Hello loves !!! If you like practicality and comfort on your feet, you should love canvas sneakers, as they are very beautiful and match everything !!!

There are shoes that are true classics and are present in the lives of many people. The converse is responsible for creating some of the most beloved sneakers in the fashion world. This is the case with the white All-Star, one of the brand’s most versatile models!

Footwear is so democratic that it can be worn by any gender, age, style and occasion. It is not difficult to find it in lists of shoes you should have: the comfortable design and the basic style with charm has elevated its status to the essential basic.

 It is not only in sneakers that the canvas is present. The fabric can be used in the production of very comfortable shoes, including loafers in a more sporty line. Which can be combined with t-shirts and more basic clothes. The canvas is made from resistant cotton, as well as jeans, forming a comfortable and lasting weave.

There are several types of canvas shoes: there are ALL star sneakers, shoes, moccasins and boots. You can choose which one best suits your style.

How to clean white canvas shoes and sneakers:

White or light-colored canvas-lined sneakers require some care to maintain their appearance again. And leave them without stains after drying.

The first precaution is to avoid washing them in a washing machine. It will not remove all the dirt and, after drying, will have yellow marks.

The use of bleach is another sin, which after a few washes and contact with the sun leaves your sneakers with dark stains and all the yellowish canvas.

If the model is lace, remove and wash them before starting the washing. To facilitate and speed up the process, dip them in the Soda Bicarbonate Pasta Mousse jar and let it act for a few minutes. Then hold them by the end, so that they are well stretched and pass the sponge, acting with a little force so that its fibers penetrate the cord well. After they are well cleaned, rinse and hang them to dry.

Place a few pieces of bubble wrap, cloths, flannels or white towels (so as not to stain the canvas) inside a shoe. This procedure is necessary to facilitate cleaning and maintain the shape of the shoe.


Dip a wet brush or sponge in the Sodium Bicarbonate Paste Mousse and rub the entire surface of the shoe. Go dipping the brush or sponge in the paste (if you prefer, put a little water in the paste – you don’t need to remove it from the pot, it can be over the top) and rubbing the canvas until all the dirt is removed.

Rub the white rubber soles with the Sodium Bicarbonate Paste Mousse and a stiff bristle brush. The steel brush will make the job much easier. It helps to remove grimy and dirty areas that are difficult to access. In the absence of this, use a sapolium stone (buy in supermarkets, they are usually displayed in the dishwashing detergent shelves). Go rubbing the stone on the rubber that should be covered with the paste.

If the rubber is very grimy and you are unable to clear it completely. Add a little creamy hydrogen peroxide 20-30 volumes to the paste. Cover all the rubber with the mixture, let it act for about 15 minutes, and then rub.

Remove the cloth or bubble wrap and rinse the shoe with clean water. Place your shoes on top of a clean, dry towel. Wrap the sides of the towel around it to remove excess water.

Repeat the process on the other foot and let it dry at room temperature. If you prefer, use the dryer on low heat.

After drying, spray the entire shoe with hairspray. It is a dirt repellent, facilitates the next cleaning and avoids some stains.