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The “Floss” bikini is the trend of the new trend of new swimwear – will you rock this summer?

The “Floss” bikini is the trend of the new trend of new swimwear – will you rock this summer?

Although it seems that Brazilian swimwear was only popular yesterday, the new trend is quickly being replaced.

Because of its similarity to floss, this trend is called “floss bikini.”

It is expected that this trend will soon appear on Australian beaches during the warmer months as it is currently circulating on Instagram.

Overseas, bikinis were found in Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski and Perry Edwards.

Influential people and celebrities on the Australian coast such as Gabrielle Epstein, Karina Irby and DJ Tigerlily also shared snapshots on swimwear.

The Floss bikini is made of tiny materials that are held together by a thin tie that looks like they can be loosened at any time.

Others have no contact at all, just a simple strip of material that secures the front and back.

This allows people to show off their bodies, because swimwear has almost no imagination.

As the warmer months come, it is expected that the trend of Australian beaches will be in full swing in the coming weeks.

However, it is not suitable for timid people.

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Bikini will soon be banned in this popular tourist destination

Bikini will soon be banned in this popular tourist destination

Bali may ban bikinis as part of a stern new regulation to combat Western tourists’ offensive behavior around the holy sites on the Indonesian islands.

Bali is cracking down on disrespectful behavior and proposes to ban wearing bikinis around its holy sites.

This popular resort has enough Western tourists to pretend to photograph and climb the Holy Land.

As more and more tourists come to the island, locals believe that the quality of tourists has declined.

The authorities are considering new restrictions on access to certain sacred areas.

According to the Deputy Governor of Bali, Tjokorda Oka Artha Sukawati (known as Cok Ace), this may mean that tourists must accompany them to visit Hindu temples.

He told the Australian news network “The quality of tourists is now different from before. This is because we are too open to tourists, so we have come too much.” Last year, Bali welcomed about 5 million visitors.

There are various tourists who disrespect the religious heritage of Bali.

Recently, a photo of a Danish tourist virus appeared on the sacred Temple of Linggih Padmasana in the Puhur Luhur Batukaru Temple.

The throne should be left to the most important god of Hinduism in Bali, which is called the supreme god.

Sitting on top is very offensive and considered to be awkward – there are strict laws in Bali.

The police are investigating the matter and trying to find a Danish tourist.

Also this year, a Spanish blogger uploaded a video of himself climbing the temple – for which he was forced to apologize.

In December 2017, tourists were criticized for the photos posted in front of the volcano Agung volcano.

In 2016, a woman took a picture in a yoga pose and wore a bikini, causing anger in front of a temple.

“This is an attempt by the government to maintain Pura [the temple],” Cok Ace said at a regional council meeting this week to discuss difficult proposals.

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Kim Kardashian designed an Itsy Bitsy vintage Chanel bikini for her 118M fans

Kim Kardashian designed an Itsy Bitsy vintage Chanel bikini for her 118M fans

On Friday, the reality star shared an NSFW photo of her vintage Chanel bikini, which includes a two-tone “C” logo that looks like a nipple cover attached to a rope, paired with a teen string bikini bottom.

She added a title to this photo, “Chanel vintage, please talk about it.”

Earlier this week, she shared a less eye-catching photo in a bikini on Instagram, sticking out her tongue and writing “Monday mood.”

Kim is known for her love of vintage bikinis. In April 2017, she celebrated the 38th birthday of Kourtney Kardashian in Mexico, a cleavage-based Dior bikini that includes a band of red, yellow and green stripes.

This summer, she was found in a vintage Chanel pink diving suit in Miami.

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Bali may ban bikinis due to inappropriate selfies in sacred temples

Bali may ban bikinis due to inappropriate selfies in sacred temples

When the thin two-piece swimsuit was launched just after the Second World War, the garment was named a bikini, and it was not accidental to conduct a nuclear bomb test after an atoll in the Pacific Marshall Islands. Bikini is the second nature of these days, but after years of getting a series of bombs from angry moralists.

The recent anger comes from the Balinese government, who are clearly shocked by women wearing these brushed items on the Indonesian island beaches, and legislators are currently drafting legislation prohibiting swimwear. However, in the shadow of Balinese politicians, this is an annoying dress, because tourists wear such clothes in front of the sacred landmarks to make a self-portrait of obvious misconduct.

Some self-portraits appearing on social media indicate that women in bikinis hang on temple monuments and other sacred characters. Others let them simulate a passionate stance, and some officials believe that these images are blasphemous. As more and more tourists from other countries discover that Bali has become an ideal holiday destination, some locals have commented that courtesy levels have sunk to new lows. In 2018, about 5 million tourists traveled to the island.

