Month: August 2017

Do not dare to wear bikini? In fact, there is no election right

Speaking of bikini thought a lot of pieces of cloth to cover the key parts, no S-shaped curve really dare not touch. For the traditional bikini is the case, but all the things in today’s society have improved, bikini is the same. For some of those parts of the MM is not reasonable to choose some shelter, or disco style to be thin.

Siamese: is the most insurance, the most classical swimsuit dress, for shy ladies, is an excellent choice.

Ping angle: for those who do not want to show their own women, flat-style swimsuit is to ensure a safe line of defense, but the angle of the swimsuit its shortcomings is that you will look short legs, so be careful choice. Flat-style swimsuit is also suitable for thighs to wear thinner people.

High waist: small belly slightly convex lady, twill, high waist design swimsuit style, you can make the transfer of attention to achieve the effect of modification.

Skirt: for the buttocks flat woman, the election of a lower body with a swimsuit swimsuit is very appropriate, both from the visual beauty of the buttocks lines, but also the performance of the legs of the beautiful.

Siamese color fight: you can make the body more fat women look more slender. Especially the two-color stitching style, the vertical arrangement of color and the use of zipper can make people look higher.

Split: split swimsuit has always been the choice of fashionable girl, good body of women can choose. However, split swimsuit the most suitable for the beach and the sun.

Skirt low waist: If the hip is large, may wish to choose skirt or low waist swimwear to do the decoration.

Patterns: If it is slim beauty children, you can consider the pattern of swimsuit, because the swimsuit fabric was dressed after the stretch, the flower pattern will have a large expansion effect, the visual look will be more plump.

Bikini: monochrome bikini style swimsuit is a good body of women’s patent. A black or white bikini can make you exceptionally eyebrow on the beach. Usually monochrome bikini style swimsuit in the back there will be a lot of exposure, if your back is beautiful, may wish to try.

Do not waste a good body, summer will wear bikini!

The weather is getting hot, advocating a healthy lifestyle sister who is already estimated to have to wear a sexy swimsuit stroll the beach it Well, swimsuit though nice, but did not think it has any maintenance precautions?

First, swimsuits afraid of heat, fear of chemical agents, sunscreen and cosmetics, afraid of sand and other rough surface of the rock, afraid of wet or long stuffy stuffed in plastic bags. Wash the hot springs and three warm as much as possible not to wear swimsuit, so as to avoid the case of heat caused by deformation of the situation.

Second, before going to the water thoroughly with a clean water swimsuits to reduce the erosion of seawater or water.

Third, before swallowing swimsuit, first with a lot of water washed away the body of chlorine or salt water, replaced and then carefully washed again, do not use the use of hot water, washing powder, bleaching powder, cold scouring and other chemicals, also Can not be used washing machine twist, neutral detergent can be soaked for 10 minutes after the hand gently scrub, or just washed with water, wash several times.

Fourth, just swim through the swimsuit should not be placed for a long time in the ventilation , should be washed as soon as possible with clean water.

Five, do not wring dry, it is best to use a large towel to absorb water, placed in a cool dry place natural dry. Avoid prolonged sun exposure, do not use a dryer or a hair dryer, it will damage the clothing to make it deformed.

Retro stripes were thin swimsuit, with transparent fabric splicing breathable yarn, soft touch, refused to rub the skin, the body smooth slim lining, the water does not stick body. Ergonomic strap design, widening the bottom Wai, comfortable and no trace. Can take the chest pad, free to insert, refused to empty cup, the classic sports wind, focus on the audience line of sight. Exquisite edge, to show the details of quality, inside the whole smooth sewing, smooth skin.

Red sexy bikini swimsuit, the choice of light swimsuit fabric comfortable, breathable frost, enjoy the comfort sensory experience. Gather the chest cup, thin on the thin, filling the sexy curve. Neck, back strap design, free control of tightness, easy to wear comfortable. Triangle swimsuit from the visual elongated leg lines. Swim trunks with the same color fabric lining, wearing comfortable.

