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Choosing Best Cheap Plus Size Clothing and Lingerie at Christmas

sexy plus size dress

Festivities, decoration, fun, celebration, shopping and more. Christmas is all about this and more. While decorations and shopping mark the beginning of the celebrations, lets begin with shopping. Picking a perfect outfit for the festive season can be stressful. But it can be easy and fun to shop online.  As we all say shopping online is the new trend. While looking for gifts and presents for everyone, sometimes it becomes difficult to find something for plus size. But you must worry no more, as we want to share one of the best online boutiques where you can shop for different types, styles and trendy clothing items for women. You will find some of the best cheap plus size clothing too.

Whether you plan a small celebration with family or a big party, you will need some pretty, stylish and trendy outfits for every occasion. You want to feel festive but also family appropriate. You will find some beautiful pieces on Lover-beauty that are at a wholesale price. In this post we want to share some of the perfect clothing for Christmas.

Christmas Dresses

Everyone loves different types of dresses for the festive time. The grey off the shoulder dress is simple and elegant. You can either dress it up or dress it down with some stylish accessories according to the event you plan to attend.

Lace adds elegance and charm to your dressing. Whether it is your lace maxi dress or the hidden lace lingerie you will feel beautiful and sophisticated wearing them. Go ahead and choose the color you like and be the center of attraction.

We believe red, black and white are the color of Christmas season. These are some attractive and trending colors this year. Besides wearing an all-black ensemble will make you look slimmer. We love this silky satin wrap maxi dress with bold and beautiful pattern. Wrap dresses are the most flattering on every woman. You do not want to miss not wearing this for your family get together.

Cheap Lingerie

Finding the most sexy and cheap lingerie online is not a problem anymore. There is a wide range of the most sexy and hottest lingerie for women, even if you are plus size. With wide color selection, styles like babydoll, teddies and many more. Feel sexy and confident and celebrate your festive time with some pretty and cute lingerie from Lover-beauty.

We have seen animal prints in so many colors. We love this one as it is unique and pretty at the same time.

A little black dress is timeless and a wardrobe essential to invest in. It can be worn for every and all occasions. You just must change some accessories and the dress is brand new for each party you attend. We want to share a secret about black color, that it is less memorable, and you can wear it multiple times with different accessories. Besides black is always flattering and gives a slimmer silhouette. With some bling and sparkles this dress is perfect for Christmas time. Wearing a statement necklace and carrying a sparkly purse will make you look glamourous. The frills and the wrap style are gorgeous.

Maiden Black Wrap Plunge Neck Big Size Dress Mesh Relax Fit
Maiden Black Wrap Plunge Neck Big Size Dress Mesh Relax Fit

5 Reasons for Choosing New Denim Suit

Denim is a part of our daily life. Given the fact that we wear denim every single day, we are always looking for fresh new ways to style them. We were curious to know the various denim trends, so we did some intensive research on why and how we should be wearing our favorite denim this year. This fall fashion week denim made a huge presence on the runways and most of the big names in fashion industry are coming up with their own style and designs. While the classic pair of jeans and the cult favorite denim jacket are still here to stay, we will certainly be doing some shopping for the trendy denim outfits that are gaining popularity in 2020.  

If you are a big fan to denim for every day then you are all set, but if you are still thinking about wearing denim this post is for you. Here are the 5 reasons for you to choose the new denim suit for fall 2020.

  1. Denim is easy to dress it up or down. The high waisted and vintage inspired denims are making waves for the past few years. If you are loving the loose baggy style, you will be happy to know the comfortable wear is still trickling in for the new fall 2020 season. This comfortable style is popping up on the runways and street style alike. You don’t want to be left behind on this trend.
  • Denim is the most versatile ensemble, that never goes out of fashion. You purchase a denim and it will last you for years. It pairs well with just anything, especially when it comes to fall fashion. The warm fall colors like rusty orange, reds, browns, blues, oranges, you name it denim goes well with every shade of fall.