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Kim Kardashian’s Tiny Chanel Bikini continues her revival of the runway controversy of the 1990s

Kim Kardashian’s Tiny Chanel Bikini continues her revival of the runway controversy of the 1990s

Kim Kardashian seems to be going to bring back sexy. Specifically, some of the sexiest and shameful haute couture of the 90s. Based on her recent ensemble, it seems that this year she spent a lot of precious free time browsing the pages of retro fashion magazines, scrolling through online dealers or old-fashioned boutiques, collecting personal super collections that define the word “thotty” “Before that Even a word.
The latest stop of Kardashian’s revival tour? The infamous Chanel micro bikini comes from the brand’s Spring/Summer 1996 collection.

After four days of teasing a self-portrait four days ago, Kardashian revealed that she also had matching pants. Apparently Kardashian was very excited about the whole set. She even felt that she didn’t need to add her face to the photo and added the words to the image. “Chanel vintage, please specify.” There seems to be any doubt. It’s hard to miss these logos.
Although this choir is definitely for a laughter, it is also Kade’s latest attempt to remind everyone of the very specific moments in fashion history.

Although today it feels like Chanel has become a symbol of some classic and complex French girl fashion, as long as the sky is blue, this is not always the case. In the decade after the death of Coco Chanel, the brand’s clothing was at least considered to be quite dull, if not close to 邋and and irrelevant. After he arrived in 1981, Karl Lagerfeld began to modernize the brand and promote it to young consumers after gaining a foothold. Not everyone is particularly satisfied with his efforts. Vanity Fair wrote in 1992 that Lagerfeld’s actions against French fashion houses, Chanel himself would “roll in her grave”. Suddenly, in addition to the classic suits, people can also find things like tearing Chanel shorts, Chanel belly chain or Chanel roller skates. Lagerfeld’s provocative efforts in the 1990s may have peaked in his Spring/Summer 1996 collection, in which he presented a series that can be politely called a miniature bikini, but may be more accurate It is described as a pie with attached conditions.
The show was enough at the beginning. Model Claudia Schiffer appeared in the middle of a split globe, wearing an oversized pink terry coat, worn in a white top and a Dickies-style trousers (effect: Gwen Stefani fans at the time attacked her grandmother’s wardrobe, especially It is the kind of atmosphere Lagerfeld wants). Still, after the 11-minute market, Stella Tennant appeared on the smallest possible fabric to show the model’s torso on the courtesy Paris Fashion Week show. The miniature kinis parade continued until Lagerfeld returned to a more gentle day.
This may be the peak of Chanel’s provocation. In the spring/summer collection of 1997, bikinis are still part of the product, but they are more like the products that classic girls like.

Of course, this is not the only notorious 90s show that Kardashian revisited this year.

For the Met Gala evening hosted by Donatella Versace, she chose the leather number from Gianni Versace’s iconic “Miss S&M” collection.
Later that month, she revealed that she had remade another popular Versace dress since the 1990s. Although this more traditional red carpet is suitable, its cutting can still be returned to the runway.
Then, as previously documented, she wore the infamous Gucci g-string, the iconic work of Tom Ford running at home.
This year she was also discovered by other Chanel and Dior bikinis.

Tom’s Gucci thong, Karl’s pie and Gianni’s restrained clothing may also be the iconic controversial Big Three of the 90s fashion, but we are sure that Kardashian will soon have several other free pieces in her file mining process. works. We imagined that there was only a matter of time until she discovered that Madonna had wore a notorious nipple on the Jean-Paul Gaultier.

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Taking off the bikini, Miss America is crumbling

She may not wear her signature swimsuit on the stage. However, her still lyrical dance routine spins into the inspiring Josh Groban tunes (Miss Illinois) and shakes the black velvet shawl on the classical piano keyboard (Miss Virginia). She is also wearing high heels and wearing unstable robes. She still promises bold and vague policy solutions that are enough to make Iowa stumps speak. (Miss North Carolina: “Financial knowledge is a life skill. I will teach it not only to ensure the survival of our country, but also to teach our people how to live!”)

She still, bless her, to solve our most extreme problems today in a diplomatic way within 20 seconds. Hey, Miss Texas. How about the poses of these national anthems?

