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thong shapewear bodysuits

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AirSlim™ Lycra Cami Seamless Bodysuit – Wearing super tight outfit sometimes obligates you to wear special type of underwear and it is the same thing with shapewear. For that occasion we can offer you this beautiful bodysuit.

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NeoSweat™ Triple Belts with Hook Waist Trainer – We all know us ladies have a problem with tummy area and from that reason we are offering you this waist trainer for women that will sculpt your body and boost your confidence.

Shirts with Skirts, New Trends in 2020

The shirt has always carried with it the idea of being one of the most boring items to use on our outfits. The fact is that this year the shirt worn over a skirt is a trend that you must necessarily try. So, without getting lost in the further talk, let’s see how we can combine this garment!

Look 1: shirt and sweater!

The first look idea is to match the shirt under the sweater, inserting everything inside our skirt. If you choose to opt for an oversized sweater. It is better than the skirt is a pencil skirt in order to avoid the effect in which you get lost inside the outfit.

Look 2: shirt with a bow

It is somewhat reminiscent of medieval times, but I can assure you that a shirt with a bow is also perfect for the youngest and allows you to create a beautiful outfit. Match it with a modern skirt, preferably in a light colour, completing the look with a bag and a heel shoe!

Look 3: suspender dress

The suspender dress is a summer garment, and by using a shirt under it you will solve most of your problems related to the cold. Cover up with a pair of high boots with a block heel, a cropped jacket and a fanny pack!

Look 4: under the vest

We all know that the gilet will very fashionable in this fall-winter, so it is better to use it and wear it over your shirt to complete the outfit. Insert the shirt inside your skater skirt and wear a nice pair of combat boots to give more variety of styles to your look!

Look 5: Denim shirt

I find denim shirts very beautiful, and with them you can create different but very interesting looks. In fact, starting from it, you can insert a long skirt with some particular print in your look, perhaps yellow that contrasts well with denim, closing the outfit with a pair of cowboy boots and a belt on the waist!

Look 6: Total color

Matching the shirt and the tone-on-tone skirt is very nice, and to simplify your work you might decide to opt for a coordinated set, perhaps in blue, camel or mustard, very trendy colors this year!

Look 7: Shirt with a blazer

I really like the idea of combining the shirt and skirt with a blazer. In this case, choose a white shirt so you will simplify your work on choosing the color of the blazer, and a very soft pleated skirt. Complete your look with ankle boots for the evening or amphibians for the day!

Look 8: Checkered or animal printed skirts

Checkered skirts are very well suited to shirts, especially if white, as they allow the colors to stand out. Complete the outfit with sneakers and a clutch bag. Same thing with the animal print, which looks great on a skirt in the same color as the animal we’re going to wear. In this case, a nice pair of pumps and a very large bag become a must. Complete both outfits with a trench coat!

Bodycon Dresses Wholesale and the Best Cheap Lingerie Modify Your Good Figure

Fashion is all about style and trending dress such as bodycon, which is a tight dress worn by women. It fundamental material, intended to smoothen your knocks and knots. As of today, the expression is frequently utilized for complimenting figures embracing dresses.

They are made in different patterns, sizes, shapes, aesthetic decorative designs, thrusting, and revealing. However, they all share something for all intents and purposes; they are mostly close.

Bodycon is a cute and flexible dress that will make a statement when you wear it. The bodycon dresses wholesale is a stretchy dress, body-embracing clothing made to complement the curve of a woman, going away from the creative mind. Bodycon signifies ‘body cognizant’, yet having one should make you feel calm and look chic. When you wear a bodycon dress, it is easy to remove from the body. Attempt this straightforward style today and enjoy its smoothness and fitness in your body.

What can you wear with a bodycon dress?

The bodycon garment has a perfect size you can wear under your dress. The dress will reveal your curves when you wear it.

There is quite a large quantity of underwear style that will best fit your body when you wear the bodycon dress. You may also wear the best cheap lingerie to spice up your dressing.

G-string or Strap – This type of clothing has unnoticeable lines underneath, while it sits on the lower side of the midsection.

Undies – There are many freestyles of undies that no one will see in you. Irrespective of what you wear under, they must be hidden within your dress.

Bras – Wear  a fitted bra that will effectively package every lump, allow your bra to align within your body dress, and coordinate properly.