Demin Jacket

  • Denim jacket is another fall and winter essential. It is a perfect layering piece for fall. You can wear it on its own or under your warm long coat. It always adds a finishing touch to every outfit. We love the versatility of the garment. Many brands are upping their denim game by making it available in different colors and styles.
  • Denim on denim is another reason to choose denim. For the longest time denim on denim has had mixed views. But it is the new and latest trend to rock in the fall of 2020. The denim on denim trend doesn’t have to necessarily match. You can choose different shades, just keep it simple with a white button-down shirt and ankle boots for a more polished look.
  • Denim is one of the all-time trendiest along with comfort dressing. Be it a pair of jeans, skirt, denim jacket, shirt dress etc. they are look fashionable and stylish. You don’t have to put in extra effort to style the outfit. A true fashionista is most of the time seen in denim.

These are some of the biggest trends in denim suit you need to look fabulous and stylish this fall.

Various Types of Canvas Shoes

Hello loves !!! If you like practicality and comfort on your feet, you should love canvas sneakers, as they are very beautiful and match everything !!!

There are shoes that are true classics and are present in the lives of many people. The converse is responsible for creating some of the most beloved sneakers in the fashion world. This is the case with the white All-Star, one of the brand’s most versatile models!

Footwear is so democratic that it can be worn by any gender, age, style and occasion. It is not difficult to find it in lists of shoes you should have: the comfortable design and the basic style with charm has elevated its status to the essential basic.

 It is not only in sneakers that the canvas is present. The fabric can be used in the production of very comfortable shoes, including loafers in a more sporty line. Which can be combined with t-shirts and more basic clothes. The canvas is made from resistant cotton, as well as jeans, forming a comfortable and lasting weave.

There are several types of canvas shoes: there are ALL star sneakers, shoes, moccasins and boots. You can choose which one best suits your style.

How to clean white canvas shoes and sneakers:

White or light-colored canvas-lined sneakers require some care to maintain their appearance again. And leave them without stains after drying.

The first precaution is to avoid washing them in a washing machine. It will not remove all the dirt and, after drying, will have yellow marks.

The use of bleach is another sin, which after a few washes and contact with the sun leaves your sneakers with dark stains and all the yellowish canvas.

If the model is lace, remove and wash them before starting the washing. To facilitate and speed up the process, dip them in the Soda Bicarbonate Pasta Mousse jar and let it act for a few minutes. Then hold them by the end, so that they are well stretched and pass the sponge, acting with a little force so that its fibers penetrate the cord well. After they are well cleaned, rinse and hang them to dry.

Place a few pieces of bubble wrap, cloths, flannels or white towels (so as not to stain the canvas) inside a shoe. This procedure is necessary to facilitate cleaning and maintain the shape of the shoe.


Dip a wet brush or sponge in the Sodium Bicarbonate Paste Mousse and rub the entire surface of the shoe. Go dipping the brush or sponge in the paste (if you prefer, put a little water in the paste – you don’t need to remove it from the pot, it can be over the top) and rubbing the canvas until all the dirt is removed.

Rub the white rubber soles with the Sodium Bicarbonate Paste Mousse and a stiff bristle brush. The steel brush will make the job much easier. It helps to remove grimy and dirty areas that are difficult to access. In the absence of this, use a sapolium stone (buy in supermarkets, they are usually displayed in the dishwashing detergent shelves). Go rubbing the stone on the rubber that should be covered with the paste.

If the rubber is very grimy and you are unable to clear it completely. Add a little creamy hydrogen peroxide 20-30 volumes to the paste. Cover all the rubber with the mixture, let it act for about 15 minutes, and then rub.

Remove the cloth or bubble wrap and rinse the shoe with clean water. Place your shoes on top of a clean, dry towel. Wrap the sides of the towel around it to remove excess water.

Repeat the process on the other foot and let it dry at room temperature. If you prefer, use the dryer on low heat.

After drying, spray the entire shoe with hairspray. It is a dirt repellent, facilitates the next cleaning and avoids some stains.

What Style of Shoes Should We Wear in Winter

Hello loves !!! All right? With autumn coming, we immediately think about the wonderful looks of that time, we think jackets, especially sweaters … but we should also think about what shoes to wear in winter.

