Women’s full suits are the ultimate expression of elegance in office clothing. They are particularly suitable for roles where the first impression is important. In fact, they convey seriousness and professionalism. But what are the ones to wear if you are a plus size? Well, the rules don’t change, you can continue to wear the suits that all women wear!

So let’s go and choose some model, which stands out for its classic and latest trend style!


I am assuming that, as much as black slims, it is always nice to wear colored suits, which are very trendy in this period! These models are therefore comparable to an evening dress, or an extremely formal office dress. It is not the gray graduation suit that you reused for every job interview, anonymous and calm, nor the broken suit that our mothers or grandmothers wore to communions or family celebrations.

These suits are usually worn for a wedding or ceremony that is social enough to require an evening dress. Or, in their more subdued designs, for high-end office meetings where you want to impress your colleagues. You could also become a suit woman, the one who every day has a different colored suit and sits at the desk with the immaculate shirt sticking out of the blazer, but let’s say it’s a pretty strong style choice.


If, on the other hand, you do not let yourself be enchanted by temporary fashion and instead focus on a classic look. Here is a striped or one-color suit is certainly what you have to rely on. In this case, we are talking about timeless fashion classics, which after forty all women have worn at least once in their life.

Surely one of the most iconic items of all time and that could be made special by adding one or more accessories. For example, a belt, some particular jewellery and a bag!

As for the colors, in this case, black is a big point in your favor. As it goes to slim down your figure, even better if it is a large model. And s for the lines, it is better to avoid the horizontal lines. And concentrate only and exclusively on the vertical ones, to favor a slimming effect.

Beware of:

  • Double-breasted blazer: the buttoning must start at least from your waist and remain marked, otherwise the final effect will make you have a mega-bundled chest;
  • What to wear underneath: turtlenecks, classic shirts, simple t-shirts or blouses, everything is fine as long as it is not too stiff and does not interfere with the jacket;
  • In or out of the pants? If you plan to always wear the jacket it is best to put it inside, especially if it is a shirt. Otherwise, keep it out, because you will enlarge your chest too much;
  • And what about shoes? You are spoiled for choice among ballet flats, décolleté and sneakers. Choose according to the style you want to create, but it is important that they are not too flashy, which is already the suit.

Having said that, you have everything you need to buy your suit to go to work!