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A scandalous, two-piece history of the bikini

Part 1
The summer of 1946 was the free season of Paris. Europe has just emerged from the Second World War, the beach is clear, and the liberated French are ready to be further liberated – this is a small, insignificant further, in the form of women’s bathing suits, which may be just right for small glasses.

The bikini was born on the poolside shot of Paris on July 5, 1946, a week before the bus bottom and a shortage of global textiles. Designer and former engineer Louis Réard hired the only model who was willing to expose so many models. A 19-year-old nude dancer from the Paris Casino was named Micheline Bernardini. She put on the four small pieces he had stringed together and showed the female navel to the fashion world.

Réard’s innovation is not the first to divide a woman’s traditional swimwear into two parts. Hollywood idols and model models have long worn a two-piece suit, just as the thousands of GI ankles are still visible from the cover of Europe. But the navel is novel.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon recorded the history of the costume in the Bikini Book. He said that the last inch of the mid-abdomen is the last “contention area” in the fashion world.

“We have seen Jayne Mansfield and many other actresses wearing two-piece swimsuits,” Ben Simmon said in an interview. “But never exposed the navel. This is the scandal.”

[Sex and Power: Stormy Daniels and Female Pioneers in the Porn Industry]

In addition to some of the human evidence that female athletes participated in the two-piece clothing competition in ancient Greece and Rome, the history of women’s bathing clothing is also a long-term cover. Victorian women dare to bathe in public places, so wearing them for a long time can only be distinguished from everyday wear by moist means.

But the skirt slowly rises, the neckline slips, and the sleeves retract shoulders. Women’s swimming was introduced at the Stockholm Olympics in 1912, and wool manufacturer Carl Jantzen of Portland, Oregon, began selling a sleeveless piece, even though his knit wool garment was fitted with a hat and stockings.

Rayon and other new synthetic fabrics make a more comfortable and fit suit, which is great for Busby Berkeley and other choreographers of synchronized pool dance numbers, becoming the main content of the film. In the 1940s, swimming star Esther Williams appeared on the screen and poster in a two-piece suit, showing that the belly and abdomen above the button made her a national champion in the 100-meter freestyle.

Shocking things, but once the war is over, the tan lines are bound to become more tangled.

By 1946, Reina had left the automotive engineering company to engage in the mother’s underwear business. In the exciting months after the armistice, he competed with another designer for an arms race to create the world’s smallest swimsuit.

Competitor Jacques Heim has succeeded with what he calls “Atom.” But Reard stitched together a piece of napkin paper-printing fabric and made something smaller than Heim’s Atom, named after a remote bikini atoll. The place where the atom was split during the atomic bomb test that week.

“We have seen it after many wars,” Bensimon said. “In a safer moment, we will get these free and human celebrations.”

Part 2
At first, bikinis are more like success than success. Some photographers and models dare to shoot suits, and Réard built his own business around design.

However, the obstacles to breaking the humility on European beaches are slow, not to mention the post-war United States. Many commentators condemned this situation and many communities have banned it. Even today, swimsuits are still the center of debate in some Western regions; Barcelona was banned from wearing bikinis in 2011.

But the celebrities started their own navel exercises. Six years after Bernardini became the first girl to wear a bikini, Bridgette Bardot made a “girl in a bikini.” In 1962, Ursula Andress was in “Dr. No” only the knife and bikini as the original Bond girl.

According to Bensimon, the jet era has indeed increased the fate of this thin and light garment. Wealthy and glamorous people began to shuttle into and out of the Riviera, bringing new beachwear standards to the coasts of the world.

Bensimon said that in the United States, a former Mousketeer spent a lot of money to let his family watch. When the Mickey Mouse Club’s children’s star Annette Funicello was allowed to wear a bikini in most of her crazy beach movies, it wasn’t just that Frankie Avalon did a double shot.

“Everyone noticed,” Bensimon said. “She just wants to be a cool kid.”

Many see her children as well. By then, the top-down adoption of bikinis in the United States is irreversible.

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Fashionista who set up her own bikini

THERE’s a big difference between Freshwater woman Ruth Hurley’s swimwear and dozens of other
Aussie brands.

It’s not expensive.

With tops costing from $49 and bottoms $30 — and less in the sale, Hurley, 34, said she was
conscious she wanted to make RH Swimwear affordable.