1 – Country of the boots

The boots are practical shoes and very comfortable, they can be part of your look in all seasons, in winter the boot is widely used, as it helps to warm the legs and feet, in summer they bring charm and boldness to the look. There is a multitude of models for all tastes, but the model that is successful in the fashion world for this season is a boot or Texan country, a famous cowboy boot.

classic mini stellar sequin
classic mini stellar sequin

 The cowboy style boot is very comfortable and can be worn during the day with dresses, jeans shorts or pants, invest in neutral colors like brown, black and nude, these colors go with everything! They can be with medium or low heel, the height of the pipe can also vary between low, medium or long.

2- Animal Print Shoes

Be it snake, zebra or the famous leopard, the animal print shoes never go out of style and this beautiful print can be part of the female wardrobe.

Some prints never go out of style, be it stripes, florals, polka dots, plaid, and animal print prints; they are present in all collections, the animal print is timeless and helps to enhance the look. You can invest in this pattern for both clothing and shoes.

Animal Print shoes can be used with all colors of clothing, they bring the production a modern and fashion air. 

3- Short boots

Short boots can be used in all seasons, this version is great for summer looks, and can also be combined with light pieces like skirts, dresses and shorts.

Use your imagination and creativity to put together amazing looks both in winter and in summer, for days with colder weather combine with pantyhose, riding pants or flare pants, it will bring femininity and elegance to the look.

4- Boots with tractor jump

Tractor heels are a trend, and promises not to go out of style anytime soon.

Combine with skinny pants or leggings for a more stylish and sophisticated production. For a more stripped look, bet on mini skirts and dresses.

This model can be used with the apparent socks.

Tractor heels can be found in sandals, Oxford and boots, in high or medium heels.

Tractor boots or boots are ideal for use on colder days, but can also be combined in fresher looks, the tip for hot days is to wear with dresses, shorts or skirts.

5- Animal print sneakers

Animal print prints are the latest fashion trend and leave the look modern and stylish.

The sneakers are here to stay and are already part of the female wardrobe, due to their practicality and comfort. They are now redesigned and even more stylish in jaguar, zebra, and piton prints. These stylish and democratic shoes can be used in all seasons and with all colors and styles of looks.


 Mules also come full of charm and practicality, these shoes can be found in low, medium or high heel models.

Mules flats combine with different styles of look, so use and abuse this trend!

5 Tips to Choose Modest Dresses for Women

It is not always easy for young Muslim girls to dress modestly without compromising their faith. It should also be said that modesty does not always concern women of faith. But that many times it also concerns those women who do not want to show off their bodies. In fact, dressing modestly does not necessarily mean having to wear a burqa, but also simply using a style in which you do not have to show your skin.

There is, in fact, this constant idea that to be considered beautiful, women must show their skin. And what modesty often fights for is that a woman can be fashionable and beautiful even by covering herself up. Modesty can be and is beautiful and only requires a little creativity.

Especially in the summer months, you have to be very good at knowing how to create the right mix of clothes to wear. And this involves an awareness on the part of those who create the outfit to no end in a pool of sweat.

It is obvious that this type of clothing leaves a lot of room for the imagination of those in front of us. And according to the beliefs of those who use this type of style, this allows for a greater number of compliments to their body.

But let’s see 5 useful tips for creating a modest style!

1. Loose and wide is cooler

While summer tends to be a time when women wear tighter and more fitted pieces, experts say you need to swap miniskirts and tank tops for loose, flowing pieces such as maxi dresses or tank tops that allow air to circulate. Combine an elastic pencil skirt with a wide blouse or top with gladiator sandals.

2. Avoid the need for layering

Many dresses are sold in short or long sleeves. And sometimes you have to resort to shelter to cover yourself when it’s too cold. It is therefore better to choose clothes that do not require the need to put other clothes on top. Tthus creating layers that will be useless. So buy items that cover the parts of your body that you already know you want to cover!

3. Choose fabrics for each season

Your skin will benefit if you go to wear light and breathable fabrics in the summer such as cotton, silk, chambray, linen and jersey. For the winter, opt for heavier items, such as sweatshirts and sweaters, and use more layers if needed.