Highlight Your Hidden Features

The bodycon garment has a potential benefit as it highlights the most beneficial component. Regardless of your body, you wish to flaunt either arms, butt, bust, or legs.

For instance, if you wish to flaunt your conditioned arms, pick a sleeveless bodycon garment type.

Start with Dark Colors

Black and other dark colors are effective at hiding imperfections. If you’re feeling uneasy about wearing a bodycon dress, pick one in a dark color. Black, navy, and other dark shades can create a lean appearance that will make you look appear slimmer.

Add Surplus Layers

A bodycon garment looks great on its own; adding additional layers to your outfit can make you more comfortable. Balance out your look with a jacket, cardigan, or tailored blazer. You can wear a bodycon dress during summer; add a lightweight scarf can make you look different with a unique style.

Spice it up with a little accessory

If you want to look fantastic and unique, add a little accessory to your bodycon dress to make you look cute, beautiful, and chic.

If you’re looking to make a statement, wear a bodycon garment today and these dresses are available online at HexinFashion. Bodycon dresses are available in a wide range of fabrics, cuts, styles, and colors to suit different sizes, shapes, and fashion tastes.

2020 Trends: Boyish Style of Vest + Hoodie

If you want something sophisticated and super feminine, even if it may seem counterintuitive. Nothing like the masculine style is more suitable to enhance your femininity. There are many items that we can steal from our men’s wardrobe for one of our outfits. Shirts, jackets, and sweaters, just to name a few, can be used to create a very refined and stylish outfit for ourselves, dressing in a woman with an elegant charm in a casual way!

But be careful my dear: having a masculine style does not mean dressing like a tomboy! The two are distinctly separate! In fact, androgynous looks are a perfect mix of taste and balance that must be maintained between the two parts, and when this is successful, they give the wearer an unconventional and glamorous style! The beauty of a masculine style must also lie in the ability to maximize one’s feminine side, this implies that to create a perfect masculine look on us women, the masculine component must be in perfect harmony with the feminine one.

Yes, because whatever item of clothing you want to steal from the other side of your boyfriend’s closet, you must always remember to add a touch that is yours. Don’t give up on your make-up, and don’t forget to put your lipstick in your bag, an accessory to use. Yes to earrings and rings, as well as skirts and crop tops. To create a perfect androgynous style on a woman, the important thing is that the female and male component is in perfect balance, and today we will see how to do it by talking about one of this year’s trends, the men’s vest with a sweatshirt, giving a look at some styles we can create!

Vest and hoodie with a skirt

We assume that the upper part of our outfit is already masculine enough. So we must focus on everything else to balance the feminine part and complete the outfit. And yes, the skirt is the female garment par excellence. Even more so if we use skirts with more feminine colors such as purple or pink for example. If everything were not yet an excellent solution, it could be to use tights: at this point, the game is done and balance is guaranteed, you will be the one to choose the shoes you prefer!

Vest and hoodie with jeans and heels

Obviously, when I tell you jeans, in this case, you absolutely do not have to think about the baggy jeans style for men, but about the very tight ones (you choose if low waist or high waist based on how your butt shines better). In such a way to play a lot on the shapes of your butt and your legs, super feminine parts. To give an extra touch, it becomes essential to add a pair of heels, stiletto or square are both good. Which, together with the skirt, make up one of those super feminine pieces!

Vest and hoodie with boots

It may happen that when you choose to combine a long sweatshirt with your vest. You do not have the slightest possibility of adding a pair of trousers or a skirt, which would be too covered by the latter. In this case, it is better to give up the coverage underneath. Wearing at most a pair of shorts with tights, in companions of boots high above the knee. In this way, you will create a style in which your best sexy part is added to the balance!

Autumn Moisturizing Skin Care Tips

With the arrival of the autumn season, our skin tends to suffer more. Due to the first cold temperatures that are not ideal for our face, which is the part of the body that cannot be covered, being the most exposed to bad weather. For this reason, it becomes of fundamental importance. In autumn as well as in all seasons of the year, the moment of our day that we dedicate to skincare. A very important step to keep our skin elastic, luminous, and hydrated.

