Honestly printed throughout the year are popular, this year’s bikini cherry must see “flowers” be considered qualified, people think of a real, natural tropical scenery. Really do not know how to choose? It from the wallpaper, curtains looking for inspiration, certainly not wrong!

Hollow sexy temptation
Sometimes you really want to understand the truth, that is: desperately exposed not necessarily sexy. Waist a little hollow or chest “open skylight”, fashion hot elements in the swimsuit is also applicable, fashionable is the last word, after all, the girls who go to the beach who is simply to swim it? A principle: where the self-confidence where!

Brain hole open crochet swimsuit
Crochet swimsuit can be understood as the swimsuit on the “lace” decoration, a small area of ​​decorations do seem to reduce the number of deliberately taste, but as the model shows that a full knit swimsuit, really can only see do not Go on!

Bikini blouse lets you get rid of freedom
In addition to loose beach skirts, bikini blouse and what options? Now come to reveal the answer. Those open slits open to the armpit of the shirt can be out at this time, in addition to short dress, pajamas wind is also very worth trying, even if the upper body wearing a bikini shirt is also no problem.

Sunscreen is essential, and, really is used to finishing touch ~