4. The maxi pieces must become your best friend

Choosing a variety of maxi skirts and dresses in lightweight, breathable fabrics is a sure-fire way to stay covered but cool. Fill your wardrobe with this type of clothes. Bbecause they are very opaque and allow you to create many styles in vogue with today’s fashions without having to give up a skirt!

5. Use accessories

Use simple and modest clothes in which to feel comfortable, and change your daily look through the use of accessories. Use straw bags, hats, piles of rings, sandals and many other accessories to give a unique touch to your style!

Fashionable Bandage Dress and size Underwear

sexy bandage dress and lingerie

Bandage Dress

Bandage dresses and size underwear are two important pieces of clothing, especially for plus size women. However, most ladies find it difficult to even know what a bandage dress is as there are many similar styles of dresses out there.

Knowing the definition of a piece of clothing is the first step to recognizing it. That way, you know you are investing your money in the right thing. There are fashionable bandage dresses from composite heavy bandage fabric. These are materials that acknowledge your curves and control bulges. The right bandage dress will tuck you in and also serves as shapewear.

What Are Bandage Dresses?

Bandage dresses are sexy, tight, and they last very long. Since they fit you so perfectly almost like a glove or second skin, you have nothing to worry about. And when you wear a bandage dress, you are in good company. Red carpet celebrities wear bandage dresses. Celebrities see them as unique clothing to shape hips and thighs. They also put the spotlight on your cleavage with amazing necklines. It is the clinging to your body that does it frankly. These dresses improve your posture and shape. They highlight your feminine profile. As wonderful seduction dresses, bringing out the best in your shape and figure And you don’t have to be a red carpet celebrity to wear sexy bandage dresses, you just have to get your sexy bandage dresses at HexinFashion

Plus Size Unerwear

You do not need a special occasion to wear that lingerie. You can simply get the right size for you and you can get them in abundance. And that you are plus size does not mean you  cannot be cool or sexy. You can and the right underwear can do that for you. And that’s not overlooking basic bras that have your back (and boobs) on the daily.

 Bras now come in different sizes with specific back widths and cup sizes. No worries. You’ll find one style to suit you. There are sumptuous sets to mix and match. This is 2020 and the definition of sexy and cool is no longer model-thin figure. It is anything if you can find the clothing for it. And you can find shapewear that will streamline your silhouette and keep you looking perfectly on point.

Underwear is not so easy to shop for. This is especially true if you are looking for plus-size underwear since you cannot test the underwear before putting it on. That would not be sanitary. So chances are you won’t know whether you’ve gotten the right size until you’ve paid for it and probably worn it out.

That is why you need the best cheap lingerie and plus size underwear you can find at the nearest store.

Shopping is all there is to good fashion. It is less about your body and more about what you put on it. o getting the right underwear and those fashionable bandage dresses are needed for you.

Looking for Cocktail Dresses for Women 2020

Have you just been invited to a semi-formal occasion, such as a cocktail party or a corporate event, and you have no idea what to wear? I can understand you; you do not know how to dress because the event does not require an overly sophisticated long dress, but still requires an elegant dress code. So, what to do to wear something that fits in between? The answer is: a cocktail dress, of course! The cocktail dress is a simpler and less elaborate dress than the classic evening dress. It can be worn above all for events that take place until late afternoon, so it can be worn with tranquillity even during a business aperitif or during a wedding that takes place at morning.

In addition, now that the Christmas period is getting closer and closer, this type of dress is perfect for attending a Christmas party with friends. Where you want to appear more sophisticated. Or during a more formal Christmas lunch than the classic lunch with your family. In short, the occasions in which you can wear a cocktail dress are many, so let’s go and see some that are real must-haves!

Pastel colored cocktail dress

This dress is perfect for a daytime wedding, in this chic and delicate pink colourway. The ideal pastel colors are ideal for a morning ceremony. When choosing the right colors for our ceremonial look, remember that for weddings that take place during the day it is best to avoid dark and sad colors such as black!