This discourse applies even more so with the beginning of autumn, the time of the year when our skin appears dull and in which our face tends to dry out more and to not be very young. Skincare must be considered by us as a sort of ritual to be followed with care and dedication. Here then I will list a series of tips for this moment of pampering that we should all spend. Specifically, these tips will cover some ways to moisturize the skin during the dreaded autumn season!

Drink lots of water

It may seem trivial, but drinking lots of water is the first step to follow to have proper hydration of our skin. Hydration, in fact, starts right inside our body, which contains 70% water. This is why it is very important to take at least two liters of liquids that you can also not ingest through water, but also through fresh fruit and vegetables!

Cleanse your face

To start a good skincare routine, use a specific cleanser for your skin. The cleanser, perhaps combined later with a tonic that will gently remove all traces of make-up. And to prepare the skin for the treatments that will follow eliminates all skin impurities. Such as makeup residues, but also smog and toxins, real enemies for our face. Remember that facial cleansing should be done twice a day: never go to sleep without having removed your make-up!

Use a serum

Another fundamental step in skincare is the application of a good serum. It is a liquid product with a concentrated formulation and rich in active and nourishing active ingredients for the skin. It must be combined with the face cream. The serum makes the active ingredients of subsequent treatments much more effective and, above all, it penetrates deeper into the skin than normal cream. But the application of the serum can only be accompanied by the face cream. In fact, they are a whole, and the combined action of cream + serum allows the achievement of better results, helping the skin to prevent redness, signs of aging, spots, imperfections, etc. A real beauty booster!

Apply the eye contour

The eye contour area is the thinnest and most prone to dryness and stress. It is why you should never neglect a  cream to be applied in this area of the face: you choose which one, if anti-wrinkle, illuminating, or perhaps protective.

Now it’s up to the face cream

Then comes the final moment of our skin care routine, which consists of applying a face cream. If you apply it in the morning when you need to do your make-up next, I suggest you choose one with a light formulation, so that it absorbs quickly and in such a way that it is an excellent base for make-up, to use instead of the primer. Opt for a richer formulation before bed.

Recommendations for Small Things That Enhance Happiness

We live in an era in which it seems that everything that passes in front of us, that we see in other people or on social media, must be purchased to improve our state of happiness. By this, I mean that people tend not to settle for small things anymore, but always try to find a different way to increase their state of happiness. Sometimes even people who are happy and who have everything in life, a job, that are beautiful, that have an excellent love life, and any item of clothing, are never happy with what they have: by this, I mean that you always try to work more to have more financial resources, try to become more beautiful, change your love life and buy even the most useless things that, in the end, they are really useless. Because, in the end, nothing is more wrong than comparing happiness with having more and more things, because, in life, happiness is reached when you are happy with the little things a person has. Desiring more and more from life will take you into a vortex that will never make you happy and happy with what you have achieved in life. Every goal achieved and purchased will never be enough and you will always be looking for something to improve your state of happiness even when there is no need.

We must begin to appreciate everything we have, without paying too much attention to the quantity that we have. Quantity is a concept that is not something on which your happiness can depend, as there are people in this world who possess much fewer things than those who have wealth and fortunes and are much happier than the latter. Believing that happiness is achieved in satisfying one’s needs is the wrongest reasoning possible, as when these are not achieved, we will begin to feel unlucky and unable to react. Finding the job that makes us earn a lot, buying many things, changing our hair color every month, are things that seriously endanger our happiness, as we talk about short-term happiness, which after getting used to it, goes away, and puts us back on the run to do something else. Stop looking at others and envying them, or making them envy you for what you have because you will only give no value to what is supposed to give you happiness.

Happiness lies in enjoying and appreciating everything you have, without complaining about what you lack. Not everything in life can be perfect, but this does not imply that it is not possible to be happy with everything in your hands and everything around us. Take a walk in the mountains, look at the stars, have a chat with a stranger, devote time to your children, volunteer, dance with your partner in the living room, spend an evening at the beach, have a good laugh with friends, travel and discover new places: these are just some of the little things that really make you happy!

Therefore, begin to appreciate all the items you have at home in your closet, and rejoice in wearing them, because they are your purchases for which you have spent money, which you have earned with your beautiful work! Above all, begin to appreciate your life!

