Month: November 2018

“I don’t even think it’s a sly swimsuit!” Emily Ratajkowski reveals the amazing reason she wears a bikini.

Emily Ratajkowski made waves on Monday when she wore a bikini that was barely worn on Sydney Beach.

On Wednesday night, the American model claimed that she did not think that the swimsuit she chose caused such a big controversy.

The 27-year-old was told at the GQ Australia Men’s Annual Men’s Awards Ceremony with her ninth channel about the amazing reasons she wore this bikini.

“I don’t even think of it as a thin swimsuit. I just thought, ‘I want the best tanning!'” she explained.

In fact, this small two-piece suit gives Emily the opportunity to sunbathe on her incredible body for almost every inch, but some would say it will leave some sinuous tan lines.

Since her short trip to the beach on Monday, the beauty has been ruthlessly wearing a swimsuit on social media – this is one of her own designs.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph on Monday, she revealed that she intends to integrate business and entertainment during her stay.

“My best friend lives in Sydney, I want to see her for so long, I can’t be excited until the end,” she told the newspaper.

“I grew up in Encinitas, San Diego, California.

“Surfing and skating are everything there, and culture is definitely better than Australia. I think it’s particularly relevant to Australia.

A swimming club discourages “relaxed” women from wearing bikinis (and is controversial)

A swimming club discourages “relaxed” women from wearing bikinis (and is controversial)

Let’s imagine. You are surfing the web to find tips to improve your casting skills, learn about the benefits of swimming for morale, and even how to practice meditation in the pool. Then suddenly, you will see this women’s guide called “How to Choose Your Swimsuit”.

Surprise, those who are expected to be advised about the material or jersey preferred comfort and class swimming colors, found a different tune… under the body humiliation logo.

Beautiful, swimming
Signed by the British National Swimming Team in England, this guide recommends (wholesale) for women who have the guts to choose “Guangtantani” instead of bikinis because “this fully exposes the belly of the big belly” and put on a one-piece swimsuit “outstanding” “Abdominal curves, not “refining” them. For “large size”, the article then suggests choosing a dark color that “improves the outline in the general way” and a high cut of “refining the legs and hips.” Finally, for those who are “insignificant”, he suggests choosing “the top of the padded jersey and the twisted head to improve the neckline.”

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This article was discovered by several Internet users and quickly sparked controversy over the Internet. “I found this page to imagine it contains useful information about how to choose a swimsuit,” wrote Simone Webb, a British gender research PhD student, on Twitter. “In contrast, much of this article focuses on how to choose a female swimsuit based on its shape. In a series of messages, students express indignation at the information disseminated by the famous swimming association. “Obviously, swimming England believes that women who are weak must be women. (…), those who want to swim should first pay attention to their appearance…” she wrote.