“I do believe that when NFL players are kneeling, they are coming forward for what they believe in,” said Madison Fowler, a kindergarten teacher from Taylor, Texas, who has a gift of technical skills and is on Wednesday night. Cheers from the crowd at Boardwalk Hall. “However, I do believe that there is a way to achieve this in a way that promotes change, rather than doing it during the national anthem, but actually providing change so that they no longer have to face it.”

More importantly, Miss America is still here, during the period; still happening. Anyway, now.

In order to thoroughly reform and reshape this 97-year-old beauty pageant competition, especially by eliminating its ancient swimwear competition, months of conflict have broken the tight subculture that has long remained viable. More than a dozen former Miss Americas and 46 national organizers sent contestants to the annual competition, calling on the new chairman, Gretchen Carlson, to resign, a large influx of board members, and allegations of mismanagement.

Last month, the 24-year-old American Miss Caramond publicly accused Carlson and Miss US President Regina Hopper of bullying and attacked her in the last few months – a soap opera broadcast on the Internet The morning show caused the most controversial (and any form of attention) in the 30 years of the event.

However, the boycott of the rumor has never been successful. This year’s state champions have arrived at Boardwalk Hall with due diligence because they won the championship on Sunday night. The dissatisfied volunteers and the super fan community cheered for them.

They are impossible. Miss America is their thing – their gardening, their little league coaches, their quilting, their home brewing, their March Madness pool, and their ComicCon.

Rachel Johnson, a commercial insurance agent from Chicago, signed a contract as a volunteer immediately after the failure of the competition. Now, 10 to 25 unpaid hours a week are used for “excellent teenagers” at the local level, Miss America. Little sister competition.

“We saw so much growth and development,” Johnson said, her young women who followed the headgear track. “They gave me the purpose.”

She said that Holli’Conway has grown into an athlete, the daughter of the Olympic track and field medal winner, and the farthest daughter of the beauty pageant. But she also sang in college, when she eventually became an entertainer in the Northwestern State University Bracelet Women’s Beauty Contest – well, they quickly stuffed their hooks into her.

“They came to me and said, ‘You need to participate in the beauty contest,'” Conway said, as the defending Miss Louisiana got some buzz from the beauty pager this week. “I said, ‘I don’t make beauty contests.’ But they are persistent.”

State and local organizers are like the hens on the edge of this, and it’s hard to distinguish them from the actual parents of the contestants, wearing buttons or T-shirts with Miss State faces. When the beauty pageant lost a lot of cultural influence, they were still loyal and could still count on buying tickets and filling the room.

“It takes a village to raise a child, but it needs an army to raise Miss California,” said this year’s champion Mackenzie Freed, who arrived from Lodi, California, by a small team of national committee members, local judges and a Volunteers for the 50th anniversary will ride with her through the streets of Atlantic City during Saturday’s tacky “Show Your Shoes.”

From his 100-seat seat near the Boardwalk Hall stage, Mansfield Bias evaluated the quirks and glitch that broke out on the first night of the reorganization. In order to provide some social relevance to the evening dress, the contestants are walking on the Hollywood-style red carpet and making a sound for their favorite career. But Miss Tennessee seemed to falter, and the delicate hem of her champagne dress was static on the carpet.

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TOWIE’s Amber Turner’s temperature rises with bikini snaps

TOWIE Baby has returned to Ibiza Island to offer another stunning bikini shorts.

After the sun left the UK and the holiday season ended, Amber’s profile lacked a bikini selfie, but with her latest vacation, the eye candy returned to full strength.

Playing Instagram with her swimsuit is Amber sharing her love, and her fans have always been grateful.

It’s not hard to see why Amber’s latest frustrating snapshots have made fans crazy.
Amber shared with her friends that she released her assets with her friends and shared a word with her friends: “Ocean and my girlfriends”, who shined at the party in Ibiza.

The blonde is wearing a white swimsuit with a pair of transparent trousers to ensure that Amber absorbs all the charm.

As her long golden lock lingers in a delicate beach wave, Amber glared at her bronze light as she weakened her love for the party island.

When she shared her snaps, her enhanced assets bulged out of her bikini, making her good friends more active in the process.

One user wrote: “Four gorgeous ladies! Girls who have fun”, fans quickly rushed out of this group of girls.

Another added: “It looks beautiful!”

The third fan screamed: “You look amazing.”

Although Amber didn’t like to have some fun with her, it didn’t stop her from missing her boyfriend.
When she shared a retro version with her boyfriend Dan Edgar, she added a title to the photo: “Go back to our favorite place, but hope you are with me.”

Dan simply replied with a heart emoji, but the two were loved for confirming their relationship.