High waist was thin bikini swimsuit, high waist design, abdomen hip, sexy modern. Gather the chest cup, to create comfortable stereotypes. Comfortable fabric, not only skin-friendly, but also bring you extraordinary wear experience. Built-in comfortable three-dimensional chest cup, can be inserted chest pad, more gather shape effect. Fashion neck lace design, on the chest, to enhance the effect of gathering.

Halter straps with high waist swimsuit, high waist design, elongated leg line, was thin. Comfortable three-dimensional chest cup, comfortable chest pad, gather effect is good, highlight the perfect good body. Tops and swim trunks are used lotus leaf design, show sexy but also has a unique Japanese wind, to create your overall unique charm. Comfortable fabric, soft body, skin-friendly.

England lattice bikini, gathered to upgrade, three-dimensional sailboat cup, effectively wrapped in the chest. No steel ring design, comfortable and healthier. Triangle three-dimensional cut, better show leg lines, lengthening the leg curve, waist lace adjustable design, more convenient. Fabrics with international professional swimsuit fabric, smooth skin-friendly, more soft and comfortable.

Cover belly sexy banding bikini, thin pattern design pure color swimsuit, summer vacation pure charm full. Comfortable and breathable fabrics, alignment precision, fine edge, inside the smooth sewing, good quality assurance of your great experience. Built-in comfortable gather chest cup and chest pad, gather effect is good. Strap design, moderate degree of comfort, no trace of comfort.

Wear a bikini, go together to do sexy beach queen!

Summer, beach, swimming pool must be the best choice for girls! A happy pool party, a cheerful sister meeting, maintenance of a winter big white legs, waiting to show at this moment it!

Sexy girl Cui Shuli released in the ins on a variety of hot springs, beach bikini is also a lot of mm by the heart of the small universe, want to wear sexy bikini to run on the beach, holding coconut eat pineapple!

Gentle goddess in the ‘sample sister’ in a set of another bikini is amazing you male guests and the audience’s heart, people can not move eyes! So the question came, what kind of bikini can perfect the modification of your body? And what people love at first sight swimsuit? Here we recommend several into the water artifact!

Peter moon South Korea purchasing Slim super thin waist waist swimsuit Korean hot spring bathing suit bikini
Simple and not simple vitality of the girls must have artifact, cover belly was thin, free with a straw hat, immediately turned sweetheart mm!

Mu Yang swimsuit beach vacation split three-piece size chest bikini conservative flat pants small fresh knitted woman
Retro and comfortable colors, it is particularly temperament! With a high slits pants, for those who do not like too exposed girls.

2017 South Korea purchasing black three-piece swimsuit female BIKINI loose long-sleeved sun clothes bikini blouse
Simple pure black bikini with lace blouse, very sexy! Put it on, must spike the whole beach girl!

Van der Wa small chest steel towel together sexy bikini swimming suit bikini hot spring swimwear
Emerald exudes elegant charm, simple and fresh design, fully show your goddess Fan children!

OM new hollow knitting bikini female swimsuit white hollow split beach three-point swimwear woman
Simple knitting tells the romantic, back strap design has increased a bit sexy, briefs show your perfect little Qiao hip.

Do not eat at night, how long will it be thin down?

I believe that every sister in the summer in addition to want to wear beautiful clothes, but also want to have a devil-like perfect body. But want a good figure is not a simple thing, take weight loss, for example, certainly in every summer there are a large number of girls shouting to lose weight, there are certainly a lot of sister put into action. But want to lose weight is one thing, to insist and it is another matter, see a lot of sister will exercise every day, or go to the gym on the line, but are generally very difficult to adhere to the oh.

I am afraid most of the choice of weight loss method sister is a diet, especially at night diet, do not eat. This is because they do not want to exercise, do not want to exercise, so will choose a diet to lose weight. Diet Although it is relatively simple and crude weight loss method, but this way to lose weight really can be thin down? Many people can not help but issue a question, this diet by weight loss method really can easily lose their flesh? Then it will be compiled together to explore it ~

How long can not eat in the end before it can be thin down? There is a little sister to rely on a month to lose weight successfully, but she is not saying that do not eat Oh, but like a lot of fairies as enough intake of energy, but will choose low-calorie, low-fat things, so this One month stick to the words, really thin a lot of yo ~ of course, in addition to the daily amount of food to reduce the problem, she will do some appropriate exercise.

