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You have to be sexy to wear this bikini

IT’S the cheeky summer beachwear trend that leaves little to the imagination but some parents horrified.

After being seen on the famous derrieres of social media megastars such as Kim Kardashian West and Bella Hadid, G-string, Brazilian and high-cut swimwear has become the No.1 swimsuit trend followed by teenage kids looking to emulate their idols.

Psychologist Michael Carr Gregg believes the trend is “dreadful” for young women’s body confidence.

“The key message this looks sends to them is you have to be hot and sexy to wear something like this and it adds to the objectification of women,” he said.

But Bondi Bather designer Kerry Cusack said curvy stars wearing itsy bitsy bikinis and showing their cellulite sent a positive message.

“It gives younger girls the confidence to wear whatever style swimwear they want irrespective of shape or size,” she said.

Brazilian Amanda Cardoso, 21, said she had been going to Snapper Rocks almost every day since the holidays started.

“The small bikini is very popular at the moment. I’m Brazilian so that’s normal for us,” she said.

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Airline forced to promise attendants won’t wear bikinis

LOW-COST Vietnamese carrier VietJet has been cornered into assuring Indonesia that its flight attendants will be fully clothed when it makes its maiden flight to Jakarta.

The airline’s announcement that it will launch a direct route from Ho Chi Minh City to Jakarta was shrouded in controversy because of a divisive PR-stunt by the airline in 2012.

The airline was fined 20 million Dong – about $A1100 – when it hosted a mid-flight dance by bikini-clad beauty pageant contestants without first gaining permission from the nation’s aviation authorities.

Five women, all candidates in a local beauty contest, performed the three-minute Hawaiian-themed dance while passengers recorded the show on camera phones and later posted clips online.

The controversial in-flight entertainment was to celebrate its maiden flight between Ho Chi Minh City and the tourist hub of Nha Trang.

So when VietJet announced its inaugural flight to the capital of Indonesia, it made the government of the conservative Muslim country nervous that its flight attendants might not be fully clothed on the route.

However, Indonesia’s ambassador to Vietnam, Ibnu Hadi, has confirmed that VietJet’s flight attendants will be appropriately attired on the flight – and all flights to Indonesia.

“I’d like to explain that the bikini (stunt) was only for one event. It was for the airline’s launch of their new route to Nha Trang, which is a resort city so that’s why they wore bikinis,” he said, as quoted by Indonesian broadcast program Liputan 6.

“(The airline) has been reprimanded by their (the Vietnamese) government for their stunt.

“VietJet is a budget airline and they will open a route to Indonesia without the bikinis. The opening of the route is still being discussed. Hopefully before the close of this year.”

And during a press conference in Jakarta on Tuesday, VietJet’s deputy director for commercial affairs, Jay L Lingeswara, told journalists that the airline only featured bikini-clad flight attendants on specific occasions.

“We strongly believe and are committed to offering the best and suitable services to the Indonesian market,” he said, according to the Jakarta Post.

Mr Lingeswara added that the company had also learned from its experience with the opening of a route to Malaysia.

VietJet has also confirmed it will provide halal food for Muslim passengers, the Jakarta Post reported.

While the bikini stunt attracted a lot of controversy for objectifying women and inviting sexual harassment, it also shot the local carrier to fame and made its CEO, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, the first female billionaire in the country.

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Bikini swim up the beach world

Summer seaside holiday scarves and bikini story.

Summer comes, presumably we will choose to go to the beach vacation, but there are crush will worry about their own body is not good enough to wear bikini is not beautiful. Now do not worry, and teach you a simple dress in the United States bikini, who can try this method. This killer is – scarf, it is simple! A lot of spare on a few features scarves and large scarf, so let the crush are arbitrary with the. If you are super-stick, with a scarf, it can make it more sexy to enhance the fun!

A European and American style of three sets of yarn / skirt bikini, the seaside holiday can make you dance with the yarn.

The following began to bite for the crush, and can take a variety of wear law.
The first move, long scarf killer
Meimei before you travel must remember to bring a few long section of scarves, allowing you to wear a different effect.
Long section of the scarf was the wind blowing the moment is very interesting, there is the feeling of fluttering for the wind, with the wind show full of charming. With a long scarf to wear a dress skirt, piercing the effect of long skirts, dress skirt, and so on, wild is no problem.

The second move, bring tassels scarves, with the bikini, there is a game full of Bohemian style.
Choose the style of ten kinds of bikini, with a variety of, and then the role of scarves, but also highlights the charm of women, four sets of bikini show you a variety of wear law.

The third measure, the temptation of a small skirt
With a scarf to do a small skirt is charming and infinite, you can play to avoid weaknesses. Its effect is worse than the bikini skirt. And free with, is particularly convenient.
A three-piece split bikini, let you wear a small skirt of the temptation, is the charm of sexy and can show the perfect side of the woman.

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Online shopping swimsuit to pay attention to three points, you know?

Summer Sambo: air conditioning, watermelon, swimming can not be less. In particular, this swimming, both Jieshu cooling, but also entertainment to relax, to the pool, the beach a look, all handsome guy wearing a swimsuit, even the eyes have eaten the ice cream it! Although the legislation has been over the autumn, but these days is still the high temperature of the rhythm of trouble ah. So now to play a water, or very good, then buy a swimsuit, especially in the online purchase, should pay attention to what? Here to see it together.

1.See material
In fact, whether to buy a swimsuit, or other clothes, pants, the election of the material is very important. Because the online purchase of contact with the kind, can not personally feel the personal comfort, so understand the various main materials of the swimsuit is very important.

The most common swimsuit material on the market is three: Lycra, nylon and polyester. Lycra is the most expensive of the three, but the price of it is the first choice for professional swimsuit. As for the nylon, although its flexibility, softness is less than Lycra, but the price is moderate, cost-effective. While the lowest price of polyester, wear and color fastness is also good, not swimming can be considered.

2. Look at the use
If you buy a swimsuit is to play water entertainment, not by other swimsuit pretty girl, then so beautiful so choose. Bikini, skirt, anyway, choose the most fashionable, the most revealing of the body on the right. But if you are learning to swim, then those who have hem, there are lotus leaves all refused! Obediently choose a professional swimsuit, those extra design will only increase the resistance of water, after all, learning to have been very tired swimming, do not increase their burden friends.

3. look at the body
Wearing a swimsuit to avoid this exposed that, even if the choice of the most conservative swimsuit, can not avoid Oh, so how to avoid weakness is very important. Oriental women are mostly flat body, if your chest is not full of fullness, then choose to print complex, chest pleated swimsuit to “confuse the visual.” Another example is when the waist fat, you can wear high waist swimsuit cover belly, or choose the waist more than the special design of the lotus leaf, but also