5 Body Lotion Favorites Well Worth Carrying Into Fall

An extremely important moment of a skin care routine is certainly the one dedicated to the application of a body lotion, which is essential to better hydrate the skin and optimize the absorption of the products that will be applied later. It is in fact from a body lotion that the care of our skin should begin, in order to […]

6 Helpful Waist Training Tips for Girls 2020 Black Friday

We live in an era in which all of us women are aware that having a fit body is certainly an advantage for our health. What is certain is that when you keep fit you always want to fight for the best results from every point of view. Eliminating cellulite, fat on the hips and reducing the risk of stretch […]

My Newest Plus Size Clothing for Fall

As the leaves start to change, crisps autumn wind reminds us of the sweater weather and everything cool and cozy. It is time to prepare our self with turning our wardrobe and getting ready for the beautiful fall fashion. Turtlenecks, cozy knit sweaters, leather jackets, trench coats and we can never forget the stylish ankle boots for the fall season. […]

Jacket and Jeans, Fashionable and Beautiful

One of the key garments when autumn comes is definitely to start using jackets with jeans to cover yourself from the first cold weather, without giving up in any way to look fashionable by combining the right accessories. Obviously, there is little to say about jeans, it could change the color they are made with or the model: low waist […]

The Most Popular Lipsticks for Women in 2020

Lipstick is one of those beauty products that gives the woman who wears it an extra sprint, making her look more self-confident, very sexy, but above all it completes a great outfit that, with a pair of heels, scares anyone. I’ve often heard “men” talk among them about the fact that they don’t like lipstick at all on a woman, […]

A Black Coat Looks Modern And Old-Fashioned in This Way

A black coat will always remain a classic and chic fashion outfit. Its elegance and style naturally overshadow its original use, which is to keep one warm. So, you have every reason to be conscious of how you wear it. While the outfit remains evergreen, fashion, however, has evolved on how it’s worn over the decades. You definitely don’t want to […]