flatter your silhouettes. Take for instance, you want to expose your cleavage, it will be best if you go for a bodysuit that has a plunging neckline. Likewise, in case you want your long and curvy legs, go for a high cut bodysuit.


Secondly, FeelinGirl considers where you are wearing your bodysuit. It gives you the opportunity to purchase whichever design strikes your fancy. It is important to acknowledge that these bodysuits are engineered for different purposes. Some are worn outside while others are strictly worn in the bedroom. In case you want to go out with your bodysuit, you can pair it with either a blazer or jacket to give you a touch of modesty.


Also, FeelinGirl minds your support and shaping needs. In brief, it considers what you intend to pair your bodysuit with. For instance, there are those bodysuits that can be worn with a bra underneath while others cannot. Luckily enough, FeelinGirl comes with a variety of bodysuits with in-bult features that help give you sufficient support with no need for a bra inside.


The online store also has various tummy control shorts that come with several benefits. For instance, they give an instant slimmer curve, they are invisible under clothes, improve your posture, enhance your workout, and add confidence and self-esteem.

5 Waist Trainers, You Should Know Before Buying One

Most of the women are now joining the gym to tone their body by reducing excess fats from the tummy and waist areas. But not all of them are getting the desired result. If you are one of them and looking for the best way to enhance your workout result, then its time to go for workout waist trainers. These products are designed to offer maximum benefits when it comes to tone your body by compressing desired areas. However, if you are confused about which one to buy, then don’t worry. We have listed down top 5 waist trainer that you can buy.

  1. Late waist trainer tummy shaper

This trainer has 7 steel bones, zip upfront design and made of high-quality latex material. When you use it, it keeps the waist and stomach area tight. Besides, it will effectively suppress hunger, which aids in losing weight. On the other hand, this trainer is quite effective in enhancing posture and reducing back pain. Go on and give it a try.
best waist trainer

  1. Thigh trimmer with one pair arm trimmer

When it comes to shaping waist, stomach, arm and thigh areas, this intelligently developed thigh trimmer works just great. This is a unisex product, and with thermogenic characteristic, it lowers the water weight. The grid linings are designed to repeal moisture but limit the slipping and bunching while working out. You will find it super comfortable while wearing it.

waist and thigh trainer

  1. Neoprene three belts plus size waist trainer

When you have this waist trainer, then nothing will stop you from getting the desires body shaping results. This upgraded waist trainer has three well-designed belts that create a sufficient level of control on the waist and abdomen. With 7 steel bones, it produces a sufficient amount of strength. The product helps in weight loss, waist shaping and sculpturing.

best waist trainer

  1. 2 in 1 ultra-sweat waist and thigh trimmer

Made of neoprene fabric, this product feels super comfortable to wear during a workout. It will make you sweat more by keeping your abdomen warm. The embossed design makes it soft against the skin. Throughout the activity, you will get exceptional support. The high-waist design slims your waist and lifts the hips.

waist trainer with capri

  1. Neoprene sweat embossed waist trainer

It has 80 per cent neoprene. With strong pressure level, this trainer works perfectly for girdling, sweating, as well as abdomen control. To offer you strong waist support, it has ten steel bones and 3-layered elastic belt. The embossed design makes it fit quite comfortably around the waistline. Use it, and you can see the results within a few days.


waist trainer shaper

No matter what is your budget or compression level requirement, shapellx waist trainer will be a perfect option. Visit the site and explore them all now.

What Body Shaper Can Help You Lose Belly Fat?

Buying a perfect body shaper can be a little tricky. The reason is some are designed to shape the waistline while some work great in controlling the tummy or belly fat. So, if you want to lose your belly fat, then buy the best waist trainer that is designed for this purpose only. However, if you are feeling confused about this, then here are some best trainers and shapewear that can give you the desired results.

