Cigarette trousers are part of this category, and they fall into it as they go down the whole leg while keeping wide. I find that wearing them is a pleasure, as they are very different from the usual trousers that we are used to seeing on us, and, to make them look their best, I would combine them with a shirt at the top!

Jeans with belt

Very beautiful and in my opinion a garment that will be very visible next autumn. The invention of adding a belt on the wide waist is, in my view, a brilliant touch, as it allows all of us to regain some height and to make our butt more visible!

Scottish print

You know what I think: when you can’t find the particular model, give yourself to particular prints, such as with these super pants that are very reminiscent of the style of English girls. Don’t forget to wear them with your combat boots!

Wide leg dressy trousers
Wide leg dressy trousers

Polka dots

Still prints after the Scottish one, and in this case, I am talking about something which is a real trend for this autumn too! To make the outfit more sophisticated and instagrammable, my advice is to use open sandals, you won’t regret the result!


Every now and then you can opt for a more refined and particular print, like the next one you see. One of the key points of these wide leg pants are your feet, as very often the attention of the beholder will shift to the lower part of your outfit. So don’t forget to take care of your pedicure in case you want to wear a pair of pants like this one, wearing a nice pair of sandals too, which have become the most instagrammable object of the moment!

Co-ordinated set

Let’s not forget that a good pair of trousers must always find its faithful companion on the top, and what simpler situation than doing it with a nice co-ord? Co-ords, as I have always told you, are very easy to wear and it is a match already made, which, for a pair of trousers of this type, is a feature that should not be underestimated at all, as it makes it even more beautiful!


Who does not have the need to wear something during the week or month that makes them feel comfortable and relaxed for those specific days? Well, you can do it by taking advantage of this beautiful wide leg sweatpants, which will allow you to be comfortable without giving up on fashion. Overalls sweatpants have always been seen as a not very fashionable garment, but I believe that this time it is not really like that!

Ripped jeans

These are also part of the category, and why not choose to wear them perhaps adding a nice pair of fishnets under them if the tear is very large? I think this is an excellent idea for you, for my part I would only recommend that you wear a nice pair of stiletto heels, to make your outfit even more beautiful!