There are Sexy and Comfortable Bra Set You Need Own

Have you ever focused on the beauty of the word “sexy”? I hope I’m not the only one who thinks so, but I find it a beautiful word, it will be because I associate it with something that I find very attractive (like a hot guy), but it’s a word I love! And do you know what else? I tend […]

How to Choose Crop Top for Women

A crop top dress is a shirt with its top exposing the abdomen, navel, or the waist. It is also known as tummy top, cutoff shirt, half shirt, or belly shirt, and many more. A crop top can be a blouse tied up in the front. It was not certain who invented crop top dress, but history has it that its […]

Are You Looking for High Waisted Workout Leggings?

At the end, who doesn’t like doing a good workout in absolute comfort? I fall into this category, and it is precisely for this reason that I decided to immediately rely on leggings that could give me the right ratio between comfort and results obtained on my body. Yes, because the high waisted workout leggings that you find on the FeelinGirl […]

Tips and Tricks to Find the Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Swimsuits are specifically made that they perfectly fit on the body. They are designed to lessen the friction while moving different body parts. They are generally made of a light and smooth material that provides good aerodynamic performance. They can be made fashionable also to make you look nice especially for women. Elegant Green Cross Back One Piece Swimwear Wireless […]

5 Things You Should Know about Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is a dress made of one piece with sleeves and legs with no provision to cover hands, head or feet. A parachute is a similar example of a jumpsuit. A Jumpsuit is simple to wear and regarded as a convenience garment. Made wear easily and easy to remove the clothing from the body, unlike other coordinated outfits. It […]

Do You Lack These Best Jeans for Women?

Jean is a heavy denim close-fitting trouser made for casual wear or manual work. Jean is a coarse diagonal weave line into cotton fabric. There are varieties of the best jeans made for women to make them look stunning, beautiful, attractive, and appealing. There are lots of different types of jeans made for women ranging from high-rise wide-leg jeans, skinny […]

Get These Women’s Shapewear Bodysuit at Today

Bodysuits are truly a beautiful garment to wear, thanks to their being elegant and sophisticated. Today, therefore, I am here to recommend the best bodysuit shapewear on the FeelinGirl website, which sells a huge range of products of this kind which, in addition to giving incredible comfort once worn, are carefully designed for every type of woman and will help to […]

2020 Summer Slippers You Must Buy, Stylish and Cool

Summer is coming and as every year we are looking for slippers that we can wear without risking to end up with corns on our toes or various problems that may arise because of the high shoes in summer. Well, here are three models of slippers that you cannot miss this year! Sabots Okay, maybe the lockdown period left the […]

All of Best High Waist Polka Dot Dress Ideas

Polka dot dress is a type of dress with patterns consisting of a filled large circle having the same size. Polka dots are patterned clothing commonly worn by women. Polka dot dress is now famous and has become a trend among the fashion styles in every season. This dress is playful, fun, bright, flirty, and free in all directions. The […]

Wearing Simple Letter Printed Top Become More Cool

Wearing this type of top is a very cool way to highlight our thoughts, our way of seeing the world, and why not, some of our ideologies too. A great way to make everyone who meets us get a little idea of us already! I don’t want to be misunderstood: I do not mean, by this, that we can get […]