Summer is a good time to swim, although a small partner Tucao has been into the autumn, but taking advantage of the high temperature still, you do not quickly seize the opportunity to wear your bikini go to the beach a good show

Even the little sister can not swim, but also will still use the swimsuit concave Mei Mei da, especially the bikini style swimsuit, it is fashion and female stars who love the favorite.

Today, the colorful bikini colorful, style Variety novel, well sought after by everyone. But you must not think of it at first.

We will come back to look back for nearly a hundred years, bikini evolution history!
Before the twentieth century, women were swimming or playing in the water, there is no special swimsuit. To the early twentieth century, only gradually appeared swimwear, but only in the rich in the popular.

“The seaside of the early 20th century”
10’s swimsuit actually looks and daily dress is no different, that is, skirt slightly shorter. The conservative women, but also in the knee skirt to wear pants to prevent the thighs exposed.

And now the conservative girl will not wear long jeans pants it, then how much resistance it! Want to repair the body and a little shy sister, it is better to try this high waist split bikini.

After more than a decade of changes, swimsuit is no longer look like a dress, and developed into a short coat style. This time we look at the swimsuit is more familiar with, has quite some of the charm of modern swimsuit.

“1928 beauty pageant”

“The beauty of 1933”
Compared with the lantern dress with trousers slightly more self-cultivation, you can slightly see the female graceful body curve, the color has become more abundant. 30 years later appeared a split swimsuit, to highlight the charm of women and a step closer.

【the 50’s】
Then went to the bikini really born 50 years.
Bikini was originally a test nuclear bomb island name, until 1946 the French designer Luis Lille only three cloth and four bands spliced ​​out of an unprecedented avant-garde swimsuit, and named it “bikini”.

The bold designer deeply believe that the swimsuit will be like a nuclear bomb, as in the fashion industry also set off a huge explosion.
But the bikini did not immediately get the world’s recognition, and even the French models are not easy to try, but also rely on strippers dressed in appearance.

If there is no first-class body and full of self-confidence, even the modern sister, the bikini is not easy to start the bikini, let alone in public places debut.
So, we still have to rely on style and color to win. This gray blue and dark brown hit color, it is filled with a sense of high sense of slowly.

【the 60’s】
By the 1960s, bikini was gradually accepted by people. This is mainly due to the movie actresses in the era of wearing bikini scenes, so that everyone is also impressed by imitation, this time the bikini has become a symbol of fashion.

The 60’s film and television works wearing a bikini female image also created a lot of eternal classic.

Forever fringe elements can be said that the fashion industry is immortal classic, filled with retro atmosphere of the navy created a generation after generation of goddess.

Bikini’s basic style has been fixed, with the changing times and only material and color.
80 years is not very far, clear hit color and beautiful elements of the wave point in that era can be described as raging in the swimsuit also have full use, with the yurt and exaggerated hairstyle, very attractive.

Lively jumping wave point printing in the visual impact of extraordinary, that can bring very young girls from both the visual sense, but also revealed a picture of the girls on the chronological atmosphere.
This wave point bikini is the use of slim shoulder strap, with the effect of gathering the chest, the female sexy style show endless.

The new century, the fashion is no doubt become more diversified, material and style breakthrough on the most vivid, coupled with the concept of more brands, making swimwear who can be advanced into a luxury, the secret of each show are affected The hearts of all the fashion up to people.
The prevalence of retro style to high waist, wave point, folds and other elements in today’s popular, or should be the old saying goes, fashion is a reincarnation.

The printing wholesale bikinis diversity of the 21st century is unprecedented in every age. With exotic Bohemian printing is also a frequent visitor in the closet, apply to the swimsuit more enchanting charming feminine charm. With the same style of scarves, travel is definitely the best holiday dress.