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According to Shapellx Reviews, These Waist Trainer are Worth Buying

Are you struggling hard to accentuate your curves and get the hourglass figure? If yes, the best waist trainer and thigh trimmer can make it easier for you. It is specially designed to maximize your sexy curves and magically shape your tummy. If you are looking for the waist trainers worth making a purchase, here is the list to explore.

3-In-1 Waist and Thigh Trimmer Butt Lifter

This waist and thigh trimmer is an exclusive fitness accessory that you must have in your wardrobe. If you are willing to tone your waist and flaunt your curves, putting on this waist trainer can help. It is even an excellent option to use during your workout sessions. It can enable you to shed some more calories while providing you the necessary support during jogging, running, and other workouts. Moreover, as it comes with adjustable straps, you do not have to worry about comfort.

Neoprene Triple Belts Plus Size Waist Trainer

Are you looking for a plus size waist trainer? In that case, this waist trainer is the right option for you. The upgraded waist trainer comes with a three belt design that can provide you with super control of your waist and abdomen. The trimmer enhances the thermal activity, stimulates sweating, and ultimately speeds up the calorie-burning process. Try out this waist trainer and get the slim figure you always desired.

5 Steel Boned Waist Trainer

This waist trainer is designed not only to provide you with the hourglass figure but also to enhance your body posture. The steel bones of the waist trainer help in improving its body shaping effect. It features adjustable row hooks to ensure a perfect for all body sizes. The availability of the waist trainer in a solid color can further make it an ideal choice for you.

Print Waist Trainer

Are you looking for a trendy waist trainer to stand out? If yes, the print waist trainer is the perfect option. The innovative trainer can help in shaping your waistline in style. The American flower printing on the waist trainer adds style while ensuring optimum functionality. The latex core helps in shaping and sculpting your waist to provide you with a slim look. Whether you have a normal torso or short torso body type, this waist trainer is the right shapewear to purchase.

Firm Compression Workout Waist Trainer

This firm compression workout waist trainer is another waist trainer that is worth purchasing. The detachable double waistband ensures convenient adjustment for better support for your back. With effective shaping effective, it can provide you the hourglass figure effortlessly.

Want more options? Explore the Shapellx official for more such options and get the one that perfectly matches your fitness goals.

Selling Waist and Thigh Trainers Online Here

It’s so reassuring how advanced technology has become over the years because you can almost do anything online, such as listening to music, watching a movie, chatting with your loved ones and even buying things online! Technology makes our lives so easy now, and even buying is already at the palm of our hands.

As a customer, we tend to buy things online without proper researching, and that will surely hurt our pockets and might even waste our time and effort afterwards. Here are some of the best waist and thigh trainers you can bet on at FeelinGirl . For better shaping experience which would surely not waste your time, money and effort:

1. Slimming Bodysuit

Feel a better shaping experience with this slimming bodysuit with a crotchless design for easy and convenient bathroom breaks! It has adjustable shoulder straps to ease any tension and stress on your shoulder while wearing this all day long.

2. Women Lace Shapewear with Shaping Underwear

You’ll get extra or additional abdominal control with its high elastic mesh in front. The compression and tightness on your waist will help decrease inches on your waistline, and it also has an open crotch design for proper bathroom use.

Since this is crotchless shapewear, you can wear this under your regular clothes, especially when you’re wearing a tight-fitting dress or a skirt. The shorts can double as cycling shorts underneaths so that your intimate parts won’t be visible during clothing mishaps.

3. Neoprene Waist Trimmer for Tummy and Waist

The neoprene fabric has a thermogenic effect that helps in perspiration, meaning that you’ll sweat a lot than usual with this neoprene waist trainer. It is perfect while doing your daily or gym exercises to increase your weight body fluids’ loss.

Feelingirl’s waist trimmer is not only for the stomach area. This shapewear also comes with thigh slimmer and butt support which can help you have a lifted and firm bottom.

4. Waist Trainer with High Waist Leggings

You’re guaranteed to sweat more than usual with the help of this high waist leggings with waist trainer! It is made up of neoprene that helps in sweat, and also the leggings have built-in shapewear that compresses and shapes up your thigh and legs for a sexier and daring look. You can have both thigh and waist trimmer with just this set of shapewear.

A high waist legging with a waist trainer is fitting when going to the gym or doing at-home exercises compared to a regular pair of leggings or yoga pants. The fitted pants will make working out easier and more comfortable with its durable Neoprene fabric. At the same time, this pair has a built-in capacity to assist you in your butt-lifting goals and thigh-slimming as this provides extra control to your lower body parts while working out.

5. Sweat Arm Trimmer

A sweat arm trimmer is a match-made in heaven for your daily workout outfits. This arm equipment will help you sweat more than usual, giving you better-shaping results in no time. It is comfortable that you can wear this throughout the day!