For example, after the meal can be a walk, or accompanied by a good friend to go shopping, for a night to eat very few people this is really a super weight loss method, but the fairies do not visit eating Eat Oh ~ do not eat at night to lose weight effective method is effective, but once you eat a meal or drink some high-calorie things, then it is likely that your week’s efforts are all gone This is also a lot of fairies lose weight is not a major factor in success.

Sleeping sister is more likely to succeed than sleeping late sister, because the later sleep, it will bring up the feeling of hunger, the kind of day to eat supper in your mind constantly recall, really Difficult to adhere to, but for some of the more sleepy fairy who is easier to compare some of the Oh, because the early sleep will let you forget hunger. But this does not need to worry too much, since the thin down is a lasting thing, then let us choose some beauty to block their flesh and meat it.

Decrypt 4 kinds of breast type, choose the charming bikini!

Hot summer approaching, to the beach to play the mood is also heating up, do not know you are ready to the beautiful girls beach shirt – bikini no?

Blue sea, golden beach ~ how poetic beauty, and quickly pick a fairy beauty for their own bikini for this beauty add to your own a landscape it!

“Princess Taiping” trouble

Who says that only the great girl on the chest is able to afford bikini? You do not need the chest, “chest care”! Hidden thin pad will let you instantly boost the Cup, while still maintaining a high comfort and service degree.

In addition, around the neck strap design, such as double straps, front straps, etc., are focused on the concentration of the style, there are folds, tassels and other decorative, but also has a magnified function.

South Korea’s new bikini three-piece blouse swimsuit women’s small chest braid gathers lotus leaf cover belly was thin sexy

Sweet little sexy Bikini, at first sight to love it, ultra-beautiful ultra-immortal swimsuit, because it is too beautiful cents so called fairy skirt, put on a change is a small fairy. A kind of hazy beauty, temperament of the water sleeve blouse, micro-sexy skin, drift seductive little feminine, more eye-catching is the bra and waist, layers of cute cute lace, wearing a unique sense of summer freshness.

“Big chest” troubles

Many big chest girls common problems are: due to chest burden caused by large neck and neck pain. Thoroughly rounded you need is “support”!

Compared to the round neck or neck lanyard version can enhance the cover, not easy to light, wide strap design can also enhance the side of the effectiveness of side care, if the back coupled with the cross strap, Time down the neck pressure.

2017 new swimsuit female split Korean version of the small chest gathers steel felt sexy bikini four-piece swimwear

Stylish tropical printing + waist lace design overall fashion generous simple novelty. Loose and loose pants skirt, safe and comfortable cover belly was thin, modified wide cross legs. Simple bra design, built-in chest pad and steel safety and comfort.

Sternal high also does not matter

Some stature girls may have “chicken breast” symptoms, that is, below the clavicle of the sternal angle is more prominent. If you have the above trouble, buy a “cover force” of the bikini on the right!

Wide strap shape style can increase the concentration and pull, so that high stability, chest sexy deep V thin belt design style, but also in the visual more rounded effect, so that everyone can not do without your eyes The

New sexy hollow lace bikini blouse beach resort swimsuit sunscreen long section sweater three sets

Chest set off the design, natural gather, so gathered to the more “chest” fierce. Comfortable and decompression, do not leave Le marks, enhance the chest line, back buckle strap, fixed low range, swim without binding. Perspective lace jacket design sunscreen, anti-dew back classic halter design, hollow sexy, long legs sultry.

Outside the chest to expand the drooping how to do?

Whether you are due to youth in the way of wearing underwear is not correct, which led to thoracic expansion or sagging, the focus of this problem is to solve the “concentration”!

It is recommended to choose the middle of the bikini cup connection is a metal ring or drawstring style, so that the distance between the two peaks closer.

Slim thin sleeve swimsuit woman big chest chest chest sexy lace steel rope gather bikini three sets of yarn

Chest lace design, make you more sexy. Behind the bow is more cute and lovely! Free activity does not emptied, outline the charming curve!

