They are comfort made especially for every woman, and one of the best things to wear in winter to stay warm, always looking fashionable. We are talking about the loose sweaters, these giant sweaters with which it is possible to create a lot of different outfits, which perfectly adapt to the everyday style. With different models that can be found on the market, from cardigans to simple sweaters, these loose sweaters are perfect for a quick outfit, without too many pretensions, but able to make you look like a person wearing something really expensive!

Let’s go and see some models together: it will be up to you to choose the look you would most like to see on!

Very long and worn over jeans

In this case we are talking about the classic outfit, jeans and sweater, which is so perfect to be worn in winter that I don’t think there is a faster and more fashionable alternative than this. An outfit could be completed by wearing long boots, a parka and a nice scarf that goes with our loose sweaters!

With a long or short skirt

You will have understood that skirts are one of my favorite items, and I cannot but advise you to wear your sweater with a nice long or short skirt, perhaps with some particular print. Better to put the sweater inside the skirt, to avoid an effect that is not very pleasant to see!

On the shorts

Wearing a loose sweater over a pair of shorts will help you create a unique outfit, especially if you have chosen a cardigan! Wear a crop top or bodysuit under your cardigan and a pair of shorts, which can be either jeans or cotton, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is not to give up your pair of sports boots!

Worn over black trousers

We are talking about plus size in this article, and what better color than black to make your silhouette slimmer? Wearing a loose sweater with a pair of black trousers or jeans will help you slim down your body, thanks to the width of the sweater and the black of the jeans, getting a look on you that will make you feel perfect!

Combined with the bag and accessories

Sometimes we tend to forget the importance of wearing accessories when completing an outfit, especially in this case, where a sweater becomes too little to make an outfit look good, which will inevitably need some accessories to be high in quality. We are talking about bags, scarves, gloves, and jewels that can easily adapt to the color of your sweater, creating a perfect alchemy on your outfit!

Comfort and warmth for every day with fleece

Fleece is the fabric par excellence when it comes to being cold, and I believe that if you are a person who suffers from the cold you must have such a garment in your closet. Easy and comfortable to wear with any garment, this loose sweater is the perfect companion for colder days, that will keep you away from home for a long time!