Weight loss is a female friend can not leave the topic, the summer when the weather is relatively hot, at every turn to sweat, exercise weight loss may be given up to everyone, but in fact there is a summer sports can help lose weight, and can also cool Jieshu, That is swimming, then summer diet weight loss really effective?

1, swimming consumption of energy
Swimming consumption of energy is relatively large, can help us to effectively lose weight, which is due to swimming when the water resistance is much greater than the resistance of the air when the land movement, walking in the water are laborious, and then swim, sure consumption More calories. At the same time, the thermal conductivity of water is greater than 24 times the air, the water temperature is generally lower than the temperature, which is also conducive to heat and heat consumption. Therefore, the energy consumption when swimming than running on land projects such as many, so the effect is more obvious weight loss.

2, to avoid lower limbs and waist movement injury
In the swimming time, we can effectively avoid the lower limbs and waist movement damage, in the land for weight loss exercise, due to heavy body weight, so that the body (especially the lower limbs and waist) to bear a lot of gravity load, so that movement Ability to reduce, fatigue, so that the interest in weight loss exercise greatly reduced, and can damage the lower limb joints and bones. While the swimming project in the water, obese people have a considerable part of the body’s water buoyancy bear, lower limbs and waist will be much easier, joint and bone damage greatly reduced the risk.

3, can enjoy the natural massage service
In the swimming time, you can also enjoy the natural massage service, can be described as very comfortable. Swimming, the buoyancy of water, resistance and pressure on the human body is an excellent massage, the skin can also play the role of beauty.

Swimming to lose weight taboo
1, avoid eating before meals and swimming
When we are swimming, we must pay attention not to swim before and after meals, is not conducive to good health, fasting swimming will affect the appetite and digestive function, but also in the swimming dizziness, fatigue and other accidents; satiety swimming will also affect Digestive function, but also produce stomach cramps, and even vomiting, abdominal pain phenomenon.

2, avoid fasting swimming
Fasting swimming will give our body a lot of damage, will consume a lot of energy and heat, many people who love to swim have a feeling that swimming after the shore, will feel hungry, whole body fatigue. This is because the swimming is a heavy physical exercise, limb muscle activity range, will consume a lot of human energy, heat. In the fasting to go swimming, due to low blood sugar, particularly prone to muscle tremor in the water, dizziness, collapse, coma, and even may be directly drowning and death.

3, avoid vigorous swimming after swimming
After the strenuous exercise to avoid swimming, or may cause physical discomfort, is not conducive to good health, vigorous exercise immediately after swimming, will increase the burden of the heart; a sharp decline in body temperature, will weaken the resistance, causing cold, The

4, avoid menstrual swimming
Menstrual period we also need to pay attention not to swim, or may lead to infection, affect the health, menstrual swimming during the disease easy to enter the uterus, fallopian tubes, etc., causing infection, leading to irregular menstruation, excessive, menstrual extension.
5, avoid swimming in unfamiliar waters
We must pay attention not to blindly swimming into the water, so as to avoid accidents, swimming in the natural waters, should not rush to the water. Where the surrounding waters and underwater conditions are not suitable for water swimming, so as to avoid accidents.

6, avoid prolonged exposure to swimming
Summer, we also need to pay attention not to prolonged exposure to swimming, is not conducive to good health, prolonged exposure will produce sunburn, or cause acute dermatitis, also known as sun burns. To prevent the occurrence of sunburn, after the shore is best to use umbrella shade, or to the shade of the place to rest, or with a bath towel in the body to protect the skin, or in the body exposed sunscreen.
Summer swimming for our health is very good, you can cool Jieshu, help us to effectively lose weight, I hope you can try to swim, but when swimming we do not ignore the daily Swimming taboo.