Summer is always warm like fire, must be cool to the beach was fun ah, but this time will be a lot of body is not perfect girl complained: to the seaside resort is like to go to the United States, wearing earth rustic, instantly seconds Good slag slag. So ah, the election of the swimsuit really critical Oh. Xiaobian to the following under what popular swimsuit for what the crowd, so wear quasi-right Oh

The first: Siamese swimsuit
Suitable for the body more full of super-fat girl, can just right outlines the graceful curves of the body, while cleverly covered the buttocks cover the meat. Siamese swimsuit also inadvertently elongated height ratio, it is very tall and moving, different and ingenuity, more eye-catching Oh.

The second: split skirt swimsuit
Split swimsuit to reduce the requirements of the body, but the belly of the girl will not be able to choose, if the hips are more plentiful, there are flat chest sister can not hesitate to choose split-style swimsuit. It will give a beautiful youthful sense of vitality, very personality has a style and connotation.
What body wear what swimsuit, you get it?
One piece high waist hanging neck swimsuit
Siamese design is undoubtedly the dwarf sister’s savior, accompanied by high waist design, elongated the height of the whole person, looks tall and moving. Seemingly conservative design, but everywhere highlights the sexy style.

Slim body skirt swimsuit
Slim version of the graceful posture will be unfamiliar, skirt design just right to cover the fullness of the buttocks, very little woman’s taste. Classic fashion hit color element as the crowning touch, super suction eye.

Fashionable skirt swimsuit
Upper body characteristics of the printing design is undoubtedly a successful eye-catching. Loose skirt pants design will be the body of the defects cleverly covered, while also modified the legs of the United States, intellectual and very depressed age.

Conservative one-piece skirt swimsuit
Romantic lace design with the witty pineapple printing, do not need too much modification, will be a simple and fresh style interpretation of the most vividly. Gestures are full of girls atmosphere.

Large skirt style swimsuit
One-piece skirt-style design in one fell swoop, not only can be visually look tall, but also piercing fresh and stylish taste. Seemingly conservative design can be just right to cover the body of fat, very charming Oh.

Fresh swimsuit
Split the design of the sexy waistline barely out, it is very feminine. Knitted fabric selection so that summer is not so greasy, simple wind filled with full of style of beauty.

Was thin girl conjoined swimsuit
See this dress when the first thought of the word is a girl, super fresh. Lotus leaf design and then cover the meat at the same time can add a sweet feeling, youth stand.