Fresh bikini, stunning whole beach

Every woman is a stunner, whether it is to go to the swimming pool or hot spring tube or beautiful beach, want to become the most beautiful scenery, a swimsuit determines the quality and mood of travel.

Choose a swimsuit is very important, whether it is to want a comfortable fabric, or beautiful style, today what the details of the beautiful swimsuit style, so that you can live up to the heart of their own travel.

1. sexy bikini

Bikini by a lot of women love, representing a woman’s sexy and taste, the ultimate simple look, but it is not elegant, full of charm of the beauty of women.

The most simple look, but also the most atmospheric style, white and black clever mix of women’s sexy place, swim trunks shape lengthening the effect of legs, every work is a senior designer’s careful production, Is also a unique presence.

Summer new, printed triangle cup top design with advanced diving fabric work and styles are very comfortable, but also has a thin effect, fashion design, tourism resort beach spring, are better choices.

2. Three-piece swimsuit in the atmosphere

Three sets of swimsuit the most affordable, both bikini sexy, but also a sense of security of the swimsuit, a nice three-piece swimsuit like the usual ladies.

Swimsuits Women’s Skirt Chiffon Blanc

Professional custom quality and safety of environmentally friendly fabrics, pure green printing and dyeing process, wear in the body is very comfortable skin care, steel design, not only the effect of gathering, but also to shape the S-shaped good body, safe three pants Abandoned buttocks, sketched out fascinating curves.

Comparison of the three-piece swimsuit swimsuit, a kind of hazy beauty, temperament of the water sleeves blouse, slightly revealing sexy skin, drift seductive little feminine, the most eye-catching upper body and waist layers of lace, Out of summer unique sense of freshness.

3. Conservative non-stop body swimsuit

Siamese swimsuit both to maintain the oriental women’s conservative heart, but also to meet the beauty of the psychological, choose their favorite swimwear, in the beautiful area, the mood will be greatly increased.

Halter-style design, not only in this dress swimsuit to give a very sexy feeling, and very refreshing, not old-fashioned, the color of the mix and let this Siamese full of vitality.

Behind the cross with the design, filling the effect of female beauty back, red and white hit color style is more to mention the charm of Oriental women, 3D three-dimensional cut more prominent self-cultivation curve.

Three plus-size women on finding confidence in bikinis Online

With summer drawing near, three plus-size women are out to prove that, no matter your size, rocking a bikini is never ‘the end of the world.’

In a new video from Strut, three plus-size women reveal how they came to embrace their curves, even during swimsuit season – one of the trickiest times of the year on everyone’s fashion calendar.

Natalie, Simone, and Anna all share their body-positive views and open up about the secrets to their truly inspiring confidence.

Pretty in pink! Anna notes that it was only in the last ‘three or four years’ that swimwear designers began making suits cut for plus-size women

Vibrant! For Simone, it’s critical to find a bathing suit that reflects her ‘colorful personality’ which can be difficult when many plus-size styles are drab, monochrome colors

Update! Though Natalie says she once opted for styles that looked like something her aunt would wear, she realized she has the right to rock a bikini like anyone else

Natalie, a long-haired brunette, opts for a black two-piece with floral detailing. She didn’t always swing towards such trendy styles, though. Natalie admits that, until recently, her swimsuit styles looked like ‘the same things my aunts would wear. Things with skirts on the bottom.’

Then, Natalie says, she had a revelation: ‘About three or four years ago, I really wanted to start pushing myself outside of the boundary of having to cover up. I was like, “What would happen if I wore a cute swimsuit?”‘

Simone, the second woman interviewed, flaunts her curves in a colorful bikini top with cut-outs, and a peach-colored skirt. She says the most important – yet difficult – thing for her is finding swimwear that shows off her colorful personality while still giving her the support her curves need.

She describes her quest to find the perfect bathing suit as ‘tumultuous’ and says she struggled to ‘find anything that fit me well and held me up and supported me so that if I got in the water and freakin’ cannonballed into the water, I would still be OK.’

Simone continues, ‘I’m a very colorful, vibrant person, so when I have something that’s like reflective of me and just my personality, it makes me want to wear it even more.’

