For dry ducks, breaststroke and freestyle are the easiest to learn, but belong to two different ways to start the best to learn a kind, swimmers tell you a secret: to the pool 5 times should be able to swim 25 meters, but to Pay attention to the method, do not believe you according to the following plan to try or with you to help you around the ducks according to the following plan to practice a practice for her.

Self-study proposal
1 first day first practice floating, pedal wall floating, looking for the feeling of sliding, practicing for 1 hour, and then practice an hour kick, the end.

2 rest two days, these two days of rest is very important, you can let the body digestion of water, continuous every day to learn and not much effect.

3 the next day (or the second time the water) first half an hour pedal wall floating, and then began to continue to kick, an hour, the last half an hour with the hands of the action on it.

4 the same day with half an hour pedal wall floating, and then half an hour kick, with the appropriate hand movements, and then do some breathing exercises on the shore, you can try to breathe, until the feeling is very tired to go home.

5 rest day.

6 the first four days to do half an hour kick action, and then with half an hour with the hand and breathing, to set a shorter goal to complete their own, and finally give yourself to set a longer goal to complete. The best is 25 meters, exhausted to swim several times, until there is no physical strength to go home to rest.
7 the fifth day, the first to complete 25 meters swimming, after a few times with the slowest speed of travel, thinking about how to do the action. At this time you basically learn to swim (that we often say will swim).

8 These methods can learn breaststroke can also learn freestyle. On the beginning of the swimming action do not think too much, to the fifth day of time to seriously recall, it is best to look at online text and video. Leg action is very important to see how to do the video at the same time in the pool to find someone to help you on the OK, and this is not recommended to go to school, the middle to rest a day or two, this progress will be faster!