Little black dress

Black is the elegant color par excellence, just think of the sophisticated little black dress which, despite its simplicity, expresses a timeless charm and elegance. The little black dress can be worn on any semi-formal occasion (except daytime weddings!), simply by changing the accessories. it is a garment to have absolutely in the wardrobe. Because it goes beyond fashion, which changes and renews itself season after season.

Lace cocktail dress

The fabric is also important in choosing the cocktail dress. Green light for lace dresses, a sexy, romantic and sensual fabric. Lace is perfect to wear on a business appointment. It is a precious and very trendy fabric. In this case then we will always be fashionable! And then, who said that floral prints are only worn in summer? If you’ve been invited to a special occasion, especially this autumn time, this navy-blue cocktail dress is perfect for you!

Off-the-shoulder cocktail dress

When we have to attend an afternoon event, it is better not to show up with exaggerated necklines, because the risk of being out of place is always present! For this reason, another very important requirement for our cocktail dress is that it must not be too low-cut. So, an off-the-shoulder dress is perfect for these occasions, to be worn with an elegant shoulder cover to protect you from the cold, of course.

Bag and shoes

As for the choice of the bag, match your cocktail dress with a clutch bag, a small but glamorous bag! And finally, the shoes to combine are obviously strictly the heeled ones. Sneakers or biker boots are absolutely forbidden!

How to Match Casual Dresses for Women?

The beauty of casual clothing is that this is truly ideal for any occasion: we can dress casually for a picnic, for shopping, to go to the cinema or even to go to work. The first rule we must remember is that dressing in casual clothing does not mean being sloppy! In fact, adopting a style of this type allows us not to give up elegance even during informal events, showing off a sporty but charming and feminine look at the same time.

The casual style is suitable for all women, it does not particularly follow the trends of the moment and for this reason, we can also use garments that we all have in the wardrobe, even perhaps stealing some from our man’s wardrobe, like a white shirt or a maxi sweater!

Another aspect that we must keep in mind is that, to create a casual style, you don’t need a lot of clothing, but, on the contrary, this style focuses on the quality of the garments and the combinations. And, speaking of the latter, let’s see together how to match casual clothes!

Shirt, jeans and moccasins

Who doesn’t have a white shirt in the closet? This minimalist garment allows you to create a wonderful casual outfit in no time! The shirt is simple, but never out of place, it never goes out of fashion, it goes well with any situation and physicality. This is why it cannot be missing to create a casual style!

Trench coat, t-shirt, jeans and boots

The trench coat is another must-have garment, one of those that cannot be missing for a daytime style. This makes it a must-have shrug and can be worn over almost anything. It is perfect especially in autumn, since the weather in this period alternates rain with beautiful sunny days. So how to wear the trench coat in a casual way? Nothing could be simpler, together with a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and ankle boots you will be the most beautiful in the office!

Basic top, midi skirt, ballet flats

The midi skirt is a super feminine and versatile garment, the lifeline for all those women who never know how to choose between very short miniskirts or long skirts up to the feet. Now that autumn is here and winter is approaching, we can exploit it with a thousand different combinations and insert it in our daily looks on more than one occasion, such as with a basic top and a pair of ballet flats, to be combined perhaps with a cardigan: comfort to the nth degree!

Sweater, dress, low heel shoes

A slightly more elegant outfit than the previous ones, perhaps suitable for a few evenings out, such as an aperitif: this consists of a long dress in silk-like fabric, an oversized sweater, a pair of shoes with low heels. A truly original look that will not go unnoticed, despite its simplicity. To give an extra touch of fashion, add a belt to enhance the waistline!

Choosing the Mother of the Bride Dresses at Now

The wedding day is perhaps the most important day in a woman’s life, and if there is a female figure who will accompany her throughout this journey, from the choice of the dress to the hairstyle, and who will also psychologically support her, that’s her mom. Your mom is a bit of your best friend, and her presence manages to reassure you, that’s why she will assist in the front row, excited and beautiful during your big day!

Having established the important role that the mother of the bride plays, the following question now arises: how can she dress? You will have understood by now that the dress to wear for the big day is not only the prerogative of the bride, but also of her mother. But finding a dress for the mother of the bride isn’t easy at all. What color to choose? Which model to wear? How to be perfect? Here is a series of tips on how the mother of the bride should dress!

