Tell the truth, and now the weather, no fatal friendship, I will not go out, air conditioning, wifi, watermelon is true love

But there will always be so few buddies, something okay about you bathhouse, or else is to take you to the sea waves, yes, they are empty lonely! heat

Out of the waves even if the buddies small chest, buttocks also bring their own “swim ring” do not know for their own selection of a swimsuit, always just take a set of go away, come back and I complained that Han even a man’s eyes are not captured

So careful I found a lot of sister around is not very swimsuit ah, even the dress “master”, in order to go out waves, but do not know how to wear swimsuit girls, write down

01 small breast type
Although the prevalence of minimalist wind, chest sister is particularly easy to wear high cold, but wearing a swimsuit may not prevail, and may make you no confidence

Chest and we are in the chest to cover a little something, so at least it will not look small, with visual effects cover enough to avoid embarrassment

02 Abdominal fat type
Can not control their stomach can forgive, but the possession of their own meat can not be forgiven, and bring their own “swimming circle” of the fat really affect the beauty, and need to hide

03 hip slightly larger
Although the front convex after the Alice is particularly beautiful, but the hip is too big to wear swimsuit really does not look good, or need to cover the law so that the buttocks look not so big, the overall body will be a lot of symmetry

04 big chest type
Wearing a swimsuit chest big advantage, but too big may also be a disadvantage, there are friends around the big sister, every time we go swimming or go to the beach to play, she is particularly distressed, face a little girl that is painful, we had With the swimsuit to the chest “change” small

Three-point bikini can be described as a big chest sister’s exclusive, so big chest is not embarrassing, but to become a sultry capital, easy to have supermodel temperament, enjoy the charming show it

05 too much afraid of embarrassment
Many girls side want to show their own body, while worried about too much will not emerge, more fear who will worry about swimming trunks or buttons off, water resistance will lead to emptied, so we recommend to you good-looking and Conservative little piece of swimsuit

06 body symmetry type
Jealous of you, you will be the focus of the beach, but also the Queen of the pool, as long as we choose the fashionable models, they will be able to win all eyes, let others envy go