To the swimming season, I believe we should be quite like the summer, and water to a close contact! However, the problem is coming. Swimsuit is not a good choice, is a very troublesome thing. How can we choose swimsuit, both fashionable and sexy?

Mention swimsuit, we may think, Europe and the United States stars often wear bikini. However, the bikini is very test the body, wear well, sexy sultry, wear well, expose the shortcomings. Many people also clearly pointed out: “One – piece swimsuit is suitable for any kind of body swimsuit style.

Most in color – white
Mentioned white, many people will feel very But, in fact, the white swimsuit can make the skin of any skin color become brighter. At the same time, female star wear white one-piece, there is a very pure sense of age

Increase the sense of curve
For the flat body of the sister, would like to swimsuits, to increase the curve, it should be considered in the design, the use of this fold design. You can use slash + cut + cut the details, increase the sense of the curve.

Increase support force
Chest more full of girls, wearing a swimsuit will be troubled. Big should choose the hanging neck type swimsuit, gives the feeling of support full score. Or choose a steel ring design.

Waist and abdomen thinner
Abdominal fat is a lot of girls, that wear what swimsuit do not look good. So, can be relatively low chest line, divert attention. Abdominal folds are covered belly weapon, there is a thin thin heart machine, is the side of the waist was thin shadow.

The lower body is slender
Many people will wholesale bikinis feel that their ass is too big, thighs too thick and distressed. To solve the solution, one is, with black was thin Dafa, is to choose the upper body light + lower body black color fight. There is also a choice of high slits swimsuit.