Even if they have the will, will they not? For a long time, when the couple officially announced earlier this year, the fans have already boarded the moon.

After a few months without leaving his side, it was not surprising that Amber missed her boyfriend – but she seemed to enjoy her friends.

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Olivia Culpo posted a photo revealing bikinis, breaking the main fashion rules

Olivia Culpo posted a photo revealing bikinis, breaking the main fashion rules
Former Miss Universe and her boyfriend Danny Amendola spent a day on the beach.
Olivia Culpo is very good at showing her bikini figure, but not too keen on outdated fashion rules.

On Wednesday, former Miss Universe took Instagram to share photos of her white bikini while playing on Miami Beach. In the title of the photo, Olivia pointed out that she is showing off the traditional rules of clothing.
“After Labor Day,” Oopsies wore white,” she wrote, adding a smiley emoji.
This photo was welcomed by fans and received thousands of likes and supportive comments within minutes of the release. Many people seem to be standing with Olivia and want to go beyond the “white after the Labor Day” fashion rule, which they think is meaningless.
This photo seems to be going to the beach with her boyfriend Danny Amendola on Sunday. As Hollywood Life pointed out, Olivia Calbo seems to be enjoying the transformation of Danny’s AFC East from the New England Patriots to the Miami Dolphins and taking advantage of the warm South Beach weather.

“The best thing about Danny Amendola from the New England Patriots to the Miami Dolphins is that we will see more photos of his gorgeous girlfriend Olivia Culpo wearing bikinis throughout the fall and winter,” the report said. On September 25th, the love bird landed on South Beach, and the 26-year-old former Miss Universe wore a super sexy white bikini to show off her killer body. Undoubtedly, this made Danny very happy because they held hands enthusiastically because they soaked in the ocean and soaked. ”
If Danny is still in the Patriots, then Olivia Culpo is definitely more difficult for her bikini. It didn’t rain in Boston’s 50s on Monday, and it was a sunny 91 degrees in Miami.

Some photos of their beach outings have been released on Tuesday. As TMZ said, the two seized the opportunity to play football on the beach, and Danny took Olivia in the warm South Beach water.
It’s not that a position has prevented Olivia Culpo from showing off her bikini body. In 2012, Miss Universe’s winners have spent some time in some tropical regions, enjoying vacations and taking photos of the sun, and photos of the outings are often found on her Instagram page. See more photos of her adventures here.

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Vancouver-based line OCIN offers multipurpose swimwear from recycled polyester, nylon yarns

Finding the perfect swimsuit sometimes feels like an impossible feat. Some people are too mean, others too boring-and others, well, they just don’t fit.

Vancouver’s new swimsuit brand, ocin, is seeking to ease pressure to buy swimwear by offering men and women a stylish, minimalist style, which also provides an element of ecological awareness. We caught up with the brand’s founder, Courtney Chet (courtney bed), and talked about swimwear, respect for the ocean, and what made her brand stand out among the many other swimwear options.

Q. For those who aren’t familiar, what is OCIN? 

. Oshin is a lifestyle brand, a line for men and women swimming. But at our core, we exist to connect humanity to our most open, freest, most conscious self, to our collective future. We believe that if people live in global openness, there will be more compassion, awareness and universal respect that will enable us to work together for our communities. Our earth and our oceans do some amazing good things.

Q. Is there a story behind the name?

The name is actually personal to me-it’s my sister and me, upside down. Nico. She got so much support from the start, and for a month in a row, she brainstormed through so many different ideas, combinations and potential names, and when I finally wrote this down, It was clicked and it felt perfect. But the name also represents our purpose as a brand. Ocin is pronounced “Ocean,” and we have a strong connection with it. For us, the sea is a symbol of this freedom and infinite consciousness that we have mentioned above, and it also needs our protection. So we want to create a brand that helps us bring consciousness to this great body, giving us life and our need to survive. If we can all care about things that affect us all, then the ability to care and act extends to other areas of our lives. What distinguishes it from other brands? a. One thing I learned from my 12 years in the industry is that when brands have a real commitment and understanding of their goals, while maintaining the flexibility to learn and innovate, it is time for them to see success. So I hope that what helps us stand out is the recognition that we are really working hard to make ourselves more than just another clothing brand. We have made some commitments to make it easier for our communities to do good with us, including ensuring that our packaging is reusable, recyclable or compost. Our products are made of recycled polyester and nylon yarn. We choose an organization each year to donate some of the proceeds, and this year to our friends at the surfrider Foundation.

