Have you just been invited to a semi-formal occasion, such as a cocktail party or a corporate event, and you have no idea what to wear? I can understand you; you do not know how to dress because the event does not require an overly sophisticated long dress, but still requires an elegant dress code. So, what to do to wear something that fits in between? The answer is: a cocktail dress, of course! The cocktail dress is a simpler and less elaborate dress than the classic evening dress. It can be worn above all for events that take place until late afternoon, so it can be worn with tranquillity even during a business aperitif or during a wedding that takes place at morning.

In addition, now that the Christmas period is getting closer and closer, this type of dress is perfect for attending a Christmas party with friends. Where you want to appear more sophisticated. Or during a more formal Christmas lunch than the classic lunch with your family. In short, the occasions in which you can wear a cocktail dress are many, so let’s go and see some that are real must-haves!

Pastel colored cocktail dress

This dress is perfect for a daytime wedding, in this chic and delicate pink colourway. The ideal pastel colors are ideal for a morning ceremony. When choosing the right colors for our ceremonial look, remember that for weddings that take place during the day it is best to avoid dark and sad colors such as black!

Little black dress

Black is the elegant color par excellence, just think of the sophisticated little black dress which, despite its simplicity, expresses a timeless charm and elegance. The little black dress can be worn on any semi-formal occasion (except daytime weddings!), simply by changing the accessories. it is a garment to have absolutely in the wardrobe. Because it goes beyond fashion, which changes and renews itself season after season.

Lace cocktail dress

The fabric is also important in choosing the cocktail dress. Green light for lace dresses, a sexy, romantic and sensual fabric. Lace is perfect to wear on a business appointment. It is a precious and very trendy fabric. In this case then we will always be fashionable! And then, who said that floral prints are only worn in summer? If you’ve been invited to a special occasion, especially this autumn time, this navy-blue cocktail dress is perfect for you!

Off-the-shoulder cocktail dress

When we have to attend an afternoon event, it is better not to show up with exaggerated necklines, because the risk of being out of place is always present! For this reason, another very important requirement for our cocktail dress is that it must not be too low-cut. So, an off-the-shoulder dress is perfect for these occasions, to be worn with an elegant shoulder cover to protect you from the cold, of course.

Bag and shoes

As for the choice of the bag, match your cocktail dress with a clutch bag, a small but glamorous bag! And finally, the shoes to combine are obviously strictly the heeled ones. Sneakers or biker boots are absolutely forbidden!