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Sweaters and Shirts are Beautiful and Cool

Layering sweaters over shirts is a cool trend. It is easy, stylish and very comfortable to pull together in the fashion era of loose oversized styles. While browsing the web we noticed this trend recurring over social media and other places. An extra-long button-down shirt layered underneath a cool and cozy sweater. It is a very simple and classic look. There are a variety of styles and patterns available in sweaters. You can choose according to your needs or the weather. But the best part is that it is effortless, fresh and modern in so many ways. We love this style as it is mostly flattering on everyone and stylishly elegant.  

To pull this look just wear your favorite collared shirt and layer with a cool pull over sweater. Let the collar, cuffs and the tails of your untucked shirt peek through. You can also leave the sleeves down or turn it over your sweater sleeve. It gives that Oxford university kind of look. There is no need for the shirt or the sweater to be form fitted. Thanks to the range of fabrics, fits and patterns, it makes it trendier and more fashionable.

A traditional white button-down shirt, or a laid-back denim, chambray, cute polka dots, look amazing when layered with a sweater and does not look like a school uniform. Besides accessorizing your look with some jewelry and a cute purse will make the whole look feminine and elegant. Wearing a chunky statement necklace with these outfits is cute too. The range of button-up shirts and sweater styles are limitless. In this post we want to share a few that will inspire you to decide your look this winter.

Fashion Sweater

For a more semi-formal look wearing a striped shirt combined with black sleeveless sweater and jeans looks stylish and boyish. You could pair the shirt with a full sleeve sweater as well.

Ever thought of wearing a denim shirt and layering it with a stylish pullover. The denim peeking through makes this look edgy and feminine. Pairing it with your jeans and oxford shoes will make it appropriate even as an office wear.

Cable knit sweaters are thicker and bulkier. It is perfect for the colder weather during Christmas and winter. It is also ideal to wear as an office attire.

A roomier cowl neck cropped sweaters look great when layered over shirts. It is more relaxed and comfortable. It will also look fabulous when the same sweater is paired with denim or a striped shirt. However, you can switch the pants with jeans, trousers and during warmer days with a pencil skirt

We love the look of black and white together. Styled with black sunglasses and a statement bag looks trendy and elegant.

These are some of the popular styles that are ruling the fashion world and often seen on street fashion to inspire you.

Sweater Dress for Pear Shaped Body

The pear body shape, also known as the triangle body shape, is characterized by narrow shoulders, small breasts and chest, narrow waist, thick thighs, prominent butt, and large calves. If you found yourself in this description, don’t worry. First, remember that you are beautiful, just the way you are. Secondly, there are tons of ways to enhance your body. In fact, even if there is a large disproportion between your shoulders and your hips, you have a very thin waistline, and that’s exactly what you absolutely need to enhance, especially with clothing!

What underwear to choose?

For your body type, I recommend that you first buy a shapewear, which will be very useful to wear under dresses or pants. A shapewear will give your body the right balance, thus hiding the disproportion between your shoulders and your hips.

The perfect garment for a pear shape body: the sweater dress

But now let’s move on to clothing, and therefore we come to the focus of this article, namely the sweater dress. The general rule to follow is always the same, that is to choose models that are fitted at your waist, but which fall softly on your hips. A sweater dress is literally perfectly sewn for your triangle body shape, because it wraps highlights the upper body and drops softly below your waist.

What color and models to choose for a sweater dress?

Furthermore, the sweater dress is the fashion obsession of 2020-2021 winter. A sweater dress is a real must have in any wardrobe: its fabric is soft and enveloping, and will keep you warm giving you a touch of sensuality. The sweater dress must be in a neutral color, ranging from white to black or brown. These are perfect shades for winter! But you can also opt for an orange sweater dress, in pastel colors or in classic black. Another style detail to take into consideration when choosing a sweater dress? The side slit or cut-outs models. An open back sweater dress is also a must!

When to wear and how to combine a sweater dress?

The sweater dress is the ideal garment to show off from morning to night, thanks to its great versatility and comfort. How to wear it? A first rule is to make the sweater dress the protagonist of your look. Wear a contrasting coat over it. As for shoes, choose pumps or chunky combat boots, depending on the occasion. As for accessories, if you want to give a contemporary touch to your outfit, choose a nice metal rigid bracelet or a shiny choker!

Create your sweater dress

If you don’t have a sweater dress in your closet, know that you can make your own. To do this, all you need is an oversized long sweater and a belt. Thanks to the belt, your waistline, the strong point of your body, will be enhanced to the maximum power, and you will have created a super sexy outfit, to be worn perhaps together with a pair of knee-high boots!

