Stella McCartney has ended its partnership with lingerie and swimwear manufacturer Bendon after 10 years.

In an emailed statement, Bendon said the companies have “mutually and amicably” agreed not to renew their current licensing agreement when it expires in June 2018. Bendon will work in partnership with the Stella McCartney team through to the end of the SS18 season and production will officially end on 30 June 2018. Products will be available for delivery in […]

How to properly maintain swimsuit and goggles?

Swimming is a big thing, and swimming equipment for swimmers is like a warrior to play the weapons of war. In particular, often swim swimming friends, goggles, swimsuit is indispensable equipment. In use, for goggles, swimwear maintenance and maintenance is also quite important, good equipment and maintenance, you can very good to extend the service life. 1. How to properly […]

According to the body to choose swimsuit, regardless of fat and thin are so beautiful

  The most recent day, really hot to the explosion, can come out about life and death. Out to play the biggest consideration is swimming, rafting, what the sea. Now began to lose weight, certainly too late, as the option for their swimsuit Kaopu. Today, I came to tell you, different body, to wear what kind of swimsuit, in order […]

Sexy bikini, let you everywhere on the beach eye!

Bikini should be the most visual impact of the clothing, and simple style, scarce fabric can be a good outline of the girl modified sexy body. Summer comes, want to become the focus of the beach on the beach, bikini is essential. In today’s contemporary society more and more open, girls are increasingly want to show their beautiful body, a […]

Tall enough So wear a bikinis on the right!

Want to have a nice  summer, how could you not go swimming! And this time how to pick swimsuit is a big problem, especially for the body of meat, body is very full of sister paper! Big chest Hot summer has been to their chest and love and hate the big chest girls, how to stunning debut on the beach? […]

Choose a good swimsuit, so that your back rate of 100%

To the swimming season, I believe we should be quite like the summer, and water to a close contact! However, the problem is coming. Swimsuit is not a good choice, is a very troublesome thing. How can we choose swimsuit, both fashionable and sexy? Mention swimsuit, we may think, Europe and the United States stars often wear bikini. However, the […]

High value ladies bikinis, let the infinite charm in your release

Hot summer, but also when the sister who show the body. Hot days certainly not to swim, then choose the right swimsuit is very important. Swimsuit used to refer to women when swimming special clothes, summer approaching, should choose how to swimwear to modify their own body, so that their own amazing? Beach sun or private pool party, sexy darling […]

What body wear what swimsuit, do you really know?

Summer is always warm like fire, must be cool to the beach was fun ah, but this time will be a lot of body is not perfect girl complained: to the seaside resort is like to go to the United States, wearing earth rustic, instantly seconds Good slag slag. So ah, the election of the swimsuit really critical Oh. Xiaobian […]

According to the body to pick swimsuit, the next dimension you start!

Swimming may be the only summer we are happy to participate in the activities. But the cool swimsuit will always expose the fairies on the body of the defects, so that we all become not self-confidence it Chest big, thin waist, big legs such a devil figure is how many people dream of. Unfortunately, such a perfect body is rare, […]

Charming bikini – spike the opposite sex weapon

Sunny beach, the sea cactus and an old captain, the lyrics you are familiar with, the summer came, the beach and lively again, and some swimming, and some wearing bikini play self-timer, and then cozy little sunbathing, but no matter how , A sexy bikini and goggles are indispensable. Xiao Bian recommended for you this few, absolutely make you keep […]