A Guide to the Most Popular Wide-Leg Pants in 2020


Cigarette trousers are part of this category, and they fall into it as they go down the whole leg while keeping wide. I find that wearing them is a pleasure, as they are very different from the usual trousers that we are used to seeing on us, and, to make them look their best, I would combine them with a shirt at the top!

Jeans with belt

Very beautiful and in my opinion a garment that will be very visible next autumn. The invention of adding a belt on the wide waist is, in my view, a brilliant touch, as it allows all of us to regain some height and to make our butt more visible!

Scottish print

You know what I think: when you can’t find the particular model, give yourself to particular prints, such as with these super pants that are very reminiscent of the style of English girls. Don’t forget to wear them with your combat boots!

Wide leg dressy trousers
Wide leg dressy trousers

Polka dots

Still prints after the Scottish one, and in this case, I am talking about something which is a real trend for this autumn too! To make the outfit more sophisticated and instagrammable, my advice is to use open sandals, you won’t regret the result!


Every now and then you can opt for a more refined and particular print, like the next one you see. One of the key points of these wide leg pants are your feet, as very often the attention of the beholder will shift to the lower part of your outfit. So don’t forget to take care of your pedicure in case you want to wear a pair of pants like this one, wearing a nice pair of sandals too, which have become the most instagrammable object of the moment!

Co-ordinated set

Let’s not forget that a good pair of trousers must always find its faithful companion on the top, and what simpler situation than doing it with a nice co-ord? Co-ords, as I have always told you, are very easy to wear and it is a match already made, which, for a pair of trousers of this type, is a feature that should not be underestimated at all, as it makes it even more beautiful!


Who does not have the need to wear something during the week or month that makes them feel comfortable and relaxed for those specific days? Well, you can do it by taking advantage of this beautiful wide leg sweatpants, which will allow you to be comfortable without giving up on fashion. Overalls sweatpants have always been seen as a not very fashionable garment, but I believe that this time it is not really like that!

Ripped jeans

These are also part of the category, and why not choose to wear them perhaps adding a nice pair of fishnets under them if the tear is very large? I think this is an excellent idea for you, for my part I would only recommend that you wear a nice pair of stiletto heels, to make your outfit even more beautiful!

Find Plus-Size Fashion This Year: Plus Size Sleepwear and Plus Size Lingerie Online

Finding plus size lingerie online has never been easier. Just follow our miniguide to find out what styles are currently in fashion and how you can not only look gorgeous but also feel comfortable without spending a lot of money on your lingerie and sleepwear.

STEP 1 – Find a classic lace set in black.

You should have a couple of those sets in your closet as they are your lingerie basics that will never go out of fashion. Choose black, white, and neutral/beige colours to make sure they can be worn with a variety of outfits.

As lingerie is now often a visible part of the look, you can wear this bra with a stylish cardigan or buttoned up blouse for a sexy and fashionable evening style.

STEP 2 – Choose a sexy set in red.

Once you have your basic lingerie sorted out, it’s time to opt for something more eye-catching. This gorgeous lace set in red will make you look confident and super feminine, no matter your body type.

What we like about it, it’s a bit of extra coverage and support while still looking very hot and elegant at the same time.

STEP 3 – Choose a stylish bodysuit.

Lover-Beauty offers a fantastic selection of one-piece lingerie and sleepwear so take advantage of it and choose something that is most suitable for your needs. We personally really like this black lace piece that has a very interesting back design as well. Have a look!

STEP 4 – Go for a white babydoll style.

Nothing more comfortable to sleep in than a babydoll dress in fresh white color. This style will make you look slimmer and will accentuate your upper part while hiding some unwanted kilograms on your stomach, hips, and thighs.

A beautiful style that is not only comfortable but also very fashionable, especially for summer nights. Sweet dreams!

STEP 5 – Be bold and unique!

Step up your fashion game with this stunning leather jumpsuit that can be combined with a black bra as well. You can wear it on your own or pair it up with a flowing skirt for a stylish look that can be also worn outside.

Gold is one of the hottest colours this season so don’t hesitate to get your hands on this jumpsuit before it’s gone!

Loose Plus Size Sweater – The Best Fashion Looks 2020

They are comfort made especially for every woman, and one of the best things to wear in winter to stay warm, always looking fashionable. We are talking about the loose sweaters, these giant sweaters with which it is possible to create a lot of different outfits, which perfectly adapt to the everyday style. With different models that can be found on the market, from cardigans to simple sweaters, these loose sweaters are perfect for a quick outfit, without too many pretensions, but able to make you look like a person wearing something really expensive!

