Do you know what the most tide is wearing this summer? Do you know how to wear the most sexy? Your heart of those answers must be out, swimsuit outside you dare to try, do not think that only Superman will be so yo, the influx of people are on the line, you do not hurry?

Europe and the United States fashion bloggers love to wear this, the beach must! This fight color swimsuit with striped skirt, the color is very refreshing, the summer breath blowing, is not also very suitable for false wear?

Sexy swimsuit bikini body swimsuit
Relatively the most conservative and most out of the street swimsuit that must be Siamese swimsuit friends ~ In fact, many European and American stars are like to take the body swimsuit when the bodysuit wear, bring the straw hat, put on the word drag how to like how to Comfortable and comfortable. Piece of clothing with the following denim shorts most appropriated.

Lanyard swimsuit
Do you know why people in fashion circles like to wear such swimsuit? I think one is fashionable, the other is the clothes are more beautiful. The lower body can be used with any single product skirt is no pick, how to take a good look

Sling swimsuit dress split retro swimsuit
Recently, the past few years is also a pandemic retro, popular with the popular is the tide to the words. High-waist style split retro swimsuit, because the design is relatively conservative, less exposed meat, was a lot of fashionable people outside the direct wear.

Split swimsuit female bikini
Do not think bikini only sexy, can not wear out the street, in fact, as long as with the right, was thin and trendy, to find a variety of swimwear can wear a street, Miu Miu2017 spring and summer series of fashion show this look is swimsuit inspiration.

Conservative three-piece bikini straps One-piece swimsuit
Than the traditional Siamese swimsuit a little more sexy, deep V neckline and both sides of the downward extension of the hole and strap detail, easy to adjust the most fit wearing effect. Super sexy strap design, out of the street with denim shorts, nice fried days.