This year must be the hottest summer ever, although it has been the beginning of autumn, but still so hot. The face of the hot sun, where are not suitable for going out to play, only the swimming pool is the best place to go. But the face of so many styles of swimsuit, small fairies are not hesitant to start. Do not know which one is suitable for yourself. Before the election style, we must first understand what kind of body they belong to.

H type

This kind of body is called newspaper type body, covered with more symmetrical. Chest butt is not very prominent, no curve waist. So it is not suitable for showing the waist and abdomen of the shortcomings of the swimsuit, especially the tube, the body no curve. It is recommended to choose the waist of a sense of design swimsuit or a lotus leaf style, both up and down can be visually increase the amount of fat to create a curve of the body.
Lotus leaf style swimsuit can be a good show of the waist of the slender, so no waist waist looks like a curve, in the visual can also increase the visual space, making the body look rich.

Pear type
On the small fat under the typical. Chest little buttocks big. It looks like a pear. Even with the legs are relatively thick, although the waist and hip ratio is very good, pale gray bottom line, look short legs.
So in the choice, can not choose the lower body with skirt style, will make the lower body even more stout. Flat boyfriend is also optional, triangular bikini is not OK. Should avoid weaknesses, upper body selection of cumbersome models, lower body selection simple dark line, the line of sight transferred to the upper body, lower body defects will naturally be ignored. High waist section can be directly stretched to improve the waist, highlight the waist, retro style swimsuit is a good choice.

Apple type
Apple-type body chest, thick shoulder meat, no waist curve fat, lower body is relatively slender. Including inverted triangular body, are narrow on the narrow characteristics. In the sense of Ze on the shape and the pear should be the opposite, the upper body as simple as possible, to avoid fancy, lotus leaf these must be resolutely refused. Use the design of the cut to cover the waist fat.
Hourglass type
As the name implies, it is like an hourglass. Before the convex after the Alice, there are big chest there are pretty waist and waistline, is simply the perfect body. So what to wear is very good to see!