Global countries, different nationalities are wearing their own different styles, but talking about swimsuit, but it is a special case – it is an international route, in the hearts of the people of the world have a strong resonance. With the development of the times, swimsuit evolution history also reflects the people for the constant pursuit of fashion trends.

At the beginning of the 20th century, this stage of the swimwear slowly began to focus on fashion and human characteristics, and exposed more and more.

But the society was still unable to accept women’s excessive exposure to the dress, so only in 1907 Australian female swimmer Annette Kellerman because in the United States beach wearing a piece of catamaran was arrested in the incident was charged with her charges Is: indecent exposure, bruised.
However, only one year after the arrest of Kellerman, she was wearing the kind of conjoined swimsuit was accepted by the public. Can not help but want to Kellerman point of praise, or indefinitely we are still wearing a tightly wrapped Princess style, think about how hot ah

Later, the swimsuit began to become more and more light, more and more exposed places, people can finally accept the female light thigh!

Today, swimsuit has a different style

Flat chest of the sister paper should avoid the choice of three-point, try to gather type.

Hate the belly is always bad for our good things, ladies and gentlemen you panic! Choose a piece of swimsuit or belly before the cloth style, cover fleshy, even more waist Oh!

Some small things may feel that their thighs are too thick, no self-confidence legs, it does not matter! Choose a long paragraph skirt or loose small pants, so not afraid!