Support system: Simone looks for suits that will offer her full figure support so that she can have as much fun in the sun as her heart desires

A revelation: Natalie never thought she would see they day when she wore a bikini, but was thrilled to find the ‘world didn’t end’ when she finally did

Having fun: Anna says she likes to customize her swimwear to truly make it her own

Finally, the video turns to Anna, a blonde woman in a bedazzled pink two-piece. Similar to Natalie, Anna notes that ‘three or four years ago, suits finally evolved to make an actual cut for a plus-size woman.’

While companies made larger suits, they weren’t necessarily cut for the curves of a plus-size woman. Then, Anna notes, ‘this concept that we have bigger boobs and chests finally clicked in. I finally found suits and then I started to really have fun with them.’

Anna’s observation is backed up by market research that shows a demand for plus-size swimwear has been rapidly increasing in recent years – causing once-hesitant designers to add plus-size options to their line.

Being able to wear glamorous swimwear has clearly had an impact on not just Anna – but on all three of these women who are now able to feel stylish all summer long.

Love Island beauties flaunt figures in bikinis Online

The third series of Love Island has already caused quite a stir – and it hasn’t even aired yet.

And it wasn’t hard to see why the line-up looks set to be so explosive as the ITVBe show’s latest crop of contestants stripped off to their bikinis for a sizzling photoshoot.

Buxom brunette Jess Shears leads the glamour alongside controversial blonde Chloe Crowhurst, who was branded an ‘evil b***h’ by her TOWIE star ex Jon Clark, and Prince Harry’s so-called former fling Camilla Thurlow.

Bikini babes: Love Island’s latest crop of contestants, including Jess Shears (pictured) stripped off to their bikinis for a sizzling photoshoot

Turn heads on the beach in a lace bikini by Ann Summers this season Ann Summers ‘Mai’ lace bikini

Love Island will soon be back on our screens and that means more beach babes in bikinis and more over tattooed boys all vying for each other’s attention.

At least there’s plenty of opportunity to scope out some swimwear before we all jet off on holiday this summer. You can guarantee these girls will be uber glam so if you like to looked groomed and gorgeous on the beach then we suggest checking them out.

And Jess Shears was already turning up the heat in this sexy two-piece from Ann Summers in her promotional shoot. With its sultry lace and bondage inspired harness straps, this is a definite head turner.

So why not steal her style? Click (right) to snap it up now or you can find more lace lovelies in our edit below. For Love and Lemons and Blue Life take the look luxe or bag a bargain buy from H&M and Asos.


Jess flaunts her figure in a racy lace bra with strap detailing contouring her cleavage and gold buckles at the hips.

The curvy glamour model, who hails from Devon, is a girl next door type who is hoping to find real love on the ITVBe show.

Chloe displays her endless legs in a bright red bikini with triple strap detailing at the waist.

High flying accountant sisters set up the UK’s FIRST thong bikini range in their bedroom after spotting a gap in the market

Sisters who spotted a gap in the UK market for the skimpy thong bikinis that are all the rage with celebrities have set up their own brand, which is now a sellout.

It’s a far cry from their day jobs for Olivia, 25, and Charlotte Williams, 28, from London who both work as audit managers for a top six accounting firm, but they’ve managed to juggle high flying careers and setting of TOCO Swim – without taking a single day off.

Growing up the pair spent their time flying to and from Trinidad and Tobago where their erotic novelist mother hails from and were spoiled for choice with skimpy swimwear.

But as thong bikinis exploded in popularity they discovered the only way the swimwear they liked in the UK was to pay extortionate import duties and delivery charges to order them from Australian websites.

So the chartered accountants crunched the numbers, pulled multiple late night shifts, took out a government start-up loan, raided their savings and within eight months launched TOCO Swim launched.

‘We have both been working full time jobs as accountants throughout the entire process and work on this in our evenings and weekends.

‘We do daily lunch time visits to the post office to ship orders but make sure to keep both “jobs” completely separate. Some people train for marathons in their spare time, we sell bikinis,’ Charlotte told FEMAIL.