Find 2020 best latex waist trainer vest for women

Nowadays most of the women are looking for the perfect tool which can cut down extra fat from their tummy and give them perfect as well as the toned body. If you are also one of them then FeelinGirl consist of a lot of things for you like body shaper, bodysuit, waist trainer, high waist trainer and many more.  These products are […]

Get the best shape wear for a slimming body

Nowadays everyone wants to look good, fit and slim. Looking slim is the dream of every woman. But if you don’t want to go to the gym or not have time for exercise, shapewear are the best option you can go for. You can easily buy one from any local store or online and comfortably wear it. Although, it’s not […]

The best shapewear for tummy control

Having a body with a good shape is something that everyone wants to have but not everyone has enough time to work out for it. Nowadays, with the introduction of shape wears, the process has become a lot easier. While shape wear may not actually reduce your weight, they can easily make you look slim and show off your curves. […]

How can you get an envious figure in small time span – best slimming waist tips

Exercise and diet tend to be essential factors in case a person needs to lose excessive body fat but one has to put in great deal of time to achieve the target. In case you have to attend your best friends’ wedding this fall and need to get in shape quickly then you can purchase excellent waist slimming apparels from […]

Things you should know about waist training

A waist training method is one of the best techniques for reducing the waist size and enhancing the shape. Using it during the workout gives a positive effect and helps in training the abdominal muscles to strengthen and tighten. Waist training is one of the most used methods by women across the world for tightening their abdominal muscles and it […]

Best shapewear for tummy and waist 2019

All the women wish to look beautiful but not all are blessed with the sexy curves. If you are one among them then now you can use shape wears to cut down the tummy fat and get a sexy figure. Shapewear is getting more popular, it can help you to feel better by shaping your body perfectly. It helps in […]

Which bodysuit is best for your body shape?

Even though people want to get in shape for a party event but most of the time it gets too hard to attain desired result. It is when most of the women prefer to purchase waist trainer bodysuit from Feelingirl as per their body shape and needs. These bodysuits are made up of comfortable material, thus you do not have […]