Swimsuit wear, let you walk in the fashion front

Do you know what the most tide is wearing this summer? Do you know how to wear the most sexy? Your heart of those answers must be out, swimsuit outside you dare to try, do not think that only Superman will be so yo, the influx of people are on the line, you do not hurry? Europe and the United […]

Swimming breathing tips, do you really mastered it?

Swimming this project actually has a lot of skills, we need to start the practice step by step, because learning is actually very difficult to swim, and the main difficulty comes from the body coordination and breathing, today Xiaobian to tell you talk about breathing skills The First, practice deep breath As a beginner, to start the first time to […]

Summer to go, wear bikini swimming to do what to prepare

Do not swim, do not summer! That is no exaggeration to say that the summer one, many girls will choose to use the way to lose weight swimming. Because, swimming is one of the most effective means of weight loss! It can help women to maintain a good body, increase the charm of the body, especially in the legs continue […]

Effort bikini, let you reveal the sexy from the bones

Speaking of bikini we think is the sexy word, but how to wear bikini piercing from the bones revealed that sexy temperament in the choice there is a certain requirement. First of all, too much exposure to the style of course pass pass, we must choose to help with, or a blouse or relatively conservative style, like the feeling of […]

Bikini is not just bikini

The heat down to a lot of people began to consider going to the swimming pool or occasionally to the beach to play, but the thought of other girls wearing a beautiful swimwear, and their own only small pot and plump limbs, whether the fun of the fun gone The Beauty is the nature of each woman, look at someone […]

Do you need to wear underwear,when you wear a swimwear

Do you need to wear underwear and underwear as a swimsuit? Seemingly simple small problem, fixes will have a big embarrassment Oh. Today for everyone to answer a few little common sense of wearing a swimsuit. Summer approaching, the baby who can not wait to pick the swimsuit to the beach. So, what are the little common sense of wearing […]

Do you know what to wear your swimwear?

Night into the summer, many people can not bear to go swimming under the water. Hot summer heat, swimming has become a lot of people choose, fashion fashion the most fashionable, not only can cool a summer, you can also physical fitness. For the beauty of women, choose a suitable for their body shape, personality swimsuit, is very important. For […]

No high value of the bikini, only with the briefs!

“Victoria’s Secret Swim Special” (Victoria’s Secret Swim Special) “referred to as the Victoria swimwear show just did not take long, this swimsuit show will be 13 angels on the island 10 days of swimsuit life carried out a full range of no dead record , The whole blood blowing people, full of temptation. In addition to these beautiful angels have […]

Swimwear conjoined good or split good? The answer is here

Swimwear supporters are usually sports enthusiasts, on the beach, swimming activities will be more convenient, then, how to wear a piece of body swimsuit, it is necessary to pay attention to the skills of Oh! One-piece swimsuit or split swimsuit is good, it is recommended that you from their own specific circumstances, pay attention to the following points: In the […]

Cover the meat and sexy gather swimwear, wear clothing inadvertently beauty

In this hot summer season,wholesale bikinis, the best thing is to soak in the water, fresh and cool. In the weekend or leisure time, about a few friends go to the beach to play some, take a good look. Then go to the beach to play the words naturally is the lack of swimwear and goggles! But these are ready […]