Choosing a swimsuit is the biggest puzzle for most of the fat girls. In fact, even if all-encompassing, swimsuit to sort out, you will find, swimsuit swimsuits and split swimsuit points.

For fat MM or the abdomen of the meat of the girl, the choice of high waist of the download, beaming the abdomen; a sense of drape or lotus leaf coat to block. You can also choose to print to cover, in addition to the fold is also no doubt worth trying.

Full of fat girls is best to choose the style of conjoined swimsuit, simple and smooth lines can not only hide the waist fat, but also the perfect modification of the body curve if the stripes style is better!

For the more conservative girl, or skirt swimsuit better. Can resolve the “hip is not so Alice,” the small gripping, tend to lovely sweet wind. Both to cover up the shortcomings, but also a good figure highlights the star!

Steel Tuo gather dark green temperament simple thin body repair conservative triangle female body hot spring swimsuit
Retro dark green super white, with dark blue hit color, light color on the full score there is no! Lotus leaf side of the trousers, playful but also significant thin thin thin With the sexy harness design, free to walk you will be the most watched people, super range of children.

Conservative split swimsuit female three-piece skirt-style hot spring small chest gather lotus leaf bikini swimsuit
The meat of the sister who want to wear out the United States and the United States feeling, so this dress is very suitable for you to wear. And this swimsuit, whether in shape or somewhere else, are plain skirt no difference, so it will not reveal a lot of meat.

Hanging neck tapping sexy swimsuit
Some babies do not like to reveal too much, so want to be relatively conservative, and this swimsuit is the most popular in our past swimsuit style, swimsuit also with a skirt, can cover the baby’s Fleshy, and relatively self-cultivation but loose, not obvious fat.

Wanderers girl swimsuit
Simple style children’s piece of swimsuit, for shy girl is an excellent choice. Girls printed one-piece swimsuit is lovely sweet, steel chest brace for small chest MM, waist wrinkle design is also particularly cover the meat. But also has a halter shape, so that the curve is better painted.