The colours to choose

Obviously avoid white, only the bride must dress in white, along with red and fuchsia (too flashy and bold), beige (too close to white), black (too dull for a wedding).

Pastel shades

So, if it is a wedding that will take place during the day, the perfect colors to wear for the mother of the bride are those in pastel shades, even better if in solid colors, such as sky blue, champagne, shades of green and powder pink.

Burgundy, silver gray, dark gold, navy blue, copper, emerald green

For an evening wedding, however, you can give the green light to dresses in the colors I just mentioned. Furthermore, you must also be careful to balance the use of accessories. By this I mean that you have to choose white gold jewelry if the color of the dress is a cold shade, yellow gold if it is warm.

The models to be preferred

There is no universal dress model for the mother of the bride. The most important thing is that she must feel comfortable and at ease during this beautiful day, without, of course, giving up elegance. However, there are some precautions to follow: avoid dresses with too deep necklines, bare backs, or dresses that are above the knee.


Prefer a suit with jacket and skirt or a suit made up of jacket and trousers, if you have a classic soul, which you can enhance with special shoes or accessories.

Sheath dress

Or you can opt for the timeless sheath dress, a garment that can be worn by women of all ages, a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. You can then combine it with a shrug or a jacket!

Long dress

If the ceremony takes place after 8pm, you can choose to wear a wonderful long dress, perhaps with soft lines, comfortable fabrics such as silk and linen, and with asymmetrical cuts, for a more innovative look!

Finally, if your outfit is not very “demanding” and you want to embellish it with something more special, choose to wear a hat and a pair of gloves, which will make it even more sophisticated!

And now it’s time to buy the perfect dress for the mother of the bride. Happy wedding day!

Kinds of Skirt Suitable for Winter Seaside Vacation

As we all know everyone dreamed of going on seaside trips with the people they love, Seaside vacation is always on the list of every person’s travel goals. Some people are fond of going to the seaside during the fall and winter season for refreshment and comfort. Seaside places also became a fashion trend since they promote health benefits and positive psychological effects such as calming yourself and having peace of mind at the same time.

Your winter vacation will become exciting if you have prepared clothes that will slay your stay at your seaside trip.  Seaside clothes and attires dominate the fashion trend during this season. It becomes a trend for people who enjoy beaches and the sea. HexinFashion offers you some winter vacation outfits for your inspiration.

Floral maxi skirt

Floral print clothes, dress and even skirts are so eye-catching and look so romantic that is perfect for your vacation date with your loved one. Floral skirts were also versatile in any form of shoes and accessories. Yyour look may also vary depending on how you style yourself with your perfect floral skirt.

Leather skirt

Leather clothes always gives us a sophisticated design that we can always enjoy anytime we wear it, we can also move freely by wearing short leather skirt.

Halter neck floral dress

Halter style clothes and dress is good for any body types, it is perfect for women with broader shoulder since it highlights the shoulder naturally. Some halter necks don’t cover the back so that it looks more sexier and sassier. Wanting to flatter your bust area and having a perfect shape of it, halter neck dresses is the answer. They are also good perfect for women with bigger bust since it flatters it more.

Open Back Minidress

This type of dresses is usually popular among vacation since it has a loose feature that can helps you to keep cool on a hot summer days. Mini dresses are good for trips and adventures, you can look classy and feel comfortable at the same time. Casual look with a simple dress is the common fashion trend that perfect for any summer vacation. It is categories as one of the cheap mini dress available for everyone.

Bikini with skirt

Bikinis are popular for being wholesome fashion clothes that are perfect for summer vacations but in the current time, they invented it with a skirt so it will look more pleasant and conservative than just having a panty like lower garments. Some of it also looks more likely a dress but created with the swimwear fabric and has a seamless style so it is good for water activities.

Bodycon dress

Bodycon has fitted body clothes that flatter your body shape naturally, it also gives you a sexier and elegant image. It looks classy and perfect for casual events and summer occasions. If you want a romantic and sexy style of date body con dresses are good for it. There are also bodycon dresses wholesale that is available for everyone to purchase where they can choose whatever style, they want.