  1. Neoprene sweat waist slim shorts

With the triple-layer composite neoprene material (80 per

cent), this product is quite effective in shaping tummy as well as waist area. Besides, it makes stimulates the body to produce more sweat during the workout so that you can lose your belly fat faster. Furthermore, the high-waist design perfectly shapes the curves and give your body a sexy appearance. Get it now.

body shape shorts

  1. NeoSweat Latex Three Belt with Hook Waist Trainer
    This is another best body shaper that effectively sculpts the midsection, controlling your waist measurements. The best thing is it helps in correcting your overall body posture. Besides, you can wear it under any types of dresses you want, under your gym outfits, office work clothes, gowns or summer dresses. Just put it one, and you will have that sexy hourglass figure that will instantly attract others.

best waist trainer

  1. Adjustable strap under-bust thong bodysuit

For plus-size and curvy ladies, this plus size Shapewear is the best option. This is designed to burn calories and fat effectively while working out. Besides, with its firm control, it adequately smoothens your sexy curves. You can adjust the compression level as per your preference using its adjustable straps. The thing design will help you to show off the gorgeous shape. Get it now and make your curvy figure look sexier.

plus size shapewear

  1. Over-bust postpartum recovery body shaper

As the name suggests, this works great by speeding up your postpartum recovery process. When you have this product, nothing can stop you from attaining the smooth silhouette where everything will be held in the right place. You will feel more confident with a fabulous attractive figure. The wide floral pattern lace hemline makes you feel comfortable.

full body shaper

  1. Open chest bodysuit shaper

Are you looking for shapewear that can flatten your tummy and can lift the buttocks? If yes, go for this one. This body shaper gives you an instant body transformation. The 3-layered fabric design offers enhanced abdominal control making you appear slim. With hooks and zipper, you will find it easy to wear.


best shapewear shorts

So, now you have a detailed idea about what to buy for losing belly fat. Check out the Shapellx waist trainer now and place your order. All are high in quality and priced reasonably.

Full Body Shaper Will Help You Build  and Refresh Your Personal Style

A body shaper is a piece of garment you wear and make you look slimmer and flatter in the body. It is as well called tights, body magic, and girdle. It is available in various shades, sizes, and shapes. The new body shaper is body-friendly as it gives your comfort and makes with no iron in it.

The body shapewear garment can remarkably change one’s look within minutes. It will flatten your abdomen, hips, thighs, and give you a slimmer and sleeker silhouette without visiting the gym.

The best full body shaper features multiple variations of tight-fitting garments with stretch nylon straps designed to deliver an extra layer of comfort and support when the weather gets wet or cold. A wide selection of colors and sizes makes adding a windbreaker in winter to your wardrobe a breeze. Select from a full variety of color styles, find style inspiration, and shop a full line of winter clothing.

Charming Light Coffee Color Sheer Mesh Panty Shapewear Open Crotch
Charming Light Coffee Color Sheer Mesh Panty Shapewear Open Crotch

The body shapewear can have more cleavage when they are leaning over the bra. It could be true as the larger cups make it more comfortable to wear a broader and more fitted bra. The way that a bra stands when being put on over the skin can also exhibit this effect.

Skin Color Plus Size Seamless Shapewear Strap Buckle Instantly Slims
Skin Color Plus Size Seamless Shapewear Strap Buckle Instantly Slims

Today, we live in an era of technology where cheap mini dress and various shapes of body are famous and accepted while finding getting the right shapewear should not be a difficult task. It is high time you get great shapewear that will make your curves visible and take control of your world.

Leisure Blue Mini Dress Solid Color Tie Waist Fashion Comfort
Leisure Blue Mini Dress Solid Color Tie Waist Fashion Comfort

Why the shapewear

It is a great option to choose shapewear to make fit your favorite clothes, either an evening party, cocktail dress or work dresses. It is better an option to use whether you are going to the office or you are attending a party. It is about to heighten your silhouette with a shapewear magic touch.

Stretchable Wine Red Spot Pattern Stand-Up Collar Mini Dress Holiday
Stretchable Wine Red Spot Pattern Stand-Up Collar Mini Dress Holiday

An average woman dreams of the slender body that can go into all outfits smoothly but cannot. Shapewear can make her aims to come to reality. A woman’s wardrobe filled with lots of best cheap lingerie, super soft, and comfortable bras, but they still lack shapewear.

Precious Light Blue Open Back Crisscross Sleepwear V Neck Maximum Comfort
Precious Light Blue Open Back Crisscross Sleepwear V Neck Maximum Comfort

A Slimming Look 

The perfect way to get your desire figure or shape is by wearing the shapewear. It will help shape your picture by small inches, thus the reason they have become every woman’s choice in the wardrobe. It gives you flawless curves, high confidence, and irresistible attraction.