The Freshwater woman said her British background — she moved to Australia from Hampshire nearly
ten years ago — make her more price conscious.

Britain’s big range of High Street stores generally make fashion much more affordable than

“I think it really is one of the only bikini labels out there that’s selling a bikini under $100
that has that unique aesthetic,” she said,

“There are labels popping up even week but most of them are really expensive.

“Coming from England you can get a lot more high street things,”

The former marketing woman decided to launch her own brand while travelling in Latin America after
taking a gap year.

Four years later top bikini blogger Tash Oakley has helped boost sales by wearing her creations on
Instagram. She has 1.9m followers.

Every time she posts a picture RH Swimwear’s sales surge.

Hurley, who started the company with her savings, plus help from her uncle, juggles life as mum to
11 month-old daughter, Amelie with running her company, which she stared four years ago.

Now she has big online retailer, The Iconic on board.

But she admits it’s not always easy being a new mum.

“I just work even opportunity I can,” she said. “Luckily babies sleep quite a lot, I just try
and make it work.”

While she studied fashion, she said she taught herself most of the skills needed to launch the

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Lady Gaga strips down to thong bikini

Sending fans wild with the saucy shot, which she shared on Instagram, the 31-year-old singer wrote: “Call me Princess Peach JoanneWorldTourMiami.”

True to form, Gaga ensured the rest of swimwear style was dripping with glamour, pairing her glitzy bikini with a black kaftan encrusted with gold sequins and white stilettos.

She captioned another pic: “From the woods for Thanksgiving to the beach for Tour in Miami! #beyourself #ladygaga #beachwear #JoanneWorldTourMiami Bienvenidos a Miami!”

More snaps posted to her 26million followers included one of her reclining seductively on a sun lounger and a close-up selfie of her cleavage in the chain-link bikini top.

Gaga – real name Stefani Germanotta – has stopped off in the sun-soaked city as part of her Joanne World Tour, though she seems to be having no problem mixing business with pleasure.

The Bad Romance hitmaker is no stranger to dressing somewhat impractically in the great outdoors.

In June, she was snapped enjoying a hike wearing ruffled top and maxi skirt and sky-high stiltettos.

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Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman share their top tips for picking flattering swimwear this summer

Summer in Australia is the season of sweltering hot days and afternoon ocean dips so many of us spend our lives in our swimwear. But how can we choose the best style for our shape?

Apparently there is a science to selecting the right swimsuit for each body type and bikini entrepreneurs Tash Oakley, 26, and Devin Brugman, 26, of Monday Swimwear have mastered the art.

The Australian swimwear designers spoke to HuffPost Australia about their tips for finding a flattering piece to suit every shape from petite to voluptuous.

According to the girls, the most flattering bikini in style this season is the ‘classic tie side triangle bikini’ which is universally loved because of its ability to adjust to any body type.

A big problem many women face is finding a set which can cater to both bigger breasts and a smaller derriere, and Devin and Tash both advise wide straps for the bustier customers.

‘We recommend a wider-strapped halter neck top that won’t dig, an underwire top for a comfortable and flattering fit, or a fully adjustable classic triangle top,’ they told the publication.

For those concerned with showing off their midriff or when the extra winter padding is yet to be shed, the girls suggest a one piece with a structured V-neckline and a high-cut leg.

‘A V-neck and slightly higher cut leg help to add length to the torso and the legs, sweetening all of your mid-section woes. High-waisted bottoms with medium coverage and shaping side panels to sculpt your silhouette and cinch in the waist work really well,’ Devin and Tash said.

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The Block back to bikini bombshel

Media images of the ‘body beautiful’ make women feel question their looks and lose confidence in themselves, research suggests.

A study found they feel worse about their bodies when shown pictures of bikini or fashion models.

They made them feel most conscious about their own stomach, followed by their overall weight, then waist, overall appearance and muscle tone.

Next, they evoked negative emotions about their legs, thighs, buttocks, hips, arms and breasts.

Women who viewed bikini/fashion model images showed more interest in dieting and exercising to lose weight compared to those shown pictures of women in paintings or products.

Nearly half said the photos made them feel too embarrassed to wear a swimsuit in public.

