A 19th-century bikini from Iran goes on show in the UK in time for the summer

The garment was conserved for the Holburne Museum’s exhibition of objects collected by the “intrepid” traveller Ellen Tanner   Bazaar find: the sequined top was bought in Persia in the 1890s Courtesy of the Holburne Museum, Bath This bikini top was acquired by the brave Victoria traveler Ellen Tanner (1847-1937) in the Middle East in the 1890s and was preserved before […]

Would you dare? High-cut bikini bottoms and peek-a-boob tops are a huge hit with celebs this summer

This is not the only way to get such a popular swimwear trend, and underwear-style cossies and liquid metal bikinis are becoming more popular. It seems that the “Island” fever has begun to add a lot of very lively and popular fashion trends. Thong bikinis and sideboob cossies are one of the styles that certainly attract women’s attention. Now, peek-a-boob […]

This AI will slap a bikini on your naughty bits

[Photo: Suljo/iStock] This artificial intelligence will make a bikini on your naughty position. [Photo: Suljo / iStock] By JACKIE SNOW2 MINUTE READ The new AI is designed to make NSFW images more concise. A recent paper describes how researchers train an AI algorithm called the Generate Against Network, which puts a bikini on a photo of a naked woman. By […]

Celebrities flaunt cleavage in peek-a-boob bikini trend – would you try it?

The love of the island has triggered an increase in fashion trends. Thong bikini and sideboob cossies are one of the sensational styles. Now, the peek-a-boob bikini has entered the celebrity wardrobe. Celebs is crazy about the lack of trends Celebrities can’t resist the flash of flesh in this craze of exposure. 1 / 26   Celebrities are crazy about […]