5 Tips to Get Women’s Sweater Dress in Winter

How do you wear a sweater dress in the winter? The temperature will not allow you to just wear a sweater dress in the winter. What you can do is add some layers to provide warmth in the cold and look stylish at the same time because those layers will enhance your outfit’s fashion.

Sweater Dress with Blazers 

You can add some blazers to your sweater dress to help you feel warm in the cold.
The blazers will enhance your sweater dress to the next level of fashion that can wear as formal and casual attire and to add some more style try adding some scarves that will help you keep you warm in the winter season. This black sweater dress has a fashionable unique style that gives off a vibe of chic and elegant.

Sweater Dress with Leather Jacket

Yes, you heard it right leather can be paired with a sweater dress too. It would give you an edgy look with a leather jacket to match with this cute sweater dress. It’s a unique style of fashion in the winter that looks daring and cool. To add more style to the outfit try wearing some knee-high boots to get the edgy style. The sweater dress is also stylish and fashionable with the V-neckline design that offers sexy and feminine charms.

Sweater Dress with Denim

Denim will not only keep you warm in the winter season it will also look fashionable and stylish that gives you a vibe of a versatile and simple look. This sweater dress has a comfortable fabric that helps you stay warm when the weather is chilly and also because of its high neck design to keep you warm. This sweater dress with denim can also be paired with sneakers that will look stylish and fashionable.

Get a pair of boots

You can match your sweater dress with a pair of boots and knee socks that give you a vibe of a sexy and elegant look. This sweater dress makes you look like a chic and charming lady that has a v-neck with a lace-up to show a little sexiness and femininity.

Knee-high boots, gloves, and scarf in a sweater dress

This womens sweater dress is already built for breezy weather all you have to do is pair it with some Knee-high boots to feel warm into the bottom part and match it with some gloves and scarves to achieve the look of a polished and chic style. 

                                                 Dreamy Pink Long Sleeve Knit Sweater Dress Plain Breathable

That is all you need to do to wear a sweater dress in this winter season. It’s all about layering adding some accessories to protect you from the cold. Get the best wholesale sweaters here at Lover-beauty that looks stylish, chic, and elegant.

How to Match Casual Dresses for Women?

The beauty of casual clothing is that this is truly ideal for any occasion: we can dress casually for a picnic, for shopping, to go to the cinema or even to go to work. The first rule we must remember is that dressing in casual clothing does not mean being sloppy! In fact, adopting a style of this type allows us not to give up elegance even during informal events, showing off a sporty but charming and feminine look at the same time.

The casual style is suitable for all women, it does not particularly follow the trends of the moment and for this reason, we can also use garments that we all have in the wardrobe, even perhaps stealing some from our man’s wardrobe, like a white shirt or a maxi sweater!

Another aspect that we must keep in mind is that, to create a casual style, you don’t need a lot of clothing, but, on the contrary, this style focuses on the quality of the garments and the combinations. And, speaking of the latter, let’s see together how to match casual clothes!

Shirt, jeans and moccasins

Who doesn’t have a white shirt in the closet? This minimalist garment allows you to create a wonderful casual outfit in no time! The shirt is simple, but never out of place, it never goes out of fashion, it goes well with any situation and physicality. This is why it cannot be missing to create a casual style!

Trench coat, t-shirt, jeans and boots

The trench coat is another must-have garment, one of those that cannot be missing for a daytime style. This makes it a must-have shrug and can be worn over almost anything. It is perfect especially in autumn, since the weather in this period alternates rain with beautiful sunny days. So how to wear the trench coat in a casual way? Nothing could be simpler, together with a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and ankle boots you will be the most beautiful in the office!

Basic top, midi skirt, ballet flats

The midi skirt is a super feminine and versatile garment, the lifeline for all those women who never know how to choose between very short miniskirts or long skirts up to the feet. Now that autumn is here and winter is approaching, we can exploit it with a thousand different combinations and insert it in our daily looks on more than one occasion, such as with a basic top and a pair of ballet flats, to be combined perhaps with a cardigan: comfort to the nth degree!

Sweater, dress, low heel shoes

A slightly more elegant outfit than the previous ones, perhaps suitable for a few evenings out, such as an aperitif: this consists of a long dress in silk-like fabric, an oversized sweater, a pair of shoes with low heels. A truly original look that will not go unnoticed, despite its simplicity. To give an extra touch of fashion, add a belt to enhance the waistline!

