One summer, we will particularly like to go to the beach to swim, whether it is to go to exercise Ye Hao, or to play to play the water Ye Hao, can not ignore an important thing, yes that is to go swimming must be done Sunscreen, or you play the water in the process of swimming, but also lead to severe sunburn skin, so we can see when playing can not forget the sun, then the problem came to the beach to go swimming, how can we go to the sun, In order to completely protect the skin from sunburn? In fact, ah as long as we master this recipe, easy to let the sun swimming two correct.

A: election on the sunscreen products
First of all we have to choose the right and suitable for their own skin sunscreen products, that is, not to stimulate the sunscreen and strong, in this recommended swimming generally choose relatively oily sunscreen products, so as to avoid swimming in the water, the sunscreen dissolved Phenomenon, resulting in loss of sunscreen effect.

Two: cloudy also sunscreen
Moreover, sunscreen this matter is no matter what the season to do, because the sun may not be every day, but the UV is a day, even if it is cloudy, ultraviolet rays can also shoot through the clouds we have skin problems , So do not want to swim when sun drying problems, need to do a good job every day sunscreen work.

Three: isolation sunscreen are done
Speaking of sunscreen, not just put a layer of sunscreen on the skin can finish things, which also need to pay attention to the work of the isolation of the skin, Cream can effectively protect the skin, so that the skin is very good Protect the skin itself, while the other side let the sunscreen more clothes are absorbed.

Four: swimming in time after the dry water
There is a swimming after the need for a small coup to protect the skin is not sunburn, and we should dry in time after the dry body of water, so as to reduce the water reflection, through the water to reflect the skin sunburn problem, compared to dry The skin directly sunburn even more serious, so we must pay attention to this point.

Five: choose the best swimming time
In addition, we are swimming in this matter, but also has the best swimming time to choose, although the sunscreen Cream can be very good to protect the skin, but the sun is too strong after all, especially the sun at noon, is determined not suitable for swimming The best swimming time is after 4 pm, helps the skin to sunburn.