Visitors to the traveler, please pay attention to travel friends Please note that visitors to travel please pay attention to (important things to say three times): hot summer, choose the location of travel must first understand the local temperature Situation, go out to remember sunscreen, anti-heat stroke, anti-mosquito, anti-nutritional imbalance and so on.

Of course, a sun hat is also a sunscreen with a sunscreen function. You do not think the eaves side of the straw hat sunscreen function strong? Look at its delicate weaving, it is easy to see its beauty. With breathable features, foldable design is also extremely convenient to carry.

For sunscreen we have to do is with a good sunscreen, sun hat, remember do not go out at noon, because at noon when the strongest UV radiation, if you do not want to be sunburn sun heat, choose the right time, choose the right Of the sun hat out

Of course, if something must go out because of something, we must do a good job of sunscreen prepared.

Go out as much as possible to wear light-colored series of clothes, because the light tone slow heat, heat fast, with some heatstroke drugs, you can take water or salt tea, do not feel so hot days, but also to drink water, not hot Dead ah! This is because the water and salt tea for the body to add the water and salt consumption is a great benefit. After all, to maintain a balanced nutrition is also a lot of their own benefits!

The seaside has always been the first choice for tourism, the vast expanse of the sea plus the sandy sandy beach, always make people feel comfortable and cool. And the beach will always have the impulse to water, do not buy a beautiful swimsuit how to go out!

Separate skirt sports conservative swimsuit
Split skirt swimsuit sports full of wind, with self-cultivation effect, coat oblique stripes stitching with a visual weight-loss function, waist design can cover up the fat, and it is a little conservative, do not worry will go light.
Split bikini swimsuit

Conservative thin thin cover three sets of bikini split swimsuit small chest skirt hot spring bathing suit
Bikini swimsuit has a sexy name, and such a fashion sense of luxury full of bikini sexy in a trace of elegance, pink color is full of girls young and beautiful.
One-piece conservative swimsuit

Sunscreen heat, you know what is good, is sure to do the preparatory work, hope in the process of tourism, even in the hot summer, you will feel cool, beautiful mood will not be affected by the sun.