‘Our results show that seeing slender and bikini-clad models had an immediate and direct impact on how women feel about their own bodies – and that impact was mostly negative,’ said lead author David Frederick, assistant professor of health psychology at Chapman University in California.

‘Our findings highlight the important wholesale bikinis role of media in shaping women’s feelings about their bodies.

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Liz Hurley looks incredible in a red bikini in playful photo from her Maldives holiday

Clearly still lusting after the sunshine in the Maldives, the 52-year-old actress and model shared yet another snap of herself clad in a swimsuit, enjoying the sun.

Taking to one of her Instagram accounts, Liz posted a photo of herself floating in the crystal clear Indian Ocean.

Presumably still longing for the sunshine and balmy weather, the Austin Powers star treated her 93,000 followers to a sunny snapshot.

Sporting a chic red bikini from her own Elizabeth Hurley Beach collection, the star showed off her incredible figure.

Before returning to the UK for Bonfire night, the British star had been enjoying a long sunny break in the Maldives.

The 52-year-old landed in London ahead of Bonfire night, when she attended the Paddington 2 premiere with her son

Liz has been enjoying an Autumnal break from the bad weather at home, jetting out to the exclusive resort in the Indian Ocean at the end of last month.

Keen to showcase her skills as a designer, the Basingstoke native has uploaded a number of shots of her enjoying the hot weather in her latest beach wear collection.

It’s not all been self-promotion and tan time on the island though, as Liz has also been spending some quality time with her son, Damian.

The proud mother couldn’t help but gush about her only child in the post, which saw them cuddling up to one another on the beach, calling him her “sonshine”.

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Ashanti Responds to Allegations About Damaged Swarovski-Covered Bikini

In response to the allegations that designer Aiden Euan made against Ashanti and her team, the singer has issued the following statement:
“When my stylist pulled the beautiful crystal bathing suit that I wore in the commercial initially we were told we could purchase it. We were not informed by the designer that the suit could not get wet OR had body makeup restrictions. After seeing the BTS pictures of Ashanti all of a sudden he wanted the bathing suit back. We have written correspondence with the designer asking if we could have it cleaned before we returned it. He declined stating he had a special soap to hand wash it with and went to the media instead. He did not contact Management until Friday the week of the commercial release. He was paid within hours on Friday night. Now he has the bathing suit and the money.”
Previously: Ashanti wore a custom Swarovski crystal-embellished bikini to shoot her latest Ciroc campaign — but now, she’s under fire for reportedly trying to return the garment in horrific condition, Oh No They Didn’t reports. The bikini was created by small designer Aidan Euan who, as it seems, has been trying to get in contact with the singer and her team for some time, and to no avail.
In images that have since been removed from the designer’s Instagram, Aidan posted photos of the damaged garments, writing of his efforts to contact her team and the lack of response he claims he received. He acknowledged that he “tried the professional approach” but, with no reply, he said he was forced to take to social media. The designer added that “It is unfair for small online business owners like myself to keep quiet and stay in fear of ruining one’s reputation and losing possible ‘clients.’”

In images that have since been removed from the designer’s Instagram, Aidan posted photos of the damaged garments, writing of his efforts to contact her team and the lack of response he claims he received. He acknowledged that he “tried the professional approach” but, with no reply, he said he was forced to take to social media. The designer added that “It is unfair for small online business owners like myself to keep quiet and stay in fear of ruining one’s reputation and losing possible ‘clients.’”

Also in his post, the designer explained the craftsmanship that went into the bikini (that has also been spotted on Kim Kardashian in the past). The piece of swimwear is handmade, taking 16 hours of labor and more than 6,000 hand-placed Swarovski crystals. It retails for $700 on the designer’s website. Though the bikini was pulled as a sample for this particular shoot, it’s reportedly not in any condition to be lent to another photoshoot again, which means that the value that it once had is no longer. There is no statement from Ashanti or her team on the matter yet, but stay tuned for updates.