Another thing that sets us apart is our size naming. On a global scale, standards of scale are fundamentally inconsistent. Because swimwear is already a difficult product to buy, I want to put aside the connection for both men and women. We want to focus more on how you feel about what you wear, rather than depending on the size of the label. Oshin, we offer five sizes from Taslim to Arta-each name and inspiration from the beautiful water in BC. It’s cool to be able to inspire the way our communities interact with brands, products, experiences, each other, themselves and the Earth by interacting with our brands.

Q. Where are the pieces designed/made? 

I designed it in Vancouver and we work closely with our overseas manufacturing partners in China. They have been leaders in manufacturing for the past two decades, and I’m lucky to be working with them, especially as a young start-up.

Q. What inspires the designs?

Versatility is one of them. I wanted people to be able to wear these things in the water, so I designed it with this in mind, and I really thought about the possibility of taking someone to the water and the place behind it one day. I wear my single piece as a tights suit and have always liked the classic blouse as a choice of underlying layers under my t-shirt. For boys, all my shorts are designed to provide extra comfort and support so they can eat from the gym to the surf without having to go home and change first. A clean and noble aesthetic is another matter. From a visual perspective, I’m personally inspired by modern and contemporary art, architecture, lines and angles, nature and minimalism, so I want my product to show it, including how we shoot and design it. I absolutely love the two simple colors of our first women’s chapter sunset and olivine, which is a tribute to nature, especially my favorite Hawaiian Islands.

Q. Is there a ‘hero’ product in the line? If so, which one and why? 

I wouldn’t say there’s a Hero product. Each of them is designed to match well with each other, especially since our female works are sold as a separate mix and match. However, women really like the cross. For boys, easy tie boards and short mesh IOP (my favorite) have always been the first choice.

Q. You’ve launching with men’s and women’s styles. What made you want to offer something for both? 

My career consisted of men’s and women’s wear, so it made sense for me to have both. Women are the main segment of the market, but men also need cool games. With the exception of large swimmers and surfers, there is no real key brand in my category and aesthetics that provides both men and women with a line of swimming. So I want to be the first, the most valuable brand in people’s minds.

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10 Sexy Stars Rocking Bikinis In Their 20s & Their 40s

Some celebrities never get older, and many actually become sexier over time. We have Harley Burley, Jennifer Lopez and more stars who shake bikini in their 20s and stifle bikini in their 40s and 50s.

It’s not hard to wear a bikini in your 20s, because your skin is still young and strong, your metabolism is higher, and the gravity of your father’s time hasn’t hit your body yet. Today, many stars in their 40s and 50s still shake bikinis as they did in their 20s, and in some cases even better than they did 20 years ago, Haller Berry, 52, has been in the Miss America contest since 1986. Has been showing off her swimsuit figure (runner-up as Miss Ohio). In 2002, she wore the iconic orange bikini as King of James Bond’s another Day after death. By 2018, she was sexier in bikini than ever before, thanks to her strict exercise habits and ketone-centric diet.

Jennifer Lopez is 49 years taller than she was in her 20s or 30s. She really looked really backwards, because she became more amazing, her body was getting tighter and tighter as time went on. Wearing a bikini on July 22, 2018, despite his father’s time, he celebrated his departure from the 5-0 Grand Prix. In a photo shared on instagram, she looks ferocious in a small black line, holding a bottle of champagne in her hand and showing off her severe abdominal muscles.

Jennifer Aniston has always liked to wear a bikini to bask in the sun. When the show premiered in 1994, she became famous as Rachel Green on Friends at the age of 25. The Southern Californian has proven her love of beach and pool time, and over the years we’ve seen her bikini body evolve. She was thinner when she was young, but over the years she has become a yoga enthusiast and now has a trim curve. At the age of 49, she still liked Mexicans to go to her beloved Cabo, and now looks as beautiful as her bikini days at nbc sitcoms.

Sofia of the modern family? Vigara didn’t become famous until she was in her 30s, when she played Gloria on ABC’s hit. The role of Delgado Pritchett. She lives on a bikini model in her twenties, and the blond, blue-eyed woman has such a ferocious figure that no wonder she’s popular. The Colombian bomber also looked startling at 46, as she and her husband, Jaiman Gianello, 41, couldn’t get enough beach tropical vacations. Sophia, who likes to share pictures of them on social media, can still kill bikinis as she did decades ago. We have pictures of 10 gorgeous stars, showing their bikinis in their 20s, and now they’re in their 40s and 50s.