Most of the time, people tend to focus on waist training that they tend to forget that balance is also the key to achieving a well-proportioned and fit body. Our arms are essential in performing daily activities. Whether it’s carrying your purse, carrying groceries, doing household chores, a pair of arm trimmers will help you have stronger, more slender and athletic arms.

You can find some waist and thigh trainers online, but nothing beats these workout aids! The fabric is made of neoprene, and the features each waist trainer, trimmer and butt-lifting leggings have such as the open crotch design and durable built, make these waist trainers stand out among the rest. Anyone who uses these trainers can bet on them! Try it now and see how remarkable these waist trainers are!

Black Friday Deals 2020 – Shapellx Waist Trainer

Well, it’s time to create a free space for the new products as Shapellx has begun its black Friday deals 2020. Under the deals, you can buy the most innovative shapewear which will help you to accentuate your figure, and you will look stunningly beautiful.  During this time, you can enjoy free shipping when you purchase products worth above USD 80. Besides, if you are the first-time buyer, then you will get an extra 10 per cent off by signing up on the site. So, get ready to buy some best products at the most affordable prices.

  1. High waist thigh eraser with butt lifter

It comes with a powerful sticker that produces robust adhesion and instantly flattens your waistline and tummy area. The curve design makes it comfortable to use. Using this, you can lower the thighs and cellulite appearance. It keeps the muscle warm for a long time and helps you lose weight quicker. Use it regularly during your exercise and enjoy the results.

  • The firm controls waist trainer with double belts

Are you looking for the best and affordable waist trainer for women? Well, this product from Shapellx is what you are looking for. Made of high-quality latex material, it feels quite durable, and the material is also breathable. So, you won’t face any discomfort. The compression level is high, and you can lower around 3-inches instantly.

  • Ultra-sweat fitness belt

Use it during the workout, and you can witness a faster calorie burning process. The unique embossed design feels very soft, and you won’t face the slipping issue. There are ten steel bones in this belt to let you enjoy a stronger compression effect. For the enhanced binding, it has double waistband. To prevent zipper sliding issue, it comes with clasp design. You will love this product.

  • Fitness belt waist trainer

With 100 per cent neoprene material, this waist trainer creates a better thermogenic effect, and you will sweat more. You won’t face slipping or rolling up the issue while doing your activities while wearing it. There are ten steel bones in it to offer you stronger back support. The fasteners are adjustable.

  • Camouflage waist trainer

The unique quick-strap design makes it perfect to be used during your exercise. On the other hand, the double Velcro design creates a perfectly secure fit. Besides, there is a vertical zipper that keeps it secure throughout the day. You can also use this waist trainer to correct your posture.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to visit Shapellx official and buy these products at the lowest price during the Black Friday deals. You won’t find such an opportunity again, so don’t miss this out.

5 Waist Trainers, You Should Know Before Buying One

Most of the women are now joining the gym to tone their body by reducing excess fats from the tummy and waist areas. But not all of them are getting the desired result. If you are one of them and looking for the best way to enhance your workout result, then its time to go for workout waist trainers. These products are designed to offer maximum benefits when it comes to tone your body by compressing desired areas. However, if you are confused about which one to buy, then don’t worry. We have listed down top 5 waist trainer that you can buy.

  1. Late waist trainer tummy shaper

This trainer has 7 steel bones, zip upfront design and made of high-quality latex material. When you use it, it keeps the waist and stomach area tight. Besides, it will effectively suppress hunger, which aids in losing weight. On the other hand, this trainer is quite effective in enhancing posture and reducing back pain. Go on and give it a try.
best waist trainer

  1. Thigh trimmer with one pair arm trimmer

When it comes to shaping waist, stomach, arm and thigh areas, this intelligently developed thigh trimmer works just great. This is a unisex product, and with thermogenic characteristic, it lowers the water weight. The grid linings are designed to repeal moisture but limit the slipping and bunching while working out. You will find it super comfortable while wearing it.

waist and thigh trainer

  1. Neoprene three belts plus size waist trainer

When you have this waist trainer, then nothing will stop you from getting the desires body shaping results. This upgraded waist trainer has three well-designed belts that create a sufficient level of control on the waist and abdomen. With 7 steel bones, it produces a sufficient amount of strength. The product helps in weight loss, waist shaping and sculpturing.

best waist trainer

  1. 2 in 1 ultra-sweat waist and thigh trimmer

Made of neoprene fabric, this product feels super comfortable to wear during a workout. It will make you sweat more by keeping your abdomen warm. The embossed design makes it soft against the skin. Throughout the activity, you will get exceptional support. The high-waist design slims your waist and lifts the hips.

waist trainer with capri

  1. Neoprene sweat embossed waist trainer

It has 80 per cent neoprene. With strong pressure level, this trainer works perfectly for girdling, sweating, as well as abdomen control. To offer you strong waist support, it has ten steel bones and 3-layered elastic belt. The embossed design makes it fit quite comfortably around the waistline. Use it, and you can see the results within a few days.


waist trainer shaper

No matter what is your budget or compression level requirement, shapellx waist trainer will be a perfect option. Visit the site and explore them all now.

