Swimming may be the only summer we are happy to participate in the activities. But the cool swimsuit will always expose the fairies on the body of the defects, so that we all become not self-confidence it

Chest big, thin waist, big legs such a devil figure is how many people dream of. Unfortunately, such a perfect body is rare, in addition to the comic only the secret of the supermodel who. Dimension of the angel every show not only affects the boys who are the heart, but also amazing girls are not open eyes. Although we are not so perfect body, but as long as the pick swimsuit, strengths and weaknesses, the same can show themselves, the release of supermodel gas field.

Apple type body
Apple-style body of the limbs are slender, fat are hoarding in the waist and abdomen, upper body fat makes people look like a mellow apple. Such a body in the choice of swimsuit on the need to avoid the belly style, the slender limbs exposed, the meat on the belly cover up, you can reach a very significant effect of thin hair Oh.

This Xianqi full of white conjoined swimsuit is the cover of the belly of the weapon, Siamese style cleverly covered the belly of the excess meat, bare back design more full of effort to show your little sexy. Not easy to deformation of the high-grade fabric with exquisite hollow embroidery revealed by the sense of high sense of other fabrics can not be compared. Whether it is swimming pool or on the beach, with this swimsuit assists, you just a shot is a large visual.

Pear type body
Pear-shaped body of the main fat in the lower body, buttocks and thigh fat is particularly prominent, the overall look like a small pear on the big. Want to modify such a body on the need to focus on the upper body, highlight the waist and abdomen lines, block the lower body to get a good effect was fine.

Refreshing natural lattice body skirt style swimsuit is not deeply conservative pure student sister heart it High waist of the big skirt design on the waist, buttocks and thighs on the fat have a good modification effect, easy to outline the fascinating curve. Elegant water blue lattice by a fresh and pleasant little daisy, fresh arts Fan children come in handy.