Let’s go and see some models together: it will be up to you to choose the look you would most like to see on!

Very long and worn over jeans

In this case we are talking about the classic outfit, jeans and sweater, which is so perfect to be worn in winter that I don’t think there is a faster and more fashionable alternative than this. An outfit could be completed by wearing long boots, a parka and a nice scarf that goes with our loose sweaters!

With a long or short skirt

You will have understood that skirts are one of my favorite items, and I cannot but advise you to wear your sweater with a nice long or short skirt, perhaps with some particular print. Better to put the sweater inside the skirt, to avoid an effect that is not very pleasant to see!

On the shorts

Wearing a loose sweater over a pair of shorts will help you create a unique outfit, especially if you have chosen a cardigan! Wear a crop top or bodysuit under your cardigan and a pair of shorts, which can be either jeans or cotton, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is not to give up your pair of sports boots!

Worn over black trousers

We are talking about plus size in this article, and what better color than black to make your silhouette slimmer? Wearing a loose sweater with a pair of black trousers or jeans will help you slim down your body, thanks to the width of the sweater and the black of the jeans, getting a look on you that will make you feel perfect!

Combined with the bag and accessories

Sometimes we tend to forget the importance of wearing accessories when completing an outfit, especially in this case, where a sweater becomes too little to make an outfit look good, which will inevitably need some accessories to be high in quality. We are talking about bags, scarves, gloves, and jewels that can easily adapt to the color of your sweater, creating a perfect alchemy on your outfit!

Comfort and warmth for every day with fleece

Fleece is the fabric par excellence when it comes to being cold, and I believe that if you are a person who suffers from the cold you must have such a garment in your closet. Easy and comfortable to wear with any garment, this loose sweater is the perfect companion for colder days, that will keep you away from home for a long time!

What Kind of Hairstyle Shows A Small Face

Let’s face it, us women often tend to observe and admire a certain hairstyle, which we may see in a fashion magazine, in a fashion show, scrolling on our Instagram home or simply going out. And it is precisely at that moment that we ask ourselves “what if I tried that hairstyle on me?”. It happens to me a lot, and, promptly, as soon as I experiment it on myself, I don’t like the result, perhaps because it doesn’t enhance the shape of my face and highlights the flaws. If it happened to you too, I can understand the feeling! And why does this happen? Simply because there are some hairstyles that are better for those that have a long or round face, or maybe a squared or heart-shaped face. Of course, we can all create a particular hairstyle, but in this article I will give some tips to all those women who have a particularly long face, in order to help you make it smaller, softening your facial features in the best possible way.

So, let’s assume that the long face luckily lends itself to many types of hairstyles. Examples are the side parting, wavy hair, dishevelled braids, curls and many more.

Obviously if you have a long face, the goal will be to make it more minute, thus avoiding to emphasize the length of the face: you will have to use a series of tricks that will resize the proportions of your face, and maybe give volume to the temples. How?

First of all, say a firm no to all those hairstyles that create a lot of volume on the top of the head, including high buns, in fact these types of hairstyles will elongate your face even more! Instead, choose low back or side buns, which are also very feminine and delicate, hairstyles pulled on the forehead and soft ponytails.

Elsie & Fred 2-pack of hair scrunchies
Elsie & Fred 2-pack of hair scrunchies

Another great effective trick to make the face smaller is to have one or two wisps of hair that lightly touch the cheeks, creating a bit of the effect of parting them! The side tufts, in fact, are ideal for breaking the verticality of the face.

As long as you have a medium-length bob style cut, hairstyles with loose hair are for you, to give volume to the height of the cheeks. If you have a long face, you should avoid long hair, especially long straight tresses along your face. On the other hand, the long fringes on the forehead, which optically “shorten” the face, are perfect for you. Long layered hairstyles contrast with the length of the face and give it volume on the sides. If your hair is not naturally curly, you can also opt for a shorter cut, which, however, should never go beyond the jaw.

Your hair color can also play a role if you want to make your face look smaller. If you have long hair, try the ombre, really very beautiful and often chosen by many style icons.