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The Internet Is Obsessed With This Hilarious Mom’s Bikini Karaoke

When UK-based comedian and mother of one Riona O’Connor, 36, realized all she had to do to get a bikini body was to put a bikini on, she decided to make up for the lost time she’d spent agonizing over her figure: Wearing a two-piece swimsuit, she reimagined hit songs, like Beyonce’s “Crazy Right Now” and Lady Gaga’s “Beautiful,” in an epic parody catered to “bikini fearing, cellulite despairing, wobble embracers to dare to jiggle,” according to the caption of her Facebook video. The clip was posted on Wednesday morning and has already received more than 282,000 views:

In the video, Riona wears her two-piece suit to Tesco (a popular grocery store in the UK) on the street, in the car, at the playground, at a bar, and at the beach. “I have never ever felt comfortable or confident in any swimwear, not to mention a bikini, so this video is a way to really challenge myself and other women to change the perception of what a bikini body means,” she says of her decision to take on body image in a video. “I decided to put my money where my mouth was, and really push myself to accept the body I come in, wobbly bits, jiggly bits, and all.”

Although she says starring in the video was fun, she found it difficult to edit the footage, since she was forced to face every angle of her body including “lots of belly rolls flying around the screen, lots of my back fat undulating like the ripples in a pond, my cellulite thighs roaming around a much bigger circumference than I’d like,” as Riona wrote in an Instagram post.

But the experience ultimately left her feeling empowered: “I found as I continued the edit it got easier and easier. Like exposure therapy,” she explains. “What I was so appalled at in the beginning became normal and 100-percent acceptable by the end! Not scary or ugly or weird.”

The video has racked up hundreds of grateful comments from women who can relate to Riona’s inspiring lyrics, which include, “Your belly size is not your worth,” and “I don’t care what size I measure, I just wanna eat my cheddar.”

“I have been told I am brave for doing it,” wholesale bikinis Riona says of the response. “I don’t believe I should be called brave, I think showing my body or any body should just be normal, no big deal.”

The comedian’s approach, it seems, is contagious. In the comment section of her Facebook video, one woman wrote, “Going to steal some of your confidence for myself!”

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Kim Kardashian Spent Her Birthday in a Bikini During a Utah Getaway

Kim Kardashian West added fuel to the adage that age is only a number as she spent her birthday clad in the tiniest black bikini—and she’s never looked better.

The reality star, who famously promised, “Nude selfies till I die,” was feeling herself as she enjoyed a “super low-key” celebration over the weekend while reminding fans that she’s looking great at 37.

After reaching the milestone on Saturday, the social media mogul couldn’t stop checking herself out as she took to Instagram stories to share two different Boomerangs of herself. In them she is lying down on a tanning bed and playing with her platinum hair while clad in the tiniest black string bikini

The hot mama, who is expecting her third child with Kanye West via surrogate, also looked to be enjoying other views, namely the stunning desert scenery surrounding the Amangiri Resort in Canyon Point, Utah.

The birthday girl shared several snaps of the stunning landscape, including one which she captioned, “Most relaxing bday trip! Amangiri.”

And while no celebratory cake was in wholesale bikinis sight (Kim K. took to her app to reveal that she was looking forward to Hansen’s cakes and “Khloe’s strawberry cobbler”), the Keeping Up with the Kardashians mainstay made a point of indulging in some special pancakes topped with berries.


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‘Bikini Grandma’ Says She Still Drives Around in Swimwear

Not many grandmothers have been caught in a situation like this one, who put on quite the spectacle when she was forced to take a roadside sobriety test while wearing only a bikini.

The video of the exam became a quick internet sensation since the 2015 incident, with her grandson in the back seat.

For the very first time since the arrest, Patricia Ebel is opening up about being forever identified as “bikini granny.”

It all started when she slammed her BMW into the back of a Mustang in Naples, Fla.

She was driving her grandson home after an afternoon on the beach and she says she had two glasses of wine over a five-hour period.

Police put her through a series of tests, including lifting her leg six inches off the ground, which she appeared to struggle with.

“I couldn’t do that on a normal day,” Ebel told Inside Edition. “I wear heels all the time.”

In the video, she is also seen playing with her hair, which led many to believe she was flirting with cops.

But she said that was not the case, adding that she was “just fluffing my hair. It was wet.”

As for the bikini, Ebel still has it, despite receiving several strange offers for the skimpy swimwear.

“I had offers to buy the bikini,” she said. “I had a marriage proposal from Malaysia. It just got crazy.”

She admits that she still drives around in a bikini, but now “with a cover-up.”

Ebel says she plans to auction off the bikini with proceeds going to a veterans charity.