Recently, many girls are asking the seaside holiday ride, in fact, this topic has been written before a lot! But this year the beach wearing fashion and some different, with the rise of underwear wear, and now swimsuit has become a tide of the concave shape of the magic weapon it! Immediately go to the seaside vacation you, may wish to come to learn!

1.Swimsuit + half skirt
Still looking for a dress with a half skirt? Do not find friends, swimsuit is the most suitable choice! Swimsuit can not only save the tight underwear, smooth fabric with elegant half skirt looks exceptionally flat!

Swimsuit comes with the tightening effect can be no trace of the modified body, shaping the effect of a rod, and chic design can also create a different kind of style for you, so you bring their own light and elegant elegant temperament!

Swept the year of this year’s perspective skirt with the usual dare not wear? Take advantage of the seaside resort wearing a swimsuit of the gap can also come out to wear it! Swimsuit and half skirt with a natural color fresh, there is no sense of violation, but also to avoid the light. If you want to try different colors with, then it is best not to choose the flat swim trunks, otherwise it will appear as the right picture bloated it!

2.Swimsuits and pants
In addition to with the skirt, swimsuit and pants is also very good on the board of the CP.

Now the fire of the bralette whether you envy licking the screen for a long time? This time you can choose a very sense of the design of the bikini shirt can be used to wear bralette, do take the pants inside the ride can unlock the pants with a new posture!

In addition to split shirt, Siamese swimsuit can also be directly wear jacket, lower body can be used with a casual jeans. Go to the beach directly to the coat pants off like, but also save the trouble to change clothes it.

3. swimsuit + take the ride
To say the most simple to wear, of course, can not skip the swimsuit + jacket, skirt and other wear outside the law, anytime, anywhere a simple, and the United States and possession of meat!

Light and elegant long section of the gauze coat sister of course, the first recommendation, it is not only Xianqi full, to help you build the freshness of the world’s fireworks, but also make you look higher and more thin, but also cover the arm The worship of meat and not perfect hips it!

Want to hide wholesale bikinis something more attractive, put on a hollow coat or dress, make swimsuit vaguely visible, resulting in fatal temptation.