Recommendations for Small Things That Enhance Happiness

We live in an era in which it seems that everything that passes in front of us, that we see in other people or on social media, must be purchased to improve our state of happiness. By this, I mean that people tend not to settle for small things anymore, but always try to find a different way to increase their state of happiness. Sometimes even people who are happy and who have everything in life, a job, that are beautiful, that have an excellent love life, and any item of clothing, are never happy with what they have: by this, I mean that you always try to work more to have more financial resources, try to become more beautiful, change your love life and buy even the most useless things that, in the end, they are really useless. Because, in the end, nothing is more wrong than comparing happiness with having more and more things, because, in life, happiness is reached when you are happy with the little things a person has. Desiring more and more from life will take you into a vortex that will never make you happy and happy with what you have achieved in life. Every goal achieved and purchased will never be enough and you will always be looking for something to improve your state of happiness even when there is no need.

We must begin to appreciate everything we have, without paying too much attention to the quantity that we have. Quantity is a concept that is not something on which your happiness can depend, as there are people in this world who possess much fewer things than those who have wealth and fortunes and are much happier than the latter. Believing that happiness is achieved in satisfying one’s needs is the wrongest reasoning possible, as when these are not achieved, we will begin to feel unlucky and unable to react. Finding the job that makes us earn a lot, buying many things, changing our hair color every month, are things that seriously endanger our happiness, as we talk about short-term happiness, which after getting used to it, goes away, and puts us back on the run to do something else. Stop looking at others and envying them, or making them envy you for what you have because you will only give no value to what is supposed to give you happiness.

Happiness lies in enjoying and appreciating everything you have, without complaining about what you lack. Not everything in life can be perfect, but this does not imply that it is not possible to be happy with everything in your hands and everything around us. Take a walk in the mountains, look at the stars, have a chat with a stranger, devote time to your children, volunteer, dance with your partner in the living room, spend an evening at the beach, have a good laugh with friends, travel and discover new places: these are just some of the little things that really make you happy!

Therefore, begin to appreciate all the items you have at home in your closet, and rejoice in wearing them, because they are your purchases for which you have spent money, which you have earned with your beautiful work! Above all, begin to appreciate your life!

Loose Plus Size Sweater – The Best Fashion Looks 2020

They are comfort made especially for every woman, and one of the best things to wear in winter to stay warm, always looking fashionable. We are talking about the loose sweaters, these giant sweaters with which it is possible to create a lot of different outfits, which perfectly adapt to the everyday style. With different models that can be found on the market, from cardigans to simple sweaters, these loose sweaters are perfect for a quick outfit, without too many pretensions, but able to make you look like a person wearing something really expensive!

Let’s go and see some models together: it will be up to you to choose the look you would most like to see on!

Very long and worn over jeans

In this case we are talking about the classic outfit, jeans and sweater, which is so perfect to be worn in winter that I don’t think there is a faster and more fashionable alternative than this. An outfit could be completed by wearing long boots, a parka and a nice scarf that goes with our loose sweaters!

With a long or short skirt

You will have understood that skirts are one of my favorite items, and I cannot but advise you to wear your sweater with a nice long or short skirt, perhaps with some particular print. Better to put the sweater inside the skirt, to avoid an effect that is not very pleasant to see!

On the shorts

Wearing a loose sweater over a pair of shorts will help you create a unique outfit, especially if you have chosen a cardigan! Wear a crop top or bodysuit under your cardigan and a pair of shorts, which can be either jeans or cotton, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is not to give up your pair of sports boots!

Worn over black trousers

We are talking about plus size in this article, and what better color than black to make your silhouette slimmer? Wearing a loose sweater with a pair of black trousers or jeans will help you slim down your body, thanks to the width of the sweater and the black of the jeans, getting a look on you that will make you feel perfect!

Combined with the bag and accessories

Sometimes we tend to forget the importance of wearing accessories when completing an outfit, especially in this case, where a sweater becomes too little to make an outfit look good, which will inevitably need some accessories to be high in quality. We are talking about bags, scarves, gloves, and jewels that can easily adapt to the color of your sweater, creating a perfect alchemy on your outfit!

Comfort and warmth for every day with fleece

Fleece is the fabric par excellence when it comes to being cold, and I believe that if you are a person who suffers from the cold you must have such a garment in your closet. Easy and comfortable to wear with any garment, this loose sweater is the perfect companion for colder days, that will keep you away from home for a long time!