Hot summer, but also when the sister who show the body. Hot days certainly not to swim, then choose the right swimsuit is very important.

Swimsuit used to refer to women when swimming special clothes, summer approaching, should choose how to swimwear to modify their own body, so that their own amazing? Beach sun or private pool party, sexy darling sister may be put on the bikini to play, the dew of the dew, the possession of possession, wearing a swimsuit focus on a word to avoid weaknesses.

PONNY 2017 new piece of body cover was thin female swimsuit
Mythological meaning, goddess new clothes, small chest gather, student hot spring swimwear. Sexy printing suit, swimming hot spring general, cover belly was thin. Multi-color optional, the goddess of the summer must. Hollow waist, to help you better relax. Cool and comfortable, more highlights your seductive figure, so that the infinite charm in your release!

Yinghuier skirt piecemeal swimsuit
South Korea fresh small incense wind, skirt piece of body angle swimsuit, conservative cover belly, slim was thin, steel care together. Fashion printing, second change sexy goddess! Siamese flat angle anti-light, built-in steel and inserts, small chest gather big chest sexy, comfortable personal not deformed, show career line, high waist design highlights women waist grace curve, sexy double, charming temperament.

Tian song ladies three-piece swimsuit
Fabric thin and comfortable, flat angle conservative, cover belly was thin, protect the privacy of women. Fashion Slim, filling the slim curve. Steel care together, piercing the perfect goddess Fan. Beautifully printed, honest but very pure, piercing the goddess light Fan ~ Siamese, split a variety of styles optional.

Shaneku belly conservative thin body swimsuit
Swimsuit texture is very dense, very thick, the fabric is also very comfortable, more fashionable style, especially the waist piece of children, streamline is beautiful. Side waist adjustable drawstring design, lengthening the waist curve, filling the sexy body, fashion fresh, easy to wear, colorful, swimming, hot springs essential. Color with a very coordinated, with the scarf, suitable for the beach at the camera, around the waist and shoulders can be, very elegant feeling, very temperament Oh, can lead a lot of people’s eyes.

Perkins is conservative
Professional Siamese thin swimwear,wholesale bikinis sexy fashion, Slim was thin, seconds change big legs, sexy big halter, showing beautiful back curve, conservative yet small sexy, the release of attractive charm! Triangle area is good, can prevent the light. Soft chest pad with a shape and support the function, while not pressing the chest, comfort is good. Sexy beauty back, highlighting the back layering, while solid is not easy to walk.