Would you dare? High-cut bikini bottoms and peek-a-boob tops are a huge hit with celebs this summer

This is not the only way to get such a popular swimwear trend, and underwear-style cossies and liquid metal bikinis are becoming more popular. It seems that the “Island” fever has begun to add a lot of very lively and popular fashion trends. Thong bikinis and sideboob cossies are one of the styles that certainly attract women’s attention. Now, peek-a-boob […]

This AI will slap a bikini on your naughty bits

[Photo: Suljo/iStock] This artificial intelligence will make a bikini on your naughty position. [Photo: Suljo / iStock] By JACKIE SNOW2 MINUTE READ The new AI is designed to make NSFW images more concise. A recent paper describes how researchers train an AI algorithm called the Generate Against Network, which puts a bikini on a photo of a naked woman. By […]