Choose Best High Waisted Workout Leggings Now

High waisted workout leggings are among the best workout wear for ladies. Often, it is advisable you go for the one that ones made of opaque materials so as not to expose your undies while squatting at the gym. Also, this shapewear is long-lasting regardless of washes and tears and compresses your curves with no restrictions. High waisted leggings are suitable for daily workouts like barre, yoga, and spin. It is not restricted to exercises but can also be worn when going out.


Mark this, a high waisted legging is essential that has to be in your wardrobe. Therefore, in case your wardrobe is not stocked with enough, then this is the time. Below, we have come up with some high-quality leggings from FeelinGirl that we would recommend you to wear.

High Waisted Leggings with Waist Trainer


This legging has a unique customization option that gives you the chance to select the most appropriate size, color, and length to acquire a completely personalized pair.

With this high waisted legging, you are assured of having a reduced waist and tummy. It also gives extra control to your thighs and waist to flatter your body shape. This legging from FeelinGirl features an internal lining for comfort and a clip and zip waist trainer that helps burn excess fats around your waist through thermal actions.

Women’s Black Mesh Fitness Leggings


Have a look at this black legging suitable for bendy yoga moves. It is made of high-quality opaque fabrics, with a hide waist cover muffin top. It has a mesh design that gives the user the desired comfort since it is breathable.

The legging stretches to expose your curves, and narrow at the legs to make you look slim. It pairs with any type of clothing hence combining comfort and function.

You can wear this type of legging when engaging in activities like running, riding, yoga, or even going to shop.


Besides high waisted workout leggings, FeelinGirl has the best waist trainer for women  . And why do we recommend you to pick a waist trainer from FeelinGirl? In case you consider waist training, it is essential to understand how to waist train and the results you get from waist training.


At FeelinGirl, we have high-quality waist trainers which are beautiful for your butt, tummy, hips, and love handles. Our waist trainers are affordable and well-made, are great for layering, comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and versatile to name a few.


Also, by picking the right type of waist trainer, you will easily eliminate bulges around your tummy, thighs, and hips, get maximum support which will eventually give you an hourglass body shape.

Latex Waist Trainer for Women Brings You The Perfect Figure

Do you want to shed off 2 inches off your waist and get an hourglass figure within minutes? Then the best option is to try the best latex waist trainer for women. The waist trainers are the body shapers that will make your tummy look slimmer than the hips and the bust. Individuals that have tried the best latex waist trainer for women love the way they feel after wearing them. The best part of wearing the waist trainers regularly is they can help you in shaping your belly. If you are planning to get the best latex waist trainer for women, then we have got you the best five available in the market.

The first best bodysuit shapewear in our list is the sweet sweat waist cincher. It is made up of latex along with a front zipper and hooks closure. This waist trainer has front boning and side boning. There is also a 3 position adjustable hook closure. It is made of an inner cotton layer for comfort.


The second best bodysuit shapewear on the list is the black 25 steel boned waist trainer hooks. It comes with an adjustable 3 rows of thicked square hooks closure for different compression levels. There are 25 steel bones to keep you in the right posture. It is flexible and very durable. This waist trainer can bend easily and then recover back to its original position.

FeelinGirl Best Tummy Latex Plus Size Black 25 Steel Boned Waist Trainer Hooks
FeelinGirl Best Tummy Latex Plus Size Black 25 Steel Boned Waist Trainer Hooks

Next up is the plus-sized snake print zipper waist trainer with latex abdominal belt. There is a high-quality and “easy to close ” zipper. This best bodysuit shapewear has got an adjustable velcro belt to ensure firm control for slimming your waist. There are 7 steel bones that will offer great back support. The front zipper will offer you a long-lasting waist-cinching effect as you lose weight.

FeelinGirl Plus Size Snake Print Zipper Waist Trainer | Latex Abdominal Belt
FeelinGirl Plus Size Snake Print Zipper Waist Trainer | Latex Abdominal Belt

The fourth one on the list is the super sexy black big size latex waist slimmer with sticker tummy trimmer. FeelinGirl waist trainer has got a durable belt with strong velcro adjustment to ensure accuracy. It will keep you as tight as you want for a long time. It comes with a zipper design to make you look slimmer. The 7-steel bones will help in supporting the back and reduce back pain.


The final Feelingirl waist trainer on the list is the zipper hook black latex waist shaper queen-sized midsection compression. There are a lot of benefits to choosing this waist trainer. It reduces your waist, helps in enhancing your curves, maximizes the caloric burn, targets the tummy, the love handles, and the back.

FeelinGirl Zipper Hook Black Latex Waist Shaper Queen Size Midsection Compression
FeelinGirl Zipper Hook Black Latex Waist Shaper Queen Size Midsection Compression