Hello loves !!! All right? With autumn coming, we immediately think about the wonderful looks of that time, we think jackets, especially sweaters … but we should also think about what shoes to wear in winter.

1 – Country of the boots

The boots are practical shoes and very comfortable, they can be part of your look in all seasons, in winter the boot is widely used, as it helps to warm the legs and feet, in summer they bring charm and boldness to the look. There is a multitude of models for all tastes, but the model that is successful in the fashion world for this season is a boot or Texan country, a famous cowboy boot.

classic mini stellar sequin
classic mini stellar sequin

 The cowboy style boot is very comfortable and can be worn during the day with dresses, jeans shorts or pants, invest in neutral colors like brown, black and nude, these colors go with everything! They can be with medium or low heel, the height of the pipe can also vary between low, medium or long.

2- Animal Print Shoes

Be it snake, zebra or the famous leopard, the animal print shoes never go out of style and this beautiful print can be part of the female wardrobe.

Some prints never go out of style, be it stripes, florals, polka dots, plaid, and animal print prints; they are present in all collections, the animal print is timeless and helps to enhance the look. You can invest in this pattern for both clothing and shoes.

Animal Print shoes can be used with all colors of clothing, they bring the production a modern and fashion air. 

3- Short boots

Short boots can be used in all seasons, this version is great for summer looks, and can also be combined with light pieces like skirts, dresses and shorts.

Use your imagination and creativity to put together amazing looks both in winter and in summer, for days with colder weather combine with pantyhose, riding pants or flare pants, it will bring femininity and elegance to the look.

4- Boots with tractor jump

Tractor heels are a trend, and promises not to go out of style anytime soon.

Combine with skinny pants or leggings for a more stylish and sophisticated production. For a more stripped look, bet on mini skirts and dresses.

This model can be used with the apparent socks.

Tractor heels can be found in sandals, Oxford and boots, in high or medium heels.

Tractor boots or boots are ideal for use on colder days, but can also be combined in fresher looks, the tip for hot days is to wear with dresses, shorts or skirts.

5- Animal print sneakers

Animal print prints are the latest fashion trend and leave the look modern and stylish.

The sneakers are here to stay and are already part of the female wardrobe, due to their practicality and comfort. They are now redesigned and even more stylish in jaguar, zebra, and piton prints. These stylish and democratic shoes can be used in all seasons and with all colors and styles of looks.


 Mules also come full of charm and practicality, these shoes can be found in low, medium or high heel models.

Mules flats combine with different styles of look, so use and abuse this trend!